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Chapter 1

Bilbo was frozen on the tree as he watched the orc draw closer to Thorin with a blade held at the ready. 'Move Bilbo, move damn you!' The hobbit's thoughts screamed but the hobbit remained gelled to the tree.

It was only when the orc held his blade at Thorin's neck that Bilbo felt his body move. His run was desperate and he had no idea what he was actually going to do but he had to stop the orc from beheading the dwarf prince.

Bilbo rammed into the orc and thankfully the hobbit had built up enough speed to knock the much larger creature away from Thorin. The hobbit vaguely remembered reaching for his elvish blade to defend himself against the orc but truthfully, his mind had almost gone blank after he had saved Thorin. He was sure that there was a huge commotion that occurred but he couldn't quite grasp the details. Bilbo's next clear memory was being surrounded by orcs and wargs and their king staring at him menacingly.

"Your party has left you Halfling. Now you are mine to do with as I please."

Bilbo looked around to see that he was the only one of his party left at the edge of the cliff. His memory provided him of the sound of eagles how everyone but him had been saved by the majestic creatures. It wasn't for their lack of trying that he remained. He remembered being snatched up by an eagle only to be dropped again when an orc had let an arrow loose into the eagle's talons. He truly was alone.

"What are you waiting for? Kill me." Bilbo said with a lot more confidence than he felt. He didn't want to die but he knew that death would probably be his fate when he decided to rejoin the party after their misadventure in the Misty Mountains. At least he had achieved something to redeem himself in the eyes of the dwarf party before his death.

Bilbo stared at the ground not wanting to see the killing strike. He only hoped that the orcs would be merciful enough to give him a quick death though he had heard no accounts of orcs being merciful. He waited and waited but he was still alive.

The hobbit looked up warily to see the reason for the delay but all he saw were the orcs' snarling faces as they bickered and the wargs' terrifying teeth as they growled at him. When he turned to look at Azog, the pale orc looked just as menacing but his eyes had gained a contemplative expression.

Suddenly Azog barked out some commands in words that Bilbo could not understand and he closed his eyes knowing that those were the words signalling his death.

To his utter surprise, Bilbo was not killed and instead he was grabbed by an orc and placed on a warg with the same orc who manhandled him sitting directly behind. Bilbo's blade had been confiscated earlier so he had no weapon to fight the orc but he had no need to for they were now moving quickly through the forest. The orc pack was on the move and with them was one little hobbit. Their destination was unknown to Bilbo and the hobbit didn't know whether to be relieved that they had spared him or filled with dread that they had delayed his death.

Questions filled the hobbit's thoughts and the stress of his situation plus the dying adrenaline from the fight caused the hobbit to become sleepy. He fought against the oncoming slumber as hard as he could but his body was just too tired and the little hobbit slumped forward on the warg unconscious to the happenings of the world around him.

When Bilbo woke up, it was morning the next day. He found himself covered with some leathery sort of cloth and lying down on hard rock and when he looked around, he saw that he was on top of a huge rock structure that was around two stories high and 40 feet in diameter. Around him were a bunch of orcs and wargs and even some goblins. Most of them were asleep but some stayed awake which stopped Bilbo's thoughts of escape at a screeching halt.

One of the orcs had noticed his movement and started yelling in the same language Azog had spoken waking up the others. Bilbo wrapped himself in the leather blanket in hopes of making himself less noticeable but to no avail.

A goblin approached him and offered him a bowl of food which Bilbo took to keep from offending his captors but didn't eat. He stared at the strange coloured lumps inside the bowl and wondered if he was going to die by food poisoning.

"Eat up Halfling. You will need your strength later tonight." It was a random orc that had spoken and it looked upon the hobbit with a sneer.

"I have a name you know, it's Bilbo Baggins of the Shire," the blond hobbit spoke up before he could stop himself. He quickly put a hand to his mouth to keep from any more words from escaping.

The orc who had spoken gave a high screechy laugh. "If you survive the night then I will gladly call you by name but for now you are nothing, Halfling," the orc replied, putting emphasis on the last word.

Bilbo ignored the orc's insult and turned back to the food. There was no escaping the fact that he was stuck here and extremely hungry for he was used to a good 5 meals a day and he hadn't eaten for the past two days. Bilbo gingerly took a small lump from the bowl and placed in his mouth. He found that it didn't taste too foul and quickly gobbled up the rest. It wasn't the best meal he'd had for sure, but it was extremely filling.

He placed the bowl on the stone floor and then bundled himself back up in his blanket. The orc's words came back to him as he rested and he couldn't help but wonder, what exactly was so important about surviving tonight?

The day wore on and Bilbo was given three meals and a few drinks of water which rejuvenated his strength. As the sun fell, Bilbo's nerves began to rise as he wondered if now his death would come. Bilbo shook his head clearing his mind of those thoughts. They wouldn't just kill him now especially after giving him food and allowing him to rest.

Bilbo didn't have to wait long to find out what was going to happen to him for Azog had reappeared from wherever he stayed during the day and then he sat down on the throne Bilbo had noticed earlier.

The pale orc said some words and then Bilbo was pushed to the middle of the rock structure while the orcs, goblins and wargs moved to the edges forming a circle around him.

A huge orc stepped from the crowd and joined Bilbo in the center. There was a clattering sound that came from behind Bilbo and he turned to see that it was his sword. It shone in the darkness with a bright blue colour due to the huge contingency of orcs and goblins around him.

The orcs and goblins were cheering as if they were in an arena witnessing a gladiator fight and it was then that Bilbo realized he was one of the gladiators. Azog let out a yell and the creatures under his rule fell silent. The pale orc motioned for Bilbo to pick up his sword and at first Bilbo wanted to refuse but thought against it because he would probably be put to death anyway if he refused to fight.

More foreign words erupted from Azog's mouth and then he paused to focus on the two combatants in front of him. Bilbo gulped loudly and he turned his attention from Azog to the orc that he was to fight.

When he heard Azog speak again, Bilbo quickly went into action and dodged the oncoming strike from his opponent. Their swords clashed often and the ring of the metals would have echoed in the darkness if not for the cacophony of yells from the onlookers of the fight.

Bilbo used his speed to dodge and block his opponent's strikes and he even managed to slice his opponent's side in a quick and impulsive strike when his opponent's guard was down. The orc he was facing was a lot more powerful and much larger than Bilbo which he used to tire the hobbit down and always keep the hobbit on the defensive.

As the fight continued, the odds grew to be in the orc's favour and Bilbo knew that he had to end this soon if he were to survive. In a last ditch effort, Bilbo caught one of his opponents downward slices with his sword and pushed back causing the orc to be momentarily off balance from surprise. Bilbo used this opportunity to quickly slash his opponent right on the chest. The orc fell on the floor in pain and instinctively Bilbo brought his sword down to stab the orc in the middle of his chest stopping all further movement from the orc and killing it instantly.

The cheers grew louder as Bilbo dropped to the ground with exhaustion. He couldn't believe it… he had actually beaten the orc single handed. If the dwarfs could see him now they would know that he wasn't just a useless hobbit who wasn't even a real burglar.

Bilbo took no notice of Azog's cruel grin which appeared after Bilbo had won his fight. He also paid no attention to the words that came out of the king's mouth as the blond hobbit was too busy taking in his victory. What finally brought Azog to Bilbo's attention was when the pale orc switched to the common tongue and said, "Rise, my mate, you have proven yourself worthy."

Bilbo looked up wide-eyed at the pale orc. 'Did he say mate?' Bilbo's jaw was ajar as he stumbled onto his feet in shock. "Hold on, did you just say mate?" At that moment, Bilbo didn't even care that speaking may have caused him to die. All he wanted was answers.

"You caught my interest when you defended that worthless dwarf king and now that you have proven yourself a strong warrior by defeating my right hand, I have chosen you as my mate."

Bilbo almost fainted at Azog's words and would have if he fainting wouldn't have made him weaker in the eyes of the Gundabad King. He had to play his part if he was ever going to get out of this mess.

More orders were handed out in the orc tongue – Bilbo really needed to learn that if he was going to spend more time around orcs – and a couple of orcs and goblins came to him and led him away. Somewhere inside the rock structure which was actually the entrance to a huge underground nest of goblins and orcs, Bilbo was placed onto a bed before another orc came with a thin blade and black ink. It was dressed differently from the warriors he usually encountered.

There was no warning before the new orc began to slice into Bilbo's left neck and shoulder. Every slice was accompanied with a dab of ink which made the wound burn but Bilbo didn't cry out, only letting hisses be his sign of pain. He kept his mind focused on Thorin and the company to drown out the pain because he would return to them if it was the last thing he was going to do.

It seemed like hours before the orc was finished marking up his skin but really it had not even reached the hour mark. The orc muttered some words before cleaning the excess ink from Bilbo's skin leaving some strange runes in place of what used to be unmarred skin.

"What is that?" Bilbo asked aloud, more to himself than to the orc since not many orcs or goblins seemed to understand the common tongue.

"It is the mark of Azog. Now all orc and goblin will know you are his."

Bilbo swallowed down bile, almost throwing up. Bilbo knew that the marks on his neck would be there forever, some of his cousins on the Took side had showed him black marks they had called tattoos and he remembered saying to himself that he would never get them. Who would want some image on your skin that would stay there until your death? Now here he was with a tattoo that said that he was basically the property of an orc king. Not for the first time Bilbo wished he had never left his cozy Hobbit hole.

The strangely dressed orc said some words to the group that had taken him inside the nest before turning back to Bilbo. "These are your guard. Each was selected by his majesty. They answer to you. One of them will now take you to his majesty."

Bilbo took in the appearance of his body guards and recognized one of the orcs as the one who told him to eat earlier.

"Hello again Lord Bilbo Baggins of the Shire, mate of his majesty, Azog the pale orc." Bilbo grimaced at the orc's greeting. "Follow me to his majesty," the orc continued with a wicked smile on his face.

Bilbo walked silently behind the orc through the maze of bridges in the nest. It was odd walking past other orcs and goblins because they looked at him with a sort of reverence, slightly bowing their heads, instead of the usual anger or hunger he faced.

His guide led him to the entrance of a well-lit room and stopped just outside before stepping aside to let Bilbo through. "His majesty awaits inside, my lord."

Bilbo steeled himself to be alone with his captor and then walked in with his head held high. His bravado faded though the instant he saw what was inside. Azog was there as expected but what Bilbo wasn't expecting was the bed where Azog lay and the hungry look aimed towards him.

"Come, my mate, and fulfill your duties."

All reason almost left Bilbo as the urge to run overcame him. Of course he would be expected to fulfill his duties. They were married in the mind of the orc and despite everything telling him to run he couldn't, not if he wanted to be reunited with the dwarfs or even return to the Shire.

Bilbo forced himself to walk towards the bed and towards Azog – he refused to think of the orc as his mate. All too soon he was at the side of the bed and now he stared at the floor unsure of what to do. Thankfully, he didn't have to initiate anything because Azog was at ease with giving the smaller hobbit instructions.

"Undress yourself," came the low, gravelly command.

Bilbo undressed himself quickly and mechanically but it didn't seem to matter the way in which Bilbo undressed himself, Azog's hungry stare remained.

"On the bed and on your knees, facing the wall," Azog said moving to make room on the bed for the hobbit. Bilbo carried out the instructions without a hint of emotion. He kept himself from thinking of what would happen next and just focused on the reason he had to do this.

Azog took in the beautiful sight his mate made. The arch of the lightly sun-tanned back of his mate and the offered rear made the desire in the orc king grow. He laid his right hand on his mate's waist and brought him closer so that his erect shaft was pressed against his mate's backside. Azog groaned as he thrust lightly, rubbing himself against his mate whom he would soon mark as his with his seed.

Bilbo kept still as this happened afraid that he would collapse or throw up if he made any sound or movement. When Azog retreated slightly only to feel two slimy fingers at his entrance, Bilbo couldn't help but make a choked sound. The fingers entered him harshly as they coated his insides with some sort of oil. Bilbo gritted his teeth in pain, he hadn't been stretched enough to take in two of his captor's fingers. Still he tried to relax because it would only be worse for him if his muscles remained tense.

Azog took his fingers out of his mate and then took some more oil to coat himself. He lined up his shaft to his mate's entrance and then with one hard thrust, he was inside.

Bilbo let out a grunt at the searing pain in his backside. There was no relief either because Azog continued to thrust, not letting Bilbo any time to adjust. Bilbo was absolutely disgusted by Azog's moans and remained limp and silent throughout the entire experience and focused on the thought that one day he would kill the orc who was defiling him. That thought kept him from yelling out in horror when Azog released his seed into Bilbo and instead it gave him more reason to persist and come out stronger from his debauchment.

For the very first time in his existence, Azog felt at peace. He cleaned his mate with a cloth and then pulled him up so that his mate was flush against him. He breathed out a contented sigh before letting himself drift off to sleep. Even though that wretched dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield, had escaped at least he got a beautiful, strong mate in exchange.

It was after Azog had gone to sleep that Bilbo let his emotions go. Tears poured down Bilbo's cheeks as the earlier confusion, fear and finally anguish washed over him. That night, Bilbo cried himself to sleep.

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