This is a small taster of the fic that won the poll. Enjoy.

A young boy ran home, a wide grin on his face from the day's events. It was his first day at Karakura Junior High School, and he had made many friends, and he couldn't wait to get back to the house and tell his mother about his day. As he approached his house, he noticed that there were no lights on in the house, but he shrugged it off, his mother wasn't one for wasting electricity.

"Mom, I'm home!" he stood in the hall by the front door, waiting for his mother to greet him. All he received was silence. "Mom?" he shouted, frowning slightly. He looked in the kitchen but he saw no one there. Checking the living room and the downstairs toilet, he ascended the stairs.

"Mom?" he called again; fear creeping into his voice "Mommy, why won't you answer me?" his voice trembled. He noticed that one of the doors was shut, and a light was on inside the room. He barely noticed a moving shadow cross the gap in the door. With a shaking hand, he opened the door, and he screamed.

In the middle of the room, his mother was hanging from a light fixture in the ceiling. Her body revolved around and he saw her vacant eyes, and blue lips. Tears spilled from his eyes.

"MOMMY!" he screeched, before running over. He tried to pull her down, but he wasn't strong enough. As he collapsed to his knees, he became eye level with her hand. Wrapped around it was the green crystal pendant he had bought her the week before. With one last pained scream, he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.


"Waah!" Naruto screamed as he fell backwards, his head bouncing of the floor. He groaned and held a head to his hand, and he heard laughter around him.

"Mr Namikaze." He opened his eyes painfully to see a disapproving Ochi-sensei frowning at him. "Sleeping in class again, are we?" she asked sternly. Naruto chuckled sheepishly.

"Heh heh, erm….sorry?" the teacher rolled her eyes and made her way back to the front of the classroom. 'Heh, I hate to see her leave but I love to watch her…actually I love both of those things!' he shook his head before picking both himself and his chair up from the floor and sitting back down.

"Right then class; remember that your assignments are due in next Monday. Have a good weekend!" she said with a smile, seconds before the bell rang. Naruto stood up and shouldered his bag, and turning to leave he came face to face with a smirking orange haired teen.

"Heh, how many times was that now Naruto, seventh time this week?" Ichigo Kurosaki asked his blonde friend. "You shouldn't stay up so late." Naruto scoffed.

"Che, sleep is for the week, and I sure as hell ain't week!" he boasted, but both teens knew he was kidding.

"Yeah, sure" a female voice said, dripping with sarcasm "That explains why you were zonked out like a baby five minutes ago." He turned around again to see another of his friends, Tatsuki Arisawa smirking at him as well. Naruto glared at her.

"Excuse me, who's the one who won every one of our spars exactly, hmm?" he asked mockingly, receiving a punch for his cheek. Taking it to the face he bent backwards from the force of it, before standing back upright seconds later. He smirked at the black haired girl. "Was that supposed to do somethi-urk!" he collapsed to the ground in pain, after receiving a swift kick to the balls, courtesy of Tatsuki. "Whyyyyyy?" he groaned, holding his crotch. The girl smirked down at him.

"I'll tell sensei you can't make practice today." And with that she was off. Ichigo took pity on his friend and helped him up onto his feet, and he hung onto the strawberry.

"Don't know why you provoke her like that, you know how it always turns out." The two walked out of the classroom and Naruto chuckled weakly.

"Eehh, she loves me really. She just doesn't know how to express it except through violence." He said confidently. Ichigo sweatdropped and decided not to say anything about it. Eventually they made it to the front gate of Karakura High School, and Naruto detached himself from his friend. "Well thanks for the help Ichigo, but in think I can make it from here by myself." He said with a grin. Ichigo returned it with a smirk.

"Yeah, until you run into a girl and piss her off." He ducked a punch and walked away "See ya Monday, Naruto." He said with an over the shoulder wave.

"Yeah, you too ya Ginger Berry." He shouted, before walking in the direction of the shops. After all, a guy's gotta eat, and Naruto had run out of Ramen. 'A travesty that must be amended!' he mentally declared.

Later, night had fallen and Naruto was on his way home with 4 bags full of groceries. He was whistling a tune he heard on the radio, before he heard a faint screeching noise. His gaze narrowing, his whistling stopped, before continuing as he took a detour through an alleyway. As he walked in the shadows, his whistling slowed. As he finished the last note, he jumped out of the way as a giant hand smashed into where he had been standing. As the dust cloud cleared, he caught a glimpse of black and blue monster standing where he was before. The creature turned around, revealing a white mask, with a vicious visage. "Such delicious spiritual energy, IT WILL BE MINE!" It roared as it once again tried to kill the blonde, and once again he jumped away, this time dropping his shopping. Lifting his hand up, a clink of a chain was heard, and something gleamed in the darkness. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand chains emerged from his sleeve, which proceeded to wrap around the monster.

"Bind." He muttered, and the monster was captured by the chains, and it screeched as it tried to escape its binds. The end of the chain hovered in front of the mask, and a green crystal that was on it pointed at the monster. "Seal." He muttered again. The crystal stabbed into the masked creatures face, and it screeched as its body dispersed into pure energy, which was absorbed by the crystal. After glowing a dark red, it returned to its previous green colour, and the chains retreated up Naruto's sleeves. As he lowered his hand, the chain clinked, and hanging under his wrist was the small green crystal. Picking up his shopping, he left the alley, making his way back home.

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