Mellow! This is a little story written for ChibeAmerica 's birthday that was a few days ago. I just want to point this out, Feli is a boy. But Ludwig and Gilbert still think that he is a girl. This is going to be at least two parts long, I don't know when the next part will be out though. Oh and happy new year to everyone!

Awesome Juice

Chapter 1

"Ludwig?" Gilbert called stepping into his house. He had been away for a while, but was glad to be back home finally.

When no little blue eyed boy came running, the Prussian grew curious. Ludwig usually was so excited when his brother finally came home from his long journeys that he would partially jump on the albino.

Gilbert threw down his weapons without bothering to put them away, he figured that he could always do that later. Although, he did realize that if the small boy found them it would be dangerous. "Oi, Luddy!" he bellowed.

The man was prepared to searched the whole house for the boy, but that wasn't necessary. "Gilbert!" The German boy came running from the back door. Obviously he was outside and couldn't hear the man at first.

He tackled the Prussian with very little warning. "Hey, take it easy kid." Gilbert laughed and pick up the seven year old.

"Sorry, did you get hurt?" the baby blue eyes looked up at him concerned.

Gilbert shook his head, causing Gilbird to be thrown, "It's nothing the awesome me can't handle." Yeah, he had just come back from battle, but this time wasn't that bad. The war was almost over anyways, at least that's what they kept telling him.

Angrily the yellow chick flew around the two brothers chirping. Gilbird wasn't an ordinary bird, he was awesome like his owner and wanted to be treated with respect.

"Sorry, Gilbird." Ludwig said, but laughed with his brother at the bird's antics.

Gilbert set Ludwig back on the ground, "I get to be home for the week." Then he noticed the lacking presence of the maid that normally stayed with Ludwig. "Where is Irina?"

"Her mother was really sick and she had to leave." Ludwig looked down sadly.

Gilbert ruffled his hair, "Don't worry, she's probably going to be ok." Ludwig was well aware that although they could live for hundreds of years, humans could not. He had cried at quite a few funerals already. Only one of them was for a country though, for their Vati.

"Hey, since I'm home what do you want us to do?" Gilbert asked, in an attempt to distract the child from sad thoughts.

Ludwig shrugged, "Can Feliciano come over?"

Gilbert remembered the little Italian girl that caught the boy's fancy. He grinned, Ludwig was so much like him, but yet at the same time still so young and different. "Sure, I'll send Gilbird over right now."

The yellow bird chirped and pecked at Gilbert in protest. "Hey!" That didn't stop the bird though, it continued to show it's displeasure. "Alright, alright, I'll give you a treat if you go."

Gilbird finally settled down, and perched in his owner's hair. Snuggling down for a quick nap the small bird made a nest out of the white hair. Prussia didn't seem to mind much, after all that's where the bird normally sleep in the first place.

"Gilbird can carry more than one note, why don't you send one to Feli as well?"

Gilbert already had a piece of parchment and was scribbling something that could pass for a note.

"Sure!" Ludwig got his own parchment, sad to say even at seven his writing was much neater than his brother's.

Gilbert's letter was as follows.


Yo check it, the awesome me is home for the week and Luddy wants Feli to come over. That cool with you?

PS. Tell Lizzy I said hi.

Gilbert smirked, he didn't even bother to sign his name. He knew his cousin would figure it out without much difficulty, so why bother signing it.

Ludwig's was much more formal.

Dear Feliciano,

I hope you are doing well. My brother just got home and I asked him if you could come over. If Mr. Austria says yes, then I shall see you soon.



Ludwig having been taken care of by Austria on occasion has impressed some manners on the boy. Although one wouldn't expect it, Gilbert did insist on him using such manners.

Gilbert checked over the boy's letter, "Nice job, Luddy." He ruffled the boy's hair.

Ludwig beamed at receiving praise from the man. It wasn't that Gilbert never did so, that would be a lie. It was rather that he was off doing something for the countries most of the time, therefore not home to do so that often.

Gilbert shook his head, this time a bit more gently, to wake the small bird. He was rewarded with a small chirp. "Ok, little Gilbird. I want you to take these two letters to Austira's house."

With a small salute from a little yellow wing, the bird was off to fulfill his mission.

"Ok, kid we got a couple of hours, what do you want to do?" Gilbert grinned at the thought that for the next few hours, Ludwig was just his.


Dear cousin,

You know that I prefer to be called by my name and not one of your ridiculous nicknames. That goes for Elizabeta as well. That being said, yes I have already placed Feliciano on a carriage to come over. He should be arriving before nightfall.



Gilbert read over the letter rather quickly, absentmindedly he feed Gilbird some bread. Well, that settled that. "Oi Luddy, you're little girlfriend is coming over."

Ludwig blushed, "S-she's not my girlfriend, Gilbert."

Gilbert rolled his eyes and patted the child's still wet hair, they had gone swimming earlier and Ludwig had just came out of the bath. "Oh course not. So what did she send you?"

Ludwig's face got redder, "Nothing!"

"Let me see," Gilbert plucked the letter out of the boy's hand easily.

Dear Ludwig.

I'm doing fine! But Mr. Austria got mad at me again yesterday, I'm not even sure why. All I was doing was trying to cook. Yay! Mr. Austria said yes. I'll be there soon."



Gilbert reread over the letter, nothing really catching his eye. "Well, you're little friend should be here soon."

"Gilbert! Stop being so mean!" Ludwig shouted.

Gilbert chuckled, "I'm not mean, I am awesome!" He poked the boy in the stomach emanating a giggle.

Ludwig sensing an attack coming, tried to run. He dashed around the coffee table, thinking that would stop the Prussian. Gilbert smirked at the little challenge and leaped over the short furniture.

Ludwig shrieked and went for the kitchen. Gilbert caught up with him being that he had much longer legs. He grabbed the kid and start a tickle fight.

Ludwig fought back, but he was no match for the experienced tickler that Gilbert was. Soon the child was gasping for breathe and Gilbert released his prisoner.

"So am I mean now?" Gilbert questioned.

"No, you're awesome." Ludwig hugged Gilbert.

"Good, because it's bedtime." Gilbert decided, seeing as it was getting pretty late. That and swimming had worn the both of them out.

Ludwig pouted and crossed his arms, "But Feliciano isn't here yet."

"Too bad, you're terrible when you're tired." Gilbert said, not wishing to fight with Ludwig over this. And there seemed to be a tantrum coming just over the horizon.

"No, I'm not." Ludwig still refused to move.

"And France's doesn't scream like a girl." Gilbert rolled his eyes.

Before the two could argue any longer, the sound of a carriage could be heard outside. And a high pitched Italian's voice thanking the driver. Feliciano had arrived.