Name: Basilisk Venom and Phoenix Tears

Pairings: Harry/Haldir or Harry/Legolas or Harry/Glorfindel or Harry/OC(elf)

Summary: Harry stabbed the fang through the Diary, when a blinding light brought him and his two new familiars to a different world.

"Kill the Boy! Leave the bird! The boy is behind you! Sniff… Smell him!"

Harry dodged the Basilisk's sharp-toothed jaw as best as he could, even without its eyes it still got a deadly accuracy. If Fawkes had not scratched the beast's eyes out, he would have been instantly dead. The bird tried its best to distract the gigantic snake, confusing it with its song, but in the end this was all Fawkes could do to help him. Ultimately he had to fight the Basilisk and the ghostlike figure alone.

The specter known as Tom Riddle, the younger human version of the Dark Lord Voldemort, was standing motionless by the statue of Salazar Slytherin, telling the basilisk the whole time where Harry was standing, hiding and running in parseltongue. That cheater. It was already hard enough fighting the snake without Tom's regular commentary, telling him constantly that he would die any minute now and laughing creepily. At least he had the sword of Gryffindor in his hand, given to him by the ratty old sorting hat Fawkes dragged into the chamber, but how could he get even close to that beast without dying in the process? The snakeskin was nearly invincible to slash or pierce even with this amazing magical sword. How could he win?

Ron was probably still at the beginning of the entry of the chamber, caring for that idiot Lockhart who obliviated himself with Ron's defect wand. Idiot, but he knew it since the first Defense lesson. He looked down to where Ginny was lying unmoving on the cold stone floor. She looked far too pale, deadly pale. But he should not think about her right now, he first had to survive himself. He looked back at the gigantic snake slithering his way.

He would have to wait for a golden opportunity, but until then he would have to move as quickly as he could to dodge the serpent when it attacked in his direction. Suddenly he found himself in a corner, when did this happen? He was just for a moment too distracted by his own thoughts. Seeing that Harry was cornered Tom let out a hissing order to the Snake, "In front of you, strike now!"

The Basilisk reared its head back, opened its large jaw, teeth dripping with deadly venom and then began to attack him. Harry ceased for a short moment thinking and acted on pure adrenaline and instinct. Its jaw coming closer and closer, he held the blade protective before his body. Looking into its mouth and seeing the soft tissue of the inside, he knew how to beat this great beast now. Forcing the sword of Gryffindor's point forward he impaled it into the beast gaping maw. The blade traveled effortlessly through the Basilisk's flesh, almost like butter, and stabbed into the snake's brain. Killing what may have been the last of the terrifying species of snakes.

However Harry's victory was short lived. His left side hurt like hell, a burning pain that spread throughout his body. One of the beast's fangs pierced his left shoulder, cutting tendons and muscle, breaking his bone, and worst of all was filling his body with the deadliest poison known to the magical world. The beast was dead and Harry was following it fast. His body was burning, like it was on fire. First he had to get away from the mouth, maybe stopping the poison from flowing straight into his body.

Harry pulled his already numb arm from the dead snake, ignoring the fang, which stayed in his shoulder. He knew he was dying, but the least he could do was saving Ginny. Fawkes flew over to him, his sad trill was carried through the chamber. Was he sad for his approaching death? The bird stopped before him, his vision slid in and out of focus. The burning in his eyes grew stronger by each passing second. He turned his head to his next opponent.

The nearly touchable form of Voldemort noticed the fang in his shoulder and laughed loudly, "You're dead, Harry Potter, dead. Even Dumbledore's bird knows it. Do you see what he's doing, Potter? He's crying." His eyes felt as if someone pressed a hot iron stick though his eyes into his brain, he wanted to scream, but his body would not let him. Voldemort was still laughing, "I'm going to sit here and watch you die, Harry Potter. Take your time. I'm in no hurry." Bastard. He knew he was dying, but if he was going to die he would take that bastard with him.

He could feel the venom coursing through his veins, but the pain mostly burned almost unbearable on his skin and his eyes. He could still hear Voldemort babbling great about himself and looking down at him, but he shrugged it off. He had better things to do than listening to the delusions of a pompous brat. Limping over to the diary he could barely make out with his blurred eyesight, he pulled the fang from his shoulder and with one motion plunged it into the leather bound book. Ink began to leak from the hole he had made. The human form of Voldemort began to scream. Harry smiled slightly. Served him right, that idiot.

The pain behind his eyes grew even worse, spreading into his brain, he started screaming. Something was in his head, a presence and it was not happy with him. His right arm went up to his head, his finger touching the place where the famous lightning scar rested, it was wet. He looked at his fingers over his glasses; the substance on them was as black as the ink, which flowed out of the diary. Why? Why was this happening?

His body collapsed onto the floor too tired to even move a muscle. The ghostly form of Tom already crumbled to dust before his eyes, but not before screaming a few obscenities to him. Voldemort's memory was finally defeated, now he could just rest. He waited for death to come; he heard Fawkes trill in the distance and closed his eyes. Well, at least he had saved Ginny and probably every other student in the school, he could sleep for a while. He certainly earned it.

Harry woke up groggily, looking around the chamber slowly. He did not saw Ginny anywhere or the dead body of the gigantic snake, which would be hard not to notice in such a limited amount of space. He blinked – rubbed his eyes with his dirty fingers – and blinked again a few times before realizing that he was not in the Chamber of Secrets anymore. The huge face of Salazar Slytherin, from whose mouth the basilisk appeared, was not anywhere in sight and all those stone snakeheads along the corridor also vanished. The room he was currently in, seemed to be not in the best condition. It was partial destroyed, with many spider webs, dust and rumble everywhere.

Harry frowned, just where did he land now, and why was he still alive? He clearly remembered the basilisk biting him, he felt like dying and then… and then Fawkes cried onto his wound… wait, had not the headmaster told him that phoenix tears could heal all poisons? Fawkes had saved him! If he saw the bird again, he would buy him some snacks to eat and pet him in thanks. Without him he would be dead for sure; now he just had to find him.

Harry put his hand down besides him, wanting it to use as help to stand up, but heard a loud crunching noise. He grimaced shortly. Harry looked down as he lifted his hand from the now broken object and stared at it in shock. His glasses were now broken, but even without them he could see perfectly fine, even better and sharped than he did before with his glasses on. He shrugged his shoulder, he would later think about this sudden perfect vision. First of all he had to get out of here, then back to the Chamber, Fawkes, his wand and Ginny, then towards Ron and Lockhart and finally back to the girl's lavatory.

Harry scrambled to his feet, happy with his plan for now, and went towards the only light source in the room, a torch hanging from one of the walls. He sneered, without his wand he would not even be able to cast a simple lumos spell, he would need it if he wanted to continue. He took it from the wall and went towards the stair leading up from this room. Once he reached the next room, he saw Fawkes sitting on one of the many bigger stones on the ground.

"Fawkes?" Harry asked rhetorically, not expecting it to answer.

"Yes, chick?" Harry stopped dead in his tracks. Had the bird just talked to him?

"Y-you can talk?" he stuttered as he pointed his index finger towards the bird.

"Of course." answered Fawkes patiently.

"But why… how… since when?" There were so many different questions running through his mind.

"Since always, little chick. I was always able to talk, but normal people do not understand me."

"But why do I understand you now?" he asked wearily.

"My tears, little chick, they changed you like the venom of the basilisk."

"Aha… wait, why are you calling me chick?" Was this some kind of new nickname?

"A baby bird is called chick or fledgling. Would you like me to call you little fledgling more?"

"No, no… it is okay. I am human through, you know."

"Does not matter to me. My tears seemed to have a rather interesting effect on you and so I decided to adopt you. For me you are now my chick." Harry frowned at that statement.

"Like my eyesight?" he asked.

"It is one of the changes."

"There are more?" Harry began to look at himself, trying to find the differences. His skin seemed to be smoother and he could see little white colored scales decorating his skin. He was paler than before and his fingernails seemed to be a bit more claw like. Then there was his improved eyesight, but he could see nothing else. Maybe his face? He touched his face, but everything felt like it normally did. His hair was longer and felt feathery? Maybe that was also one of the changes.

Harry continued talking to Fawkes, which real name was not really Fawkes, but the last, few headmasters just called him that and he found out that the phoenix was female. It seemed that stabbing the diary with the basilisk fang was not the best idea. As the black ink-like substance ran out of it and a shrill shriek pieced the air around him, a bright white light surrounded them and the next thing the phoenix knew, he woke up here next to Harry in this underground labyrinth.

She also told him that there was another animal with them, who looked a bit through the different tunnels connected to this room. He was rather strong, fully healed and alive and would protect his new charge from danger and the darkness lurking in these passageways and halls. Harry had no idea what this beast was and she would not tell.

They heard a crashing sound just outside the room they were currently in.

"What was that?" Harry asked carefully as he looked over to the phoenix, which still sat on the stone without a care in the world.

"Do not worry, chick. There was another who adopted you as his child. He is here." She said while trilling happily.

"What another? Who?"

"You have defeated him after all, and he decided you would be worthy of being his child."

"Who is it?" Harry asked again before he came face to face with the basilisk he had just slayed a few hours ago in the Chamber of Secrets. Harry looked into its eyes and instead of dying; he fainted.

It took a while for Harry to regain his bearings and even longer to trust the huge snake, it nearly killed him after all, but the basilisk tried his best to explain the situation he was in. He was not aware of Harry being a parselmouth, snakes were not allowed to kill speakers even if it was another speaker's enemy or the speaker had ordered him to kill. Killing the girl was accidental; the heir of Slytherin told him that he was allowed to slither around the castle at night since there would be no children. He was not aware about the girl being there when he left the pipe to the chamber. He also had not realized that he had petrified others, if then he would have eaten them, he explained. Why should he leave good and free food lying around?

Harry was now adopted by both of these creatures, as silly and weird as it sounded. All three of them had no idea where they were, but the phoenix said to be cautious. There are many dark creatures all around them, she said, but Harry had seen neither hide nor hair of those creatures until now.

They were living for two months down there, both of his familiars alias new parents managed to get him enough food and other necessaries, from where he did not know. But one day Harry just wanted to go out and explore a bit. Both of his guardians would go with him through; they did not like letting him alone since he was practically defenseless and a Gryffindor.

Harry had begun to understand how to use his magic wandlessly, but it was not easy. He also managed to cast a few spells and had realized that if he concentrated enough on something, he could do it without knowing the name of the spell, but his general improvement was still low. It would take a while for him to truly be able to cast magic without wand and the correct name of the spell.

He continued to walk through a few corridors, his companions by his side, until they reached a gigantic, and majestic looking stone hall. It was incredible, but then something red began to glow just a bit away from them. She warned him to stay away and return to their rooms, but Harry was rooted to the spot. As it drew closer and closer, even Harry could feel the evil radiating from the beast.

But both of his guardians stood before him, trying to protect him from harm and the whip of the gigantic Minotaur-like fire creature with wings. The basilisk tried everything in his power, his stare, his poison, his strength, but nothing seemed to work on the dark creature. She also tried, her song seemed to pain and confuse it - since a phoenix song was naturally light - so she tried something else. She used a few of her tears and let it drop onto the flaming beast, which in turn began to scream in pain and seemed to shrink until it was only as big as a rather tall human.

The man lay there completely still and unconscious for a few days before finally regaining consciousness. After thanking them for freeing him from this curse, he told them his story and how he became one of the Balrogs.

"There is no way for orcs to mate and make something like orc children. You may not know it, but there are no female orcs. All of them have no gender, they are all an abomination of nature, but there is a way for creating orcs." He said.

"Then how do they create new ones?" Harry asked.

"Men, women, children from every race, elves, men and dwarves, were captured and at the beginning brought before Melkor who became later known as Morgoth, then in the next war they were brought before Sauron and in a few years they will be brought before Saruman."

"How do you know this? Can you look into the future?"

"No, unfortunately not. If I could things would not have happened the way they did. But there are whispers, everyone dark knows of them, whispers about a new war in the distance and the rebirth of Sauron and the discovery of the one ring of power. Something like that will happen in a few years, when I still was a Balrog under his spell, I could feel it in my soul, but since the connection is now gone, I cannot say anymore."

"Understandable." answered Harry with a frown.

"But back to what he did to those captured people. A ritual to change them, to mutilate and control them, was passed from the master to their discipline. Have not you wondered why they rob so many villages all around the lands? Not only to install fear and lower the numbers of possible enemies, no, most of them are captured and brought before their leader. They need more people to turn into their willingly slaves. Even the evil Valar Melkor could not just create a living being from scratch, so he made this ritual to corrupt the very soul of peoples."

"Where you also part of the ritual?" Harry asked curiously.

"I was weak. Sauron once was a beautiful Maia with the name Mairon the Admirable. Young, beautiful, intelligent, one of the best and greatest, but Melkor was patient and sly. He managed to corrupt Mairon and led him down on the way of darkness. He later on changed him name to Sauron, but he was not the only one who was brought into the darkness."

"So you were one of these others?"

"Yes, I was also corrupted and believed the lies Melkor spouted and followed him and before I knew what was really happening, I was turned like so many others into these monstrosities bound to the will of the dark Valar. There was no way out for us. We were bound to him and his will and fought against our own, killed them, tortured them… unspeakable things I do not like to remember."

Possible future events:

- Harry, [phoenix's name], [basilisk's name] and [former Balrog's name] continue living in the Mines of Moria. The former Balrog turned human told them about the history of this new world.

- Harry and co save others and give them back their former bodies; there are elves, men and dwarves. They built a little army down there.

- Balin and the other dwarves arrive at Moria, wanting to repopulate the mines. They also help Harry and his friends.

- The fellowship of the Ring arrives and Harry and a few friends go with them.

AN: Another idea of mine, which came after reading the last chapter of 'A Whole New World' by fuzzy-christmas-socks, in which the orcs also turned back to their normal forms after coming in contact with phoenix tears.

This story will not be continued by me. Whoever wants to write this, please contact me. Thank you.