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Paige knew she was too thin to be healthy.

Every time she weighed herself, it was less than before. Sometimes by a pound or two, sometimes more than she knew was right to lose. She hardly felt like eating anyway, it hurt to go down, and eventually ended coming back up. She wasn't hungry anymore.

It was another long day of nothing. She had no one but herself for company, and maybe her music… but if anyone caught her with it she knew it meant confiscation. Her 'room' was almost completely bare… if she even dared to call it that. It wasn't a room. It was a cell. A mere four walls with a bed, a bathroom, and the few items she owned.

It was even harder not having another person to talk to. The extreme isolation was taking its toll on her health. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she felt lonely. She wanted the days back where she could hang out with friends, work a job she loved, maybe have a boyfriend… there was nothing like that here. The army wasn't for softies, and Paige knew it. Working with men was tough- always a competitor, always someone who felt they could do better than her… or take advantage of her.

Truth was, Paige was exhausted physically and mentally. She wanted to be normal. She wanted friends, she wanted to be a nurse again, and she wanted a family. Although hardened and dedicated, she wanted something more than loneliness.


"So what next? Tesler hasn't made a move in months," said Beck. He picked up the Rubik's cube that sat on Tron's desk and began fiddling with it, twisting it all different ways trying to match up the colors on the same sides. Tron moved away from his screen and looked at Beck

"Well, it looks as if they are waiting for us to make our move. If we could get that data cube…" he shook his head. "It will be almost impossible. Heavily guarded, at least fifteen soldiers. If you can get through that, we're one step ahead of him. We can unlock every system on his base."

"Don't worry. I got this."

"Don't try anything reckless. And don't let them catch you."

# # #

Paige sat on her bed, monome player in her lap. Her fingers slid over the keys effortlessly. She had forgotten about the gift she had with almost any instrument- she picked it up and the rest came naturally. She had memorized the notes. She knew them by heart. Paige often recorded what she created, but listening to it later just reminded her of how she wasn't allowed to do it. It hurt.

Alarms sounded, piercing the dead air with loud obnoxious noises. Paige sprung out of sitting position and was up and ready in seconds. She ran down the hall to the hanger, where she saw him.

The renegade. A different feeling entirely.

It felt weird to be around him. The few times they'd met, they had fought. Strangely enough, she didn't like fighting him- partially because of always losing… and partially because of the feelings she'd get around him. She refused to give it any thought.

"You just don't give up, do you?" she sprung at him with great force, kicking him down. He got up and blocked her punch twice before grabbing her wrist and shoving her backwards.

Although she mentally denied it, his touch was arousing. His smell was equally as tantalizing.

"Why don't you just give up? I have what I want." Said Beck. He smirked. It was fun to fight her; it was more of a game than anything else.

"I believed that is not yours." She slashed at him with her disk. "And I want it back!"

Beck agilely hopped and jumped out of her way, occasionally taunting her or saying something cocky. She was so good looking… it was hard to keep eye contact. Somehow her chest was more… interesting. He wondered what it'd be like to touch her. He also admired her fire. It was everywhere, in her eyes, her words, her every move. Some women had the fire… it was strong in Paige.

Paige grabbed his arm and kicked his shin, grabbing the code cube off his belt with one swift motion. She heard him grunt in pain, and kinda chuckled.

"Hey what are you laughing at? Mrs. Cold as Stone." Said Beck. He suddenly felt very playful. He sensed Paige felt the same way. He grabbed it back out of her hand, touching her skin. His hand lingered there for a few more second before he pulled away.

"Hand it over." She extended her arm with one hand, and put her disk back on her back with the other.

"I don't think so."

"Why not?" Paige stepped closer to him. "You're not going to want me to search you for it." She was grinning now. No one was in the hanger. No one could hear them, see them… or monitor what they were doing.

Paige put her hands on her hips. It had gotten uncomfortably quiet all of a sudden. Beck still held the code cube. At this point, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do with it.

"Well?" said Beck. "Aren't you going to attack me?"

"I don't see a reason to." Said Paige. Her voice was small. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other uncomfortably. She looked into his mask as if searching for a reason for her actions.

"I'm kind of done fighting with you. Can we… just be… friends?" Said Beck. He held out his hand to shake.

"Friends…" she shook his hand firmly. She continued to shake it.

"Let go." Said Beck.

"You let go. Let go!" she stopped shaking his hand. Her hand rested in his awkwardly for about five seconds. Paige broke the touch, letting go and shivering.

"See you… around…" she said. She ran back down the hall, out of sight.

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