Chapter 9- Uryuu the Unicorn

Extending the chain to its maximum length capacity, Naruto held his hand aloft, the chain clenched tightly in his grasp as it lengthened. While he began to spin it slowly above his head, he started focusing Hollow energy into the crystal. The red energy manifested itself into a spinning buzz saw around the centre of the gem, which cut through the air with a sharp whistle. Quickly, he picked up the speed of his spinning, making the chain spin around in a blur. Pushing himself into the ground, he charged towards the approaching group of Hollows, which were determined to devour his soul. The evil spirits laughed maliciously, and attempted to strike the blonde with their various, dangerous appendages. Naruto smirked, before vanishing in a small flash of green light, stunning the Hollows in place.

Naruto reappeared a few metered away from the Hollows, and with a sharp snap of his wrist he whipped the chain at the spirits. The Hollows only had time to here to whistling of the saw blade before it cut through them like a hot knife through butter. Their cries of pain mixed together into a twisted a capella, their severed body parts fading away into spirit particles. Before they could vanish, the tiny orbs of energy were drawn towards the crystal, which was now back in Naruto's palm. Finished with the absorption, Naruto looked up with a frown as more Hollows appeared; their number twice that of the group he just dispatched.

"Damn, for each one I cut down, three more take its place. If I wasn't getting an insane amount of Hollow energy out of this, I'd kill Uryuu." Naruto knew that the Quincy hated Shinigami, but he had no idea that the bespectacled archer would go this far. One might wonder how Naruto knew that Uryuu was behind this, but this kind of thing doesn't happen by coincidence. The day after Uryuu declares himself a Shinigami's enemy, a vast number of Hollows show up? Yeah no, that kind of thing is not a coincidence. Pushing those thoughts aside, he glared at the Hollows, who were eying him up like he was a large bowl of pork ramen. "I don't feel like fighting you guys…this got boring after the first ten minutes." Holding up his hand, he made the annoyance he was feeling at both Uryuu and the situation he caused bubble up inside of him; and with two simple words the Hollows were no more. "Hollow Requiem!"

Ten minutes later

The crystal pierced through the mask of a boar like Hollow, before continuing on into the mask of a rhino-moth hybrid Hollow. Spikes of spirit energy shot out of the chain links, skewering the two spirits in multiple places directly inside their heads. Theirs masks shattered like glass, and their energy was absorbed into the crystal. Naruto wasted no time in recalling his chain and flinging it again towards an eagle-esc Hollow that tried dive bombing him. The chain wrapped around it several times, and once again the chain produced the energy spikes. In a great feat of physical strength, Naruto pulled the Hollow down, and then swung it into a giant worm hollow that had shot out the ground to try and surprise him. The crystal stabbed into the eagle Hollow, and once it was absorbed Naruto manipulated the chain so that the worm was the gems next victim. He wiped some sweat from his brow, before groaning as more Hollows appeared.

'Shit…my arm feels like it's on fire! I can barely lift it anymore…' He flashed out of the way of a large blade like limb, resulting in the missed strike crushing the ground where he had been standing. "You know, this isn't how I expected my day to go." He muttered, skewering a Hollow that appeared above him, and then jumping to avoid the blade arm again. "I was expecting Keigo to be an utter moron, and for Tatsuki to hit me some more, or even for Ichigo and Uryuu to hold a death match on the school roof; but noooo!" With an angry jerk of his arm, he stabbed the sword armed Hollow between the eyes. "That's not good enough for Mister. Uryuu, 'I'm-the-last-Quincy-and-I-have-a-stick-up-my-arse', Ishida! No, he has to summon a fuck-ton of Hollows for whatever fucking reason, possibly endangering the whole of Karakura Town." Feeling the crystal begin to strain from the vast amount of energy it had absorbed, he quickly let off a Hollow Requiem to annihilate a horde of Hollows. He fell to his knees, panting heavily, relieved to sense no Hollows for the moment.

As he recovered, he marvelled over how much he had improved in the last twenty minutes. In training he could barely fire a Hollow Requiem, and even then he used all his energy up. But in the heat of battle, he had been able to fire controlled Hollow Requiems while using a moderate amount of energy. Also, he had started replacing the atoms that were spread out with Hollow Energy, to cover up for the weaknesses that Kisuke had exploited. 'I must be the "learn by doing" type.' He mused tiredly. Closing his eyes, he decided to try and find out how his friends were doing. He found Chad's signature, and he was surprised to find that the tall teen's energy levels were fluctuating, just like as if he were fighting. There was something familiar about Chad's energy, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Curious, he extended his search further, and he was even more surprised to sense Orihime's spirit energy also fluctuating- but to a much lesser degree to Chad's; wait, was that her signature six times over? Like Chad's, he got a sense of familiarity from her energy.

He sat up quickly as he sensed Tatsuki's signature near Orihime- and it was dangerously low! Naruto pushed himself to his feet, panic rushing through him. He stopped however when her energy levels returned to normal, and he fell back on his arse in relief. Whatever Orihime (for it was obviously her) had done, it had worked. Closing his eyes again, he began to search for Ichigo, Uryuu (whose signatures were like beacons, and incredibly easy to find) or the others. During his scan, he sensed the incredibly small signatures of Old Man Teuchi and his daughter, Ayame, who ran the Ramen stand he frequented. His heart nearly stopped when he felt several Hollows near their position. This time standing up fully, he pushed of the ground and disappeared in a flash of green.

Ayame shuddered as she nearly dropped a bowl of ramen that she was in the middle of serving. Looking outside, she couldn't shake of the feeling that something terrible was going to happen. As the man she was serving flirted with her, she tried to use his attention to distract herself. That worked for all of thirty seconds, before the spot he had been sitting at was suddenly crushed by an invisible force. Ayame stared in shock, not registering the blood dripping down her face. Shakily, she brought her hand up to her face and dabbed at the blood there. Pulling it away, her eyes contracted and shook as she registered the crimson liquid. With a scream, she dropped the bowl, shattering it upon impact.

"Whoa! Miss, are you ok?" Ayame flinched, and she looked at the man in front of her in shock- the man who by all rights should be dead. Once again she got the strange feeling, and with a lunge she dived at the man. "Whoa lady, what's your prob-"


The waitress/chef rolled off of the man, and they both stared at the crushed area. "What the heck?" The man muttered, his voice shaking. "Th-That would have been me!"

"Ayame!" Teuchi yelled, coming out from the back "Are you alright? What happened?" He helped his daughter to her feet, who stared over his shoulder, her eyes wide. "Ayame! Speak to me!"

"Father look out!" Ayame screamed, as a blur moved to hit him. Teuchi turned around and his eyes widened as he also saw it. Before whatever was there could hit them, Naruto jumped out of nowhere and kicked it. The side of the stand was crushed, like the small roof had been earlier. "Naruto?"

"No time to explain!" He yelled, throwing some sort of chain at where he kicked the blur, before retracting it seconds later. "I'm sorry about this." He said, before closing his eyes, and the two suddenly found it hard to breathe.

Naruto flared his spirit energy to max, before flashing away from the area. Landing in the middle of the street, he was relieved to see all of the Hollows- four of them- had followed him. With a fierce glare, he snarled at the evil spirits. "You messed with the wrong eatery." Holding up his crystal, he barely registered as it began to transform. The gem morphed into the shape of a handle, while the chains wrapped around it to form a muzzle. A trigger grew out of the crystal, and some chain links became a finger guard. Pointing his new gun at a Hollow with black squiggles all over its mask, he narrowed his eyes. "Hollow Point." Pulling the trigger, a small blast of Hollow Energy- like a miniature Hollow Requiem- blasted at his target, destroying its head in one shot.

"What the fuck?" One of the Hollows growled "Kids got a fucking gun! This is fucked!" The Hollow jumped at the blonde, who whipped the gun at it, the muzzle unwrapping and slapping the Hollow in the face, before it wrapped around its head. "Oh this is fucking bull-" The chain tightened, cutting the spirits head in half. The Hollow's energy slipped down the chain, into the crystal handle, and the chain turned back into a muzzle.

"Hmm, this is unexpected." Naruto said as he calmly examined the gun, and one of the Hollows took this opportunity to attack.

"Get him!" The largest Hollow roared, swinging its large fist at Naruto. Naruto jumped over it before whipping his chain at it, piercing it through the eye and killing it instantly. The last Hollow regarded him calmly, as if he hadn't just wiped out three of its own without so much as blinking.

"Hmm, that's one tough chain kid. I'm guessing it's pumped with spirit energy- Hollow energy if I'm not mistaken."

"Well ain't you a smart cookie." Naruto smirked, pointing his gun at the hollow. Taking a look at it, he saw that it had four arms, and a spider like head. The Hollow smirked, somehow, and crossed its arms.

"Somebody had to be the brains of our little group."

"You're obviously not that smart are ya? Waiting around for me to line up a shot like this." The Hollow shrugged.

"Well really, I'm just a distraction." Naruto's eyes widened as pain flared through his shoulder.

"Graah!" He jumped away as a small thin Hollow appeared next to the four armed one. On its mask were two red dots above the eyes, with a crack running down the crown. It stood on two legs, and Naruto noticed with some horror that it was an Adjuchas.

'Yep, definitely going to kick Uryuu's ass later.'

"Heh, Marrow, why didn't you kill the kid? He was a sitting duck!" The spider hollow grouched, and the Adjuchas looked at it boredly.

"Are you telling me what to do, Spinner?" The Hollow shook its head quickly.

"N-Not at all, Lord Marrow! I-I was merely wondering if it would be better to just kill him quickly!" Spinner stammered, but all it got was a spike through the face.

"Pathetic weakling." Marrow turned to look at Naruto emotionlessly, who was pulling a white spike out of his shoulder. "You did me a favour in killing them, they were a burden. I would have eaten them, but I don't eat trash. And killing them would have taken too much effort."

"Well I aim to please." Naruto snarked, looking at the spike in his hand. It looked to be made of the same material as a Hollow's mask.

"You're just as she said you were; a real wise cracker." Marrow said, earning Naruto's attention.

"Who's 'she'?" Marrow closed his eyes.

"The Adjuchas that you fought a week ago." Naruto's eyes widened and he pointed his gun at him.

"What do you know about her?" He snarled, earning a shrug from the Adjuchas.

"We're what you might call acquaintances. I have the unfortunate displeasure of knowing her- mindless beast that she is. Always raving about her next meal, it's pathetic."

"Hollow Point!" Marrow moved his head slightly to dodge the shot, his eyes as blank as ever. Naruto's hands shook as he gripped the crystal, his eyes boring into the Adjuchas's. "You will tell me everything you know about her- her strengths, her weaknesses; everything!" Marrow sighed, spikes emerging from his palms.

"Why should I, I have no reason to do anything of the sort." Naruto growled as his weapon changed back into a chain, then into a chain sword. Unlike before, the chain links were filled with red energy, showing that it was being powered by said energy. As they were ready to fight, a large crack expanding in the sky grabbed their attention. Naruto's eyes widened as a HUGE Hollow came out, it being easily bigger than a skyscraper. Marrow sighed and retracted his spikes. "If a Menos Grande is coming, then soon this place will be overrun. I have no desire to witness such trash causing mindless destruction." Naruto's gaze snapped back to the Adjuchas.

"If you're not here to see or cause destruction, then why are you here?" Marrow stared at him for a while, before answering.

"I wanted to see the Human that could damage her so much- she's not quite as pathetic as trash, so I was surprised to hear her rave about a Human that had hurt her. When my tag-alongs were attracted here by the bait, I decided to take this opportunity to check you out. I was not disappointed. You're not exactly trash like most humans are. Until we meet again, Human; I look forward to devouring you." A black portal formed around Marrow, and Naruto glared.

"Oh no you don't!" He aimed his crystal at him, but his arm dropped as the portal closed. "Damn it!" He cursed, kicking the ground in anger. He closed his eyes and tried to find Uryuu- finding him in seconds. He and Ichigo were near where that huge Hollow- the Gillian- was. "Ok, after this is finished, I'm going to kill him. But, first thing first; that Gillian."

Naruto arrived at the scene, seeing Ichigo and Uryuu surrounded by Hollows. As the two were about to be attacked, he changed his weapon into Gun Mode. "Hollow Point: Scatter Shot!" Several Hollows were destroyed by the shots, alerting Uryuu and Ichigo to the newcomer.

"I was expecting you to come earlier." Uryuu remarked, shooting down a Hollow that tried jumping him. Ichigo was less calm, staring with wide eyes as the blonde landed before him.

"Naruto? What the heck are you doing here- and is that a gun?" Uryuu looked over with a raised brow.

"Well that's new." Naruto smirked and turned it back into its Whip Mode.

"Yeah, surprised me as well." Uryuu snorted and skewered three Hollows with a single shot.

"I've come to expect anything from you; makes life a lot easier."

"What the heck is going on?" Ichigo yelled. Naruto grunted as he killed a Hollow that was about to hit the strawberry from behind.

"I can explain later, for now we need to take care of these losers, and then that Menos Grande."

"Menos Grande?" The other two asked, but Naruto was prevented from answering as the sound of a gun being fired grabbed their attentions. Naruto's jaw dropped as the smoke cleared to reveal Ururu holding a HUGE gun wrapped in bandages on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry we're so late." She muttered, looking down sadly. Naruto's jaw dropped further as Jinta knocked some Hollows flying, and Tessai killed one by palming it in the face.

"I thought you might need a little assistance, Ichigo. Hello Naruto, nice to see you here as well."

"Mr. Hat and Clogs!"

"Prat-in-the-hat!" Jinta crushed the skull of another Hollow with a baseball bat of all things, while Ururu mopped up some more Hollows with her gun. The three teenagers just stared dumbly as the kids killed the Hollows so easily. Kisuke waved his fan in front of his face, grinning at their shock.

"If you don't mind me making a suggestion, why don't my crew and I take care of these small fry for you guys, while you go concentrate on that big guy?" He said, pointing lazily at the Gillian. "Oh, uh, you should probably get started before it's…too late."

"That thing is too big for any of our weapons." Uryuu stated, and Naruto snorted.

"Speak for yourself King Stick, I reckon I could shoot that bad boy down with a single shot."

"You think that pea shooter of yours can take down that?" Uryuu asked, and Naruto just grinned.

"Who said anything about my gun?" Ichigo scoffed.

"Just because it's overfed doesn't change anything. We're just going to chop a little more."

"Chop?" Uryuu asked, and Ichigo closed his eyes with a smirk.

"Yep, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall!" He said as he raised his sword in the air. "Come on, together we'll take that ugly sucker down!" Naruto pumped his fist into the air.

"Yeah! Let do this shit!"

"Let's go, Uryuu, Naruto!" Ichigo and Naruto charged with a roar, leaving the hesitant Uryuu behind.

"Ichigo, Naruto!" He yelled, running after them. "Don't be crazy!"

"Ichigo, Ichigo stop!" Rukia's voice rang out. "You two- three?- aren't enough to go against a Menos Grande."

They ignored her as they continued running, and Ichigo ran at the Menos Grande, leaping onto its foot, only to get kicked off. He landed on his back with a yell, skidding in front of Naruto Uryuu.

"I told you that would happen!" Uryuu growled as he fired an arrow at the Menos Grande's mask, only for it to bounce off. "Damn it!" Naruto laughed and span his chain, creating the saw blade around the crystal again.

"What the heck was that? Let me show you guys how it's done! Yah!" He flung the chain at the Hollow's body, only for it to ever so slightly scratch it. "Oh…well that went well."

"Hey, Ichigo? Can you get up?" Uryuu asked the Shinigami.

"Sure, I'm good as new." He saluted as blood ran down his face.

"That was the dumbest charge I think I've ever seen- and I know Naruto!"

"Hey!" Naruto yelled indignantly "I'm not that bad!" Uryuu ignored him.

"What were you thinking? Did you actually think that would work?" He snapped.

"Huh? Well I figured if I just kept chopping away on him, like a giant tree, I'd eventually bring him down to the point where I could whack him on the head!"

"I can't believe that you are acting like this is some sort of little kid's game." Naruto scoffed.

"I take it you're the kid who brought it round to play with then?" The two looked at him as he raised his arm, pointing it at the Menos. "Anyway, if you want to take down a big guy, you gotta trip him over."

"Do you want to crush us all?" Uryuu asked incredulously, as he bent down and touched Ichigo's sword. "No, we need to try a different strategy." As he touched the sword, his bow grew to a ridiculous size, and he grunted in strain as Ichigo's spirit energy came rushing into him.

"What'll I try next?" Ichigo wondered.

"Ichigo." Ichigo turned to look at Uryuu, and he yelped as he saw his bow. "Look."

"What did you do, Uryuu? How did you bulk it so big?"

"That's what she said." Naruto remarked absently, and he ignored Uryuu as he began to make a plan. 'Hmm, maybe a full blast Hollow Requiem would take it down? But then again I really don't want to waste all the energy I collected today…' He turned around, and he struggled to contain laughter at what he saw.

"Now we are ready to fight that thing!" Strapped to Uryuu's head was Ichigo's sword. The Quincy was kneeling on the ground, aiming his huge bow at the Menos Grande. Ichigo let go of his sword, and the bow shrank.

"You're not serious? This won't work." Ichigo said dubiously, and Naruto couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Ha ha haa! You look like an idiot! Uryuu the Unicorn- has a nice ring to it! Bwahahaahaa!"

"Quiet!" Uryuu shouted at the two of them. "Just do what I say; you've got to release all of your spirit energy at once while we're connected! That way is should be able to harness the power and shoot an enormous arrow." Naruto and Ichigo found it very hard to take him seriously with the sword tied to his head. "It's the best way to use all of your energy! Right now you're just wasting it!"

"Well you don't have to be so insulting about it." Ichigo said flatly .

"Grr! Stop taking things so personally and just release that energy already."

"How do I do that?"

"You mean to tell me you don't know? What's been your method for battling with the Hollows all this time?"

"…Just instinct."

"Just instinct?" Uryuu's brow twitched. 'He's worse than Naruto!' "But that's impossible."

"I never did really understand that stuff. I figured that my spirit energy was pretty much always at its maximum level." They were silent for a second, before the Menos started to move, and its mouth began to glow red. Naruto gasped as a ball of energy formed.

'This feeling…it's just like Hollow Requiem!'

"You've got to run!" Rukia shouted "All three of you! If you're hit by that there'll be nothing left of you!"

"This will work, I'm sure of it!" Uryuu growled. "Ichigo? Grab that sword and let's do it-" Ichigo did grab the sword- he just took it with him. "I meant let's do it together!" He screamed at the charging Shinigami. The Hollow fired at Ichigo, but Naruto jumped in front of it.

"Oh no you fucking don't!" He roared as his crystal began absorbing the attack.

"Naruto!" Ichigo and Uryuu yelled in concern.

"This is nothing!" He roared, grabbing his arm with his hand. "You think I can let some Menos Grande get the better of me? If I'm going to kill that Adjuchas…THEN THIS IS NOTHING!" The beam began to let up, and Naruto dropped to his knees, clutching his burned arm in agony.

"Oi, are you alright?" Ichigo asked, kneeling next to him. Naruto ginned tiredly.

"Yeah…'m fine. Here." He put his hand on Ichigo's blade, and power rushed into the Shinigami.

"Woah!" Ichigo couldn't believe how much power he could feel.

"That's the energy from that attack. If I hold that much in my crystal…it would probably break from the strain! I'm already close to the limit as it is. Take that energy and…fuck that thing up." The strain of what he just did finally caught up with him, and he fell unconscious. As he backed out, he heard one last thing.

"I will."

Chapter End

About Naruto's fullbring; it has a few different forms; Naruto's favourite and most versatile is the Whip Mode., Gun Mode is to cover for the distance that his Whip Mode can't reach, and Blade Mode is for close combat (for now at least).

Hollow Point- A concentrated shot of Hollow Requiem- similar to Bala.