Allie had been in love with the proud black engine for 5 years and he had never noticed her, he was too caught up in with his twin No 57645 they were both hoping they weren't going to be scrapped, but finally No 57646 came into the sheds to be cleaned and found her standing there right in front of him he had his fire dropped so he couldnt move slowly they both began to talk soon No 57646 found himself falling funnel over axles in love and Allie found herself falling all the more deeper in love. No 57646 had never felt such a passion in himself before, meanwhile No 57645 watched on with interest he had never seen his twin look so bashful before.

6 Months Later

ALLIE ALLIE NOOOO NO PLEASE TAKE ME INSTEAD PLEASE ALLIE PLEASE COME BACK PLEASE ALLIE NOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE please bring her back" No 57646 cried as Allie was taken to the scrapyards it broke his heart he had to be chained to the shed wall to stop him from going after her even so he nearly pulled the wall apart in trying to get himself free it destroyed him to see Allie being taken to the scrapyards he couldnt work as his fire wouldnt light and his boiler wouldnt get hot enough to get steam up.

9 months later

"57646 You are to be sent to the scrapyards today, D79803 please take this engine away", so a small green class 03 diesel took him away as he was parked up he noticed an engine body beside him it was Allie rusting away dead as the sleepers beneath her as soon as he was alone his driver and fireman came to see him. "Right No 57645 is being sent to the North Western Railway on Sodor we are going to go with him all of us we are going to get you fixed up and then conviently lose both yours and No 57645's numbers so that Sir Topham Hatt, who is controller of the railway will not know who is who and will have to take you both, now come on lets get you tested." his Driver announced with more than a hint of glee in his voice soon he was fired up as well as oiled and greased his tank and tender were brimming over with coal and water and his number had been painted over as had the British Railways cycling lion logo when 57645 pulled up he had also had his number and logo painted over as well