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Here's a summary of what happened last chapter…


It's been two weeks since the Hollow Fights, so Inner Moka is the new Moka. Kisuke makes an appearance as the new Science Teacher and later announces that students must join clubs. Ichigo goes to the Swordsman club, defeats Deshiko in a spar, goes to another club run by Kenpachi Zaraki, and says that he'll spar with him. Ichigo later goes to the Swimming Club and talks with Moka. She notices some scars on his arms and asks how he got them. Mermaids start attacking students, and Yoruichi, Moka, Kurumu, and Ichigo fight them. Ichigo says that the Mermaids can take his life force so the other students can go away. A mermaid rips his shirt off revealing many scars. Ichigo restrains the Mermaids with Hado, and leaves the pool after getting another shirt from Kisuke.

Ichigo sighed as he looked over the school grounds from atop the main school building at Yokai Academy. It was nighttime and he was in his body at the time in a pair of old gym shorts and a white tee. He had worked out earlier than usual as to not face Moka, Kurumu, or anyone else.

He didn't know why it bothered him so much when it came to his scars, or was it simply what people would say? Their ignorance was what got to him. He could just go straight up to them and say 'Oh, these? I just got them fighting things that could level the entire school in a single attack.'

Yeah, that was out of the question.

He knew he was being out of character to anyone that knew him personally, but it still got to him.

Back in Karakura town when people would talk about his hair color he'd just brush it off and continue about his business, but he figured he would act the same if his scars were shown to the public. Right then he questioned his mental standpoint. Were sixteen-year-olds supposed to see all the things he saw? We they really supposed to get involved in all of that? What would have happened if he didn't get involved in the whole situation with the Soul Society?

Oh yeah…

The world would have ended with Aizen being Spirit King…

Those thoughts just seemed to pass right over his head….


Ichigo shook his head as he let the thoughts dissipate from his mind. The event had already happened and there was nothing he could do about it now.

"Oi, Ichigo!" a deep male voice came from behind him making him turn around to see Kenpachi with Yachiru and Urahara beside him, the former two in their Shinigami outfits.

"Oh, hey, Kenpachi, didn't notice you," Ichigo chuckled weakly.

"You're still not moping about earlier, are ya, Ichigo? It's not like you to mope," Kenpachi grinned. For a battle hungry psychopath, he strangely had a serious side…sometimes.

"Well it's not like you to care about people's feelings now are ya?" Ichigo retorted with a small smirk.

"That's better," Kenpachi said with a manic grin. "Can't wait to whoop your ass and it'd be no fun if you didn't have your head in the game," he added.

"Oh, I'm still not on my game, and I'll remind you, Kenpachi, that I'll be in my human body in this and if I lose control then you'd better get the fuck outta there," Ichigo said.

"Doesn't matter to me. A fight's a fight," Kenpachi grinned again.

"Hey, Ichi, what do you mean by lose control? I thought you had Mr. Hollow man in line up there in your noggin?" Yachiru asked with a raised eyebrow. Caesar growled at the small shinigami from within Ichigo's mind.

Before Ichigo could respond, Urahara beat him to it. "What he means is, when he uses his resureccion, he is in complete control of his hollow, but when he goes into independent stages, he has a much, much larger chance of losing himself to his instincts," Urahara responded.

Ichigo blinked. "Yeah, what he said," Ichigo responded. He still didn't know the specific mechanics of why he lost control. He hadn't yet when he purposely changed into his forms, but that didn't mean it couldn't happen…actually, he hadn't changed into his forms purposely without the use of his recureccion. Ichigo grunted. This was going to be a test run…oh how he hated test runs.

His first time in resureccion, Rangiku, Rukia, Renji, and Toshiro showed up and he had to explain to them that he was actually him, chasing him around Karakura Town for over an hour and Urahara supervised! And then Kisuke started to chase him around, too! Thanks to Tessai…after two hours…they calmed down. It would have happened sooner if Caesar himself would have come with an instruction manual but no, Murphy just had to fuck him over on that one.

Ichigo didn't know why his Soul Reaper friends…and human friends didn't like hollows...well, Arrancars to be more precise. Hell, his mother got killed by one and he still found a friend in Nel, Pesche, Dondochakka, at least on talking terms with Grimmjow…you know, after, he beat him down….until he got supposedly decapitated by Nnoitora…that kinds puts a hamper on talking…and breathing…and living in general.

Ichigo shook his head gaining curious looks from the gathered Shinigami. "Sorry," he chuckled, "I was just thinking on something," he chuckled again.

"So, why are you here, Urahara?" Ichigo asked as he crossed his arms to look at the shopkeeper.

Kisuke started to wave his fan innocently. "Well, I'm just here to make sure that proper safety procedures are taken and that you don't endanger yourself," he grinned cheekily as he continued to wave his damnable fan.

I'll burn that thing someday, I swear it… Ichigo promised himself. "Yeah, I call bullshit."

"Now why would you call bullshit? I don't even think bull manure has a phone, Ichigo…" Urahara grinned a toothy grin. Kenpachi laughed and Yachiru giggled.

"Damnit, you know what I meant!" He grumbled just as Urahara took on a serious demeanor.

"I'm standing by as kido support just in case you go out of control. I'll give you time to reel in your emotions and get back in control in case you lose control," Urahara responded making Ichigo sigh.

"Gee, thanks for making me sound like an emotionally unstable maniac," he sweat-dropped.

"Your very much welcome, Ichigo," Urahara grinned while Ichigo just rolled his eyes.

"So, are we gonna just sit here and talk or are we gonna do this, Ichigo. I got places to be, people to fight, ya know, the works," Kenpachi grumbled. All he wanted was a good fight, not a bitching contest.

"Yeah, Kenny's getting impatient, Ichi!" Yachiru chirped while Ichigo just pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Damnit, fine. Let's just go and get this over with," Ichigo said as he jumped off the building towards a nearby tree, signaling Kenpachi to follow him with a wave of his hand.

"This is gonna be so much fun, ain't that right Yachiru?" Kenpachi grinned like a maniac.

"Yeah, Kenny! We're gonna kick the shit out of him!" she said happily.

"Yachiru, language," Kenpachi scolded lightly making Yachiru at least a little sheepish.

"Sorry, Kenny, baldy is kinda getting to me," she explained as she referenced Ikkaku.

"Oh, is he now? I'll just have to teach him proper language to use around a little girl then," he grinned as he followed after Ichigo with his tiny lieutenant on his shoulder.

Urahara just shook his head. "Sometime, I'm glad I left Soul Society…too…normal for my tastes," he said casually as he jumped off to find the three Soul Reapers.


Las Noches: Destroyed Throne Room…

Tier Harribel looked over the destruction of the throne room for the hundredth time she had entered it since the being sustaining the palace was dead, Sosuke Aizen. It had been four months since the end of the Winter War, four months of living in the ruins.

She was not alone, however. Her fraccion had survived by the skin of their teeth from the burns inflicted upon them by the head captain, Genryusai Yamamoto. She herself was barely alive when she saved them from the wound inflicted on her by the man she used to call a leader. She still had the long slash as a scar on her body.

She sat on the table which had chairs missing and half of it gone. She gingerly ran her gloved fingers over it, the appendages collecting dust as they streaked across the surface of the stone. She saw a piece of broken mirror on the ground and leaned down to pick it up. She then looked at herself in the mirror.

She saw a woman with short, messy, shaggy, and somewhat spiky blonde hair with bangs two bangs over her forehead than intersected each other before curving outward. She also had it separated into three separate locks with blue clips.

For facial features, she saw a woman with a soft yet hard expression, piercing green eyes, blonde eyelashes, and a high collar shirt with long-sleeves, black lining, gloves with black finger tips, and stopped right below her exceptionally large breasts with the high collar stopping below her eyes. She had her zanpakuto strapped to her back in a horizontal fashion in a lavender colored sheath.

She had no clothing covering her abdomen and for pants, she wore white hakama pants with a black sash as a belt. On her feet she wore white waraji sandals with black tabi socks.

She put the broken piece of reflective material back on the table before dusting her hakama pants off so they would be free of any debris.

"Damnit, I told you, bitch, I'm stronger than you!" Tia heard a shout resonate from down the hallway she had just come from.

She tilted her head slightly to see Mila-Rose and Apacci with lightning going between their eyes with Sung-Sun rolling her eyes at the two. She then saw a tall male arrancar in his early twenties with a standard male arrancar outfit along with a large zanbato on his back wrapped in bandages. It had a green hilt that was easily a foot long with a large, six-foot long cleaver-like blade that curved un slightly as well as a hole about a foot from the hilt guard with the blade itself being a foot wide vertically. It also had a curve going inward about six inches close to the tip of the blade. He called it the Kubikiribōchō.

He had a mask fragment along his lower jawline with small, serrated teeth along it. His name was Rialgo Cortez. He had slicked back, navy-blue hair, slit eyes, and five o'clock shadow. He was her fourth fraccion that had served her faithfully even though he was more powerful that her. Every time she looked at his mask fragment and eyes, it somehow reminded her of a…hammerhead. (In case you haven't noticed, it's the hammerhead hollow from canon)

He had stumbled across her when he was an adjuchas and she a mid-level vasto-lorde. He defeated her easily but he didn't kill her, he simply wanted to follow her as was the natural order of things. It confused her because he was more powerful but she didn't question it as he had spared her life. He was her first follower and first fraccion, Mila-Rose, Sung-sun, and Apacci following closely behind, as her other followers and eventual fraccion before she became an arrancar. Rialgo eventually became a vasto-lorde but he still insisted on being her fraccion, even going so far as to lose against Yammy unrealeased to 'prove' he was somewhat weak so that he could serve under Tia…though he could go against Starrk evenly in a one-on-one.

Rialgo was a cheery fellow and usually goofy. He was only serious when it came to Tia's safety. She was like an older sister to him and he a younger brother. She usually became annoyed when he bothered her to an extent. She wanted him to come to the fake Karakura Town, but he said he would watch over her palace while she was gone and true enough; her section of Las Noches was untouched by the rebelling hollows in the bowls of Las Noches when news of Aizen's death came to Las Noches. He was also downright furious when Tia came through the Garganta worse for wear with his terribly burnt surrogate sisters.

Tia chuckled lightly as she watched the four and then almost laughed when Mila-Rose hit Rialgo over the head for coming in between her and Apacci's fight. She was sure she would have gone literally insane without those four over the past three months. As far as she could tell, she and her fraccion were the only remaining arrancars living in Las Noches. Loly, Menoly, Grimmjow, Starrk, Neliel, Nel's fraccion and Lilynette having gone out into the wastes just travelling. Tia hadn't heard from them since they had left a month ago.

Tia didn't want to go, as she would stay at Las Noches with her fraccion to watch over it. Her hand absently traced over the scar that was across her stomach, starting from right above her bellybutton to her left side.

She held no love for Aizen, simply following what her instincts were telling her which was to serve the stronger hollow or being. She had been named the unofficial queen of Hueco Mundo but she knew the title wasn't hers.

It belonged to the man that defeated Aizen, Ichigo Kurosaki. The strongest hollow in all of the four worlds, Hell, the Physical world, Hueco Mundo, and Soul Society. She knew he wasn't completely a hollow, but he wielded a resureccion, so that was good enough for her.

When she served Aizen, the instinct to serve the one who was stronger was there, but it seemed that it was forced into her subconscious because of the fear she held of him. Solely fear, which was wrong. A hollow had to admire another which was why she didn't follow Starrk, Barragan, or any other that was stronger than her because she felt no drive to. She didn't admire Aizen, she outright hated him, but the fear she held from him, kept her from acting.

His Zanpakuto was absolute in its power. The power to completely control another's senses by just looking at its initial release? How could such a power come into existence?

But…one boy came into the picture…one man who invaded Las Noches on a whim to save a friend. He had gained her admiration right then and there, albeit unknowingly, but still. She felt the urge to serve him after she witnessed his resureccion in the fight with Ulquiorra, well a video anyways. And she felt the enormous urge to bow down to him when she witnessed him release his bankai, of which was devastatingly powerful on its own, and resureccion which was downright demonic, but also gave him a second bankai sword to combat Aizen. And then when she witnessed him release a cero and Getsuga Tensho at the same time to utterly destroy Aizen? She downright shuddered and her cheeks tinged pink slightly.

She smiled lightly behind her mask as her hand rested on her left breast to feel her irregular heartbeat because of the hollow-hole located in her heart, ironically.

She felt a pang of worry when she thought about what would happen later today…er night, whichever one preferred to call whatever Hueco Mundo was in.

She would be going to confront Ichigo Kurosaki very soon to offer him the spot to rule Hueco Mundo and she would not take no for an answer.

"Jeez…Apacci sure can hit…" Rialgo muttered as he passed Tia making her chuckle slightly as she watched him rub his jaw.

"You did it on purpose…" Tia responded.

"What? I only grabbed her ass…and it's not like I haven't done it before either…" Rialgo said with a foxlike grin as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. Rialgo was also a major pervert.

Tia merely sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose. She loved him as an older sister would love a younger brother, but he was an idiot…

"So, when we gonna go confront this Ichigo guy?" Rialgo asked as he sat in a chair.

"In a bit. We just have to wait for the gigai's to stabilize."

"That Szaeyl guy sure knew what he was doing, ne?" Rialgo chuckled as folded his arms behind his head and closed his eyes. "What happens if he refuses?" Rialgo asked making Tia look at him out of the corner of her eye.

"We will stay there until he does," she responded.

"Do you know where he is?" Tia's male 'subordinate' asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A place called Yokai academy. There are four other Soul Reapers there. Yoruichi Shihoin, Kisuke Urahara, Kenpachi Zaraki, and his Lieutenant Yachiru Zaraki," Tia says. Aizen's 'All Seeing Eye' he had in his personal quarters was a real help in surveillance but it strangely couldn't see into the Soul Society, but she didn't care as the person she was watching was in the human world.

"What else should we expect? If he refuses and we stay, should we enroll? I can pull off being a third year," Rialgo grins.

"You just want to hit on the women, don't you?" Tia sighed.

"You know me so well," Rialgo grinned a toothy grin.

"And you do know they are monsters right?" Tia responded.

"They can't beat the Menos Forest. You see all kinds of shit there," Rialgo with responded with a smirk.

"There are also spiders there the size of basketballs," she responded with a slight smirk as she saw him go wide-eyed.

"I don't wanna go anymore…" he muttered as he put his head on the table.

"If I go, you go," Tia said making him groan.

"So when are we heading out, Lady Halibel?" Sung-Sun asked as she walked over.

"When the gigai's stabilize," Tia reiterated.

Sung-Sun nodded before she sat down next to Rialgo and picked up a book she had left there earlier and began to read.

"Apacci, Mila-Rose, what are your opinions on enrolling into Yokai Academy?" Tia asked the other female arrancars about to trade blows.

They both blinked before taking on thinking poses.

"I wouldn't care. It'd beat being out here all the time," Mila-Rose responded as she crossed her arms.

"Same here," Apacci said while Rialgo and Sung-Sun went wide-eyed along with Tia which had a mild expression of shock on her face.

"What?" Mila-Rose and Apacci questioned at the same time.

"And here I thought it'd be a cold day in Hell before those two agreed on anything…" Rialgo muttered. "So, what do you say we go scout out this academy, ne?" he grinned.

Meanwhile in Hell…

Satan was busy doing paperwork and stamping forms. "And he goes to the eighth circle, and he goes to the second circle, and she goes to the fifth…" he said as he sat back in his chair before folding his arms behind his head.

He suddenly got a chill.

He looked around and pressed the intercom on his desk. "Hey, Lilith…did you turn on the air conditioner again?" he asked his secretary.

"No sir," she replied.

He looked around again before slouching down in his chair. "Huh…weird…" he muttered before reaching in a drawer and pulling out a perverted novel. Lilith buzzed over the intercom again.

"You still have more paperwork to do sir. Please put away the book," she tiredly says making him grumble.

"God damnit…" he muttered before a rumble shook all of Hell. "Shut up, God! You know I hate when the temperature drops here!" he says just before the rumbling stops. A moment later a piece of paper flew in the window made of gold.

Satan grabbed the paper before opening it and began to read.

U mad, bro?

He looked down to see a troll face with long white hair and a white beard.


With Ichigo…

Ichigo swore he heard a deep, bellowing voice swearing but quickly shook it off as he made his way to a clearing that was beside the blood-red ocean. A shiver ran up his spine as he looked at the scene. Not a moment later he felt a gust of air behind him. He looked to see Kenpachi, Yachiru, and Urahara, the former two having grins on their faces.

"You ready to get started, Ichigo?" Kenpachi grinned while Yachiru jumped from his shoulders to Urahara's.

"Yeah, yeah, give me a sec," Ichigo responded before he started to stretch his arms and legs before taking off his shirt and then his shoes and socks so they wouldn't get shredded.

"Man, I'd kill to get a circle scar like that," Kenpachi said while Ichigo merely rolled his eyes.

Kenpachi ripped the bandages from his sword before leveling the tip of it with his eye.

Ichigo breathed out before he cracked his neck. A moment later he summoned his basic mask with the red marking going down his cheeks and forehead making his sclera turn black and for his irises to turn a dull yellow. He breathed out again before he felt the mask he was wearing meld more to his face. A hole in his chest started to form and basically melt out a white substance. The hole was smaller than his scar and if you looked out it you could see out the other side.

White substance starting going from the mask and down his neck and body. His muscle mass considerably bulked up as red tribal markings started to form as well. His hair started to grow down to his mid back. When the white, bone-like substance made it to his hands his fingertips grew claws.

The gym shorts he was wearing strained as the muscle mass in legs considerably grew making more red tribal marking appear. When the substance came down to his back, a large tail started to form until it reached about five feet long. When it reached his feet his toes grew claws and his calves grew considerably. He looked more reptilian than anything and was hunched over slightly.

He breathed out as he flexed his clawed hands. "You ready, Kenpachi?" Ichigo said in a watery voice making Kenpachi grin even wider.

"I was born ready!" the eleventh division yelled with glee as he charged the human transcendent.

Urahara jumped back to give the two respective powerhouses room to fight it out.

Ichigo ducked under Kenpachi's swing as he raised his armor-covered hand to block another swing from his left making sparks fly as his hand grinded against Kenpachi's almost serrated sword. Ichigo jumped back a bit as his tail snaked between his legs in an attempt to drag Kenpachi to the ground.

Kenpachi saw the large tail before grinning and rushing towards Ichigo. He ducked as a clawed hand tried to strike him only for Ichigo knee to come and hit him in the jaw making his teeth rattle. Kenpachi chuckled as he was knocked back before he disappeared in a flash of shunpo. Ichigo looked around before narrowly dodging a strike from behind him.

The hollowfied Ichigo grabbed the blade before pulling it to his left where his left hand was waiting to him Kenpachi in the jaw. The strike connected only for Kenpachi to kick his sword towards Ichigo's side.

The strike connected making his armor chip and for sparks to fly as the Captain's sword grinded against Ichigo's hierro.

Ichigo pushed the sword back so that he and Kenpachi were about ten feet from one another. He disappeared in a sonido before reappearing above Kenpachi with a cero charging on his fingertips.

"That's what I'm talking about, Ichigo!" Kenpachi grinned as he jumped up just Ichigo let the cero loosed destroying the landscape above Kenpachi. Ichigo stood in mid-air as the smoke cleared to reveal that Kenpachi wasn't there. The crater Ichigo made was a giant one. He turned to his left to narrowly avoid another swing Kenpachi launched at him.

"You think a puny little cero like that can take me down?!" Kenpachi grinned as he gestured to his slightly singed clothing.

"Just wanted to keep you on your toes, Kenpachi," Ichigo chuckled as he charged the captain once more.

Ichigo held his arms up in an 'X' fashion as Kenpachi descended on him with his nodachi going in a long arc down towards him. When the strike connected a large crate was created beneath Ichigo. He felt his hierro crack slightly before it almost instantly repaired itself thanks to his regenerative capabilities.

Ichigo decided to go on the offensive as put his fingers together before swiping at Kenpachi as if they were a singular dagger or sword. The strike connected with Kenpachi's zanpakuto making more sparks fly between the two. They pushed each other back before they landed about fifteen feet from each other.

"C'mon, Ichigo! Don't hold back! It's no fun if you don't go all out!" Kenpachi grinned towards Ichigo as he propped his zanpakuto on his shoulder.

"If I wasn't holding back then this area wouldn't be here," Ichigo muttered making Kenpachi grin wider.

"That's what makes it fun!" he exclaimed before he took off his eye patch making his power skyrocket. The grin he wore lessened slightly as he heard the tone Ichigo was using. It still wasn't his usual angry tone. It was slightly more depressed actually. "You're still upset everybody saw the scars aren't you?" he said seriously making Ichigo's eyes widen behind his mask.


Yoruichi tossed and turned in her sleep before her eyes snapped open and she sat up in her bed. She looked around the room before she fell back into bed. She was wearing a purple tank top with purple pajama pants. Her hair was down and she had a slight bed head. She turned to look at the clock beside her bead to see it was eleven o'clock. She had only been asleep for two hours and she was now wide awake.

Her mind drifted towards the day's events…

She smiled lightly as she remembered how Ichigo flirted with her some and how he defeated Deshiko in that spar. He really was fast, faster than her even. He really did deserve the title 'God of Flash'.

She then became angry as she thought of the Pool Incident. She recollected the Winter War and frowned. Ichigo had to get involved because we couldn't hold our own against a single enemy and a small army…

It's our fault…the Soul Society's…Aizen's…Kisuke's…mine… she thought as she sat up again and brought her legs up to her chest and rested her chin on her knees.

Maybe if Kisuke would have just saved Ichigo back when he lost his powers then maybe he would have lived a mostly normal life. She grew angry again. She now knew it was Aizen's fault. If he would have never sent Rukia to the world of the living then Ichigo would have most-likely never got involved.

She shook her head free of the thoughts. He would have gotten involved anyways… she thought. His powers would have developed on their own. And if he didn't then I would have never met him… she smiled lightly.

And now he has the power to protect the people he wants to protect… a warm feeling shot through her chest and she smiled again. It was, however, cut short as an influx of power stopped her thoughts as she ascertained who the power belonged to. Normally, with the seals and his reiatsu under control, Ichigo's power was a fourth seat's at least, now it spiked to low captain. She could tell he still had a hamper on his power but it was still there and still very high.

Without a second thought she put a pair of sneakers, tied her hair up in a ponytail before she opened her dormitory window and leaped into the night air to find where Ichigo was and what was causing the influx.

With Moka…

Moka sat at her desk in a simple grey nightgown with black gym shorts on. She had a nearby lamp on and she sat lazily in her roller chair, her feet propped up on the desk with an arm propped up on the arm rest of the chair, her hand on the side of her face propping her head up. She seemed to have a permanent scowl with all the glaring she was doing to the outside of her window.

A primal growl escaped her lips as she thought of the information being withheld from her by a person she daresay call friend, Ichigo Kurosaki.

What kind of monster was he? Her father had been alive for hundreds of years and he didn't have near as many scars on his body, but then again, vampires didn't get scars unless they stayed in water too long and that was only second degree burns.

She scowled again. The science teacher and Yoruichi had to have known something as Yoruichi had come with him from his former school and it very much seemed like Ichigo knew the hat n' clogs wearing man.

What secrets was he hiding? She was sure she'd find out one way or another. A moment later she felt Ichigo's specific energy source he had somehow gained a few days ago. She didn't know how to explain it. At first it was overwhelming but now it was smaller but she could feel it still held that ferocity to it.

She put some tennis shoes on before opening her window and leaping out to find where Ichigo was and what he was doing. She was going to get answers to more than one thing.

With Kurumu…

Kurumu was currently brushing her teeth in the restroom on her floor of the girl's dormitory. She knew it was kind of later however the students had no real bed time only a curfew to abide by which meant they had to stay in their dorm by eight o'clock.

She wore a pair of sky blue sweatpants, purple socks, and a purple spaghetti strap tank top. It was also her usual sleep attire.

She spit into the sink to rid herself of any toothpaste suds before setting her toothbrush beside the sink before turning on some water and rinsing her mouth out. She turned off the water before looking into the mirror intently.

Oh, Ichigo... she thought as a frown adorned her face.

She grew sad as she thought about the earlier day's event. She remembered clearly the scars she had seen. He was a nice guy! Sure he scowled a lot, swore, beat the hell out of anyone who dared to try to grope his friends, and was prone to getting into fights, but that's not the point.

He didn't deserve all those scars on his body! What could have possibly caused him to have all of those scars? Some went from his shoulder down to his chest, and one that clearly stuck out in her mind was the circular one in the middle of his chest that went through and through. She also remembered the marks from where the strange masked monster had bit him two weeks ago and they still looked fresh.

She swore that she'd almost cry for him. He was a sixteen year-old teen monster like her! Not some war veteran! She understood that he was a monster but it looked like he had seen a lifetime of fighting already. It just wasn't right!

She was about to head back to her bedroom to go back to sleep before she felt a yokai influx. She knew that it was Ichigo's as it had popped up a few days ago, unknowing to her as his reiatsu had dropped out of its transcendence. It used to be intolerably large but it had dulled down a good bit. It seemed to be in an influx as well so she'd check it out.

She went back to her room before setting her toothpaste and toothbrush down, slipping some slippers on and then leaving through her open window, her leathery wings coming into existence as she flew towards Ichigo's direction.

With Tamao…

The young mermaid sighed as she painted her toenails at a leisurely pace with a fresh coat of gloss to give them a shine. She sat on her bed which had light blue sheets on them as well as a dark blue comforter and a full body pillow with sky blue pillow covers. She wore a plain dark blue, large t-shirt and dark blue gym shorts.

While she glossed over her toenails, her mind drifted to what happened at the pool earlier that day. The restraining method wore off after about half an hour later but amidst the mermaids' struggling, she was still the entire time.

Her mind drifted again towards the first year that caught her attention. Ichigo Kurosaki… she thought. When he had deliberately put himself in harm's way to save the other student in the pool, he had gained a decent amount of respect from her right then, but then again, she thought he was simply an idiot who she thought was just trying to be a hero.

He proved her wring when he basically captured each and every one of her sisters in one attack. She admitted that she was caught off guard, but still, it was an impressive feat none-the-less.

She frowned as she thought of how she had made him lose his shirt making every one see what he had most definitely hidden under there for a reason.

She regretted doing that, she admitted to herself. Had she known, she probably wouldn't have done it. But then again, if it were anyone else, she probably wouldn't have cared.

Her eyes traveled to the window in her dorm room before she felt a spike in yokai. She had been around the school when an almost overwhelming amount of yokai pressed down on the entire vicinity. It was like that for a few days, each day it getting smaller and smaller until it was almost unnoticeable. Earlier that day at the pool when being tied up by the Haiwana, that its energy was similar to Ichigo's.

The energy she had just felt was also, except it was slightly dark than earlier that day. She put on a pair of tennis shoes, as her gloss had dried by then, and exited her room before going down the stairwell and out into the night to find where the influx and hopefully apologize to Ichigo.


Ichigo let a hissing noise escape his lips as another wound on his body healed thanks to the regenerative abilities in the form he was in. He was significantly slower in this form coupled with being in his human body made it worse. His Shinigami body was many times more durable than his human one so that meant that he couldn't sonido willy nilly all the time. He had to dodge manually as to not make it worse on himself when he reverted back to his human form. He had a crack in his armor from when Kenpachi had gotten a really good slash on his chest but no blood was drawn thanks to his hierro.

Kenpachi was actually fairing worse than Ichigo with many slash marks from when Ichigo had got him with his claws. He had discarded his haori when it was burnt when he was caught in a cero. His hakama was ripped and his shihakusho was also ripped revealing long scars on his body.

Ichigo leaped into the air as he dove towards Kenpachi, his claws prepared to strike him. Kenpachi raised his sword and crouched slightly as he moved out of the way. Ichigo maneuvered to his left before he landed on the ground. He did a 180 as his tail impacted Kenpachi's side before he raised his claws and then pulled then in a downward motion to hit the captain.

His claws were blocked as Kenpachi grabbed his tail to try and pull his towards him. The captain had a grin on his face as he saw Ichigo charging a cero in his left hand which forced the captain to either choose whether he would be hit or let go of Ichigo's tail.

Kenpachi tried to slash at the hand only for Ichigo to retract it and use his tail to pull Kenpachi towards himself. His dissipated the cero before he kicked the captain off of him. Kenpachi was pushed back but charged forward and dodged to his left to get out of the way of a downward slash. He swung his sword from the left before it hit Ichigo's right arm making his bone-like armor crack.

Kenpachi jumped back before Ichigo barreled toward him, his claws extended on either side of him.

Meanwhile with Urahara and Yachiru…

"Looks like they're having fun," Urahara chuckled as he waved his fan.

"Yep! Kenny's really having fun. He hasn't fought like this since the war!" Yachiru chirped with a playful smile.

"If the landscape has anything to say about it…" Urahara chuckled as he looked at the crater-filled landscape. Part of the cliff was gone as Kenpachi had swung his sword down so hard, part of the cliff fell off into the ocean.

"Ichi's cero is really powerful. Bigger and badder than any I've seen," Yachiru said before her senses picked up several incoming power sources. "You sense those, too, old man?" she asked while Kisuke merely chuckled before nodding.

With Tamao, Yoruichi, Kurumu, and Moka…

"Remind me why the Hell you're out here, mermaid?" Moka snapped as she ran through the eerie woods surrounding Yokai Academy with Yoruichi in front of her, Tamao to her left, and Kurumu flying overhead.

"I came out here to apologize to Ichigo," Tamao responded with a glare.

"I doubt Ichigo would even talk to you! You're the one who made every seen the scars he tried to hide!" Kurumu yelled down to her.

"I said I was sorry, okay! I didn't know he had scars on that chiseled chest of his!" Tamao yelled back indignantly.

Yoruichi merely rolled her eyes as she listened to them. "Ichigo's not the one to hold a grudge and it wouldn't hurt to apologize. He might forgive you but I won't. Not so easily at least," Yoruichi said making Tamao look down as she ran towards the energy source.

Moka glared at her out of the corner of her eye as they ran. Yoruichi obviously knew something that she didn't and she be damned if she didn't get to the bottom of it.

The came to a spot where it was about to enter a clearing. Kurumu dropped down to crouch by Moka who was doing the same along with Yoruichi and Tamao. They saw a large man from earlier that resembled a club leader. Moka and Kurumu's eyes widened as they saw it too.

Yoruichi, however, was looking at the opponent of Kenpachi Zaraki. She focused on the orange hair and put two and two together.

"That looks like those things from the hollow fights a couple weeks ago," Tamao said before Kurumu and Moka averted their gaze from Kenpachi to the strange creature.

"I've never seen a creature give off that amount of Yokai energy before…" Kurumu said with wide eyes.

Yoruichi turned her eyes from Ichigo to Kurumu and chuckled lightly. If you could have felt it when he wasn't in control o his reiatsu then you would really be scared, Yoruichi thought.

Moka caught the slight smirk and growled. She fully turned to the Flash Goddess before giving her a stern gaze. "What do you know, Shihōin?" she practically demanded.

Yoruichi merely shrugged making Moka growl.

"That other guy has more yokai than the masked creature does!" Tamao said fearfully as she watched the two trade blows.

Meanwhile above the women…

"Should we tell them we're here?" Caesar asked in a bored tone as he lay on air while gazing down at the four watching Ichigo and Kenpachi duke it out, his white trench coat fluttering in the wind being produced from the strikes Ichigo and Kenpachi were making.

"Yoruichi probably already knows," Urahara grinned while Yachiru giggled.

"Maybe we should sneak up on them!" she said cheerfully while Zangetsu chuckled lightly.

"I want them to figure out who the eleventh division captain is fighting first, then we will tell get them," Zangetsu said referencing Moka, Kurumu, and Tamao more than Yoruichi.

"I'd give it another five minutes or so," Urahara waved his fan with a grin.

With Kenpachi and Ichigo…

Ichigo ducked under Kenpachi's zanpakuto before striking him in the gut and rolling to the side. The Captain grinned before he swiped at Ichigo only for the Vizard to roll out of the way and perform an uppercut to Kenpachi's jaw making him stagger.

"You got a helluva hit there, Ichigo," the Captain grinned as he rubbed his jaw while unknowingly getting gasps from those hiding in the trees.

"Well, that just ruined out fun, didn't it?" Urahara laughed lightly as he dropped down behind the four spying women. Yoruichi didn't even bother to look behind her as she just looked up to see Caesar and Zangetsu smirking down at her.

She 'discreetly' gave them the bird before she turned around to see Urahara grinning at her with Yachiru on his shoulder with a cheeky smile on her face.

"What the Hell?!" Moka yelled as she stood up. She didn't even sense them!

"My, my, why are you four out so late?" Kisuke grinned at them making Yoruichi roll her eyes at him.

Meanwhile Kurumu turned back to see what was presumed Ichigo and the guy from earlier that day still fighting.

"Ichigo!" she called out to him making him turn to her with wide eyes only for him to be struck in the back by Kenpachi making him growl.

"Back the fuck up, Kenpachi!" Ichigo yelled as a cero charged in his mouth. He let it loose only for Kenpachi to come flying at him, his nodachi ready to strike however the cero had made his trajectory go slightly off and for him to be going full force towards…Kurumu. "No!" Ichigo yelled as he sonido'ed in front of a terrified looking Kurumu making her eyes go wide.

Ichigo didn't speak as he prepared for an attack only for it to never come. Ichigo turned his gaze to see a tan-skinned woman with blonde hair, somewhat short sword with the middle being hollow and a lavender-colored sheath on her back.

"And just who the Hell are you interrupting my fight?" Kenpachi questioned the blonde haired woman.

"Tier Harribel, former Tercera Espada of Sosuke Aizen's army. And I am merely assisting the next King of Hueco Mundo," she said casually making everyone present go wide-eyed.


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