The Day She Didn't Die

By Chronic Guardian

It had been the same. Time after time they had been hit with another lesson in humanity and its fragile bounds. Claes had assumed it would be the same this time.

Angelica was dying. She knew it and so did everyone else. When she had voiced this fear it had been too much for Claes, who lashed out and ran away in fear of the idea. She apologized afterwards, but at that point Angelica had been just barely functional; her memory was a wreck and her body did not seem any better.

They had found peace though, that night at the meteor shower. Even in their ephemeral existence they had rejoiced in the beauty that continued on in spite of all the horrors of the world. After that night, everything seemed to get better.

Hilshire began to openly show and talk about his feelings, Jean offered Rico slight gestures of affection, such as head pats, and Marco spent so much time outside that his once brown hair was now a light blond.

It wasn't just the handlers though, the girls at the Social Welfare Agency seemed happier overall. Especially Henrietta, who had become more forthright with her feelings towards Jose. And everyone seemed as if they had shaved off a few years, facing the future with big wide eyes in anticipation of the new path they all walked together.

Except for the director of section 2, his hair had grayed and gone silver. It was little wonder though, with all the stress of recent events and the dramatic changes everyone else was experiencing, Claes would be surprised if the man had not reacted in such a way. But then, everything was surprising these days. Most especially, Angelica.

Claes had assumed that Angelica had died the night of the meteor shower. When they had returned from the excursion they had encountered Marco leaving the facility with tears in his eyes and Angelica's book in his hands. However, the very next day, Angelica and Marco were together and training and everyone seemed the cheerier for it. The girl had assumed a new look, changing her hair from near black to a purplish brown and updating her wardrobe, as well as a restored capability for recollection. The only trace that the girl had been at death's door was a dependence on pills taken every few hours. All in all, Claes could dub it nothing short of mind boggling.

However, perhaps it was this one unspeakably miraculous event that had set in motion the change that everyone else was experiencing. This other blessing that had come down to Earth much like the meteors that had rained that night, bearing light from the heavens. Whatever the reason, Claes was thankful for her friend Angelica, and the day that she did not die.

A/N: Seriously, I thought Angelica was dead at the end of season one. Couple the shock of her being alive with the new animation style and season two did not get very many continuity points for its first few episodes. Am I alone in this or did anyone else get the same feeling? Leave a review and let me know.
For those wondering why this is in humor: This is about as close to humor as we get when talking Gunslinger Girl; making up silly reasons for why everything looks and feels different in season two (Like Hilshire actually talking about his feelings and stuff). The little to no explanation for Angelica being still alive was sort of the tipping point for me so I thought to myself: "Hey, what if ALL the differences in season two are traced back to this single instance?" Sort of like how everything evil in Final Fantasy VII goes back to Hojo. Even so, I feel that this is still in keeping with the Gunslinger Girl spirit (or as close as you can get when bridging Teatrino to the first season) and was a good exercise for my cross-over story Dual Trigger, which I have high hopes for.