I just want to note that this island and its engines belong to the wonderful reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son Reverend Christopher Awdry Thank you for reading

Fire at Tidmouth Sheds

No one knew how it had happened or why but the sheds were burning and Edward was trapped inside there was no way to get him out. He perished in the fire all that was left was a twisted heap of iron he was screaming and screaming as the fire melted him down it was so painful to listen to his voice crying out across Sodor in agony the fire engine tried to save him but by the time it could get near Edward he was a heap of iron dead to the world. That night the engines stayed in Knapford station as there was no other sheds were available for them. The next day Edward was laid to rest in Crovan's Gate next to the narrow gauge engines shed the entire island came to say goodbye including the mountain engines from Culdee Fell and the small engines from the small railway as well as Harold, Bulstrode, Wilbert, Sixteen and even Lady came the yards were jammed with people, trains, cars and more. At Tidmouth Sheds a plaque was placed which said. R.I.P Edward The Blue Engine 1903-2002 the day that he died he was 100 years old. To this day they never rebuilt the sheds as an everlasting memorial to Edward The Blue Engine one of the oldest engines on Sodor. that was 3 years ago now Sodor has changed and not for the better there are now many diesels and far less steam engines as Sir Topham Hatt had died of a broken heart two months after his wife died from Cancer. Now the new controller was Sir William Camp a stupid little git who no engine liked at all but he hated steam engines and was slowly scrapping each and every one of them already Toby, Henry and Skarloey had been scrapped. Then he went to far he decided to build a new house on the old Tidmouth sheds there was uproar right across the island engines and crew went on strike mobs came after Sir William and no one would work on his house he was dismissed and a war began.