They Don't Know

People of this day and age are used to thinking they know anything and everything. And for all I know, they do know it all. But there is one thing that they know absolutely nothing about. Me and my Alice.

They thought we were too young to know what love was when, in reality, we both were over 100 years old. They thought that neither of us knew the meaning of the word forever when, in fact, my Alice had shown me what forever was when she offered her hand to me in 1948. Together, we had found forever. They thought they knew but they had no idea.

Our love only grew stronger by the day, so much that I wanted ever so badly to ask a blessing and propose to her. I wanted to claim her as mine, to tell the whole world that she belonged to me. She was mine and I was hers, forever and always! And no one was ever going to question that!

One touch and I was gone. That tiny pixie of a woman had me in her clutches and, by the emotions of love and happiness rolling off of her in waves, she wasn't letting go anytime soon. Which was fine by me! I had finally found peace. After almost a century, I had found a place of peace and hope. I had found love in that woman who offered her hand.

They thought that there was no emotion in our relationship merely because we'd very rarely ever kissed in public and never had we said 'I love you.' But we do kiss, and each one gets sweeter as time goes on. And we do say 'I love you,' and it gets more real each and every time. We merely kiss and say 'I love you' in the comfort of our home in the soft darkness of midnight. They don't know how we stay up in the dead of night just talking and holding each other. They don't know how we stay up even later gazing into the other's golden eyes. They don't know how we have each waited all our life for the other. How we fit together so perfectly that there was no denying we were made for each other. They don't know the hope we'd found. But, even if they did know, they'd just be jealous of us.

They don't know what we do. How we move like magnets, drawn to each other by an unseen force. Or how we eat, breathe, and sleep as one. They don't know how I watch her like a hawk, only wanting her protection and happiness. They don't know how she lights up when I'm near or how she smiles so radiantly it breaks my heart. They don't know, nor could they ever know, the depth of our love and loyalty for one another.

They don't know about us.