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Soul groggily stared at the alarm clock blinking 4:30 A.M.! He thinks he's still dreaming until he hears a knock at the door, he can't help but imagine who in the hell could be knocking this early in the morning. He quietly falls out of bed, making sure not to wake Maka.

He bangs into the couch and their awkwardly placed dinner table on the way to the door. It's too early for this shit. Soul tugs on the door attempting to open it and fails. He rubs his eyes and glances down at the knob.

Right. Locks.

The door is unlocked and he opens the door. He still can't see very well because what his eyes were telling him was that there was a bouncing blue blur along with two shorter black blobs.

"Hey, is there a Maka in there? And is she up yet?" The blue blur asked him. Why the hell was he asking that?

Soul looked back towards the bedroom and then back to the blue boy. Too early for this shit. And slammed the door in his face. Soul dragged his feet back to the bedroom and face planted into his pillow, arms spread searching for his meister. All he felt was the warmth of the other side of the bed.

"Soul. I'm going ru..." Maka called before he knocked out again.

For the second time this morning Soul woke to an alarm clock in his face, this time it was blinking a semi-normal time. 7:30 A.M.. He reaches to the other side of his bed where he expects his meister to be, but she's missing. He keeps flailing his arm around until he finds something.

In her place he instead finds a note.

Soul. Went running with Black*Star and Tsubaki. I'll shower at school. You better come to school or else!

Why wouldn't I go to school?He asks himself as he sits up in his bed. Soul finds his phone and sees 4 missed calls and 1 text message. Of course Black*Star had to light his phone up at ungodly hours in the early morning. The text message was just a repeat of Maka's note in the case he missed the paper.

Soul trudged to the bathroom to freshen up once he was sure he was alone in the house. He stared at the mirror, and it stared back at him. More accurately, her. Soul was quickly reminded of her situation and threw her head back in disgust. Fuck my life!

Soul pulled her shirt up to reassure herself that she was in fact still a girl. The effects of the rotten soul still hadn't gone away. The coolest guy was stuck as a girl. Soul played every possible outcome of not going to school in her head. She imagined many concussions and an empty stomach. She had to go to school if she wanted to survive, she figured that much.

She finished her morning duties in the bathroom and soon found herself standing in front of her closet. So much clothes, so few choices now that she had a smaller body. The only articles of clothing that might have fit her now were her uniforms from her early days of soul hunting with Maka. But even those might not have fit now with her extra assets included.

There was more than just her clothes she had to figure out. Her hair was significantly longer than when she was still a man. It ran about halfway down her back, how was she going to hide all that? A hat? A hoodie maybe? Soul searched for something, anything to hide her womanly body from being obviously not a man's anymore.

At least shoes weren't much of an issue, thankfully Maka's shoes size hadn't changed much over the years. But God damn, they were not shoes that Soul would ever wear. Sure anything looked fine on Maka, but she couldn't see herself wearing half of what Maka wore. Anything Maka touched instantly turned cute, how was Soul supposed to pull this off?

She found her phone and dialed Maka's number.

"Soul?" She answered.

"Maka! What the hell am I supposed to wear!? Nothing fits me anymore! And I can't change into my weapon and move around at the same time! Why did you leave knowing this!?" Soul whined, falling with her back to the bed.

"Well obviously because I think it's pointless in hiding this. I think it's stupid. What's the big deal anyways? We went over this yesterday Soul. Your friends aren't going to harass you because you've suddenly transformed into a girl." Maka stated. She checked her surroundings before continuing. The bathroom looked empty, Tsubaki had already gone ahead and showered.

"What!? Are you insane? Do you not remember who Black*Star is? He's totally going to try and ruin my life as soon as he sees me!" Soul retorted, flailing her legs all over the place.

"Yeah, you're probably right. Except for the fact that he's already seen you this way." Soul was left confused.

"This morning when you answered the door in nothing but a shirt, that was Black*Star at the door. Today is Thursday, Soul. We always go running on Thursday mornings. Or did you forget that along with your common sense? Anyways, I need to dry off and get dressed, Soul. If you need help finding clothes that fit you, just look through my closet or ask Blair for help. I'm sure she can adjust the size of your clothes with some magic."

"Yeah, but..."

"Goodbye Soul. See you when you get here."

The line went dead and Soul was left trying to figure out her clothes situation once more. She could rummage through Maka's clothes as was suggested. But just the thought of wearing Maka's clothes was awkward. Soul's only remaining option was asking Blair for help. God help her she was going to need some help in not taking the remaining eight lives from the cat if her reactions were anything similar to the previous morning.

Soul stood at the door of what was once her room. She'd since given it up when she and Maka officially became a couple. Her fist came to a stop when she realized that she would be making a deal with the same perverted monster that almost died laughing at her expense.

Various sounds of furniture moving all around could be heard coming from inside. Soul pushed through her insecurities and through the door, she found that to be a bad idea. All the ruckus in the room came to a stop when their eyes met, for the most part. Soul was left without needing her imagination.

"Oh Soul~! You look so cute in your jammies! Or your lack of. And what cute underwear you have on! Do those really belong to Maka?" Blair asked while Soul's face flushed to the point of where she wished she could just keel over. Though she was a girl now, the sight of Blair's body was always a nice sight for sore eyes.

Who the hell cleans their room naked!? Dammit Blair! Soul thought while covering up her nose.

"St-stop staring at me like that! I need your help you lecherous beast!" Soul screamed while pushing her long shirt as far down as she could to cover herself.

Blair beamed at Soul's confession. Quickly hopping over and squeezing Soul half to death.

Soul was completely frozen in shock as Blair bashed her boobs in her face whilst flinging her around in the air.

"Blair is so happy you asked her to help! Just tell me exactly what you need me to do and I'll do it!"

For the next 40 minutes Soul and Blair went through Soul's closet shrinking clothes down to Soul's new sizes. It wasn't an easy thing for her to agree upon, but Blair insisted that she could reverse the effects once Soul got her old body back.

Soul was glad that she bought Maka a white hoodie a few years ago. It still it's tag on and fit her perfectly now. Soul threw on her Pianoman t-shirt, slipped into a pair of white denim jeans and zipped up her hoodie before pulling a headband over her bangs. She finished off her wardrobe by fitting into a pair of old black Nike's. This was definitely an outfit no one would ever suspect Soul of wearing. They would never know!

"As much as it hurts me to say 'Thank you for shrinking my clothes', thanks." Soul waved before throwing her hoodie over her head and picking up her driving glasses from the floor.

"Aww! Your welcome cutie pie! But you can thank me more later when school is over!" Blair sang seductively as Soul slammed the door shut.

Soul begrudgingly stared up at the longest staircase in the world, imagining the kinds of torture Black*Star might put her through.

Ugh. I'll kill that idiot if he pushes me too far.

Soul stared down at the steps as she made her way towards the top of what seemed like a mountain. It wasn't usually so bad, maybe it was her body that wasn't used to it yet. She broke a sweat after only 50 steps.

I'm going to kill someone for not installing an escalator yet!

From her the corner of her eyes Soul watched as the younger, more energized and motivated students ran up the stairs while she kept to her slow pace of one step at a time. If anything, it was to cut down the amount of time she would have to spend with her friends.

Soul huffed and puffed as she reached the apex of the stairs and glared up at the floating mask above the school. Her eyes descended back to ground level where she spotted Maka sitting by the entrance doors to the school. Soul sighed in relief. She smiled when Maka started walking towards her with a smile on her face.

"You think I'd let you do this alone?" Maka extended her hand out.

Soul took Maka's hand in her own and smirked.

"Heh. Thanks." Soul and Maka marched into school hand in hand as made way towards the Death Room once more. Classes were unfortunately in the middle of periods so students were crowding the halls in a tight pack.

Soul stuck close to Maka as he felt the stares of his peers fall on not just him, but his partner. They talked aloud, and they made up rumours. Whispers of Maka kicking Soul out for a girl were the most prominent. Some suggested Maka was never into Soul and was really just waiting for the right girl to show up.

Soul's shoulders dropped with his head. Dammit! How the hell am I supposed to be strong for Maka if I can't even stand up for myself!? I'm making Maka do everything! I'm a terrible partner.

Maka stopped and squeezed Soul's hands harder than she could ever remember. Don't you ever say something so stupid ever again! You got that, Soul!? Maka screamed through their mental link, dragging them further down the hall past the weary onlookers.

She's really too good for me.Soul caught herself before tripping as Maka started to run. Soul was happy that Maka understood her so well. They ran until they reached the Lord Death's mirror. There they were met by Sid, Marie, Stein and Spirit.

"Good morning Soul. We missed you in class this morning." Marie greeted with a smile. Soul removed her hoodie, revealing her long hair.

"Ah, I-uh, I'm sorry." Soul stuttered before looking towards the others. Sid had his usual toothy grin on while Stein took a puff of his special cigs. Then there was Spirit. He couldn't possibly have looked more disappointed in Soul.



The two scythes had their heads bashed into one another, neither dominating anymore than the other.



Two bodies lay unconscious on the floor in the Death Room while the conversation continued.

"So no luck I guess?" Stein asked.

"None at all, not even a sign of him turning back. He looks pretty stuck as he is for now. I don't assume you've found anything in the library yet, have you?"

"No, you'd be correct to assume such. This is indeed a strange case, and I don't suspect there's going to be very much on the subject. But I'll continue looking through the archives and completing my own research on the topic in the meantime." Soul looked to Sid, wondering if he was present for any other reason besides the fact that he was Shinigami's right hand. But no, he continued smiling like an idiot.

"Oh, ok. Guess we'll just have to deal with this for now. But...what about graduation!? And everything after that? What if, in the end, there is no way to turn him back? Maka thought with dismay.

"Oh, don't worry Maka. I'm sure we'll find something here or there. Stein is the brightest mind the school has ever seen. And our library has the widest arrangements of books to scroll through, I'm sure we'll find something." Marie consoled.

"Yeah. I guess so."

"And if not in here, I'm sure we could find some 'outside help', if need be." The professors, minus Spirit, all looked to each other and back then back towards Lord Death's mirror. The man behind the mask gave a silent nod. The God of Death had been strangely quiet ever since Kidd had left the country with his weapons for an elongated mission.

"Well, if there's nothing else then you two should be getting to class now. I'll see you two there in just a minute." Said the man with the screw through his skull.

Their conversation finished just in time for the two Death Scythes to wake up from their short nap courtesy of the eldest Meister in the room. Maka walked up to and pulled Soul back onto her feet and smiled.

"Come on, you're already late for class." To which they clasped their hands and re-entered the school halls.

"You know, you've got one brave kid their, Spirit." The red haired Scythe had no idea where that particular compliment came from, but he knew it to be true.

"I...I'm still not too sure about this." Soul proclaimed with a hint of worry in her tone. She kept her hand glued to the handle of the door. Maka placed her hand over Soul's and they turned the doors of fate together.

Their classmates were already hard at work and deep into their studies when they took their seats next to each other. Maka pulled her book out from under her desk before looking towards Soul. She flipped her hoodie and back to reveal Soul's long white hair. They would both have to get used to it. Maka figured better now than later.

That was when Black*Star finally noticed.

"Oh wow! Hey, you, next to Maka." He jumped over in front of Soul and stared into her eyes. "Yeah, you definitely look like him, for sure. You're Soul's sister aren't you?"

"Yeah right, get away from me moron." Soul kicked from under her desk for the assassin to move. Black*Star then looked to Maka.

"Hey Maka, what's wrong with her? Does being an ass just run in his family or something?" Black*Star questioned, clearly unaware of who he was really looking at.

"Wouldn't know Black*Star, I've never met any of Soul's family outside of his older brother. And he didn't seem like the ass you're making yourself look like right now. So if you don't mind getting out of my face, I'd like to be able to see the board so I can take notes."

"Wh...what? What are you talking about? This girl is definitely related to Soul. She even answered your door this morning! She looks exactly how I imagine Soul would look if he..." Black*Star trailed before seeing the truth.

"What!? Soul!? Is that you bro? What the hell happened to you man? Why do you have long hair, what's with the girly outfit, and why do you have tits all of the sudden!?" Maka heard enough at this point, as had Soul and Tsubaki.

"B-Black*Star, sit down please. Everyone's looking at us." Tsubaki asked in a whisper as she made sure not to look down at the professor who was surely ready with a scalpel to throw their way.

"Huh? Why would I do that? I'm supposed to be the center of attention. Everyone loves looking at The Great Black*Sta-uuuhh" Black*Star's body slowly fell to the floor with a clunk. No one was really surprised to find 3 tranquilizers sticking out from his back.

"Now. If anyone else would like to interrupt, I would gladly accept another specimen for my experiments. Anyone? Anyone at all? No? I didn't think so. As I was saying..."

The professor continued his lecture while Maka quietly explained the situation to Tsubaki. It was a lot easier than Soul imagined it could have been like. He'd have to thank Stein for that later.

"So everything on you is real then? Like, everything?" Tsubaki asked reluctantly. Soul blushed, knowing for a fact everything was real and worked just fine.

"Y-yeah. I'm stuck like this for now. But we're looking everywhere we can for a way to turn me back ASAP." Soul reassured.


"It's fine. If all else fails, there are a few witches I'm sure that wouldn't mind lending us a hand if we needed it." Maka explained. Though Soul wasn't all up for being someone else's experiment, if it meant getting his old body back, then why the hell not?

"Alright then. Well, if you ever need any help with this, you know I'm always here for you two. One more question though Maka."

"Sure, go ahead." Tsubaki leaned in and whispered in Maka's ear.

"What are going to do about sex until then?" Maka tried keeping a straight face as blood built up in her cheeks to the point that it hurt not talking.

"Sh..shu...I'vegoteverythingundercontrolT subaki. Ok? We're going step by step here. I'm taking him to go see a few doctors this weekend, just to be sure his body is functioning as a uh...woman's, should." Maka still felt the awkwardness linger on the tip of her tongue when speaking of Soul as a girl.

"What!? What do you mean we're going to see doctors this weekend? You never said anything about that before?" Soul whined, keeping quiet enough that Stein couldn't hear.

"Not until now I haven't. I figure it's what's best for you right now. Obviously we see that you look like a normal girl on the outside. But what about the inside? Are you producing all the correct hormones and the right amounts? What about your organs, huh? When you turned into a girl, something could have gone wrong. We have to be sure that everything is working properly. It's my duty as your meister to make sure you're in tip top shape, and that's what I'm going to do. You're not getting out of this, Soul." Maka pointed a finger towards Soul. "I mean it mister...err, missy." Damn that's getting annoying.

Soul opened her mouth to argue, but couldn't find a reason to speak besides the fact that it would be embarrassing going to the doctor as a girl. She'd rather save the energy for an argument later down the road.

Getting through the rest of the day, let alone the rest of the period was going to be hell once Black*Star woke, so that reserved energy was probably not going to last until their next argument.

"That jerk!" Maka screamed through the halls as she marched towards the missions board, 'bout ready to knock something's head off with all the steam flushing out of her ears.

"Heh. I'm surprised you didn't kill him with that one." Soul smirked as she wrapped an arm around her meister. Maka pursed her lips.

"Hmph. I should have. That idiot! What was he thinking when he said that?" Maka began scanning the board with a mission she could really throw her fists into,something she could really take her anger out on.

"Probably what everyone else was thinking before they knew the girl you were being friendly with was me. Except he's the only moron without a limiter to stop every thought from escaping." Soul answered logically, joining Maka in choosing a mission.

"Well, that doesn't excuse him for calling me a lesbian. He knows I loved you while you were a guy. I'm not a lesbian Soul, I just like you and only you no matter what."

"So you're...Soul sexual then?" Soul asked jokingly, gaining a slap over the head from her abusive meister.

"You idiot! That sounds so stupid! We're going to get you changed back soon enough, alright. So let's get one thing clear, I'm straight." Maka replied, grabbing the only mission that looked interesting.

"Aww. You know you love me."

"Whatever, let's just do this." Maka showed the mission objective to Soul before they bumped fists and went to officially accept the job.

"Ugh. Why did we take that mission!?"

"Because you wanted to punch something until you couldn't feel your knuckles anymore." Soul answered monotonously.

"You know, with that tone of yours I'd suspect you were joking. If not for the fact that I'm still mad at what Black*Star said, I'd be hitting you right now." Maka replied with venom on her tongue.

"Soul hunched over and covered her head as a precaution as she walked towards the floating pre-kishin egg and palmed it. She stared at it for what seemed like an eternity before squeezing it in her hand.

"What's wrong Soul? Aren't you going to eat it? We earned it fair and square."

Shit. What if...

"Maka I..."

"Are you ok Soul? Is it your stomach? It was that burrito from earlier I bet, wasn't it."

Dammit. Why can't I do this? It's just like the hundreds of others I've eaten. It's nothing special. Nothing's going to happen to me after I eat it.

Soul gave the egg one last look before stuffing it in her jacket pocket.

"Yeah, probably. I'll eat it later." Dammit. Why am I so weak!?

The two hour ride home was uneventful and quiet. Both Soul and Maka were tired from the fight with the giant on top of the time it took finding it. Soul stopped at the first fast food joint she passed on the way home and grabbed a few burgers for the two of them. One less thing to worry about.

Soon as they got home, Soul stripped herself of her once white hoodie that needed some bleach if it ever wanted to be clean again. Her shoes were next, those were flung across the house and even made it into the bedroom.

"You know what, I'm too tired to care where you throw your clothes right now. Let's just eat, shower and go to bed." Maka sat down at the dinner table and kicked Soul's out for her.

"Deal." Soul placed the greasy bag on the table before walking to the kitchen.

"Hey, water or Powerade?" Soul asked, taking out two glasses from the cabinet.

"Water's fine."

Soul sat herself across from Maka as they ate in a silence so foreign to them. At this point in time Blair would usually come barging in from Death only knows where and interrupt whatever alone time they were enjoying.

And even though Soul would normally be enjoying this peace at home, she couldn't wrap her head around the fact that she couldn't bring herself to eat the kishin egg. Soul plunged herself into the depths of her mind while mindlessly gnawing on dinner.


It felt different, like everything was so much bigger than it used to be, it was brighter too. The candles were definitely lighting the room more than usual. Soul found it strange that even though she was a woman now, the pinstriped suit still spawned over.

"The atmosphere is a little different, but it's still the same house, isn't that right, Soul?" The ogre welcomed Soul as he crept from the shadows, placing the familiar record on the scratch board.

"Whatever. It's not too different really? Just, brighter is all." Soul pointed as she walked over to the demon.

"And it's going to stay this way until you get your normal meat sack back! Stupid girl, what were you thinking before you consumed that filthy witch's soul? Do you think that every soul you eat is clean? Are you stupid, boy!?"

"Oi! Who are you to call me stupid? And why the hell are you still the same? You're a part of me last I checked, so why didn't you change like me?"

"I'm a product of the stronger blood in you, you didn't create me, Evans. You didn't answer my question, brat!" The demon spat as he circled around Soul, taking in the body of his host.

"Shut up. I don't take orders from you. But in case you were wondering, I wasn't thinking. No soul I've ever eaten has had any stupid side effect that went with it. How was I supposed to know this was going to be the one in a billion that does something to the person who eats it?"

Soul turned her back to the demon and eyed the grand piano. At least something in her head was still the same.

"Are you sure you can play the same sounds with those new fingers of yours? You soul won't ever sound the same again. That's a scary thought now, isn't it? All of your power, your strength; everything you've worked so hard to control, to contain! How will you embrace it now? Your container is smaller than it used to be, I wonder just how much you can tolerate with this frail excuse of a body now."

The demon slithered around Soul, trailing his fingers all along her body. He finished and jumped up on the lid where he sat staring back at his host. Soul's demonic eyes stared into the emptiness of the demon's, and for a moment, he felt a false sense of security build itself up from the pits of his soul.

"Ch. I'm still Soul 'Eater' Evans. Was that little monologue supposed to scare me? Not a chance, moron. Man or woman, these fingers of mine are still a pianist's. So why don't you stop trying to act like the bad guy and get with the program. If I can't do this and something actually does go wrong, whatever consequences fall on me fall on you as well. Idiot."

Soul flipped up the case of the keys and flung the oni to the floor in the process.

"Now why don't you get comfortable somewhere else and just enjoy the show."

She's heard the entire song. She's waited silently in the corner of his mind for the time when it was supposed to turn around and make her smile the wicked grin it usually did. She waited for it to turn around. But...

"It's different."

Huh? He's confused. He could have sworn he was alone.

"It doesn't sound the same." She reiterates. She takes a step forward, the clatter of her heels letting him know she was there

Is she? He never wanted her to hear that disgusting song. It made his stomach churn just thinking about it again.

"Is everything alright, Soul?" She's obviously worried, she knows there's nothing right about this situation. He's been unusually quiet lately.

Soul turned in her seat on the bench to find Maka standing in her black blood dress staring back at him.

"Huh? Wha-what are you talking about? Of course everything's alright. Why wouldn't it be?" Soul crossed her arms waiting a reply from her blatant lie. She knew Maka would see through it, but she couldn't help trying to be strong.

"What do you mean everything's alright? It doesn't sound alright to me! It sounds different than it normally does." Soul could sense Maka's worry through their resonance, she didn't know how long she could keep up a facade in front of her partner.

"It''s nothing. Don't even worry about it. I'm sure it's because my fingers are smaller than normal. I'll be able to play normally soon enough. I just have to get used these hands first. That's all."

"No! That's not it at all! Stop lying to me Soul! Stop it! It's not the same as it was before. It's not the same at all! It sounds dark, and sad, and scared!" Maka threw her arms out to the side for emphasis. None of this was ok to her.

"It always sounds dark and sad."

"But not like that! It never sounded like that before! Tell me what's wrong Soul, let me help you." Maka ran over and grabbed Soul by her shoulders and shook her.

The white haired girl stared up into green orbs. The sorrow in Maka's eyes, it was too much for her to handle. She couldn't bare the thought of giving Maka anything more to worry about.


"Just tell me what it is Soul. Whatever it is, I'm sure we can fix it together!"

"It's just that..."


"I don't think I can...I mean..I'm..." Soul bent her head down to stare at her hands.

"Just tell me Soul, ju-"

"I'm scared ok!? I'm scared to eat another soul!"

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