"What the Hell do you mean by I can't go to Karakura Town High anymore!?" I yelled as I proceeded to throw as many heavy objects in the room at my father.

I swear to God, King. He says what he says. Are you just fuckin' stupid or somethin'? Caesar Ocsuro Hermano said from my inner world. (A/N Caesar is Ichigo's inner hollow, in case you didn't figure that one out. And Oscuro Hermano means Dark Brother.)

You are rather dense, Ichigo. Do you not know your own actions for why you were kicked out of your old school? Zangetsu piped in.

"I've stated this before, son! You have just gotten in too many fights lately on school grounds! I believe the principle himself told you to not get in any more fights! And it's the second week of the new semester!" my dad shouted back with a seemingly angry expression on his face.

"It's not my fault! Everyone always wants to fight me!" I shouted back as Yuzu peeked her head out from around the kitchen corner.

"Just let 'em be," I heard Karin said with a bored tone.

"Hey, no fighting, you two," Yuzu said quietly but semi-sternly though my dumbass father and I just continued to glare each other. A few sparks flying.

"But no worries, my boy! I have found you another school! Luckily it doesn't start until September first!" Isshin said jovially as he reached into his jacket pocket to find a packet the he 'acquired' from a man advertising his school. Yeah. I call bullshit.

Well, let's get this started. Introductions and all. My name's Ichigo Kurosaki. Substitute Soul Reaper, person who learned bankai in three days, Vizard, person who could control his inner hollow to the point of full hollowfication at will, person who defeated Aizen with his resureccion and bankai active at the same time. The new master of the Hogyoku. Yeah, you should know me. And a supposed delinquent to top it all off. Yep, I'm special.

This shit all started about a week ago. I got in a fight because some guys wouldn't stop harassing some girl. Chad was involved, but he got let off easy. Me? I got expelled. Luckily with all this Aizen crap dealt with I won't have to worry about Karakura Town while I'm gone. Oh yeah. This 'Yokai Academy' is a boarding school outta town. So I have to stay there All. Fucking. Year.

I get to come home on Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break. It blows. I won't get to see my friends. Won't get to kill Hollows. Again, I call bullshit.

New school, new friends, new people to make fun of my hair, new people to beat the Hell up, new life, start fresh, eh?

Well its two weeks later and today's the day I leave for the academy. Yuzu, of course, was crying, Karin was fine with it. My dumbass dad was crying, too. Talk about being a man. All my friends were there to see me off. Even Uryu was there. Orihime cried. I swore I saw Tatsuki trying to bite back tears. Keigo tried to jump me. Mizuiro was a man and just shook my hand telling me good luck. Chad and I shared a bro moment. Manly hugs included. I gave Uryu, Chad, and Orihime the official title, or titles, of protectors of Karakura Town.

"If you guys need anything, need someone to talk to, or just to check in, just call me, alright?" I asked my two younger sisters with a smile on my face.

"Okay," they responded Yuzu with tears in her eyes and Karin with a smirk. "Dad hopes you get laid, so you won't be such a prude," the younger version of me commented.

I blushed. As soon as everyone heard it they all laughed much to my suffering, even Yuzu cracked a light smile and giggle. Yeah, I would ultimately miss them.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Urahara and a special black cat appeared. Urahara had a Hell Butterfly on his shoulder and a Soul Candy dispenser in the left. I had refrained from using Kon in my body ever since the incident where he snuck into the girls' locker room. Yeah, my rep was damaged, but everyone forgot thanks to Rukia. But I still kept the little bastard out of my body.

"Going somewhere, Ichigo?" Kisuke said waving that damnable fan.

I shot him a scowl right before he threw me the Soul Candy and the Hell Butterfly landed on my shoulder. I had my badge but I guess it was for times I needed to get out of class looking inconspicuous. Tatsuki, Keigo, and Mizuiro had each came to realize, without proper help or a martyr to awaken their powers, they would stay on the sidelines. I was glad they chose to do so.

And with that I saw Urahara whisper something to the black cat known as Yoruichi that was now perched on his shoulder and not a moment later she hopped off in the different direction.

Five minutes later the bus pulled up and I loaded my bags on to a seat in the middle of the bus. No one else was on so it was nice and quiet. The driver was creepy as Hell, too. I swear he had glowing eyes. I looked one last time at my friends because I wouldn't see them for a while and sighed. Gonna be a long trip, I thought and with that the bus drove off. Boring, too.

Nah, King. You got us to talk to, Caesar said with a disturbing laugh followed by a thud from Zangetsu hitting him into what I presumed as a skyscraper.

Get some sleep, Ichigo, Zangetsu said as he severed the link my mind had with him that was kept open most of the time.

With it being seven thirty in the morning I figured why not, but then I remembered something I read out of my school manual. Class starts precisely at nine.

"Oi, Bus Driver, you sure we're going to get to Yokai Academy on time? I have to get to class you know," I said as I rested my eyes and put my hands behind my head.

"Yeah, yeah, kid. But I got one piece of advice for you. That's one scary-ass school. I suggest you watch your back," the Bus Driver said taking a puff from his cigar.

And with that I fell into a peaceful sleep.


"Ugh...my head," I said as I sat up from my spot on the bus.

"We're here. And it's only eight thirty by-the-way," The Bus Driver said as he opened the bus door with what seemed like a grin from what I could see.

I mumbled curses at the Driver as I unloaded my one duffle bag off the bus along with my school book bag that was still thrown haphazardly over my shoulder.

"Remember to watch your back, kid," the Bus Driver said one last time before turning around and into the tunnel we came through. Wow that tunnel's long as Hell, I thought as I noticed the lack of a light at the end of the tunnel.

I turned my attention from the tunnel and to the surroundings. I noticed the school a ways off past the dead trees. I shrugged and entered the dead forest only to stop ten feet later.

"He was right, this is a scary-ass school," a female voice said from behind me. I turned around to see the person I least expected.

"Yoruichi? What the Hell are you doing here?!" I said with my left eyebrow twitching at the sight of the green uniform she was wearing. The skirt didn't help either. Those legs...urgh! What the Hell am I thinking!?

"I'm your classmate, duh. But Kisuke sent me to keep an eye on you," she responded with her arms crossed under her breasts pushing he up.

I was about to speak but decided against it and just settled for shaking my head and turning around and walking off into the forest of dead trees.

She caught up a moment later with a duffle bag like mine and leather carryon bag that what I guessed carried her books.

"What made you want to watch over me, Yoruichi?" I asked her looking in her direction. "And how'd you get here? I saw you hop off Urahara's shoulder and got towards his shop."

"I rode the bus. Duh," she responded.

"Stop saying 'duh.' God."

"I'm only acting like a teenager, Ichigo. Calm down," she replied with a smirk.

"So what year are you gonna be? You sure don't look like a first year."

"I can pull it off...and are you calling me old?"

"No! Of course not," I replied shakily. That woman sure could be scary when she wanted to.

We were currently walking along a path leading to the school. There were dead trees, dead grass, and...Tombstones?

"The bus driver was right...this place is scary as hell," Yoruichi said taking the words right out of my mouth.

"Seriously. You think there's gonna be hollow's here?" I asked as I started to gravitate closer to her. She'd probably be my best friend here. I already figured that much.

"Don't know," she responded.

Before I could respond a voice called out.

"Look out! Please move out of the way!" a now distinctive feminine yelled.

I raised an eyebrow and turned to my left to see a girl with pink hair, same uniform as Yoruichi. She was cute. I had to say that. She was also riding a bike...

"Ichigo I think you might want to get out of the way," I heard Yoruichi say.

Though much to dissatisfaction it fell on deaf ears and before I knew it I was on the ground. The bike was a few feet away. No one was on it. And the girl was...

"My, my, Ichigo. I knew you weren't gay," Yoruichi laughed as she noticed the girl was on top of me.

"Ugh...my head...oh thank you for breaking my fall!" the girl said gleefully to me. My head had a trail of blood coming from my forehead.

"You're welcome?" I questioned flicking a bird towards a silently laughing Yoruichi's direction.

"Mmm...you smell nice," the pink haired girl said as she literally licked the blood on my forehead.

I refrained from freaking out just to prove to Yoruichi that I'm not gay. But I was pretty close when she licked the blood off my forehead. So far I think I've maintained a composed fa├žade. Truth is though it was pretty nice.

I think I rubbed off on you, King, I heard Caesar say.

I helped the girl up and put her bike back in working order. "What's your name?" I asked the pink haired girl.

"Moka Akashiya. I'm a vampire!" she said cheerfully. "You don't have a problem with vampires, do you?" the now proclaimed Moka added with a puppy dog expression.

She's got to be kidding, right? I guess I'll just humor her, I thought.

"I've never met a vampire. So I don't have an opinion of them. They seem nice so I guess I like them," I said sheepishly. The fuck did I just say? I asked myself.

Not a fucking clue, Caesar piped in.

What did I say about the use of profanity, Caesar? Zangetsu said.

Caesar gulped and I had to stifle a laugh.

"Oh, that makes me so happy! What's your name?" Moka said with a large as she put me in a hug only to pull away a moment later.

"Ichigo Kurosaki," I responded with a small smile as I picked her bike up off the ground as well as my bags.

"Nice to meet you Ichigo! I hope we have classes together. See you later!" Moka said excitedly not noticing Yoruichi as she got on her bike and speedily took off.

"So a vampire?" Yoruichi said with as we walked on towards our new boarding school.


I propped myself up on my desk with my hand as my elbow itself rested on the desk. I was sitting by a window towards the back of the left side of the room while Yoruichi was sitting behind me and some douche was sitting to the top right of me. Though the seat directly right of me was empty. I sighed, rather loudly as a few eyes found their way towards me.

The douche, Saizo I think, looked at me and just rolled his eyes. A few girls looked at me and all blushed. I didn't have time for girls. Well actually. Seeing as how this war was over, maybe I could. I didn't have anyone back at Karakura town I like liked, but maybe one here. I had to admit, though, Yoruichi was good looking, really good looking, and some of the teasing these past few weeks had been more repetitive and continuous. So, maybe I'd give it a shot. She'd also been looking a me a lot more lately. Maybe the hair? Seeing as how I didn't bother to cut it I just let it stay. I liked it better that way. It was really ironic seeing as how the winter war wasn't even in the winter. I think it was winter in the Soul Society. Maybe that's why old man Yamamoto did that. Wasn't too sure.

Anyways back to the task at hand I decided to zone back in to see Ms. Nekonome, er I think that's her name, opened the door to reveal the same pink haired girl as earlier.

Many dog whistles were made at the sound of her and I just rolled my eyes. I might be looking for a girlfriend now, but that doesn't mean that I'll just sit back and be a pervert.

"I'm sorry I'm late!" Moka apologized over and over again. Ms. Nekonome told her not to worry about it and told her to take a seat next to me.

"Oh, hi, Ichigo!" Moka exclaimed excitedly giving me a hug causing many growls and glares to be turned my way.

When Moka let go Yoruichi nudged me. "Good thing you're not such a prude anymore, Ichigo," she whispered with a hint of teasing prevalent in her voice.

"Now this is a school for monsters! Humans are not allowed here! Actually they can't even get past the barrier around the school," Ms. Nekonome explained as Yoruichi and I looked at each other.

"I don't think this is a joke," I whispered back. Being the dumbass I am I raised my hand.

"Yes, Mr. Kurosaki?" the cat-lady teacher responded.

"What would, by chance, happen to a human if they got past the barrier? Hypothetically speaking," I asked.

"Well, they would be immediately expelled, their memories erased, and if they stayed here long enough, possible execution!" Ms. Neko responded...gleefully?

"Uh, alright, thanks," I said looking out the window again and then back to Yoruichi of who just shrugged.

"And the number one rule of Yokai Academy is to never tell anyone what ype of monster you are!" Ms. Neko said still in a gleeful manner which caused me to look back at Yoruichi.

"Meh, I've seen weirder in the time I've been alive," she whispered looking out the window with me.

"Oh really?" I said leaning back and blankly look at the teacher.

"Yep...but if you really want to see something, Ichigo..." Yoruichi the tease queen just trailed off.

"I might take you up on that offer," I said with a smirk. I didn't see it but I felt that she blushed heavily.

"Hey, Ichigo, do you want to each lunch with me on the roof?" Moka asked me with a smile.

I thought for a moment and shrugged. "Sure," I responded making her almost jump out of her desk in joy and leap across the aisle to hug me around the waist causing more huffs and growls to come from the male and female population of the classroom.

Lunch came around soon and the school for Monsters went their separate ways while Moka, Yoruichi, and I went to the roof.

"So, I guess you two know each other?" Moka asked us with a smile.

"Yeah. We went to the same school before we came here," Yoruichi lied with a smile.

"Oh. So what kind of monsters are you guys?" Moka asked but she quickly caught herself, "Oh wait, you can't say that, stupid, stupid," Moka scolded herself which caused me and Yoruichi to laugh.

"Hey, Ichigo, Yoruichi?" Moka asked a moment which caused me and Yoruichi to both raise an eyebrow in her direction. Moka had become quite acquainted with the flash goddess as soon as we came up on the roof.

"You guys are my first friends," Moka admitted with a smile forming on her face. "I used to go to a human school and everyone there hated me. I don't know why...I hate humans! I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!" Moka repeated with hate much to my disappointment.

"Hey, Moka, what would you say if I told you I'm human? Hypothetically," I said brushing some hair out from in front of my eye, continuing to look over the school grounds while Yoruichi remained silent.

"Well, I'd probably tell you to leave and never come back, and that we couldn't be friends. But that's okay because you're not human...right?" Moka said. I could tell that there was hope in her voice, but if we were even gonna try to be friends then she needed to know that I'm human.

"No. I am human. Yoruichi, too," I said now looking fully in her direction to see a shocked expression on her face. "I think it was a mistake coming to this school," I said balling up my brown paper lunch bag. "If you can't get over your hate for humans, Moka, then we can't be friends," I added before walking down the stairs with Yoruichi in tow, leaving behind, almost in tears, Moka.

"Do you really think it was a mistake coming to this school?" Yoruichi asked me as we walked the halls back to class.

"What's the point of school if you can't have friends?" I said with a hollow chuckle.

"What? Am I not enough for you?" Yoruichi joked.

"Nope," I joked right back as I glared at some of the perverted boys that were ogling Yoruichi.

Yoruichi nudged me. "Maybe we should try the bus later today if you really don't want to stay."

"Maybe," I responded as we arrived at Ms. Neko's room. Moka wasn't there. It would have been awkward.


"So we're really leaving, huh?" Yoruichi said as we walked along the path to the bus stop.

"Yeah," I said sadly. Despite monsters and all this school might have been good. But seeing as how they held such poor views on humans then I just couldn't stay here.

Well, you aren't totally human, Ichigo. You're a Soul Reaper and a Hollow. Remember materializing your mask? You tried it a few times I do believe, Zangetsu said from my inner world. It made sense.

But I'm still human. And their views wouldn't change, I responded.

Maybe, maybe not, King. You never know. I know you got the hots for that Moka chick. There's some pretty hot girls there, too. Albeit their fuckin' monsters, but still, Caesar added.

I was about to reply but I heard a voice not far from our location, two voices to be exact. One voice was one I couldn't make out. The other was...

"Moka...Yoruichi, let's go!" I ordered as I took off running in the direction of the voices with Yoruichi right behind me.

"No one denies me!" I heard an altered voice of some sort say followed by a slam against a stone wall. Though it didn't sound like a fist. It sounded like someone slammed something against it. That was followed by a scream.

I rounded the corner to see a seemingly mutated Saizo slam Moka against a stone wall. She looked beaten.

"This is what ogres do! We pillage, rape, and destroy!" Saizo said with a disturbing laugh.

"Ichigo!" I heard Moka gasp causing Saizo to turn around.

"Ichigo Kurosaki," Saizo said. "That's a fine bitch you got there. Maybe I'll rape here once I'm done with this beauty!" the supposed ogre laugh maniacally.

I honestly didn't catch a hint of that. I was seeing red, a lot of red. Breathing deeply and roughly I dropped my bags to my side.

"Ichigo. Calm down. We can handle this," I heard Yoruichi say.

"What? Got nothin' to say, Kurosaki? That's what I expected from a spineless freak that smells like a human!" Saizo roared with laughter as he slammed Moka against a wall. He then dropped Moka to the ground and started to walk over towards me. Moka lifted her head up to see me.

"Ichigo! Get out of here!" I heard Moka yell as Saizo made his way over to me, now towering over my form.

Ichigo. You know what you have to do, Zangetsu said. A rare anger was prevalent in his voice.

Let's kick some ogre ass, king. Show this overgrown bastard who's boss, Caesar added.

"Move, Yoruichi. Check on Moka," I ordered her. With a nod she ran past Saizo over to the broken form of Moka. My hollowfied voice left no room for argument. My head was down so he couldn't see my black and yellow eyes. I pulled my hand up to face and waited. This bastard was gonna pay.

"So, Kurosaki, want to die? Take this!" Saizo yelled with a laugh as he launched a punch at me.

In a quick movement of my hand my hollow mask was over my face and I outstretched an arm to catch the giant fist of the ogre known as Saizo.

"What the Hell?" Saizo said looking into my yellow eyes and white mask with thick red lines going down through where my eyes would go.

"What's wrong, Saizo? What happened to you being all big and bad a minute ago?" I asked. Truthfully I was toying with him. I then grabbed his hand and twisted it around his back in a flash with me ultimately standing on top of his back. I pulled it back to hear him scream. I heard a crack a moment later to register that his arm was now broken. I let it go for him to fall to the ground.

"What, what the hell are you!?" Saizo said trying to nurse his broken arm.

"That doesn't matter. What does is that you will never, never, touch Moka or talk to her ever again. Understand?" I said as I kicked him in the stomach and into a rock wall.

After a moment of catching his breath he answered, "I understand! Now please let me go!" Saizo pleaded.

"Get out of here," I responded and he gratefully replied by running back along the path and back towards Yokai Academy, his footsteps slowly getting quieter as he ran away at a frightening pace.

I dispelled my mask and ran over to where Yoruichi and Moka were.

"Moka, are you alright?" I asked worriedly as I smiled a small smile earning one back from here.

"Ichigo, I...I heard you were leaving. So I came here to try and stop you...I...I didn't want you to leave. I don't care if you're a human. I just didn't want my first two friends to leave me...then I'd be all alone. I don't want to be alone ever again. Promise me you won't leave me, Ichigo, Yoruichi. I don't want you to leave," Moka pleaded in between coughs with a small smile.

I smiled back as I picked her up. "Alright. I won't leave," I said as I brushed some hair out of her face.

She smiled weakly.

"Yoruichi, pick up the bags. I'll take Moka to the infirmary," I said as we started walking back to the school.


"Hey, there's the guy that broke Saizo's arm!" one student whispered as Yoruichi, Moka, of which was still in my arms now unconscious, and I walked past them.

"Wow. Things here spread quicker that at Karakura Town," I mumbled as we entered the infirmary and I laid Moka down on the bed.

A nurse came by to look at her to take her temperature, "Hmm. It looks like your friend here is a vampire. She'll be alright if we had some packaged blood, but our shipment comes in tomorrow," the nurse trailed off.

I then thought of when Moka hit me with the bike and she licked the blood from my forehead.

"What if she drank my blood?" I asked.

"That would work. Let me just go get a needle and..." I cut her off.

"No, I'll just let her drink it straight from me," I said as I took off my green jacket and rolled up my white sleeve.

"Alright, whatever you say. Just let her drink a little, alright? I'll be back in a moment," the nurse said walking off to attend to other patients, one of them being Saizo of who I just glared at.

He jumped and started to break out in a cold sweat much to my amusement. I really got the message across with that guy.

"Ichigo, are you sure about this?" Yoruichi said putting a hand on my shoulder.

"It's my fault she's like this so I have to take responsibility," I said as I pressed my wrist against Moka's now opened mouth.

As if on reflex she bit down and I felt her fangs penetrate my skin. I winced but it soon faded. After about thirty seconds of drinking I saw her bruises start to go away and the few scrapes she had be gone like they were never there. The gash that was on her leg was also starting to heal. After another fifteen seconds she opened her eyes to see my wrist against her mouth. And after yet another fifteen seconds I pulled my wrist from her mouth. I looked at my wrist to not even see a mark. Weird, I thought.

"You're my first," she said with a large smile as she sat up.

"Huh?" I responded with a blush on my face.

"You're the first person I ever drank from directly, Ichigo!" she said as she pulled me in a hug.

Two hours later-in front of Moka's and Yoruichi's dorm building.

"Hey, Ichigo, there's something I want to ask you," Moka said to me.

"Yeah, Moka?" I responded as I propped myself up against the side of the stairs.

"You said you're a," she looked around to make sure no one else was there, "human, but you have that mask and Yoruichi can move really fast. Are you sure you're humans?" she finished as she looked at Yoruichi and I.

"Yeah. We're just special humans," I responded. Seeing as how it was six o'clock I figured I'd just turn in for the night. I turned on heel and started to walk away. "Night, guys," I said walking to my dorm but before I could even register it, I was enveloped in a tight hug by Moka.

"T-thank you, Ichigo. For sticking up for me. Thank you for being my friend," Moka cried happy tears.

"Hey, don't mention it," I said as I hugged her back. I looked back to Yoruichi and winked at her causing her to blush surprisingly. After a moment Moka let go and I dried her tears for her causing her to blush and smile. "I'll let you suck on my blood in the morning, alright? And once at lunch and dinner. Maybe one more if you ask nicely," I smiled.

"Really? Thank you, Ichigo!" she said excitedly with a smile.

I nodded back with a smile. "Night," I said once more giving them a backward wave before stuffing my hands in my pockets.

"Goodnight, Ichigo," both Yoruichi and Moka said at the same time. I smiled to myself and looked back to see sparks flying between the two.

Maybe this school won't be so bad, I thought.

About ten minutes I walked in my dorm room and kicked off my shoes and rolled my arms.

"Damn that hurts," I said aloud as Zangetsu and Cesar both materialized.

"I suggest not getting in too many fights, Ichigo. Your human body is not built for that kind of strain. I suggest going to the gym in the school after school to build up your muscle mass before training directly with the masks, or full hollowfied forms," Zangetsu explained.

"Or you could just go right to the source and start training with 'em right away. You'll build up the muscle as you go along, king," Cesar voiced his opinion.

"I'll decide on It later. I got homework to do," I said as I put my bag on the table while Zangetsu and Cesar both dematerialized.

It was about eight when I finished. It was mostly math, but I just took my time. I yawned. Bed sounded good right about then. So I dressed in my sleep attire which consisted of a tank top, gym shorts, and socks. I walked out of the room with toothpaste and toothbrush in hand and head to the dorms bathrooms.

After completing the task that must be completed for healthy teeth I went back to my dorm room, shut off the lights, and laid down on the one person bed. Man, I was tired. It's been a long day, I thought.

I laid there only for a moment later...I...was...asleep...zzz...

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