The rest of the day went by relativley normal after Miss Maudie had left. I lounged around the house and just kind of enjoyed myself. I needed quiet time, I was expected to go back to school in the morning. Jem was to stay home until further notice.

I woke up at seven, got dressed, combed my hair, and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Don't forget today you got to take a bath and wash your hair," Calpurnia reminded me.

"I'll remember, Cal," I relpied with a mouthful of waffle.

"Don't talk with your mouth full! How many times do me and your aunty have to remind you?"

I rolled my eyed behind her back. Between her and Aunt Alexandra I was going to explode. Don't talk with your mouth full, don't slouch, don't get sassy. They could go on and on forever.

"I gotta go, Cal," I run to grab my books and head out the door.

"Have a good day!"

The school yard was already filled with kids by the time I got there. Skipping rope, playing kickball, just sitting on the school steps talking. I noticed some of the kids giving me wierd looks as I walked by. News sure does travel fast around here. I sit on one of the steps by myself, not bothering to socialize because the bell would ring any minute.

"Hey, Scout!"

"What you want, Cecil?"

"Heard about what happened to ya last night. So what happened? Did you clobber Ewell like you clobbered me?"

"No, Cecil. I stopped fighting remember?"

"You don't fool me. You ain't no girl, you're a boy trapped in girl's body."

"Fine, go drool over Pumpkin Sharkey since you love her so much!"

"You leave Ellen alone!"

"See! You're the only one who calls her by her real name! I got one, too, you know!"

"Ellen's a lady and you ain't! Which means you don't deserve proper recignition!"

I looked around and saw people were starting to stare at me and Cecil, including Pumpkin. I was all of a sudden embarrassed for her. For myself to for that matter. Damn you, Cecil Jacobs! Thank God the bell finally rang.