Well, folks, I'm very accustomed to write, I love it, so I decided to write another fanfic, and of course, is about the adorable Emily Prentiss, and her new life in London. The story begins in her early days in London, with Garcia and Morgan helping her with the move. I'm still not sure about how much she'll interact with her old team but she, definitely, will. She is going to run a Interpol London Office; and its national and international missions, and the people involved in these missions; but her main location will be more a desk job, because is more typical of Interpol. I'm going to use use the characters of the canceled show: 'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior' as a new people that will be subordinates to Emily. This is not a Crossover! In this FanFic, 'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior' never existed! I'm just using the CHARACTERS from this canceled show. She will lead these people: Sam Cooper, Jonathan 'Prophet' Simms; Gina LaSalle, and Mick Rawson. And she had never seen any of them, she'll meet them now. Let's see how it goes! Always remember that English is not my first language, so forgive me the errors. I don't own these characters, I don't own 'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior' or 'Criminal Minds', or no of the music that I may use! Unfortunately!

Morgan, with a checklist in hand:

"Well, Princess, I guess it's all here! Your luggage is all inside these boxes…"

"Uh! Just looking, I'm already tired!'

"We can help unpack and we ..."

"No, no, no, no, Penelope... Let's go out for a walk, eat something... Gradually I'm going to do it, so I can keep myself busy when I'm not working…"

"Are you sure?"


"Wow, the view from here is wonderful, princess!"

"Yeah… It is… I told Clyde that my family did not increase… it's just me and me! I don't know why this huge duplex apartment!"

Penelope hugged her friend:

"Of course, your family increased: what about us? You'll never get rid from your BAU team!"

Emily smiled at her.

"And you can bet, princess, I don't know about the others, but I'll spend all my vacations right here!"

Morgan said throwing himself on some huge cushions on the floor.

Emily smiled fondly at him.

They went out together and they had a great time. At night, there were three guests bedrooms, so Penelope picked one, Derek picked another. It was already too late when they got Emily's apartment; they talked a little bit and then they went to sleep. In the middle of the night, Derek was sleepless; it was their first night there in London. He sat on the bed, he was thirst; he was down the stairs when he saw Emily standing staring looking through the huge window to the streets of London; with zillions of questions in mind, but with the certainty that she had done the right thing. She was hugging herself, in a protective, or maybe, defensive gesture. Morgan approached her, but she was back to him and with her thought too far from there, he stood still, waiting to see if she would notice his presence, but it never happened, then he:

"Are you also sleepless?"

Her heart (and her) jumped with fright. He noticed.

"I'm sorry….. I did not mean to scare you…"

She turned to look at him, and said gently:

"That's Okay ..."

"I came to drink a glass of water…"

"Feel at home, Derek!"

While Derek went to the kitchen to get a glass of water; Emily sat on the sofa. After remedying his thirst, he returned to the living room and sat beside her:

"So, what? What keeps you out of bed and your dreams?"

"uh…Nothing important!"

"C'mon, Emily... It's me... Derek…"

He said, putting his hand on top of hers, what made she look at him. Almost stuttering, she began to speak:

"Is that…. it is a new life…. new responsibilities, I've already lived here before, but now it's different, in the past I was in the field… always traveling. And now it's a complete different situation… But I'm sure after my first day there… this feeling will vanish…"

Morgan waited a little bit to say:

"Am I being too selfish if I said that I hope not?"

Emily, studying his face, replied:

"You were the first one who advised me to follow my guts…"

"I was talking about you buy or not that house…" He said, almost protesting.

She looked at him and said:

"Derek, don't tell me that you never noticed… since the day I got back from Paris... I've never been able to fit me in the team as before…"

Derek felt a lot of sadness in her voice.

"Ok…. Ok…. I noticed, but I never understood the reason..."

"Ohh, balls, Derek. You were the first one who judged me when my secrets surfaced… when everyone on the team found out I was alive, the first reaction of everyone was a huge revolt because they were deceived….. no one demonstrated a little happiness that I was alive!... this hurt me a lot... I felt like a burden to the team…"

"So this is all what is about?"

"Not just that… But, Derek, really, I'm not having this conversation, please…"

She said looking at him, it was more a plea.

"But, Emily, you just gave me a significant piece of information now… I'm feeling totally guilty!"

She leaned her back on the sofa, resting her head on top of the couch, staring at the ceiling, as if to avoid the conversation. Derek realized that she really did not want to keep talking about it, but now he needed this assurance:

"Emily, please, I need to know if I was responsible for your drastic decision…"

Moving only her eyes to look at him, she said:

"No, Derek… You were not the responsible for my decision…"

Derek sighed. But it was not exactly a sigh of relief because, for him, the situation was still bad, because in a few more days in London and he had to leave his inseparable friend and partner in London.

He was sitting on the edge of the couch, next to her, he lowered his head, frowning, looking for his own restless fingers, but with the thought racing fast; worried that at some point he have hurt her; guilt had hit him strong this time. Emily realized his enormous discomfort and gently holding his face with both hands, she said:

"Derek, believe me, my decision had nothing to do with you, like I said before: I love you…"

Before Derek could even think and remember that she had said she loved them all, at JJ's wedding; and maybe she was just repeat this with the same meaning; he held her face and he kissed her on the mouth; it was an awkward kiss in the beginning. Emily's first impulse was retreating, but Derek insisted, holding her face, and soon they were kissing passionately. But in a sudden moment, Emily quickly got up from the couch, turning her back to Derek. He also got up and:

"I'm sorry, Emily…"

Emily looked at him in confusion on her face. This 'I'm sorry' he said was because he repented, she was totally confused, and he realized and said:

"You know what? I'm NOT sorry! Six years I want doing this! Six years keeping my feelings for me! Six years contenting myself with just your presence by my side!...(pause)… You never wondered why I never liked clearances and vacations and days off, Emily? You never wondered why I was so pissed when I found out you slept with Doyle?"

"Derek, this is the most wrong moment for you to talk about your feelings…"

"But this can also be my last chance!"

"Derek, please… I'm asking you… this is not the right time! I need to focus in my job now…" She was fighting back tears.

Derek took a deep breath trying to calm down.

Moments of silence.

"Emily… Every day, I used to go to BAU, happy, even knowing the horrific cases we would going to face, but I knew you'd be by my side… I knew I'd see you and spend a lot of time with you, days even. So, I had the strength to do my job… And now? How it'll be when I open my eyes in the morning, and know that you will not be there that day, nor the next and the next?"

She held both his hands and said:

"You're gonna do great as always! Because you have the strength by your own… I don't doubt that. And I'm gonna be here… just a phone call from distance…"

He pulled her for a tight hug. Both had tears in eyes. But they contained themselves. This time of their lives needed balance and serenity. And they knew very well. Still embraced, he kissed her head. And they chose not to talk about the kiss.

Next day, it was Saturday, near lunchtime, Morgan and Penelope went out for buying some food; the bell of the duplex rang, Emily opened the door, she already knew who it was:

"Hello, darling…"

"Hi, Clyde…"

She said, opening the door wider for him. Entering, he said:

"Oh Darling… No kiss, no hug?..." With the same insightful way of ever.

"I'd rather leave it in the practical way!"

"I'm glad you regained trust in me again!"

Emily just stared at him. She trusted him, but not quite. She really meant the phrase she had said: "I don't trust anyone anymore", it was still very worthwhile for her. But she stayed in silence; after all, she would need him in this new beginning.

"The same way I'm very happy that you accepted my proposal for returning to Interpol, I'm very curious about why did you leave the BAU?"

"Oh, please, Clyde, let's get right to the point. Tell me about the team that I'm going to lead. I need to know all about them…"

"You read their resume which I sent to you, right?"

"Of course I read… but I want an opinion … like… more informal…"

"Ok….Well…. Samuel Cooper, as you know, is the leader of the team on the field, and in the office he is going to help you on decisions, someone that is going to support you more directly and in the field, he is the one who makes the decisions; then there are the agents Jonathan Sims, who is known as 'prophet', Gina LaSalle and Mick Rawson, they are all British…"

"When I do meet them?"

"Of course they are already aware about you, so we have a meeting scheduled for Monday. And then I'll put you to the pair of all current missions, there is a stack waiting for you…"

"This is good…"

"Apparently… you still don't have a personal life…"

"Clyde, don't start…"

Yeah, she was definitely a closed book. The truth was that she could no longer live with her old team after Doyle episode; not because she maybe had repented of something, but because her best kept secret came to light for everyone. She just could not live with it. She had tried for a whole year; but the bitter taste and facing each one of them was becoming untenable.

Clyde spoke a bit more about the personal and professional characteristics of each one of the new team; he also talked about some of the major cases that Interpol was investigating. After some time, Emily got up to open the door for Penelope and Derek; Clyde didn't know that they were there. In her way to the kitchen, Penelope said to Clyde:

"Oh…Easter, I can't talk to you right now, I'm very pissed with you! For have taken our treasure too far from us!"

"Hello for you too, Ms. Garcia…" He said smiling.

Derek was far less sympathetic; he just gave a cold stare to Clyde, and went into the kitchen with Penelope. Clyde understood Derek's gaze straight.

"Emily, I didn't know you had guests… I guess I better go…"

A little embarassed, Emily offered:

"We're going to have a lunch… do you want join us?"

"Oh… I'd love to… But I don't want screw up Derek's last moments with you…" he sneered.

"You want me to come to pick you up on Monday?

"Oh… no….It will not be necessary. I can get there… But, thank you…"

"As if I did not already know…. See you on Monday, then…"

On Monday morning, Penelope and Derek were in the room waiting for Emily, she was finishing getting ready for the first day in the new job. Derek would leave Emily at Interpol and then go touring with Penelope in Emily's new car.

Emily was coming down the stairs, Morgan quickly rose from the couch, he was completely paralyzed with her stunning beauty. He looked at her up and down, making her blush a little.

"Princess, wow, where are the boots and black suits? You are wonderful!"

"Thank you, Derek!... I don't need that boots anymore; I'm not going to break down doors and chasing bandits…. At least, not today…." She laughed a little at him. And they left.

Both wished good luck on the first day of the new work of Emily, and there she goes.

Everyone was gathered in the meeting room, waiting for Emily, the new boss.

Gina: "It's not a very good way to start, arriving late on the first day…"

Cooper: "Take it easy, Gina. She is already in her office with Clyde. I bet she arrived before us."

After a while, she appeared: thin high heels black; black skirt in knee length; champagne satin shirt, and a black suit. Loose hair, no bangs, slightly charmingly curly:

"Good morning everyone…"

Everyone was sitting at the table, with the exception of Mick, who was next to the window with a cup of coffee in hand. He was a little stunned at the sight of this sexy woman, ultra stylish in front of him. Of course he had done a research on Emily Prentiss – FBI – BAU, but that picture of her serious face he had seen did not do justice even a little to how she really was. He was paralyzed for a while, until Emily talk to him:

"Have a seat, please."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Call me Prentiss, please…. (she waited Mick sit down and:) I appreciate the presence of you all, it is a great privilege and a great new challenge in my life... But before being a great professional challenge is primarily a mission entrusted on me… Develop a leadership role presupposes rather "being" than "doing"… And I've always been more action than mind, but six years in the Behavioral Analysis Unit greatly contributed to me becoming equally action and mind. Everyday life changes, showing us new perspectives. But life does not change as if by magic. I am aware of the difficulties and the scale of the challenge that lies ahead. So I want a permanent and continuous dialogue with each of you, we'll work as a team in order to make the world more human, it is not easy, but our mission is to serve, protect and facilitate the widest possible mutual assistance between all criminal law enforcement Authorities. Ensure that securely police services can communicate communication with each other around the world. Enable global access to police data and information. Provide operational support on specific priority crime areas. Foster continuous improvement in the capacity of police to Prevent and fight crime and the development of knowledge and skills for effective international policing necessary. For this, I am counting on help and support from all of you….. Does anyone have any questions?"

They talked a little longer to unwind the environment. Clyde was also there and spoke a little bit too.

Emily spent all the day placing herself on top of everything. She became acquainted very quickly with people and with the cases and the team. She quickly took control of all current cases. At the end of the day, Derek and Penelope went to Interpol to pick her up. In the elevator, they went up to the floor where was Emily's office; wait for her to leave. Around seven in the evening, she went out of her office, but quickly, she was intercepted:



"I just want to welcome you… I'm sure it will be great working with you! If you need anything..."

"Surely, I will..." She smiled at him.

"Even at night if you want, we can go out, talk, exchange ideas… I can give you an overview about all around here…"

"That would be good! Thank you!"

"You worked at FBI, the Behavioral Analysis Unit, right? Profiling and stuff?


"Very interesting… I have great interest in this area…"

As they talked, they were walking toward the elevator, where Morgan and Garcia were waiting for her. Mick stopped walking, which made Emily also stop, he put his hand lightly on her shoulder and:

"Wow… I just realized… I bet you may be profiling me right now ..."

Emily laughed:

"Oh, no, my focus now is entirely another…"

But of course she had profiled not only him but everyone in there.

It is clear that Morgan did not like the guy all cheerful with Emily. But he caught himself and remained in silence.

After a week there, it's time for Derek and Penelope went back to DC.

"Penelope, taxi is waiting..."

With tears in her eyes, she was saying goodbye to Emily:

"I wish you all the luck in the world here in your new home and new job. Just don't forget your old family…"

"Never... Thank you so much for having come here with me…"

They hugged for a while.

"Hey, Pen, leaves a little Emily for me to hug!"

Morgan gave her a big hug and whispered in her ear:

"I'm gonna miss you!" He said.

"Me too!" She whispered back; tightening the hug.

Both had some tears in eyes; so did Penelope.

Holding both of her hands, he said:

"Emily, anything you need; you can call me; anytime!..."

He put a paper in her hand and said:

"This is for you to read every time you are feeling lonely…"

"Thank you, Derek!"

After two weeks she was in London, she was getting more comfortable with everyone and everything and the job but in no way she felt at home yet; she got the time to talk with Morgan via Skipe:


"Hey, how are you doing?"

"I'm getting used to everything, people are cool, competent professionals, but it is difficult at the beginning… you know…. to work with someone you still don't know very well yet…"

"Tell me about it…"

Emily was surprised at his response. He noticed of course. But as he said nothing, she asked:

"Why are you saying this?"

Without hesitating, he answered:

"We have a new agent!"

Emily's mouth opened slightly surprised, and a twinge of jealousy washed over her. But she would not show. She knew the BAU would not get shorn, neither could it. But she did not think she would be replaced so fast.

"Oh… really?"

She waited for Morgan to deliver the profile of the person for her, but he as he never did, she asked:

"So is it he or she?"


"Oh… you should be happy, then..." She joked.

"I'd rather not answer that!" Morgan said; a little upset.

He wasn't even a little in a mood for jokes. What makes Emily deeply regret what she had just said.

"Sorry…. My bad…. This was horrible…"

"Professionally, she seems very good."

"I don't doubt that!"

He was crazy to say 'I miss you like crazy, I miss you with me on the field, breaking doors, chasing UNSUBs; I miss your banter, your smile, your intelligence, even your dump on me'. But he said nothing. He remained quiet, it was a strange feeling, because he wanted to be near her, but the best he could manage was through a computer screen, and he hated that. Emily could sense his discomfort on the other side of the screen.

"Derek, we can talk another day, okay? I'm a little tired… it had been a tough week…"

"OK, Emily….. Look… I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For have not accepted you're gone..."

"Oh… Derek… I'm not gone…. I'm right here…"

She shook her hands as if saying 'hi' to him; making him smile. It was the first smile she got from him. Then she passed her hand on the computer screen. In the impetus of the moment, automatically, he put his hand on the screen too, as if to touch hers; and she already had taken off her hand from the screen.

After a quick 'bye bye', she closed the Skype.

I took a piece of Emily's speech from .org. I'd like to hear from you whether I should continue with it or not. Thank you.