The Japanese pop duo, Puffy Ami Yumi, had finally finished recording a marketable song for the new legendary team, the Teen Titans. They even went so far as to make their own version- in japanese, mind you- that didn't have as much to do with the team itself, but was still loads of fun recording.

Now, after hearing the songs, the team wanted individual theme songs. Of course, Ami and Yumi had no idea where to even begin, it was a hassle coming up with the japanese song, now they wanted at least five more?

But that faithful summer, they sat long and hard, coming up with several different versions of songs for each Titan. They were even invited to Titans Tower for a time, so they could get to know the teenage superheroes. They learned the Titans personalities, their powers, nearly everything they could about the superhero team.

When they finally had finished, the Titans were the first to receive a copy of the recording, done to the exact tune of the first theme song, so it was at least familiar in beat.

Hey kids! Here's the first one they had come up with, for Cyborg, so you can sing along too!:

When there's trouble you know what to do

Call Cyborg!

He can shoot a rocket from his shoe

Cause he's Cyborg!

He's built the T-car and Ship

His brain's just chock-full of chips

Everyone knows how much butt he kicks

Go Cyborg, WHOO!

With his sonic canon he'll defend

Go Cyborg

Making sure the villains make amends

Yeah Cyborg

He works with an awesome team

He's really far from being mean

He's probably the oldest of the teens

Go Cyborg, Yeah!

1, 2, 3, 4, Go! Boo-yah!


Cyborg was fairly satisfied with this new song, but he never really listened to it after the first time. And he only ever recalled the first couple lines. He'll swear up and down, all day long, that there was something about a cat said in the lyrics. However, we clearly see that nothing was said of a cat. The same couldn't be held accountable for his teammates theme songs.

The success of the core group's theme songs, made Titans East also desire theme songs for each of their individuals- the exception being Más y Menos- and after the Titans had expanded beyond even those groups, to include dozens of honorary Titans, well, I'm sure you get the picture. That following year, Puffy Ami Yumi was very busy, getting to know more Titans, recording more songs, it was an undertaking the music industry had never seen before. But it had been done.

Along with the success of the Titans character songs, came many many parodies, and of course, those wonderful people living in cyberspace who wanted to give the villains a little chance to shine. And by people, I mean mostly Control Freak. The fanboy became so preoccupied with the Puffy character songs- along with his obsession with Clash of the Planets and discovering ways to destroy the Teen Titans- that he couldn't help but try to make some for himself, and his fellow villains. After writing, and making very bad recordings, he spread the new songs along cyberspace. "Like a plague," he explained to one inmate.

But we're getting fairly ahead of ourselves. After all, I think we all want to know the real reactions each Titan had to their own personal song, hmm? Let's see what Cyborg thought as he gave his song a first, and last, listen.


The team had just been sent the first CD the day before. Cyborg had gotten up, like usual, and was planning some training in the gym before breakfast- which meant the dreaded Tofu vs. Meat Debate that had become part of the routine for the Tower.

He grabbed his copy, taking special care to put it in the boom box Beast Boy had left in the gym.

Starting his work out had been okay, the usual bench presses with ten times the amount of weight a normal person could withstand, no big deal, he hardly broke a sweat.

The song was very up beat, just like the first two. Cyborg was half listening as he decided to push himself just a little further, adding more weights to his exercises, adding more reps to each cycle.

'Huh they really did their research,' he thought as he heard Puffy describing his contributions to the team for the third time around.

Once his morning workout was complete, Cyborg shut off the boom box, took out the CD and made his way up to Ops to begin the day. 'Okay song. Pretty awesome, I'll have to keep the CD in the T-car for that trip to Steel City, soon...'

And that, dear children, was how Equestria was made-

... Wait, no, wrong story... Wrong fandom too, dang it!

That, dear children, was why Cyborg was singing of big fluffy cats on his way to help the newly formed Titans East in Steel City.


Author's Note: Okay, so that's really it. Which character do you guys want next? Any specific villains? Silkie too, maybe? The choice, I'm leaving to you readers. I'll update this every month, the 1st of course, so we'll get to quite a few characters by the end of the year. The core Titan group first, then we'll branch out from there. Again, you readers get to decide who's next. SO TELL ME WHO YOU WANT! It's all up to you!

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