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Ash: (Gets pushed through door) Wait! I'm your sponsor.

Me:Nope. Pikachu is. You are to much of a lunkhead.

Ash: Good. HAY! Wait a second...

Me: Sorry! Not a enough time for that... and here is our sponsor Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika, Pika, CHUUUUUUUU!

Me: Ok! Thank you pikachu for that insightful speech. Buh By Now!

Ch. One The Greeting



"What! Hold on!"

Outside the guild...

Bolt: I know I can do this! Today is the day I will join the guild! (he steps on the grate proudly)

"Pokemon detected!"

"Who IS it sentry?"

"Shinx, it is Shinx!"

Bolt: (jumps off grate and screams like a little girl) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (takes out rock) I thought I could do this with my precious treasure... bu-t I can"t! ( runs off crying to the beach) BOO HOO HOO!

(two weird pokemon step out of nowhere)

" Hey Koffing did you see that?"

Koffing: Yeah I did Zubat, that wimp had something good!

Zubat: Yeah, Heh Heh Heh lets follow him. (the two pokemon follow crybaby Bolt)

At the beach...

Bolt:Wow! The bubbles are so pretty! Sigh, I always come here when I am depressed. (he notices a weird figure by some rocks) Huh? I wonder what is that? (he walks over to see) AAAAAAH! It is a pokemon! ( runs to her) A- Are you alright?

"(she wakes up) Uh,yeah.

Bolt: Good. By the way who are you?

"Ummmmm, I am Pinky the human."

Bolt:But Pinky you seem like a normal Skitty to me!

Pinky: Wha- What? Eeh Gads! Your right!

Me: Sorry that this is so short, my computer's battery is low.

Ash: (Is eating chips and says) It is your own fault.

Me: Shut Up.

Ash: I love you.

Me: Shut up. You love money.

Ah: Heh Heh. Yes I do. By the way where is my paycheck?

Me: You don't get one. Pikachu does.

Ash: What That is- (gets inturuppeted)

Me: Sorry, not enough time! Buh By Now!