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As he finished his story the engines in front of him were either in tears or struggling not to be Douglas himself was fine if a little saddened but soon he was counting up how many were there in total there was nearly 250 of them including diesels and road vehicles and Harold with Tiger moth and Jeremy

"Right Harold you're in charge of the Air division try to assemble as many flying units a possible, Flynn try to round-up the steam friendly diesels as best you can Mavis go with him. Boco go and raid the fuel depot tell them it's for the revolution of Sodor Isles they will probably understand, Duck Oliver I need you to search the East side of the scrap yards for spare parts and engines to use in the revolution soon the engines set to work Duck and Oliver were soon searching over the old sidings and they found an old friend hidden away in the piles of scrap but that is not for now but later.

Harold had got Tiger-Moth to scour the island for aircraft whilst Jeremy had gone to England to get all the aeroplanes there to come to Sodor's aid and Flynn and Mavis were convincing Diesels to join their cause whilst Boco and Bear had 50! Tankers of fuel ready to take away and soon the engines were returning to the Scrap-Yards.