Robin was... more than generous when he heard his song. He had been more hesitant than Raven when it came to letting Puffy in on his life, for fear that a villain (i.e. Slade) could end up using the details against him. So instead, he gave Ami and Yumi a lot of vague information about himself, no more than what the paparazzi had already tried to rip out of him. He didn't blame them for what was to come, oh goodness gracious no. He blamed himself for not thinking ahead like Bruce taught him.


Hey kids! You can sing along to this one too! Here's Robin's song!:

When there's trouble don't hesitate to call

The Boy Wonder!

Who's the Titan that can fight 'em all?

It's Robin!

He's trained before with the Bat

He's never worn a stupid hat

Does he always fight with that bo-staff?

Yeah Robin, Go!

With his mask, he remains a mystery

Boy Wonder!

He kinda looks like a Christmas tree

That's Robin!

He's the leader of the team

He goes to the gym to blow off steam

He's planning on changing into Nightwing..

Cause he's Robin! Go!

1, 2, 3, 4, Go, Boy Wonder!


When Robin first heard his own song, it was in front of his teammates. Starfire had been curious, as had Beast Boy, and they somehow managed to wear him down during breakfast, even after he looked to Raven and Cyborg for help.

Cyborg simply ignored him and took advantage of BB's distracted state to fix everyone eggs with bacon and ham, along with some breakfast fruit, so the changeling couldn't complain about there not being anything for him.

Raven pretended to be engrossed in her book, really only half listening to the others. It seemed she was nearly as curious as the others about what Puffy had put together for their leader, she was just doing a better job at hiding it.

After a good solid five minutes of begging and pleading, Robin got his copy of the CD from his room, found the boom box Cyborg had used earlier that morning in the gym, and played the song for all to hear in Ops.

His teammates will never let him live this one down, I can assure you.

"Du-du-dude! That was just- pfff, oh man!" BB giggled some more as the song started to repeat. "What was that?"

"I have to admit," Raven said suddenly, "Ami and Yumi's powers of observation are nearly on par with yours, Boy Blunder. I'd say they could even give Holmes a run for his money."

This made BB laugh even harder, even Cy had to let out a hearty laugh of his own. "He really does look like Christmas everywhere he goes, doesn't he?" the metallic teen asked with another laugh.

"Yeah yeah, it's just a dumb song. Any of you listen to yours yet?" Robin asked, trying to get everyone's focus away from himself.

"I have heard my song that the Ami and Yumi have given to me! It was quite wondrous!" Star beamed.

"Gave mine a listen last night, definitely not going to be something I'm listening to again," Raven said mysteriously.

"I played mine this morning, during a workout. It was cool, I guess," Cyborg shrugged.

"Speaking of workouts, I think we'll have to double up on ours. With Slade gone, and Brother Blood off in Steel, there's no telling what other villain might be coming in to try and take their place."

This earned a collective groan from the Titans.

"Dude, you're just sore because we got to listen to your lame song!"

"Think we should triple the workouts?" Robin asked sardonically as he took a bite of his ham.

Raven immediately gave Beast Boy a death glare to stop him from making training any worse.

"Er, uh, you guys want to listen to my song with me? I bet it could be worse than Rob's..." Beast Boy suggested, hoping it would placate Robin's mood, and stop Raven from killing him.

It seemed fate was in BB's favor, however. As soon as he asked, the alarm blared, alerting the team to yet another bank robbery.

Robin didn't bother to check the computer for who the villain could be, opting instead for the familiar, "Titans, Go!" and rushing out of Ops, checking his T-com for the alert. Beast Boy sighed in relief as he morphed into a falcon and flew after him, along with his teammates.

Of course, after hearing Robin's song, he couldn't help but wonder what Ami and Yumi had come up with for everyone else. It would have to wait until after these crooks were taken care of, but BB's curiosity was not something that could be forgotten for long.


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