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Cullen's Eight Prelude

It was January 9, 2012 when the state of Nevada decided to close the Nevada State Prison down in Carson City. The prison was one of the oldest correctional facilities in the United States and for budgetary reasons, they decided to either transfer inmates or give them an early release. Of the two hundred and twelve convicts, Edward Cullen was one of them. Today he was being escorted through the prison chambers to sit before his specially appointed parole hearing.

"Open gate two." The guard ordered through his walkie talkie.

Edward walked into the hearing chambers. The room was much too large for a gathering of this insignificant size. He looked around the area, noting the blandness of the cement walls and exposed ventilation duck work suspended in the ceiling. Then he took a seat that the guard very nearly shoved him in and sat with his cuffed hands in his lap. His eyes trained on the panel of hearing officers that he now sat before.

The panelist sitting to the far left of the table shuffled a stack of documents in her hand. When she finally had situated herself, she peered at Edward over her glasses, she addressed him, "Good morning."

"Morning." Edward responded with a self-assured cocky smirk on his face.

"State your name for the record." She said in a monotone voice.

"Edward Cullen."

"Thank you. The purpose of this hearing is to determine whether you are likely to break the law again. This was your first conviction, but you were implicated in a dozen other schemes and frauds. What can you tell us about this? The troll of a woman leered at him over her spectacles. Who did she think she was dealing with?

"As you say, ma'am,I was never charged." Was all Edward offered. Did she take him for a fool?

"We're trying to find out if there was a reason for committing this crime

or just a reason you got caught this time." The stocky balding guy sitting next to the troll chimed in with his two cents. Had someone asked for any comments from the peanut gallery?

"My wife, Bella left me. I was upset. I got into a self-destructive pattern." Edward stated while he looked down at his shackled hands.

"If released, is it likely you'd fall back into a similar pattern?" The troll was now back in charge of the Spanish Inquisition.

"Bella left me once. I doubt she'd do it again just for kicks." Edward's sarcasm was close to getting him nowhere.

"Mr. Cullen, what do you think you would do if released?" The stocky bald man was now interjecting his question of the day.

"How much per year do you make?" Edward's humor seemed to elicit a befuddled panel with each turning to look at the other not knowing what to make of this guy.

Three days later, Edward received news that his parole had been granted. Edward was ushered to the check out station within the correctional facility.

The polished and spit shined guard stated, "Cullen, Edward."

Edward stepped forward and the other guard that doled out his possessions and shoved a form and pen in Edwards hands to certify their return. "Sign." Then the guard placed a piece of mail to the pile of personal possessions, "This came for you today. The rest will be forwarded to your parole officer. After the guard read teh return address over Edward's shoulder he asked, "Those your lawyers?"

Edward scowled and replied, "No, they are my wifes." He opened the letter and as his eyes skimmed over the papers within, he smirks ever so slightly.

The guard was nosey as hell, "What's it say?"

Edward sarcastically stated, "I'm a free man."

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