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Chapter One: Fight and Flight

Imladris was usually a place of peace, rest, and comfort for elven prince, Legolas Thranduilion, but not today. Tension hung in the air, almost as dark and foreboding as the clouds overhead. A terrible storm was coming, both outside the last homely house and inside.

The reasons for these very unusual circumstances stood a good distance apart from each other, dealing each other death with their eyes. Legolas whole body posture was tense and angry, and the human across from him was no different. Words spilled from their mouth that they would later regret. Elladan and Elrohir stood between the two, attempting to make peace…or at least to be heard.

"Legolas…Aragorn…this is stupid!" Elladan implored, wanting to end it before too much damage was caused. It made the oldest elf sick at the heart to think of the two best friends fighting.

"No, it's not!" Aragorn shouted red in the face.

"Listen both of you! We can figure this out."

"Really, can we? That elf is too stubborn to listen to anything anybody else would say!" The human was really not the person to be able to talk about being stubborn…they both were.

"Well," Legolas snorted. "I tend to remember a certain human who could never listen to anything except his own voice!"

"Stop IT!" The twins yelled simultaneously. If Legolas and Aragorn did not start throwing punches soon, then the twins certainly would. When they were ignored, Elrohir threw Elladan a glance.

"I think its time we take things into our own hands." he said sourly.

"I couldn't agree more brother." Elladan replied, grateful. Grabbing the two ex-friends, the twins marched them down the hall and to their own rooms with strict orders not to leave till dinner.


Legolas sat on his bed, fuming. He had counted that human as a friend…had trusted him. Obviously that was a misplaced trust! Abruptly finding the need to be moving, Legolas began to pace his room in endless circles. His anger was building by the second, and he did nothing to stop it. Replaying the argument in his mind, Legolas could not help but feel hurt. The man's words had stung him.

Your just an act…Prince, huh, think yourself so high and mightily, well guess what― your not….If you were born into a normal family like the rest of us, than we might never have meet, and my life would not be so bad.

Legolas let out a soft growl, he wasn't even supposed to be here! The prince had come in the late fall, for what was supposed to be a very fast trip. Hopefully just over a month. Two week traveling, a few days in Rivendell, and the trip back. However, the early snow storm had changed those plans. Snow filled the mountain pass, banning any travelers, even elves from crossing.

To be completely truthfully, though, Legolas had been glad at this turn of events…now he wished to be back at home and away from the human.

Just over in the next room, Aragorn was having similar thoughts. His anger over the whole incident was so great that when he had first walked in, he kicked the bed post. Bad idea. Limping around his room, the ranger chewed his bottom lip. Anger rising higher and higher, the man though he might just explode with it.

The next few hours passed slowly for both elf and ranger and soon they were making their way down to dinner where the twins awaited. Elrond had been called away for an urgent meeting and was not present; if he had been then things might have turned out differently.

Legolas arrived first. He stood outside the door for minute listings to the twins tease each other before entering. He was dressed in one of his best tunics, a light silken slivery blue one. And just like a mighty prince did he look. Sitting down in his usually spot, he glared hard at Aragorn's empty-spot, before smiling at the twins; it never reached his eyes.

The twins exchanged frustrated glances; it was clear that Legolas anger had not cooled in the few hours alone.

Aragorn entered a few minutes later, and compared to the elven prince, looked indeed like the dirty ranger he could be. Glaring at Legolas, he angrily pulled his chair out and slammed himself into it.

"Now that we are all present we can eat!" Elrohir said, fake cheerfulness clear in his voice.

"Indeed, I'm starving!" Elladan played along. The next few moments were silent as the two ex-friends bad moods seemed to rub off on the twins.

"Pass the butter, Elladan." the human requested his voice sour. It would have been just as easy to ask Legolas, but they were not on speaking terms. Elladan passed it to Legolas, who reached over and passed it to Elrohir who passed it to Aragorn. The human, however, pushed the platter away angrily.

"Well, the prince is too good to pass the butter to a mere mortal." he spat, looking for an excuse to get angry.

"Estel!" Elrohir hissed, silence was better than insults. The man just shot him a glance before giving the wood elf a small smirk. Legolas slammed his knife and fork down, shaking slightly with anger.

"I believe that you were the one to good to speak to me!" Legolas charged with an icy voice.

"Ha," Aragorn snorted, "I asked Elladan for it, what's wrong with that."

"Oh, that is right, avoid any responsibility for your own actions."

"Legolas…" Elladan groaned, running a hand through his hair.

"No, Elladan!" the wood-elf said anger clear. Before he could get more out, the ranger interrupted.

"Leave him, older brother. Let him make his own decisions…though childish they may be." Aragorn sneered.

"Why!" Legolas cried, jumping to his feet. The elf pushed the chair back so hart that it crashed to the floor. "I am more than 2,000 years older than you…and much wiser than your pitifully human years."

"OK, both of you, go take a time out!" Elrohir yelled realizing that this could get ugly. The twin was ignored as the human and elf continued to yell at each other. Jumping to their feet the twins rushed to the rescue. Outside the gates of Imladris, the snow began to fall quickly and heavily, covering the ground within minutes.

"Break it up! The silence game is starting NOW!" the two peace seeking elves shouted, adding their voices to the chaos. The small private dining room was filled with all four voices, making hearing anything almost impossible.

The shocked silence that followed was even quieter than it might have been. Every eye turned to Aragorn with astonished looks across their faces. Legolas eyes held deep hurt and confusion, which quickly flashed to anger.

"He-he didn't mean it." Elladan said softly.

"Yes he did."

"Yes, I did." Aragorn and Legolas said almost at the exact same time. "He will never be wanted or needed here again." Aragorn stubbornly repeated. All his emotions were being lead by furry…but below that his heart was breaking in grief at saying such words…words that he would come to regret and loathe before long.

"Well," Legolas bean his icy blue eyes flashing dangerously. "I can tell when I am unwanted." The elf's clam and rational voice scared the twins,

"Don't even think about it Legolas." Elrohir warned, the prince didn't even acknowledged the words, just kept advancing slowly on Aragorn.

"I will take my leave of you, Isildur's heir. Do not look for me again." willing around the Prince of Mirkwood stormed form the room.

"Follow him and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid!" Elladan commanded Elrohir before turning to Aragorn.

Elrohir ran from the room, looking desperately around of Legolas. The wood-elf was already gone for sight, however. Guessing that Legolas would head for his room first, the elf turned that direction. Arriving there he banged loudly on the smooth wooden door.

"Legolas let me… in." he began but trailed off as the door swung open, revealing an empty room. "Legolas!" Elrohir shouted glancing around for the elven prince. Making a split-second decision, he rushed from the room, heading to the stables this time. Reaching the front door, he stepped outside just in time to hear a loud bang. Pushing his legs even faster, he stopped short when he realized it was too late.

Standing alone in the cold, he watched sadly as the gates of his home swung closed. Walking heavily back to the stable, he confirmed what he already knew. Legolas was gone, the empty stable proving the fact. Turning his back to the stall, a piece of folded parchment caught his eye. Bending over, he picked it up. Unfolding it, he found his and Elladan names written across the top in Legolas elegant hand writing.

"Elladan and Elrohir,

If you are reading this than I presume that something went wrong at dinner. If I did not tell you, than I am telling you now. I have gone back to Mirkwood. Do not watch for me, you probably thinking that there is no way for me to get back. I will find a way to get pass the mountain. When I get back to Mirkwood, I'll attempt to get a letter or message across to you. The human can contact me if he feels like it.

Legolas Thranduilion"

Closing his eyes in despair, Elrohir trudged back to the house to share the new turn of events with his brothers.


Legolas angrily brushed his flying hair out his face. The prince had dropped his letter in a likely place to be seen and hoped the twins would forgive him, but he had needed to get away from there. He had not even stopped to grab traveling clothes, still wearing the fancy apparel from dinner. Now racing along the snowy path ways, Legolas regretted his lack of preparation. He hadn't even grabbed weapons, except for the small knife boot he always carried with him, nor supplies.

Legolas and his faithful mare traveled all night and into the morning, though that was not clear as it was snowing too hard to tell. And they were making good time considering the circumstances. But the prince had to face the facts; if he didn't stop soon he could be in big trouble. The snow whirled past, blinding him and confusing him of his path.

The horse neighed loudly, tossing her head.

"It's ok girl" Legolas soothed, patting her neck, while his elven eyes gazed into the world of whiteness. Urging the reluctant horse forward, Legolas sat up higher examining the layout around them.

"I think we missed a turn back there." the elf's voice was uncertain, but he felt that something was extremely wrong here. Turning his horse around, the prince nudged her forward with his heels. They had to get out there soon, Legolas sense screamed. Unfortunately, the elf had put his horse into a too fast pace for the conditions they were in. The poor horses hoof connected with a patch of ice, there was no stopping it and the faithful beast went down.

As they tipped to the side, Legolas shouted in surprise attempting to get the horse under control. It was of no use and both went down heavily on Legolas side. Hitting the cold stony and icy path, Legolas cried out as blinding pain shot up his body. A second later his head hit the ground and he knew no more.

Rolling over, his horse stood up and pranced nervously by her master's side, willing him to get up. When Legolas didn't, the horse bent her head down and pushed Legolas body with her nose. The prince rolled limply over. Snorting with distress the horse tried again…and again. Legolas gave no reaction whatsoever. The horse head suddenly shot up and letting out a crazed whiny pushed Legolas harder, only to get the same results.

The mare was obviously scared of something close by and she reared with look of panic, if there ever could be on a horse. Bringing her hoofs down she bolted, leaving her master behind in the thickly falling snow.


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