The November morning light streamed through my bedroom window. I didn't sleep very good. Who could with all that happened? The scene in the woods plays through my mind over and over again. The sight of my injured brother making me sick to my stomach. The joy of meeting Boo for the first time.

My poor Atticus. He warned us that this trial would be a life changer but I doubt he expected this. Who could have known?

I creep through the hall into my brother's room where he has been staying. I creek the door open to find him lying next to Jem on his good side. Attcius has just kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hair massage. He turns around to find me at the doorway and he climbs out of the bed.

"Hey, Atticus," I say as he puts my face in his hands and gives me a kiss.

"Good morning, Baby. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am okay, Atticus."

"Calpurnia is here. Why don't you get some breakfast."

"Okay. I am a little hungry," I say turning on my heels heading to the kitchen. I can smell the hot buttermilk biscuits in the oven. Yummy, my favorite!

"Scout!" I hear as a reach my destination.

"Miss Scout," Calpurnia says with a joyous look on her face.

"Hey, Cal…" I say as I hear someone again calling for me.

"Oh my goodness, It's Jem!"