Chapter 16 Cullen's Eight

The Mother of All Stings

Antonio reluctantly rode shotgun while Jacob Black insisted on manning the wheel. He wasn't used to being relegated to the passenger seat and his nervous energy was clearly becoming a nuisance.

"Toni, if I have to tell you one more time to stop cracking your knuckles, I'll pull this car over and take a lug wrench out the trunk and bust them for you." Jacob blasted through his clenched teeth.

"Sorry Mr. Black." Antonio apologized and began to pick at something between his teeth, hopefully that wouldn't get under his skin. The last thing he wanted was to be on Jacob's radar right now.

Driving far enough behind the Mercedes Sedan to remain inconspicuous, Jacob's nerves were raw. What had he been thinking when he decided to go himself. That was bad enough, but driving all the way from Vegas to Carson City with two employees who were better known for their brawn than their brain was brutal. The conversation was anything BUT… stimulating.

After only fifteen minutes of peace and quiet another irritation surfaced. "Sir, any idea where they might be headed?" Tiny barked over the roar of the road from the back seat.

Jacob cut his eyes in the rear view mirror at the giant of a man who was anything but Tiny. The man was built like a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. The stone cold glare he threw was enough of a statement to let Tiny know that was all the answer he was going to get.

Meanwhile in the Mercedes they were following…

Edward broke off the kissing marathon to come up for air which elicited a remorseful moan from Bella's protesting lips. That gesture was rewarded with a rueful smile while he craned his neck to look out the window. They had been on the road nearly an hour and surely must be nearing the surprise party for Mr. Black.

He noted a rather large orange road construction sign clearly marked "Road Closed One Mile Ahead" then another that read "Detour."

"Detour? Way out here in "No Man's Land?" Edward commented offhandedly to no one in particular, he just found it odd.

"Looks like road construction ahead." Jasper stated with an all too familiar inflection in his voice. His eyes danced with a sprightly sparkle as he gave Edward a knowing look in the rear view mirror.

Edward shifted his posture a little more upright so that he could assess the situation and Bella shifted right along with him, not allowing an inch of space between them.

"Jasper, what do you make of it? I smell a rat. You think it could be a trap." Edward's forehead was scrunched together and full of concern.

"Jasper, do you smell a rat?" Bella giggled.

Jasper let out a snicker of his own and wearing a shit eating grin a mile wide he replied to alleviate Edward's unnecessary concern. "A rat? As a matter of fact, I do smell one coming from the car directly behind us and as for the road construction and detour, well… that my friend is a well devised rat trap indeed."

Edward's eyebrows shot up and he glanced from Jasper's eyes in the rear view mirror to Bella's beautiful face. "You were in on this?" He knowingly accused her.

Bella blushed and ran her hand through her already thoroughly tangled hair and shrugged her shoulders non-responsively to his rhetorical statement.

"So when are you two going to fill me in?" Edward mock rolled his eyes at them both.

"Need to know." Jasper quipped.

"Ah… and who determines exactly what I need to know?" Edward coyly asked.

"I do." Bella interjected and interrupted Jasper before he could form a sentence in reply.

"Oh really?" Edward teased and took her face in his hands and gave her a seductive look.

"Yes, now for once why don't you sit back and enjoy the show." Bella ordered in a teasing tone.

"You and Jasper planned this!" Edward stated, not really a question. "This ought to be fun."

In the car following them…

"Detour?" Jacob recited the road sign as if his goons were incapable of reading.

A short distance ahead he saw an army of heavy machinery and road crews outfitted in orange vests and flags and a road up ahead veering off to the right.

"Looks like their getting ready to asphalt." Tiny noted aloud.

"No shit Einstein." Jacob quipped and gave him another reproving look that shut Tiny up for good.

The Mercedes followed the detour signs and Jacob followed suit. He was still hot on their tails and trying not to be detected.

Five miles down the detoured road, there was a sign announcing that the town of Twilight was ten more miles ahead. Then another sign advertising a biker bar, the New Moon Saloon. Jacob raised his eyebrows and slightly shook his head. He asked himself, silently what on earth were these buffoons thinking.

Meanwhile in the Mercedes…

Edward caught a glance at the sign on the side of one of the bulldozers and asphalt truck. It read, "Whitlock Construction." Edward broke out into a gigantic smile and poked Jasper in the shoulder from the rear seat. "So you finally made nice with your family I see? How's your Dad?"

"Yeah, well, he's great and was more than eager to pitch in." Jasper suddenly wore a sheepish expression. "I guess in the end, blood is thicker than water."

As they turned off the main highway onto the Detour Edward asked, "So, I wanna know, what's the plan?"

Bella shook her finger in his face, "You, Mr. Cullen just get to watch. You'll see in due time."

Up ahead in the distance was a beautifully constructed brick façade wall on either side of the road that scrolled out like the grand entrance to a magnificent estate with immaculate landscaping gracing its borders. Placards on either side read, Welcome to Twilight – Matchless for Its Beauty and Hospitality.

Edward looked puzzled as he saw yawning before him a quaint little town that he knew wasn't there the last time he ventured down this highway. Jasper caught Bella's eyes and winked.

"Lights, camera and action…" Jasper called out just as they passed over into the town zoned as "Twilight".

No sooner than they had crossed over the line, and right on cue, two squad cars peeled out from behind the brick walls right behind the Mercedes carrying Jasper, Edward and Bella with lights flashing and sirens blasting. Up ahead of them about one hundred yards a transfer tractor trailer truck pulled across the road and stopped, forcing incoming traffic to halt. Jasper slammed on brakes and the car slid sideways to a stop only a few feet from the truck barricade. Edward and Bella not having on their seat belts slammed into the rear of the front seat. They appeared to be jostled quite a bit, but it could have been much worse.

Two more cops on motorcycles pulled out from behind the brick wall and headed in the opposite direction and peeled off on either side of the car that Jacob Black was driving.

Sweat began to bead on Jacob's forehead as he pulled over to the side of the road. Antonio reached inside his jacket readying to pull out his Glock. Jacob snapped his head towards his employee and motioned his hand to stop Toni. "Not yet. Not until I know what we're dealing with. This situation calls for diplomacy. Just sit there and act stupid, that shouldn't be a stretch now should it boys?" Jacob menacingly hissed.

The cop slowly approached the car on the driver's side window, he pulled up his helmet shield and leaned over to address the driver. "You Mr. Jacob Black?" Emmett McCarthy asked.

"Puzzled at how this man knew his identity, he coolie replied, why yes, I am officer. What seems to be the problem?" Just for a split second Jacob thought the officer looked a lot like that guy that played on one of those soap operas Bella occasionally watched.

"Well, Mr. Black it seems we've finally caught up with a notorious gang of thieves that we've been chasing for quite some time." The officer pointed in the direction of the drama unfolding before him.

"You're lucky we caught them before they ambushed you sir. Seems you were being led on a wild goose chase Mr. Black. Those boys were leading you right into a snake pit, so to speak another twenty miles up the road. You got any idea why they would be doing that sir? Any information you can give us would be of great help. We can't establish a viable connection and if it wouldn't be too much of a problem, could you follow us to the station and give us a statement?" Emmett pulled off his role flawlessly.

Up ahead and right in front of Jacob's eyes, he watched as officers surrounded the Mercedes he'd been following. He was amused to see Jasper, whom he did not know, along with Edward and Bella being pulled out of the car, spread across the hood, padded down, handcuffed and stuffed into the back seat of one of the squad cars. Although he was supremely disappointed, he had wanted a crack at busting some skulls.

As soon as the truck cleared the path, the squad cars escorted its catch of the day along with Mr. Black and his travel companions to this little town's central police station. Jacob watched as the squad car holding Cullen pulled to the rear entrance of the building noting a sign that read, Twilight County Correctional Facility. Jacob would have laughed if he hadn't been so pissed off.

Truly he was itching to get a hold on them. He had meant what he said when he told them, run and hide because you're a dead man when I find you. He meant every word. He was determined to find his money.

Sure, the insurance company settled and every penny was restored and his damaged property was rebuilt and restored better than new. But this… it was an opportunity to gain over a hundred and sixty million tax free. No one would ever know, he'd recover his stolen loot and silence those low lifes once and for all.

Felix and Demetri got out of the second squad car and walked over to Emmett and they seemed to be conferring about the matter out of earshot and they frequently gestured towards Mr. Black and nodded their heads as if in agreement.

The men broke off and headed into the front door of the station, while Felix walked back towards Jacob and asked, "Mr. Black, if you and your friends will follow me please."

Jacob, Tiny and Antonio all retreated from the car and proceeded to follow the officer into the police station where they were greeted by a lovely blonde at a desk who Jacob thought looked familiar but couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Walking a few feet behind Black, Tiny whispered to Tony, "Say, get a load of the blonde. She looks just like that Jane girl from that soap opera, Eclipse."

"You know, she is a dead ringer for her isn't she?" Tony agreed.

Felix stopped in front of a door with a name placard affixed that read, Lieutenant Swan and opened the door motioning for Jacob to enter. A tall muscular man with dark hair and a mustache stood from behind the desk to greet Mr. Black with an outstretched hand. Just as Tiny and Tony began to follow him in the room, Felix held up his hand to stop them. "Sirs, I will have to ask you to accompany me to a waiting room, I'm afraid you'll need to leave your weapons with me. They guys were reluctant, but they cooperated and handed over their arsenal. There's some coffee and donuts if you guys are hungry."

The door was pulled shut and with a push of a button, Jacob was locked inside the office with Lieutenant Swan. Felix then ushered the two goons to another "office" without any windows, and no cameras. It did however have a pot of coffee and a box of donuts as promised together with a rather leggy redhead named Victoria who sat perched on the table top with her thigh exposed. She came fresh from the Mustang Ranch in Reno for this gig. Tiny and Tony walked in like lambs to the slaughter, eyes greedily ogling her – or the refreshments, it was hard to say which. As soon as the gentlemen entered, the door was shut and unknowingly locked behind them.

Emmett, Felix and Demetri high fived each other for a job well done. Walking to the back of the building, they went to a small conference room, opened the door and informed Jasper, Edward and Bella who were now unshackled that Mr. Black and his associates were properly unarmed and detained.

Jasper jumped up out of his seat rubbing his hands together in anticipation. "Great, it's time to rock and roll."

Bella nipped Edwards ear lobe one last time (for the time being) as she hopped up off his lap. She nodded to Jasper and she walked with Emmett down the hallway and knocked on the door before pushing it open.

"Ladies and Gentleman, your package has arrived." Emmett announced and the moment his eyes caught sight of Rosalie, he swallowed hard. He decided in that instant to hang around, he wanted to be properly introduced to her, she was exquisite.

The room they entered was elaborately decorated and out of place for a police station in the middle of BF Egypt. Within the room was none other than Mr. Donald Trump with Bruiser and Snake. Seated on the north couch was Mr. Carl Icahn of the Sands Hotel with two guys that rivaled World Federation Wrestlers and Rosalie Hale with the two Romanian mountains for men, Vladimir and Stephan. Standing front and center was none other than Mr. Perry Mason-Cullen, Edwards Father who was a better lawyer than Johnnie Cochran or F. Lee Bailey ever dreamed of being.

The ensemble represented the top three contenders for the Jacob Black public enemy number one shit hit list.

Jasper had done his homework and gathering this pit of vipers had been his pleasure and sweet justice was promised to each one that had been hood winked by non-other than Mr. Jacob Black himself.

Meanwhile Tony and Tiny had wasted no time warming up to Victoria and were presently living it up with the red headed naked vixen. Little did they know that hidden in an adjacent room, none other than James Nomad was at the helm operating a small obscurely hidden camera capturing some true Kodak moments.

Much to James surprise, it seems Tiny and Tony (actually brothers-in-law) were rather enjoying each other as well. James laughed as he captured on film an erotically disgusting display of the two men and Victoria together. These guys were all flab, nothing but table muscle. Eeww. Not a pretty sight. It seemed that it didn't take much to make them forget that they were in a police station and not a brothel.

Laurent stepped into the side room and tapped James on the shoulder, "Those boys are married to Salvadore Almato's daughters? Do you have any idea what Sal would do to them if he were to see that movie you're making? He'd cut them up and use them for fish bait. I can't wait to see their faces when… "

James nodded in understanding. "Yeah, I heard Sal's real protective of the family name and reputation. If he knew those guys were engaged in some rather raunchy behavior like this, he'd for sure tear them from limb to limb, no doubt."

As soon as James thought he had enough damning evidence on film, (and for sure more than he was able to stomach) he flicked the light switch off then back on. Victoria took her cue and quickly gathered her clothing and got dressed. "Sorry boys, party's over." She blew them a kiss as she waltzed out the door. James made a mental note to look her up when this was all over, he thought she was HOT!

Just as Tiny and Tony were gathering their wits, a projection screen dropped from the ceiling and a short movie of the last thirty minutes of their romp was instantly replayed. The men gasped and before they had the opportunity to yell out any obscenities or bolt for the door, a voice came over the hidden speakers. "Gentlemen. As you can see, the movie before you is quite entertaining. Now calm yourselves because your wives are seated out front awaiting you. They have been told that you were detained with Mr. Black but are being released to their custody. Now we wouldn't want the wives privy to your little theatrical debut, I'm sure and lest we forget about your dear father-in-law. Sirs, if you return to the employ of Jacob Black or be found engaging in any "muscle" activities anywhere near the western side of the United States, this film will find its way to Salvadore. I'm sure he and your wives would enjoy your Oscar winning performances and the cement shoes you're sure to get as a result. NOW… GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE AND DON'T COME BACK."


Behind closed doors with Lieutenant Swan, Charlie motioned, "Mr. Black, won't you have a seat."

Charlie sat across from Jacob studying his haughty demeanor. He was glad that Bella had never introduced him to Jacob. It made this meeting all the more sweeter.

"Mr. Black, I have a few questions to ask you if you don't mind." Charlie began.

"Certainly, anything for the Twilight Authorities." Jacob sarcastically replied.

"Mr. Black, what are your relations with the three suspects you were following?" Charlie folded his hands and placed his elbows on his desk and rested his chin on the steeple of his fingers while he narrowed his eyes at the man.

"Officer, I do not know the driver of that car, but I am well acquainted with the young lady, Bella Cullen and her estranged husband, Edward. I believe they might have had something to do in connection with the robbery of my casinos." Jacob offered.

"I see. And have you reported your suspicions to the authorities before now Mr. Black?" Charlie continued.

"No, I am a very private man, Lieutenant. I do not like to air my dirty laundry if you know what I mean. I prefer to …" Jacob was cut off mid-sentence.

"What Mr. Black, take matters into your own hands? That seems somewhat vigil don't you think?" Charlie fired back.

"Sir, I resent your implications. I am here of my own free will as requested to offer any insight as to why the suspects that YOU apprehended would have set up an ambush for ME!" Jacob leaned forward in an attempt to intimidate the officer.

At this gesture, Charlie leaned back in his chair. "Tell me Jake, you don't mind if I call you Jake do you? Well, Jake, what can you tell me about the girl and how is she connected with all of this?"

"Sir, with all due respect, the girl is a cunt. She waltzed into my office one day asking for an interview and the next thing, she's got my pants down around my ankles, quite talented she is. Well, a man of my stature has many obligations where having a (shall we say beautiful) lady on the arm can be of a certain business advantage in some cases." Jacob recounted.

Charlie struggled to not let his emotions give him away though he seethed under his skin and itched to rip this ass hole from limb to limb.

"I do not have any evidence to support my suspicions, but I am sure that with due diligence, eventually they would have slipped up and I would have been there to catch them." Jacob continued.

"Sir, do you make it a habit to interfere with due process?" Charlie shot him a sharp reproving look.

"No, of course not. That's preposterous. I'm offended and I wish to speak with your superior." Jacob demanded and continued, "Look Barney Fife, I'll own this damn town by sundown and I'll toss your happy ass out of Mayberry for talking to me that way. You have no idea who you're dealing with."

Just at that moment the door to the office swung open and all the blood drained from Jacobs face. In single file were the last faces he ever expected to see gathered in one place outside of hell's gates. "What the fuck is going…"

Bella was the first in the procession, snapping a riding crop across her palm. Edward was on her heels wielding a tazzar and Jasper behind him twirling a pair of handcuffs.

Charlie walked from behind his desk and stood next to the chair Jacob had risen from as the trio encircled him like a band of Indians on a raid. Directly behind them Bruiser and Snake, Vladimir and Stephan and the two WWF monsters pressed in forming a solid barricade around Jacob. Jacobs hand reached lightning fast into his coat to retrieve his Glock. He wasn't going down like this. Hell NO!

As soon as he moved his hand, Charlie was all over him like stink on do do. The second that Charlie flew into action, Bruiser and Snake grabbed Jacob's arms and snatched them behind him so hard, they nearly came out of the socket. Jasper moved in once they had him secured and put the handcuffs on him tightly.

Edward moved directly in front of Jacob and placed both his hands on Jacob's shoulders and gave him a healthy shove back in the seat.

Once Jacob was cuffed and seated, he spat on Charlie's shoes. Before Charlie could react, Bella took the riding crop and flung it across Jacob's face… SMACK… and that was going to leave a hell of a whelp. "How dare you disrespect my Father. You aren't worthy to shine his shoes you mongrel!" Bella spat into his now red marred face.

Jacob's eyes, though puffed and swollen grew as large as saucers. He had never been afraid of anything in his entire life. Never had to. He was the bully, he didn't get himself into these situations, where the hell was Tiny and Tony?

Rosalie, Donald and Carl all glided into the room. This trio Jacob feared more than the ghost of Christmas yet to come. Last but not least, Mr. Perry Mason-Cullen arms loaded with files and documents.

Rosalie smirked at Jacob, then looked at Donald, "This room is far too small for this party. They're bound to get something in my hair."

Donald shook his head in agreement, "I think so, I don't want my do messed up either."

Perry addressed everyone, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I suggest we move venue to the conference room.

With that, the two WWF monsters pressed in and yanked Jacob to his feet while Bruiser and Snake each grabbed an arm. Vladimir couldn't resist falling in behind and giving Jacob a swift kick in the ass and Jacob lurched forward while his arms were being restrained. Every joint in his body was stretched to the limits.

Once the entourage reconvened in the more spacious conference room, Jacob sat there looking just as haughty as ever. What a poker player he was, even when he was getting his ass beat, he looked like he had an ace up his sleeve.

"Perry, you've represented me in many real estate transactions. Don't tell me you've gone to the dark side." Jacob spat in disgust.

"Dark side? Come now Jacob, the only dark side I've ever been on was when I was seated next to you at the table. Jacob your slates not so clean my friend. I've come to persuade you to… shall we say, right some wrongs?" Perry Mason Cullen practiced only using his mother's maiden name. Jacob only knew him as Perry Mason.

"Go fuck yourself Mason." Jacob hissed, shaking uncontrollably.

Edward got up from his chair and walked behind Jacob. Jacob craned his neck, "You, Cullen are a dead man!"

Perry chimed in, "Jacob, I'm sure you didn't just threaten my life, did you?"

"Mason, go clean your damn ears if you can't hear, I said Cullen." Jacob sneered and in that moment he got a good look at Edwards profile and he shot a look back at Perry. "Oh, you son of a bitch." Jacob charged.

Edward took the tazzar and placed his hand on Jacobs arm. Edward walked to the seat next to Jacob and lowered himself into it. Then slowly he let the tazzar run the length of Jacobs arm, down his torso and to his thigh. Jacob turned his steely glare directly at Edward in defiance. Edward let it slip right to the point… ZZZZZZAP and Jacob let out a blood curdling scream as his entire body went ridged in pain, he writhed in agony.

Edward simply looked Jacob in the eye once he settled down, "Sorry, I wasn't allowed to talk to my Pop that way and I'm not going to let anyone else talk to him like that either!"

Jacob addressed the entire group, "You know, you better kill me, cause if I live to see another day, each and every one of you has a price on your head."

"Well Mr. Black, that would mean that you'd actually have to be in a position to pay that price on our head. I'm afraid you might be looking at section eight housing after today my friend." Perry flatly stated.

Carl sat directly across the board room table from Jacob. He stood and leaned across the table. "My brother does your taxes. I've got enough dirt on you in these files to bury your ass under a federal prision Black. You'll be happy to sit safely in a cell as opposed to what Sam Uley and those Quileutes will do to you when they find out exactly what happened to their casino's and why they went backrupt at LaPush."

Perry pulled out a file and splayed it before Jacob. Then he placed a pen and a Title Deed in front of him. "Sign here, here and here Black." Perry ordered as Charlie relieved Jacob's glock from his coat and Jasper uncuffed his hands. Edward kept the tazzar buried between Jacob's crotch just itching for another reason to blast him.

"What the fuck is that? I'm not signing a damn thing." Jacob hissed.

ZZZZAP… Jacob yelped, more like a howl of agony. "Mr. Black, this gizmo could become addictive. I already feel myself growing a trigger finger for it." Edward taunted.

"That, Mr. Black is a trust for the Quileute tribe that you are getting ready to become the sole benefactor thereof." The income they so badly needed won't come from gambling, it's going to come from you!" Perry informed placing the pen in Jacob's hand. "Now Sign!"

Jacob scribbled his name as he was told while Edward grinned from ear to ear.

Jacob threw down the pen when he was done. "Oh no, Mr. Black, you're not finished with that, not by a long shot. You've got a lot more signing to do." Perry smirked. Jacob fell silent and shot murderous glares all around the room.

Another document was pulled from a file and placed in front of Jacob to sign. It was a deed to the property where only a few weeks ago a demolition team blew up the bankrupt casino. The deed transferred full title from Jacob Black to Rosalie Hale. Jacob rolled his eyes and scratched his name on the Grantor line.

Next came another document, it was a contract for Jacob to sponsor ten solid season's of The Apprentice to the tune of ten million dollars per episode. In return for sponsorship, Jacob would be featured in the spotlight campaigning for gamblers anonymous. The only real financial mistake Donald ever made was letting Jacob beat him in a tax sale on the court house steps for the property that the MGM Grand now sat upon. It was to be the site of the Las Vegas Taj Mahal.

After Jacob had defiantly thrown down the pen he put his head between his hands and muttered, "You'll never make this stick. You'll all go down."

There was a commotion down the hall, a high pitched voice was squeeling, "Where are they? We're gonna be late." The clicking of heels approached the door and in burst a tornado – Alice Brandon. Jasper looked up and the only word that could describe him was DAZZLED.

Jacob raised his head to stare at her. "Alice? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Oh Jakey, I'm here to make sure you look absolutely dashing. Oh Jane dear, bring my cosmetic case and sit it right here. Oh dear!" Alice flushed seeing the red slashes across his face.

The brutes in the room grabbed Jacob's arms again and held him down as Alice went to work on making him presentable. Jacob felt like he had falled down the rabbit hole and was in HELL.

Once she was finished, everyone seemed to be adjusting their attire, smoothing their hair and preparing for departure. Jacob was befuddled.

Rose, Carl and Donald gathered on each side of Jacob and as they approached the front doors of the so called police station, they heard the clamor of a crowd. Edward and Jasper rushed in front of them and each grabbed one of the double doors. "Ready?" Jasper asked.

"Yes, let the show begin!" Rosalie whistled.

With that, Edward and Jasper opened the doors and as if Rosalie, Jacob, Donald and Carl had been having a grand luncheon together as old chums they stood before a gathering of Paparazzi, News Reporters and Cameras. There were hundreds of people gathered behind them and sitting just outside the doors was a podium and a microphone.

Perry stepped up to the mike and a hush fell over the crowd. Jacob just stood there in utter shock, not knowing which way to turn.

"I have an announcement to make. I'm sure you all know of Mr. Jacob Black's generosity and benevolence so it should come as no surprise that Mr. Black has once again outdone himself. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Black wants to help thousands of people suffering from addiction to gambling. It's a cause so near and dear to his heart, he's agreed to sponsor ten seasons of The Apprentice just to showcase his personal message to those in need of counseling, recovery and financial assistance all out of his own personal pocket and generosity. But that's not all, no sir, Mr. Black has founded a trust for the Quileute tribe to provide monetary assistance for education and housing and other social needs for the residents of LaPush. And lastly, he feels so strongly about this, he has decided to deed the property for Paradisio solely back to Rosalie Hale. He refuses to open another casino and he'll spend the profits of The Mirage, The MGM and The Bellagio to help those suffering from gambling disorders and to support the Quileute's and show them how they can prosper without ownership of a casino on their reservation. Now, without further delay… I give you the man of the hour, let's hear it for MR. JACOB BLACK ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and give it up for The Jake!"

There were roars and applauds erupting and chants, "Jakey, Jakey, Jakey". The crowd was cheering for him… swooning over him… Jacob straightened up and approached the podium and actually hugged Perry before taking the mike.

There he was, in his element. His Achilles heel, the public spot light. Jacob loved being the center of attention, the spotlight hog, the focus of media celebrity. He cleared his throat and waved his hands to settle down the crowd. "Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone. As you know, I've long been an advocate for the sufferings of the Quileute tribe and a strong supporter of programs to help those who are unfortunate enough to have succumbed to the dark side of gambling. My casino's support responsibility in gambling. The message is sent loud and clear and now I want the entire nation to know, there is help. … Jacob droned on and on and on about his pious endeavors, all of which were bullshit, but would soon come to pass as a throng of people were there to witness his righteous works. The very same who would slay him publically if he failed them now.

The reporters and cameras slaughtered Jacob. There were public pictures of him shaking hands with Rosalie and giving her the title deed to the Paradisio. There were pictures of him giving the signed contract to Donald Trump to sponsor The Apprentice with anti gambling commercials. And a very surprised Sam Uley stepped up to the stage to receive the signed trust endowment for his tribe. The public ate Jacob up. He was in the limelight. He had a zillion witnesses that this was all his brainchild, all his benevolence, all his own personal generosity.

As the movie crew ghost town packed up to dismantle, Charlie took Jacob by the scruff of his neck and shoved him in the front seat of his car. "Look Mr. Black. You'll be a good citizen. I know this because I'm a cop and I know things. Like how to hunt you down to the ends of the earth and I know how to use a gun. You will be a good citizen and you will never look for any of these people ever again or I'll feed you to the wolves!"

Once again the entire gang departed, their jobs done and their booty safe and secure.

There was a helicopter sitting on a pad about two hundred yards from the back side of the police station. Workers scurried about tearing down walls to buildings that were hollow facades, like a Hollywood backlot set.

Edward looked at Jasper, "So Whitlock construction crew? What did this set me back?"

"Only a few mil." Jasper barely paid Edward any attention as he was totally mesmerized by Alice.

"Only?" Edward joked.

Turning to Bella, Edward asked, "Was all that for real?"

"Um, as they say in the movies, it was Movie Magic." Bella laughed and tossed her hair behind her shoulders.

"No shit, the cameras, the people, the reporters?" Edward asked incredulously.

"Oh they were real, real enough to keep Jacob's weakness fed." Bella continued. "See, Jacob has one fatal flaw. His ego. He loves the spotlight. His public image is everything to him. He would rather die now than go back on any of the agreements he has made. He's the good guy now! Or at least he has to live up to the image that is now painted. He's going to do charity work, like it or not… but the crowd will be eating out of his hand. It's what he's good at." Bella reluctantly admitted.

"Baby, there's one question I have to ask you." Edward leaned in to her ear.

"Y…e…s..?" she peered at him out of the corner of her eye anticipating this question, she knew him like a book.

"Where's the money?" Edward asked.

"I bought an Island." Bella flatly informed him, looking at her nails as if the question was of disinterest.

"You what?" Edward's voice cracked an octave.

"You heard me lover boy." Bella cooed. "We now own Bellamisio de Cullen, it's a sweet little spot off the coast of Brazil. And what's left over is in a steel trunk locked and buried. It'll be like Treasure Island." Bella laughed.

"You wouldn't!" Edwards fear factor shot up ten knotches.

"Oh… contrair. I want you all to myself Mr. Cullen, we've got a second honeymoon to begin." Bella shut her eyes and held her breath, not knowing exactly how he would react.

Edward scooped her up off the ground and ran towards the helicopter and very nearly shoved her in. Looking at the guy sitting in the pilot seat, he said, "LAX pronto. I've got an Island to explore."

Looking at Bella, "Do we have enough to charter a plane?" He asked as an afterthought.

"Oh Edward. Baby, we own a leer at LAX." She laughed so carefree, It was good to see her so alive again.

After they arrived on the island Bella took Edward on the nickel tour. She was so busy issuing orders to the cook and the house manager that she never noticed the time slipping away or her husband for that matter.


What was I thinking of? My poor Edward is upstairs waiting for me and I'm down here worrying about inconsequentials. I flitted up the stair case and when I came to the landing that led to the master bedroom I was stunned. The countless number of candles dancing in the dark were beautiful. I whisped up the stairs and the gust of wind I stirred blew them out. I stood in the doorway of our room.

Edward had his back to me looking out of the glass wall over the ocean. He was shirtless and the moon light caressed his skin in a faint illuminesce glow. In stark contrast, he was wearing the most sexy pair of silk draw string bottoms I had ever seen hanging low on his waist. I stepped in the room and he didn't move, but I could see his eyes on me in the reflection of the glass.

Tingles were igniting every nerve ending in my body and my eyes fell to the lovely penior on the bed. "Did you?" I asked softly.

"No, it was Alice." He replied in his most velvety smooth tenor.

"Oh." It was all I could whisper.

I gathered the luxurious silk set in my hands and flitted to the bathroom and within an inhuman amount of time I had undressed, dressed, brushed my hair and lightly refreshed my cologne, not that I needed any of that.

I slowly opened the door and saw Edwards eyes in the reflection once again take me in. His expression was tender and full of love. This is so different than our sexcapades earlier in our marriage. We're not really alone, we're within ear shot of the house keepers. , I like this though. I chose to block that thought from my mind, I have a Sexward starring a whole through me right now.

I savored the moment and slowly, precisely and very gracefully (I might add) waltzed over to where he was standing. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned into his strong muscular back. He turned to face me ever so slowly and he bent his head as he lifted my chin and he tenderly touched his lips to my nose and then my eye lids and then my forehead. He moved to gently kiss my temples, grazed down my jaw, my chin and he hovered above my lips and let go a rush of sweet cool breathe. I was totally undone.

He placed a single finger over my lips to shush me. He wanted to play the quiet game. I whimpered ever so softly and he moved his face to my neck. He began at the base of my ear with a tender touch of his lips, then he pinched just a tiny bit of skin in between his teeth and sucked lightly. He let his teeth graze in wider circles over my skin and my knees gave way. He had me in his strong arms and he whispered in my ear, "What-ever am I going to do with you? You collapse at my kissing expertise."

I sucked in a sharp breath and looked up at his from under my lashes. "I'm yours to do with me what you will." I purred my softest purr and leaned against him so that he could feel the vibrations.

With that he swept me off my feet and was hovering above me on the bed. He hoisted the gown up to my waist and let his legs rub against mine in those silk bottoms. My nerve endings were raw.

He pressed himself against my leg. I could feel him twitch and pulse with excitement. That is all it took to take me to heaven. He looked in my eyes, "Beautiful."

"Yes. You are so Beautiful." I returned.

I pushed a hand against his chest to let him know I wanted to get up. I felt butterflies in my stomach when he whimpered.

I got off the bed and he rolled over on his back with his hands behind his head watching me intently.

I slowly walked to the foot of the bed and unbuttoned the robe and let it slip off my shoulders. I heard him growl. Then I lifted the straps of the gown from my shoulders and let it slide down. I stood in the moon light enjoying the look on my all too satisfied husbands face.

"That looks really good on the floor." He nodded to the puddle of lingere at my feet.

I stepped slowly out of the soft silk around my ankles and placed a knee on the bed and slowly crawled up over him like a lioness on the prowl. The salute in his bottoms was more than a sign of allegiance.

As I sat just below his waist, I took one finger and wrapped one string around my finger and gave it a tug and untied the bow. I scooted back down and placed one had on his hard six pack and leaned down to tickle his navel with the tip of my tongue. I could hear a roar building in the back of his chest.

I picked my head up with my tongue still sweeping my bottom lip, I looked at him through my hooded lashes and silently asked for his assistance. He placed both his thumbs on either side of his pants and he arched his rear end off the bed and pushed the silk down. I pulled my right leg up and caught the pants in the center by my foot and then slowly straightened my leg out behind me and he lifted his legs to allow the silk pants to slide down and off. His bottoms hung on my foot and I bent my knee upright so that they swung in the air. I arched my foot and flicked my leg and ankle and tossed them right where my gown had dropped.

"You are impressive Mrs. Cullen." Edwards tongue rolled.

I didn't say an audible word. I slowly sauntered back up his body to straddle his waist and I let me tongue lick a trail up his abdomen to his gorgeous face. His breath was labored and his eyes were hazed. I watched his tongue dart over his lips and before he could pull it back in, I ducked in and took it with my teeth. I opened my mouth and let my breath wash over his face. He was dazzled, so I pulled my face back to see his expression.

This man's face could launch a thousand ships right now.

I bent back to his lips and he put both his hands in my hair and pulled me closer to his face. He gently placed his lips to mine and they began to move in unison. As they moved, so did other things… I think the earth actually moved too.

Our slow passionate foreplay was fast becoming a raging fire. Edward reached a hand to cup my breast and gently squeezed the firmness of it in his electric hands. He moaned in my mouth and I shivered. I purred a deep rich feline sound of ecstasy.

My hand dipped in between us and I let my fingertips slide up and down the length of him. His back arched… it was building…

I slid my fingers to the base of his beautiful manhood and brought it to meet the point of entrance that was blazing with fire for him. I positioned myself and Edwards eyes rolled back into his head. I let my head fall back as I thrust down and engulfed him in a most delicious deep sea dive.

Our rhythm grew to the pace of thudding jackhammers. We were slamming each other at a most intense pace and the grind of our union was pushing us closer to the edge.

My ragged breaths were all I could manage. I was drowning so far in delight that I couldn't put together one single coherent thought. I gave myself over to the crazy feeling that enveloped me.

Edwards hands roughly grabbed my waist and he pulled me once, twice, three more times hard to meet his rising hips and the crash of it thrust a loud terrifying roar from the base of his abdomen. He jerked and shook as he released in the depths of me and as I watched his face, he took his thumb and placed it over my spot and slipped a finger in me while his twitching release was still in flight. After a few pumps and circles to my love-o-meter I was lost in the waves that rolled through my body. I think I surprised him with a loud roar of my own and afterwards, we drifted off to sleep only to wake up to our happily ever after.


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