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It was day again. Paige had dreamt vividly that night, as she did most every night.

She woke expecting him to be there. Of course, he wasn't. She knew he had priorities in life. He had a job, friends, co-workers… things Paige wished she had. She wished she had him. She wished he'd be sitting next to her, telling her everything was going to be okay… but Paige knew it wasn't.

The more she awake she became, the more she remembered the previous night. It had been almost magical- seeing him, talking to him, being around him. Her favorite part when was when they held hands as they walked out of the restaurant. It made her sad to think that whatever it was they may have had would never work because she was in the Army. She sighed.

Paige had been loyal to the Army for as long as she could remember. It had been so many cycles ago, she had almost forgotten what life was as a normal program. She did not do what she loved. Paige did not love the Army, or what they did. She killed more people, damaged more lives, and destroyed more things than she could remember or count. She hated it. And not just recently, she had always hated it but never spoke for herself. Besides, she was a woman. No more important than an object… at least that's what Tesler and everyone around her thought. Countless times she got herself out of situations involving abuse and rape. She'd been pushed around, stepped on and shoved into the dirt for so many cycles, it felt like an endless nightmare. But around Beck, that all went away.

There was a loud crash right outside in the hall. Curious, Paige got up and pressed the button to open her door. She felt rising anxiety.


"Paige!" Beck ran up to her and grabbed her hand. "I'm busting you out of here. Grab your stuff!"

Paige gasped. "Beck you can't do that! Tesler will track me down! He'll kill me!"

"What is more important to you right now, freedom, or Tesler's feelings?" His voice was like ice. "Last night, Paige. Last night you told me how much you hated the army. How much you would rather die than to serve Tesler any longer. And now, I'm giving you a chance. Do you want to come with me or not?" his voice was merely a whisper.

"Well now that you put it that way…" Paige sighed. She looked at Beck, and slowly started to nod. "I don't have many things. Come inside before someone sees you."

Paige started throwing her belongings into a backpack. Her pillow went in first, then a blanket, her cosmetics and finally her monome player. She also grabbed her notepad full of song lyrics and things she had written, but nothing more. She threw the backpack over her shoulder and slid both arms through the straps. When ready, she stood at the door, looking in.

"It's over." She whispered. "I don't have to live like this anymore. I don't have to be a soldier." She looked up at Beck, who nodded to her. He was wearing his Tron suit. They took off running down the hallway.

# # #

"Where are we going?" asked Paige. She held on to Beck's back tightly as they road into the city. They were on the very outskirts, and streetlamps were just starting to appear on either sides of the road.

"My apartment. You're staying with me." said Beck. Paige smiled to herself, and nuzzled her head into Beck. She couldn't get over the way he smelled. It was the most relaxing, safe scent she had ever inhaled.

"So are we…" Paige didn't finish. She looked out the window of the lightcycle, watching the sky.

"What?" asked Beck. Paige sighed, voice tiny and said,

"Are we a couple? Because that would be…" she could feel herself blushing. "That would be… amazing."

"I think we're a couple. Only if you want to be… but I think people would get the wrong idea if they knew you were living with me and we weren't together." He chuckled.

"I really like you, Beck."

"I really like you too Paige. Even though we've known each other for a really short period of time… I like you a lot." He turned his head and rubbed his cheek against hers.

They neared the street Beck was living on. His apartment wasn't the biggest, but two or three people could live comfortably inside and not be crowded. He clicked the baton back together, and pulled his key off his belt.

"Well, this is it. Not much… but it's pretty nice." There was a garage underneath, and a balcony on the top floor that overlooked Argon. Inside, there were two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and computer room. Paige loved it the second she walked in.

"You don't live with anyone, right?" she asked. She set her backpack down on the living room couch.

"No, it's just me. It's pretty big for one guy though. I have friends that stay over occasionally, but that's all." Said Beck. He set his keys on the counter and sat down on a kitchen stool. Paige sat down next to him.

"You know, Tesler isn't stupid. He'll realize were gone as soon as I don't report to him. They'll come after me…"

"Well, you can permanently alter your circuitry color for a start. And then maybe you can cut your hair. Minor appearance changes will make you stand out less." said beck. "Plus, I've never seen you with your hair down." He smiled. It was so amazing to have her living with him. He was overjoyed.

"I… I used to have my hair down every day. In fact I never used to put it up. It's really grown out." Paige felt the bun on top of her head. She sighed. "I guess… it is time for change." She pulled the rubber band out and shook her head. Long wavy brown hair felt past her shoulders to the small of her back. Her bangs in the front with long hair in the back looked outstanding.

"You're so pretty…" Beck whispered. He looked into her eyes. He then cupped her face with both of his hands, and placed a kiss on her lips. Paige put both of her hands on his shoulders, and kissed back. It was their first ever, Paige would never forget it.

# # #

"Okay, so this is your room. The bathroom is down the hall to the left. My room is upstairs." Said beck. Paige nodded at all the new information she was hearing. It was exciting… yet she knew the army would be searching for her the second she was discovered.

"Alright, thanks. This is going to be so fun!" she said, smiling. Beck sighed.

"What's wrong?" asked Paige.

"Well… I don't know… I was just wondering if maybe… nahh…"

"What is it?"

"I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to… sleep with me… the bed… the bed is big enough… just wondering…" it was his turn to blush.

Without saying anything, she nodded at him, eyes darting randomly from him to various things in the room nervously. He extended his hand to her, and Paige took it. She knew that this was where she belonged.

Later that night, Paige took her monome player out on the balcony. The sky was just beginning to turn dark, bright shades of many colors melting together and flashing across the horizon. It'd been a while since Paige could enjoy a sunset. It felt strikingly peaceful, the warm orange and red rays hitting her chest and face. She felt at peace, as if everything was coming back into focus.

Paige started to play. She felt herself humming along to the tune, one she knew very well. She took a deep breath in, and let it out with an audible, 'Ahhhh.'

"Having fun?"

Paige nearly jumped out of her skin in surprise. She set her monome player down, and looked at Beck. "Yes… I am." She smiled.

"That's good. I was wondering if I could join you."

"Of course." said Paige. Beck sat down next to her.

"Your playing is magnificent. You're so good at it." He said. He put his hand on her knee, giving her a pat.

"Thanks, Beck. You know, this means a lot to me. You didn't have to do any of this."

"I felt like I needed to rescue you. Save you, I guess." He shrugged. "I want you to stay here with me for forever."

"I want to too, Beck." Paige leaned back on him, and continued to play her song. The sky continued to glow bright orange, and the two stayed on the deck until dark. Paige knew for sure, she had finally found her true programming.

The End