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"I told you, I'm not going out in public like this!" Sh...he, squealed from behind their bedroom door. Soul sat leaning against the locked door to keep Maka from breaking it down.

"We agreed on this long ago Soul Eater! If you're not sick, crippled, or on the brink of death, than you are going to school mister, uh missy...erm..." Maka herself couldn't wrap her head around the situation. Whether there was a cure or not for this ordeal, neither knew, but she knew that locking himself in his room wasn't going to do Soul any good.

They sat on opposite sides of the door, both thinking the same thing. Why is it always us?

"It's embarrassing."

"...I know."

"This isn't cool at all, Maka."

"I know, Soul. No one ever said it was."

"Blair laughed! She couldn't stop laughing!"

"And I had Blair leave early because of that. Now, come on. Can we at least come to a compromise here?" Maka knocked the back of her head against the door.

Soul crossed her arms over her now soft chest, and let out a breath she didn't know she was holding onto. She shook her head knowing she was going to regret siding with her meister on this one.

The door opened and Maka fell onto her back. She was left staring up at her partner, who had two abnormally placed orbs blocking the view to her face, Maka didn't like that.

Soul bent her back and tilted her head down to face Maka. She grabbed her meister by the shoulder and lifted her up onto her feet once more.

"Weapon form all day. And that's my final offer."

Maka turned and faced her ill-fated weapon, observed his-her new features, listened closely to her new voice. Maka's hands ventured from head to toe, double checking and confirming what her eyes were telling her. Her small hands slowing as they ascended.

"Uh, uh Ma-Maka."

She squeezed at Soul's new hips. They were round, but not disproportionately off from the rest of her body. She had love handles, Maka didn't mind that too much. But then she reached behind and got a nice squeeze of what she was going to have to get used to looking at for now. Soul let out a surprised gasp, Maka smiled, pleased it was still soft and round as ever. It might have even gotten bigger!

"Hey, Maka. You can...hey!" Soul's words were falling on deaf ears as Maka found her way under her shirt over her flat stomach. No abs though, then again, Soul never was one for exercise. But she was still smooth as ever. And with no bumps or bruises, it was like she was granted a brand new body. Or at least Maka thought. 'Till her fingers ran along the lines of a familiar scar.

"Maka. Please, stop. You don't have toooo~ahh!" Soul squealed at the delicate contact between Maka's fingers and her new, soft tissue. Maka's hands were growing warmer and warmer, her touch more defined than ever.

Shit, Maka. Stop please! This is so not cool!

"Hmm." Maka stopped for a moment, both hands covering a mound each. They finally made eye contact. He looked worried. She blinked and pinched Soul's tiny nipples, warranting a moan from her partner.

Crap. This shouldn't be happening. Damn it, my legs suddenly feel weak.Soul's knees begun to buckle. Maka's head was suddenly above her own.

Maka brushed a few strands of stray white hair away from the weapon's face. Before Soul could react, they were already sharing the same air. Lips locked for three seconds and no more. Maka was the one to pull off.

"Haa." Maka decided then and there about what was going to happen.

"So...To be honest, I don't see much of anything wrong." Maka admitted with a straight face, staring down at Soul as she tried to catch her breath. Maka helped her up this time.

"What!? What do you mean you don't see much of anything wrong!? There are so many things wrong about this that I can't even begin to name them!" Soul argued, but Maka just wasn't going to agree.

"That's right, you can't even name them. Because nothing's really changed besides your voice and your height. Everything else is still the same you. From the bottom of your toes, to your messy white hair. You're still my partner, Soul Eater."

Soul was flabbergasted. How could Maka be saying these sorts of uncool things!? She goes from copping a feel to saying nothing's changed? When did Maka become such a sadist!? It didn't matter what kind of argument he put up at this point, Maka's mind was made up. That meant dealing with it in the coolest manner possible and hoping for the best.

"Don't worry Soul, we're still partners. As long as we have that, there's nothing to worry about." For a moment he felt relieved, the next, Maka was throwing him-her a pair of pink polka-dotted panties to wear for the day. No doubt this day was going to drag.

"Told you we should have seen Lord Death as soon as we got here. Now you don't have to worry about taking notes for the day." Maka said happily as she strolled through the hallways with one transformed Death Scythe leaning against her shoulder.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. That doesn't mean it doesn't have to get done eventually. He said I would have to make it up eventually. Meaning I'll have homework! Agh! You know how much I hate having actual homework to do!" Soul complained, her voice reaching higher notes than she would have preferred.

"Aww, poor Soul. Finally going to join the rest of the kids our age who do their homework? I'm so proud of you. And all it took was for you-"

"No! We are not going there today. Ok? We're not even going to mention this." Soul pouted behind the magic steel that separated them.

"Fine. You can begin doing that by not talking. Your voice is a lot different from the usual gruff I'm used to. I'm sure if people heard you speak, they'd soon catch on. So if you want to actually hide this from people, you can just agree with me all day, alright?" It was simple enough to understand.

"I un...mhm" Soul nodded and let it be. Luckily they'd gotten to school a little earlier than usual. The hallways weren't crowded as they normally were, leaving plenty of walking space for Maka to wave Soul around. They soon found themselves at their class in their normal seats. Maka popped open her latest literary addiction after comfortably leaning Soul against the desks behind them, the base of her weapon form stuck in the corner between the floor and foot of her seat.

"If you can stay like that until lunch, we can play this off as some sort of special training, ok?" Maka waited for a response, but was glad when she received silence, 'least he understood this much.

"So it's some sort of top secret Death Scythe training is what you're saying? And that's why he hasn't spoken since class started, or why he hasn't even transformed back into his human form?" Black*Star questioned, very much doubting the authenticity of this strange training regime. He'd never heard of such a weird training, he knew Tsubaki's never gone through such a weird regime.

"Mhm. He's concentrating extremely hard right now not to fluctuate our wavelengths. Right now he's actually in complete control on how much we sway in and out from each other. I have no say at all at this moment." Maka lied, never breaking eye contact with page 394.

"Hmm? That so? That's cool I guess. But are you really alright with that? I mean, one half of the partnership having 100% of the say in it all, sounds kinda, I dunno, wrong I guess." The assassin argued, making a decent point at that.

"Mm, it's alright. I trust Soul. We're partners after all. This is just another way for us to strengthen our bond together." Maka marked her place on the page and quietly closed her book. She took her pencil in hand and focused on the lecture currently taking place.

Soul sighed a breath of relief, thankful his friend wasn't a rocket scientist. Black*Star's perceptive ability wasn't all he chalked it up to be.

And although they might have fooled Black*Star, Tsubaki wasn't too sure. Being an actual weapon, she was able to pick up slightly on another's focus while in form. From her point of view, Soul looked more relaxed than anything. Maybe it was just her way of seeing things though. She wasn't going to bother Soul if he really was working hard. He was usually so laid back, Tsubaki concluded he was able to hide his hard work as well as he did his emotions.

"Hey, Maka. Why don't join us for lunch?" Maka gave it a moment's thought before focusing on the food tray balancing in between her elbow and shoulder.

"Ah, sorry guys. I think I'm just going to eat outside today. More space, ya know. It'll be a little more comfortable not having to pick Soul up off the dirty floor every time he falls."

Yes, yes. Nice one Maka. We just gotta keep this up a little longer so I can eat! She heard his thoughts and acknowledged his hunger. Maka waved to her friends and swiftly made her way to the outdoor balcony of the school. She carefully placed the trays on the concrete ledge before hopping over and placing Soul down.

"Finally I can-"

"No! You can't! What if someone sees you out here? We're not the only people who know about this spot. If you don't want anyone to see you like this, then trust me. Stay as you are and just lift your upper body out of the blade and I'll feed you myself."

"Bu-but...Man! Are you kidding me? I can't even eat normal like this? Why the hell does this have to happen to me? Why not Kidd or Black*Star!?" Soul whined once more, ready to punch something in it's bark.

"Well, for one, they're meisters. So they wouldn't be the one's consuming the rotten soul in the first place. And two, Professor Stein already explained, this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing. He said he's only ever heard of something like this happening maybe twice before. And those people just gained animal like features, they didn't change to the opposite sex." Maka so kindly explained. She placed their food trays on her lap as she sat down next to her partner against a large tree providing plenty of shade.

"Shut up Bookworm. I don't need facts right now. I'm so tired of doing nothing and I'm...I'm just tired of this awkwardly small body! This sucks!" Soul yelled, hoping he could communicate to Maka how this whole thing was making him feel.

"Yes Soul, I know. This sucks. You have a woman's body and everything that comes with having one. You have small feet and slim legs. You also have love handles, a flat stomach and an average sized chest. Anything else you'd like to complain about? Because it sounds like you have it pretty damned well from my perspective. Now just be quiet and and let me feed you so we don't end up being late for our next class."

Soul leaned halfway out of her weapon form to take a bite out of the shitty cafeteria food. It was better than nothing. And being out of her weapon form for even a second was relaxing, a breath of fresh air. It's exhausting enough keeping weapon form for all day missions as it is. At least then there's something to actually concentrate on. Here, he's just trying to control the urge of not breaking form back into a human. There's no kishin to slay, no town to defend, no one to protect, besides his own dignity.

Talk about things that aren't cool. This has to be the worst day of my life. Soul rubbed the bridge of her nose while chewing her food.

"Worse than almost dying?" Maka asked jokingly, she might as well have fun and roll with it while she could.

"Yes Maka, worse than the day I almost died. This is ten times worse than almost dying. Have you taken a look at me lately?" Soul left his weapon form for the slightest of moments. He slapped his hands on his hips instinctively and glared at Maka who was clearly not interested in his problems.

"Yes, in fact I have. For a few hours this morning as a matter-of-fact. I can't say that anything's changed since then, you're still cute." Soul was taken aback by the strange compliment thrown his way. It wasn't cool for a guy to be 'cute.' He was supposed to be hot or handsome. Not cute!

But it wasn't up to him how his body reacted towards Maka's feelings. His cheeks were beginning to burn up from embarrassment. She was trying to strip him of everything he's tried to build for himself, yes! That was it! She was trying to de-coolify him.

"No-not cool Maka. Not cool at all." Soul whined, returning to her weapon form once more.

"Never said I was cool, you did. Now stop complaining so we can both eat, ok? I'm hungry too ya know." The pair returned to eating in peace, the same way they hoped to get through the rest of the day.

"Oh my God, finally!"

"Will you be quiet? We're still in school ya know? Just speak through your soul if you're bored. At least then you can act like you don't want to be exposed." Maka explained, picking up her pace as she powered strolled through the hallways of Shibusen.

They finally reached the doors in which Maka kicked open and immediately dashed for Soul's bike. God help him if he ever decides to buy a normal vehicle that's safer than swimming in shark infested waters.

Maka ran to where they parked near the alley, and in a very timely manner, she let go of Soul. Her partner transformed perfectly in her seat on the bike and motioned for Maka to join him/her.

"Quickly, come on now, hurry it up." Soul rushed, jimmying the key into the ignition. Her custom Harley roared to life and just as soon, they were off to the races. Their only opponent was time. How long would it take to get home without breaking any traffic laws while not being seen by anybody they knew on a first and last name basis?

"Hey! Would you slow it down already!? You almost killed us on that last turn!" Maka shouted through the gust of wind blowing in her face. She tried keeping her head behind Soul's head, but even then all she got was a face full of hair. Just a small setback due to the side effects of the rotten soul. Nothing they couldn't work around.

"Hah!? What'd you say? I can't hear you back there!"

"I said! Sloow~ down!" Maka screamed again. It was no use. She could hardly hear herself think while he sped like this.

"What!?" Soul asked as they turned onto their street. He hit the brakes as they drew closer to their apartment and parked in his designated spot. At least his parking spot was close by.

Soul quickly ran up the flights of stairs and turned the knob to their apartment. He twisted and turned, pulled and pushed the door, but it wouldn't budge.

"Maka! The door! It won't open! Something's wrong! Someone must have broken in and broke the lock or something!" Soul panicked while Maka kept calm and collect. She gave him the idiot stare she often did when he deserved a chop while she was unarmed.

"Yeah, something is wrong. For some reason, this awful man created keys! They're this really stupid invention that make it so you can walk through doors that were previously locked. I dunno Soul, I think the guy was onto something when he thought this up. Then again, it's like some sort of black magic. I really don't know Soul, maybe we shouldn't open this door, what do you think?" His stupidity was really pushing her buttons, and she didn't have many left before he won himself a concussion.

He stared at her annoyingly while she jiggled the keys in his face. He so rudely stripped her of them and unlocked the door to their humble abode.

"Finally! I can relax!" Soul kicked off the shoes Maka let him borrow and jumped face first onto the couch.

"Ow! What the hell? That never hurt before." He picked himself up and rubbed his chest, where most of the pain was emanating from.

"Yeah, you never had boobs before either, moron. It's taken an entire day, but you finally learned something. There are actual reasons why I don't sleep on my stomach. Besides the fact that it's incredibly bad for your back, but it's also incredibly uncomfortable. And what are you doing laying on the couch anyways? You didn't do anything at school today! If anything, you should be on the internet looking up ways to get you back to normal." Maka lectured as she neatly placed her shoes by the door and head into the kitchen.

"I totally did do something at school today! And according to you it was very important, which makes me a pretty cool guy."

"Gal." Soul shot his meister of a look of discontent for that interruption.

"Not cool, Maka. Not cool at all."

"I don't know why we have to keep going over this Soul. I never said I was cool. You're the one who's in the past called me The Coolest Meister Ever." Maka opened the fridge to look for ingredients for dinner.

"Sh-shut up, Maka. Can you just let me be wrong in silence for once?" Soul whined, her voice cracking towards the end. She covered her mouth in shame, unaware of as to how she was supposed to react. How was she supposed to speak if she sounded like a boy going through puberty?

"Sorry Soul, can't let you get dumb on me. It's the meister's job to make sure the weapon is in top form both physically and mentally at all times." Maka picked out a few ingredients she could use for supper.

"What are you in the mood for for dinner?" Soul thought to herself for a minute.

There was a slight possibility that Maka would pity him for being in his sad state and cook up whatever he was in the mood for whether she had the ingredients or not.

"Uhh, how about salmon?" He knew it wasn't Maka's favourite dish, but she could stomach it better than she used to.

"Sure, whatever you want Soul." Maka replied monotonously.

"Ok, so how does this work out now?"

"What do you mean, how does this work out? We sleep in the same bed just like we've been doing. What, don't tell me you're gonna sleep somewhere else because you suddenly have all the parts on you that you like to feel on me? Cause that'd be real shallow Soul." Maka answered, moving towards her dresser.

"Here, you can wear this to sleep." Maka threw him an oversized white t-shirt that was most likely at one point, his.

"What?! Is that it? Just a shirt and panties?" Soul asked, thankful that Maka's back was turned. His rosy cheeks would have been a real bitch to hide.

"Umm, yeah? What else do you suppose you need? It's all I wear to bed every night, and you don't seem to have a problem with that." Maka snuck herself underneath the covers and gestured for Soul to follow.

"Umm, a bra? What about one of those? Don't I need one of those to sleep? I feel naked as I am now! And cold!" Soul complained. Maka rolled her eyes and walked back over to her drawer to pick out a bra for Soul. At this point, she wasn't even going to bother complaining, if he wanted it, than the best thing for her was to not complain and give him what he wants. She gave him one of her's, hoping it would at least fit.

"Here. Hopefully this isn't too tight. Do you need help putting on?"

"Wha-what!? No! No I do not need help putting it on! I'm not a two year old Maka. Sheesh." If only his actions spoke for him. He sure as hell looked like a two year old as he attempted to clip it on from the back. Soul struggled for a few minutes before his hands were rightfully slapped away. Maka clipped his bra on and dragged him into bed with her.

"We're going to sleep now. We're going to forget about everything that's happened today, and when tomorrow comes, we're going to start off fresh. Meaning, you're not going to complain anymore, well, more than you usually do, and I'm not going to have to be your mother anymore. Got it?" She turned her body over to the side and clenched a pillow in between her legs for comfort.

Soul laid on his-her back and stared up at the ceiling and got to thinking, which in itself was a bad idea as she was now.

"Well, what if..."Soul was scared of the what-ifs. He didn't want Maka to worry, but this wasn't just his problem. They were a couple. And they would get through this together.

"What if what, Soul?" Maka turned over to her other side. It had been a long time since she'd seen Soul looking so serious.

"What if, this turns into more than a short-term problem? What if I have to live like this for more than just a few days like Lord Death said I would? What if the effects of this stupid witch's soul lasts longer than we think? What if I'm stuck like this for-"

"Shut up Soul." Maka interrupted. She placed her hand over his mouth, tired of the negativity coming from his hole in his face.

"Soul. Go. To. Bed! I gave you my shoes, I gave you my underwear, hell, I even gave you my bra! Is there really anything else you need to complain about? We're partners Soul, above all else we love each other. What's really the problem here, Soul?" Maka rolled herself on top of Soul's waist; Soul refused to make eye contact so Maka grabbed him by the chin and forced him to look at her.

Soul jerked his face out her grip.

"This isn't like every other time, Maka. This isn't like cleaning up a cut, or reattaching a limb. This is my whole body here! On top of all of my deeper insecurities, now I suddenly have to be a girl?! What? What is this? Is this for real?"

"It's quite real, Soul. We made sure of that this morning. So what if you're a girl now? What's going to change? I'm still here. I'm still your girlfriend. I'm still your partner. Your friends aren't going to abandon you for something like this, so what's the problem? Stop worrying about stupid things and just let it be." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and flipped back over on her back by his side.

How was he even supposed to retort after that? Maka really was the devil in disguise. She was specifically put on this planet to keep him in place, not that he minded much. But there were times that he wished she had some devil powers, like now would be nice.

Soul shut up long enough for her to fall asleep before she decided to test her new body out on her own. Her now smaller fingers slowly traveled to the bags of fat on her chest she recognized as a nice set of tits. She wasn't too disappointed in what she was given really. She could at least say they were a bit bigger than Maka's. Then again, that was a strange thought for a guy to be having. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, testing her new body and all.

But he had to know what it felt like, to be touched...

Shit! What am I doing? This isn't my body, sort of, not really. It kinda is, but it's not. This isn't me. I shouldn't care about what it feels like. This is definitely something no one will ever have to hear about. This is between me, myself and stupid demon that lives in my soul. Hopefully the little shit will know to keep his mouth shut.

Soul panted through her breaths with each stroke. Soul never could have imagined what if felt like to be on the receiving end of her fingers. It was strangely divine. She liked it, a little too much. She had to stop soon, but...she was much too curious for her own good.


Shit. I can't wake Maka like this. Wait...Fuck! I'm wearing Maka's underwear! Shit! Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit! This is so not cool! Definitely not cool! I can't let her know about this! But...mmm..I...can't"

Soul covered her mouth with her free hand while she expressed the pleasure of her own doing. Her heart felt like it was ready to burst from her chest. Her breathing slowly but surely had begun to decelerate. But that didn't mean she was safe, not even close. She knew from experience as a guy what happened from this, it couldn't be too different. Besides the fact that she wasn't a guy anymore, for the moment at least, and she didn't really know what to expect.

Soul slipped out from underneath the covers and onto the floor. First things first, she had to get out of this dirty underwear and make sure Maka never saw them again. Soul was sure that if she ever saw Maka wear this specific pair of panties ever again, well, she wouldn't know what she would do, but she knew that Maka wouldn't like it very much.

Soul rushed to the bathroom quickly, and quietly shut the door behind her. She was safe for now. As long as she was in the bathroom she could always just make the excuse of not being able to fall asleep.

Soul stripped herself of everything Maka gave her and jumped into the cool shower. She wasn't going to bother with another self examination at a time like this. But it did feel strangely good when she passed her fingers over her bare chest. It was a tingly sort of feeling that ran up and down her body. She quickly applied shampoo and conditioner and scrubbed down the rest of her body.

Soul jumped out of the shower in what must have been record timing for her. She quickly dried and wrapped the towel around her body similar to how she'd seen Maka do it many times before. For some reason though she couldn't get it to stick, it kept falling even after she tucked into the creases. How did girls do this? Had to be some sort of witchcraft.

Soul picked up the shirt and bra Maka gave her and swiftly made her way to the underwear drawer. She couldn't bother with details, the lights weren't coming on until Maka woke, so she just picked up the first pair she could get her hands on and slipped them. They felt different from the last pair, but she couldn't care less. Long as they covered what they were supposed to, anything was fine.

Soul slipped back under the covers, clean once more, and ready to get some sleep. She laid her head against the feathery soft pillow and gave one last look at Maka, sound asleep, cute as always. Soul really needed to thank her in the morning. She wouldn't have made it through the day without her, and she did was complain.

Such an idiot. Why does she even put up with me?

Soul shut her eyes and was ready to put this nightmare behind her when Maka turned over.

"Soul~." She sang in her sleep.

Even in her sleep. What did I do to deserve her?

Soul wrapped her arms around her partner and drifted off into the dreamworld, the only remaining world where she was a man.

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