Name: Learning to Love a King

Pairing: Thranduil/Harry and Legolas/undecided (male Harry Potter character)

Summary: Harry was once again too curious for his own good, which led him to being portkeyed to Middle Earth where he met a certain elvenking.

After Voldemort's defeat at the hands of the-boy-who-lived, things finally calmed down. Harry was recruited by the Ministry and immediately became an official Auror, without even passing his N.E.W.T.s or the exams in Auror School, as did Neville and Ron. They lost many good Aurors in the fight against Voldemort and needed in that moment more to hunt down any remaining Death Eater or dark creatures still loyal to the former Dark Lord.

It was exhausting, but Harry was happy to have survived the worst part. Voldemort was dead and would not come back. There was once again peace in Great Britain's wizarding world and he was free to do whatever he wanted. Now he had finally some time - a well-earned vacation - to look into the vaults he inherited from his parents and a few properties. Usually wizards were able to that right after their seventeenth birthday, but Harry was sadly busy with just surviving.

Harry started with Potter Manor, his family home and started searching through the many normal and storage rooms the manor had. The last people to live in it were his grandparents, Charlus Potter and Dorea Potter né Black. Harry was surprised to see that he had any relation to the Blacks and his godfather at first, but after looking more precisely into the genealogy of his family, he realized that most of the pureblood families were linked together through different marriages.

After a bit of research he continued to explore the manor, fining many weird or amazing magical items, but the most incredible thing was found in a little box with a few wards on it. Harry cast a few identification spells he learned from the older Aurors, to see if there was anything dangerous. It seemed that only one with Potter blood was able to open the little black box. No problem, since he was a Potter.

Harry cut his finger and let his blood drip onto the box until it glowed in a blinding white light. The box opened revealing a diamond-shaped stone. Shortly Harry was blended while looking into the box. It appeared that the stone shone with an inner light, lightening its closest surroundings. It was beautiful, the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He wanted to touch it, but before he could touch the stone, his hand snapped back as if burned. Auror rule number eighteen, 'While inspecting a house, do not touch any magical items before knowing if any spells or curses were put on them'. Harry waved his wand over the stone; it glowed faintly red for a few seconds before turning back to its usual magnificent color. Apparently it was a one-way portkey, destination unknown.

He put it down again and continued searching for other interesting items, but even five hours later he could not stop thinking about the brightly shining stone. He walked to the black box again and looked at the stone curiously. It was mixture between a one-way portkey and a vanishing cabinet, so it would bring him somewhere - to where its other part was - but not back. He could land everywhere, in Texas or maybe Japan or on an unpopulated island in the middle of anywhere. Harry detected no problems; it would bring him safely to the other stone. Harry debated with himself for a while before deciding. He would go and see wherever he would land, his Gryffindor side shining through once again.

He called for the head house elf of Potter Manor who appeared enthusiastically. Harry order him to pack a trunk with all his needed for a little expedition and to tell everyone who visited in the time he was away, that he would try something and not to worry about him. He would contact them as soon as he was done. Harry thanked the elf before dismissing him.

Harry continued to stare at the stone, before taking it into his right hand and sending some of his magic towards its core. But instead of the usual tuck behind his navel, he was blinded as the inner light of the stone grew more and more intense, before his vision just turned blacker by each passing second and he could feel his body falling towards the ground.

Harry woke up groggily, lying on his back on something that felt like galleons. Just where did that portkey send him, he thought to himself. It was dark around him; through he could still see the contours of the uneven floor and the walls. He summoned his wand from his wand holster and cast a simple lumos spell to light the huge room, he was currently in. A tiny flew towards the ceiling and lit the room enough for Harry to realize on what he currently stood.

Harry stood with an open mouth and wide eyes on top of a mountain made only out of gold galleons and that was not the only thing. There was gold everywhere he looked. Did he land in some kind of secret treasure room of the Potters, he asked himself. He thought when he first arrived in the wizarding world that his trust vault had so much money in it and later on when he first glanced into the Potter family vault which held even more treasures than his trust vault, but the mountains of gold right now before him seemed nearly surreal.

Even in the Potter family vault was not even two percent of the treasure he just saw. He used lumos maxima this time and continued to send his magic towards its middle. He wanted to look around a bit before leaving and going outside to see on which continent he landed. It was truly amazing, mountains of gold and silver, of emeralds and sapphires, of coins and other detailed accessories.

He looked at his hand, which still held the stone he had found in his manor. It looked exactly the same. He put it for now into one of the pockets of his robes and walked around the room until he heard something big breath out near him. Gold was flying everywhere and Harry could see a big, red-scaled nose peeking out form under the mountain of gold. Harry stopped dead in his tracks.

Of course, it was not possible for Harry freaking Potter to have some kind of good luck. He just found so many treasures, naturally there had to be some kind of catch, which was the currently sleeping dragon obviously guarding the treasure. And it was not just any dragon, no, it was a gigantic one if the rest of the creature was as big as its nose. It could eat Harry – possibly a group of people - whole with just one bite and was from its size far bigger than the Hungarian Horntail he fought in the Tri-wizard Tournament.

He read about them in the books in the library back then before the first task. Dragons were giant winged, fire-breathing reptiles and were widely regarded as terrifying yet awe-inspiring creatures. They were able to fly and breathe fire through their nostrils and were one of the most dangerous species and known wizard killers. Not something he wanted to encounter in his free time.

Harry cast a silencing and anti-smell spell on himself and tried to not trip over anything on his way out. It was an exhausting hour, before he finally found the exit and started to run out of the room and therefore away from the dragon.

He continued to run through many corridors before he finally reached daylight. Apparently he was standing on top of a fortress-like building in the side of a mountain. He looked into the distance, seeing a little village on foot of the mountain and then a rather big forest. Where in Merlin's name did he manage to land right now, he asked himself incredulously.

He shrugged his shoulder, for today it was enough. He had discovered a treasure and a dragon guarding it, this was already enough excitement for today. He would go back now and let the house elves make him something fine to eat.

He concentrated on apparating to Diagon Alley, from where he could easily floo back home, but it did not work. He tried again and was still standing on top of this fortress. Maybe his magic was not really working. He looked towards the little village again and with a static noise, he was standing right before the village. So apparating was not a problem. He tried once again thinking about Diagon Alley or the doors before Hogwarts or the little village before the Burrow, but it did not work. He was still standing before the little village.

Now he took a more precise look at the little town. It was partly destroyed; parts of it were burnt down, the other part was destroyed through a great physical force. The dragon probably attacked the village before finding a resting place in the mountain or so it seemed.

Harry searched through the empty houses and ruins for any information on where he could have landed. He found a map and realized at once that he did not just land in a different land or continent, but in a different world altogether. After sitting on the stone floor in shocked silence, he searched for more information.

Day turned to night and Harry looked through his trunk for food. Thank Merlin for over enthusiastically house elves, Harry thought, they packed him food for the next month. Until then he could find something else.

He continued living in the ruins of the little village, reading more about the history of this new world and its stories, another incredible discovery. This new world was called Middle-Earth and there were many different races living in it; it was absolutely interesting. He should stay a few months here and continue studying it before trying to find a way back home.

One month passed and he had eaten all the food he had in his trunk. Since he knew nothing about farming or hunting, he just decided when he was hungry to turn into his animagus form, a big dark-colored stag.

Being a stag also helped him travel through the dense forest. If he trusted the books he had read, it was called the Mirkwood forest in which elves and gigantic spiders not unlike Aragog lived for thousands of years.

He stayed near the river and continued to eat the grass that grew all around the forest.

Thranduil was walking around the forest, trying to look for a new horse alias elk alias stag to ride. His old one had already gotten killed by a stray spider from the south of Mirkwood. So now he was looking around trying to find an animal good enough to be his next steed. Three days had already passed and still he had not found the right one, until he saw a beautiful stag drinking from the river.

He felt something in his heart connect with the animal before him and decided that this one should be it. He neared the animal with grace and expected it to be well behaved since he was an elf, but the animal looked at him, before turning and running away.

Thranduil was baffled. Usually animals liked the presence of elves, since they were in tune with nature as other beings, but being shrugged off like that was a heavy blow for his pride.

He continued to stalk the animal for the next two days, before giving up and returning to the elven city. After a few weeks he managed to find the stag again and followed it once more. He was not sure, why he felt so drawn to it, but he knew as long as he was not with him, his heart would not stop aching.

He continued to follow the stag into the south part of Mirkwood and was attacked by a few gigantic spiders. He managed to kill three of them before the fourth managed to bite him. Thranduil felt his energy being drained as he tried to stay awake from the paralyzing poison. The last thing he saw was the stag turning into a human before his vision went completely black.

Other information: Harry and Thranduil are soul mates and feel drawn to each other, but it is not instant love, more like instant attraction. Harry continues to live in the forest while Thranduil visits him all the time. They become closer with time.

Harry wears no glasses. It annoyed him greatly to be nearly blind without them and so got an eye-correction potion from St. Mungo.

Harry will be in possession of the Arkenstone for a while. Sometime in the future one of Harry's friends will be also brought to Middle-Earth. He was searching for Harry in his Manor and also touched the stone. He will be Legolas' mate.

How would it change the journey of the thirteen dwarves plus one hobbit and the Battle of the Five Armies if Harry is with his mate?

How would it change the fate of the fellowship if Thranduil, Harry, Legolas and his mate become members of the Fellowship?

AN: This story will not be continued by me. Whoever wants to write this, please contact me. Thank you.