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Chapter 5

Gilbert groaned waking up, Ludwig had opened the curtain and now the sunlight was trying to kill him. As much as he wanted to hide under the covers and pretend that he had no life for a day, he couldn't. At least not while there were still two young children around that cause trouble when together.

Gilbert rolled out of bed, cussing out the sun, the planet, and anything else that was pissing him off. He was sure to say it quietly enough that the kids wouldn't hear him though. That would be the last thing he would need if he was going to see Roderick. That man can bitch worse than any chick the Prussian knew. And he wasn't going to give Roderick the excuse of teaching darling little Feliciano naughty words wouldn't end well.

Scratch that. This day wasn't going to end well anyways. But he couldn't put off the inevitable any longer.

Yawning, he went downstairs. To his surprise both children were up and chattering away. It seems that the Italian was fine and didn't have a hangover from last night's 'wine tasting'. Well, that was one worry gone.

"Hey kiddies, how about some food?" Prussia asked.

"Good morning Mr. Prussia." Feliciano chirped. "Can we have eggs and toast?"

"Morning," Ludwig blushed seeing his brother, obviously he remembered last night fairly well. Not that he could easily forget as it appeared by the way that he was sitting up on his knees that he was still sore.

Gilbert shrugged at the request, "Eggs and toast I guess it is." And he set to making the hungry children breakfast.

With the appetite of the two children there wasn't a doubt in Gilbert's mind that they had both survived the night. Wonderful, now to break the news to Mr. Prissy.

Once the kids were done Gilbert decided it would be better to leave. "Feli, go pack your things. We're going to take you back as soon as you're ready."

"Ok!" Feliciano said cheerfully and raced off to go do so.

Left with only Ludwig, Gilbert saw this as a good time to talk. "So, kid how ya feeling?" he asked.

"It still hurts," Ludwig said with a sour look thrown his brother's way.

Gilbert could easy guess; after all he had been there too many times to count. He shook his head. "Sorry, kid." He shook his head, "But you're going to have to deal with that."

Ludwig nodded, "I am sorry."

The Prussian rolled his eyes, "Trust me, you're forgiven. Go see what's taking her so long." He said just so he didn't have to see the puppy dog look any longer.

Ludwig nodded and ran upstairs to join his friend.


The ride back hadn't been particularly pleasant with two children to entertain. By some miracle, Prussia did survive though just barely. He thought that there was never a happier moment in his life, at least for that day, than when the troublesome two ran off to go play.

He watched as Elizabeta greeted the two and took them inside. She looked at him briefly and waved. He smiled and tried to remember why he was there again if it did nothing but mentally torture him.

Never the less, he allowed himself inside. Thanks to a very helpful, and cute, maid Gilbert got directions to find Roderick.

"Oi, cousin." Gilbert greeted as he caught his cousin the hall. Damn, why did Roddy have such a big fucking house? "I haven't seen you for a while."

"Gilbert, what a surprise." Roderick answered, although from the look on his face it didn't seem like a good surprise.

"Yeah, I came to bring the kid back." The feeling of seeing his cousin was mutual. Damn, having to be responsible really was biting him in the ass. If he ever got another chance at doing whatever the hell he wanted again he would take it. "And tell you of the trouble they caused."

"Trouble?" That caught the Austrian's attention. "What kind of trouble?"

Just then Hungary came back in, "The little ones are playing up in Feliciano's room. They should be busy for a while." Elizabeta didn't look at Gilbert, "Is there anything that you two need?"

"No," Roderick said. "But you may come and sit with us if you wish." Elizabeta did so, eager to hear the little round of trouble as well. Although not for the same reason as her husband, rather it was so she could laugh at what the Prussian had to deal with.

"As I was saying," Gilbert continued. "The little brats caused a bit of trouble. Apparently they were curious about my beer, and Feliciano decided to have a bit."

Elizabeta covered her mouth to stifle a laugh, Roderick wasn't amused though. "Did you leave it out?"

"No, I was sure that your precious kid wouldn't find it or my weapons. I guess the only place to hide it next time would be in a buried treasure chest," Gilbert replied.

"Well, what happened?" Austria pressed.

"Nothing much, Feliciano was a little sick." Gilbert explained. "She seems fine now though."

"Did you punish them?" Roderick asked.

"Luddy I did, he knew better than that." Gilbert said. However, he wasn't about to go into detail. How he punished his brother was between just them. "Feli, I thought got enough from being sick."

Austria looked a bit ticked, but Elizabeta placed a hand on his arm. "Oh Roderick, let Feliciano go just this once."

The brunet man grumbled in reply, "I'll be playing my piano."

Gilbert got up, "Me and Luddy will be heading back now." If Mr. Prissy was in a bad mood that meant that his job here was done.

Elizabeta stopped him, "Why not stay here for the night, it's a long way back."

Gilbert looked into her eyes, unable to say no. "I guess, we'll leave first thing in the morning." If only, if only he could have her. But he knew that she was off limits for now. Times certainly change some things for both the better and worst.

"Well, in that case," Gilbert started with a smirk. "Do you have any awesome juice?"