"No." Hajime repeated as he carefully gave his attention to the omelet he was making. Today, he was trying out his fledgling skills in Japanese cuisine and making sushi. Making a sweet, square omelet was quite new to him and he wanted to get it right.

"Please nii-san?" Of course, it would have been much easier if Kon wasn't bothering him. Hajime lowered his gaze to the stuffed toy and glared at it, irritated. He wasn't sure where Ichigo had found the silly little lion toy from, but the mod soul within it could be excruciatingly annoying.

"I said no!" He snarled, flipping his omelet and hoping the creature would go away. Hopes that were not to be fulfilled.

"But it would be so beautiful! A dream come true! Nii-san, please, just for me?" Kon pleaded and Hajime ignored him, concentrating on the food. "Please? Please please please please please please please please –"

"Ah! Fine! Fine! I'll do it, just shut up!" Hajime finally exploded. "I should never have mentioned I could do this." He muttered as he took a step back and called on his powers.

Things were quite a bit different, now that he was free. Many things he'd previously had no control over now came easily to his hand, like his appearance. Before, it had been set by the balls as a pale reflection of his master. Now, he could alter it in any way he pleased. He was already giving his normal appearance a tiny bit of customization, but what Kon was requesting was something quite different. Sighing to himself, Hajime rooted through his memories and called up the time he'd served the evil priestess. He'd been her lackey for a very long time, and his appearance from that period was embedded in his memory.

There was a whisper of white mist and then his body changed. Hard muscles turned into soft, lithe curves and black jeans and t-shirt became a black and gold sari. This particular sari was cut and fixed to reveal perfectly formed, ghostly white breasts. Hajime glanced down at them, feeling slightly distasteful. His mistress had never had any compunction about using her charms, or his for that matter, in her quest for power.

"There. Are you happy?" He asked, his voice still odd and rasping but female in character. Sighing, Hajime went back to the omelet, flipping it onto a plate, then yelped as something furry gripped his leg. "Get off me you little pervert!" Hajime snarled, turning and stepping back so his hair didn't end up some place it shouldn't. Like this, it was even longer than in his released form, a huge, thick braid.

Kon let go of his leg, to his relief, but that relief turned to shock as the mod soul launched himself up with a yell. Something about the fulfillment of his fantasies? Either way, Hajime was not having any of that. Scowling, he planted an elbow onto the head of the mod soul, knocking him onto the ground and stepping on him.

"S-So heartless! My nii-san!" Kon was saying when the front door opened. Hajime glanced up as Ichigo and Uryu stepped inside.

"Uh…" Ichigo stared as Uryu adjusted his glasses, blinking. Hajime cursed as he realized the sight he was presenting. "Hajime?"

"It's me." He said, quickly altering back to his normal form. Kon sobbed at the loss of his dream woman and Hajime kicked him across the room, to Ichigo's and Uryu's amusement. "I was just trying to get him to shut up, but it went bad."

"You shouldn't humor him Hajime, it only makes him worse." Uryu said, setting his bag down. "You're very beautiful like that, though." He added and Hajime glowered.

"Yeah… except that that body belonged to the most evil bitch to ever be consigned to Hell. Would you like to stay for supper? I'm making sushi." He'd made plenty of food and Ishida smiled.

"If you wouldn't mind." He said and Hajime wondered how badly things were going between him and Ryuken. But since he'd been a large part of the reason for their problems, he wasn't going to ask. Setting out the plates he absently put his foot out as Kon tried to attach himself to his leg again.

"I'm starting to rethink this whole gigai idea." Hajime said as he glanced down at the plushy. He was saving up money to get Kon his own body, a real human body to call his own. He'd started before he really knew the mod soul as anything but a despised creation. Now he'd gotten to know him rather too well and was questioning the wisdom of the whole enterprise. Kon started to cry and beg for forgiveness and Hajime sighed, scooping him up and depositing the stuffed toy on his shoulder as he set the table. That was how he normally carried Kon around, these days.

"I'm afraid it's too late for that. You already promised, and you won't go back on it." Ichigo said and Hajime nodded ruefully. He was rarely a liar, and in addition to being a complete pervert about his female form Kon idolized him and called him nii-san. He wouldn't hurt the little mod soul that way. "Hey, Hajime, I was wondering something. Demons feed on pain and death, right?" Hajime nodded as he carefully sliced some fish. "And when you were in the balls, you fed on my reiatsu, right?"

"Yes." Hajime said, wondering where this was going. He checked the clock and saw that Isshin and the others probably wouldn't be back for another fifteen minutes. That should give him plenty of time to form the sushi.

"So what are you feeding on now?" There was a bit of tension in the teen's voice and Hajime glanced up, surprised, to see Uryu frowning. Kon tugged on his ear with one soft paw.

"I know my nii-san wouldn't do horrible, terrible things! He's the best nii-san ever!" The stuffed toy proclaimed and Hajime couldn't help but smile at the endorsement. "But how are you feeding, nii-san?"

"Mostly on you, Ichigo." Hajime said easily. He wasn't the least bit ashamed of what he was doing. "You constantly put out energy, so it's easy for me to absorb it. And the balls only took my natural channel and used it in a different way. Basically, living in the balls taught me how to feed without harming. I have been feeding on your friends as well." Hajime admitted and Ichigo looked a bit disturbed. "But only to gauge what kind of meals I could get from them. Uryu could support me for a good length of time, but no one else." Chad, Orihime and Tatsuki could only offer him snacks unless he was willing to torture them. Which was something Hajime would never do. "I discovered something interesting, though. I don't actually need to feed at all." Both the teens blinked at him and Hajime smiled as he continued. "I generate my own reiatsu, through my shinigami soul. If I'm willing to sacrifice most of my shinigami powers I can keep my demonic half fed. I'm much weaker, though."

"Well, that's a relief. So you'll be fine if we have to be separated for a while." Ichigo commented and Hajime nodded.

"I can't imagine why we'd be separated for that long, though." He wasn't about to let Ichigo get away from him, that was for sure. Not now that he'd found true love.

Then everyone was home and Hajime smiled as he put out the sushi. He'd made it very well, although he was no sushi chef, and the family was quite pleased with his newest addition to his culinary skills. As he ate and chatted with the family, an idea occurred to him. Hajime turned it around in his mind, wondering if Kisuke could make it work, and glanced at the plushy on his shoulder.

He would have to ask Kon about that later.

"Please Kon? Just for me?" Hajime said coaxingly to the obstinate plushy. Kon was facing away from him, his arms crossed over his chest.

"No!" Kon said and Hajime sighed. He'd tried appealing to the toy's goodwill first, but apparently that goodwill was almost nonexistent when compared to his terror of scientists and Urahara in particular.

"He won't hurt you Kon, I promise. And I really need this. Someone almost caught me on a cell phone last week." Hajime still felt a bit bad about taking the phone and breaking it, but he really didn't need more videos of a flying albino getting around. The cosplay one was bad enough, if this kept going on someone from the government might come to investigate him. Heaven knew where that might lead. The memory modifiers were helping, but not enough.

"No!" Kon said again and Hajime bit his lip. It was time to bring out the big guns.

"Kon." Hajime deliberately shifted to his female form and lay on the ground so his breasts were about eye level with the plushy. Kon heard the difference in his voice and turned to get an eyeful. The plushy's mouth dropped open and he looked like he was drooling. "I really, really need this." Hajime made his voice absolutely sinful. It wasn't the first time he'd seduced someone in this female form, not by a long chalk. His mistress had absolutely delighted in using her slave that way.

"N-N-Nii-san…" The plushy was clearly torn and Hajime saw he would need to up the ante a little.

"If you do this for me, I'll stay in this form for an entire day." Hajime said and saw the plushy wavering. "And clean the whole house."

"With me on your shoulder?" Kon said and Hajime sighed to himself before nodding. "Nii-san! I will do this for you!" And suddenly there was a plushy latched onto his boobs. Hajime grimaced but let him stay, patting him on the head.

"Good. Let's go over right now then, 'kay?" Hajime switched back to his usual form, to Kon's disappointment. "I can't walk outside like that Kon, it would start rumors, you know that." The neighbors thought they were weird enough already, they didn't need to add Hajime's 'sister' into the mix.

"Right nii-san!" Hajime took the plushy in one hand, carrying Kon as he walked. The shoulder thing was also a bit too weird for outside, especially since Kon easily kept his balance by himself. It looked pretty strange.

When they got to Kisuke's, the scientist was already working on some Soul Candy. Kon was clearly scared, and Hajime patted him on the head. As the end recipient of this experiment, he needed to stay for it.

"Hajime! Excellent, try this." Urahara handed him a pill. Hajime gently shoo'd Kon off his shoulder before taking the pill. He wanted the mod soul to be in a safe location in case the pill didn't work… or rather, worked only halfway.

That turned out to be a very good idea, because that was exactly what happened. Hajime swallowed the pill and was booted from his body, turning around just in time to feel the Soul Candy shatter under the weight of the demonic power that infused his body. His body tried to make a break for it, but Hajime darted forward quickly and got back inside it before it could take more than a step. Sighing in annoyance, Hajime rolled his shoulders to settle himself.

"It's going to need more work." Urahara glanced at Kon, who was looking petrified. "Don't worry, we won't be doing anything with you until we have a Soul Candy that works." He assured the mod soul, who suddenly spoke up.

"Wait, if you're getting a gikon to work, why do you need me nii-san?" He asked, which was a rather good question. And Hajime had a very good answer.

"Because normal Soul Candies gradually fade away. Which is fine, if all their inhabiting is a gigai, but this body of mine is really fucking dangerous. We don't need a demon king wandering around Karakura Town." Hajime said firmly, which settled the mod soul. But as Kisuke worked, he came up with another question.

"Nii-san? This body of yours… would I have your abilities when I'm inside it?" Kon asked and Hajime nodded.

"You would have to learn to use them, but my demonic abilities would be yours as long as you're inside it. All my shinigami stuff would go with my soul." The thought of giving Kon that much power worried him slightly. "Be very careful when you experiment. And remember there's a very big explosion when you release my full powers." Hajime cautioned the mod soul, who looked a bit daunted. "I can give you some lessons in the training area here." At least then Kon wouldn't trigger something by accident. That made him look a little relieved.

"Okay nii-san!" It took several hours, and many more failures, before Kisuke had a Soul Candy that could tolerate Hajime's demonic body. A Chappy demon was really sort of hilarious, but soon Kisuke finished modifying Kon to take the pressure. It was actually easier to do with the mod soul, since he was more durable than a Soul Candy.

"Okay, moment of truth." Hajime took a deep breath before popping Kon into his mouth. He would never forgive himself if this shattered the mod soul. But it didn't. Hajime popped out of his body, which looked around alertly.

"Wow, nii-san, this feels so strange!" Kon said, trying to adjust to inhabiting a demon. "I feel so… light!" He jumped and Hajime cursed as the mod soul hit the ceiling. "Ow!"

"Be careful! You're very strong, and you heal very quickly, but you can still feel pain. Kisuke, we need to get him into the training area." Hajime knew his own strength in both his demon body and his shinigami soul body, but Kon clearly had no clue. He was used to either a stuffed toy or Ichigo's human body, which was strong but still not as strong as Hajime's body. Ichigo's soul body could match him, but not the physical.

Training Kon to use his body was actually rather fun. Hajime quickly discovered that the mod soul could do a few things with it that he himself couldn't.

"How are you doing that? Is that your jumping ability combined with my demonic strength?" Hajime asked as the mod soul made his body jump an absurd distance. If he'd tried to do that, well, he couldn't have. He would have flown instead.

"Yes, nii-san! This body is incredible! Can I keep it?" Kon asked happily and Hajime had to laugh.

"I wish I could give it to you, but no, sorry." Hajime could feel the ties between his soul and his body and knew that after a long enough time, the separation would become painful. He would have to return to his body, like it or not. "It has some horrible disadvantages, anyway. You wouldn't really want it. Hey, how fast can you run?" That was Kon's other major enhancement. Sure enough, he was able to run very swiftly in Hajime's body. "Impressive, very impressive, but – ah." Hajime winced as Kon took a wrong step and went flying. The sound of a bone cracking was clearly audible, followed by the mod soul's squall of pain. Shaking his head, Hajime went to the mod soul to gently check him over. "You need to be more careful. Remember, this body heals quickly but it's not actually that much tougher than a normal human until you release my powers." That made him considerably tougher. And he was tougher than a normal human even before, just not tough enough to avoid broken bones if he was stupid.

"Can you show me how to do that nii-san?" Kon asked and Hajime hesitated. Putting that kind of power into Kon's hands struck him as similar to putting a loaded revolver into the hands of a toddler.

"Maybe some other time." He said, to the mod soul's disappointment. "Why don't we go home and show this to Ichigo? He'll probably be interested." Ichigo had once said that his soul body was beautiful. Hajime found that rather surprising, he'd always thought it was rather plain. But they could do some interesting things with their soul bodies, if they wanted to. That thought made Hajime smile for a moment.

"Okay!" Kon was extremely happy to get some time in a real body. Fortunately, Hajime wasn't too worried about his reputation. He was already notorious for being rather weird.

This is very pleasant, I like it. Dulce commented and Hajime nodded. The complete absence of demonic energy was a huge relief for the zanpakuto. Are you going to use this to go to Soul Society?

"That was the plan." Hajime wanted to see if anything had changed in five thousand years. He suspected it mostly hadn't, which was rather sad. Still, it would be worth checking out. "After seeing if Ichigo's interested in a quick shagging." He commented under his breath, making Dulce laugh.

It didn't take them long to get home, and when they did, Hajime immediately started putting together some supper. His body just lounged around on the couch as Kon watched his favorite TV shows. The plushy was left sitting beside him, nothing but a stuffed toy.

"Hey Hajime!" He looked up with a smile as Ichigo opened the door. But the teen was looking at his body, which hadn't stirred a bit. "Hajime?" Ichigo questioned as Kon blinked, realizing that query was probably for him. But the real Hajime laughed and waved.

"Over here!" He said cheerfully and Ichigo looked, his eyes going wide as he saw Hajime's soul body hard at work in the kitchen. "That's Kon. Urahara modified him to withstand my bodies' pressure." It was really quite impressive.

"Wow, that's incredible!" Ichigo said with a smile and Hajime almost purred as the teen dropped his bag and joined him in the kitchen, sliding an arm around his waist. "You really are beautiful like this. And I love how your clothing is blue." Hajime glanced down at himself at the reminder. He wasn't wearing a shirt – he'd never manifested with one, he wasn't sure why – and his pants were peacock blue with gold cuffs. It reminded him of the uniform he'd worn as a messenger for the temples. He'd never worn a shirt then, either.

"It's the same color as Dulce's sari." He'd noticed that a long time ago, and didn't think it was a coincidence. "Mmm." Hajime made a soft sound of pure pleasure as Ichigo kissed him, the teen's tongue exploring his mouth and claiming it for his own. "I still need to make supper." He reminded Ichigo, who pulled back with a sigh.

"Do you need any help?" He asked and Hajime put him to chopping vegetables. He was going to do a quick vegetable curry with a bit of tandoori chicken on the side. He'd already gotten the chicken in the oven and it would be done at just the right time.

"Um, nii-san?" Hajime looked up in surprise at the tone of Kon's voice. He sounded scared. "Could you take this body back, please? I feel… strange." Hajime grimaced as he set down his knife.

"You're having thoughts you don't like about killing and hurting people, aren't you?" He asked and wasn't the least bit surprised when Kon gave a hesitant nod. "That's the dark power of the demon body. It will try to warp you, but a soul is more powerful. With practice you can ignore it." Hajime was very good at ignoring it, although he did still sometimes go looking for trouble just because. "I'll take it back though." It probably wasn't a good idea to expose Kon to a lot of that demonic power all at once. He didn't have the power of a holy curse to protect him. "That's the other reason I don't want to use a Soul Candy, you're a lot more complex and able to resist." Hajime thought Kon could eventually adapt, but he wasn't sure what would happen to a Chappy. Soul Candies were very simplistic things. Hajime stepped back into his body and caught Kon's candy as it popped out of his mouth, and put it back into the stuffed toy.

"So when are you going to pay me back, nii-san?" Kon asked as he settled the toy on his shoulder again. Hajime thought about it a moment.

"This Sunday, I think. We don't have any plans and I have the day free." He would have plenty of time to fulfill his promise to the mod soul. Hajime checked the chicken as Ichigo dumped the sliced vegetables into the pot, and began adding the spices. "Where is everyone, anyway?" He asked the teen.

"Off visiting one of my cousins and their family. They might not be back for supper." Ichigo said and Hajime nodded. He could see why they'd been left behind. The rest of the Kurosaki clan might get a little suspicious about a pure white 'cousin' they'd never seen or heard of before.

"So they left you behind to keep me company? Excellent." Hajime said teasingly and saw Ichigo blush. Kon made a gagging sound and Hajime silently threatened to dump him in the curry. The toy clutched his ear to avoid an upset.

The meal turned out well and the chicken was delicious. A bit of rice with the curry made everything perfect, although Hajime added some hot sauce to his portion. He sometimes liked his food very hot. Kon took a seat on the table and joined the conversation, telling Ichigo all about how it had felt to use Hajime's body. Except for the dark power, he was really quite taken with it.

Karin, Yuzu and Isshin all came home after Hajime had cleaned up and put the food away. They'd already eaten, and insisted on changing the channel to Don Kanonji's show. Hajime and Ichigo both beat a hasty retreat to his room at that point. Ichigo didn't like the show at all, and while Hajime enjoyed it he really didn't want another bowl of popcorn over his head.

"Kon, take over my body for a moment." Hajime requested and the mod soul complied, slightly baffled. "I really want to make love to you like this…" He said and saw Ichigo smile as warm arms encircled him.

"I would love that, Hajime." Ichigo spoke in his ear. "That other body… it's you, but… this is the real you. It feels… special."

"Yes." Hajime whispered. It felt special to him too, mostly because Ichigo still wanted him in this body. Ichigo wanted all of him, body and soul. They kissed them, warmly, as Kon beat a hasty retreat and went to watch Don Kanonji's show. Hajime's pants were easy to get rid of, and Ichigo's clothing followed, falling into a pile on the floor. "Ma… Ichigo?" He'd almost called Ichigo 'master' again. But then, the habits of a lifetime would be hard to erase. "You remember what I told you about preparation?" He asked, a touch apprehensively. His demon body needed no preparation and Ichigo hadn't been thinking of other lovers, so he wasn't sure. The teen looked puzzled for a moment.

"Yes, but… oh. You can be hurt in this form?" He asked and Hajime nodded, swallowing a little. He wasn't a stranger to pain during sex, but it usually required… items, to give him pain during penetration. In his soul body it would be different. Ichigo could hurt him by accident. "I'll be careful." The teen said and Hajime nodded again, following Ichigo's lead and laying down on the bed.

They took things slowly then, gentle kisses followed by loving touches. The heat gradually built between them and the kisses became rougher, more demanding. Ichigo slid his tongue into Hajime's waiting mouth, exploring that warm cavern, and the demon's soul returned the favor, deeply enjoying the sensations. Warm hands slid down his taunt belly, exploring well defined muscles before they settled on the most sensitive part.

"Mmm, Ichigo." Hajime gasped out his name as he gripped the teen's shoulders, gazing into warm brown eyes as his lover stroked him. His hand was wet with lubricant and glided easily over his flesh, sending jolts of sensation through his body. "Feels… different…" Hajime murmured, almost overwhelmed by the feelings. He hadn't realized it, since his soul body had very rarely been used this way, but as good as sex was in his demon form the sensations were slightly… muffled. Probably because it was stronger and more durable than his soul, and now that he was making love in this body he could feel the difference.

That difference became painful as Ichigo began to prepare him. Hajime whimpered softly, sweat beading on his forehead as he tried to relax into that feeling. He was no stranger to anal sex, but it was still odd needing this, and he gradually got used to the burn. They kissed again as Ichigo added a second finger, then a third, carefully stretching him out. Then Hajime gasped as those questing fingers found a special spot.

"Nnn, Ichigo!" He couldn't help the sounds he was making, the breathy gasps and the needy mews, as Ichigo stroked his fingers over his prostate. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes, but not tears of pain. No, he was crying because of how good it felt, how loved he felt. "Ahn, take me, please…" He begged softly, wanting to feel his lover inside him. He felt Ichigo shudder against him at that soft plea.

"Hajime…" Ichigo whispered in his ear as fingers vanished and Hajime felt something hard and blunt pressing at his entrance. The stretch was painful, it had to be painful, but it was also good and he arched with a harsh mew as Ichigo seated himself inside. The teen paused for a moment, waiting for the pain to fade, but Hajime was having none of it.

"Please master, ah!" Hajime gasped out, forgetting that that was no longer Ichigo's title. But perhaps it was, in bed. The teen groaned in pleasure and began to move, slow and steady at first but gradually increasing the pace.

"You're warmer Hajime… softer…" Ichigo panted and Hajime nuzzled his cheek, capturing his lips for another kiss. He wasn't surprised that Ichigo could tell the difference, too. His demon body was much cooler. "Mmm… so good…" Confident that his lover was ready, Ichigo speeded the pace, taking him with a rough, powerful rhythm that made Hajime cry out in pleasure. Long, dark legs clamped tightly to the teen's waist, pulling him further into that accepting warmth.

"Ichigo." Hajime breathed out his name, completely undone with the pleasure. "Ichigo!" For the first time in a long time, he almost shouted a lover's name. Hajime honestly couldn't remember the last time he had been so vocal, but having Ichigo in his soul body was such an intense experience he had to let the world know. "Ah!" Pleasure wiped away thought, as Ichigo fisted his erection and pounded it in time with his thrusts. Hajime held back his orgasm, but it was a near thing, the pleasure coiling in his gut and demanding release. "Ichigo… nnnh!" It was finally too much, the pleasure was pushing him to the edge, and Hajime gave in to it. The coil in his gut snapped and he cried out as his seed spilled over Ichigo's hand. The teen made a sound of delight as Hajime's body tightened around him indescribably, and a few more quick thrusts brought him to his peak. Hajime lay limp, gasping, as he felt hot mortal power fill his body.

They lay tangled together for a time, just basking in the afterglow and the pleasure of being together. Then there was a knock on the door and Hajime lifted his head, feeling exhausted and sated.

"Um, nii-san, are you done? I think I've made a mistake with your body." That made Ichigo pull away as Hajime sat bolt upright. A mistake? "I can't make it change back…"

"Oh gods." Hajime muttered as he grabbed his pants, yanking them on. "What have you done?" He demanded as he opened the door. "Oh." Kon was standing in front of him in a decent approximation of his female form, but the boobs were too big. Much, much too big. There was a choked sound behind him before Ichigo laughed at the sight. "Indulging your fantasies, or are you just bad at the shifting?" If Kon was poor at imagining his other body, it could explain those breasts. They looked uncomfortable.

"Bad at shifting. I don't like them to be this big!" Kon did sound quite miserable and Hajime had to smile. "Please take it back nii-san?"

"Sure. I'll give you some instruction on how to change the body tomorrow." They hadn't gone into that much in the training area, but it could be very useful for Kon. And it wasn't too dangerous, unlike the full released form. Hajime settled back into his body with a sigh, catching the mod soul and looking around for the plushy.

"Oh, it must be back in the living room. Hopefully Yuzu hasn't done anything with it." Although if she had, she did have plenty of plushy's. Hajime didn't think Kon would mind a new body.

"Here, I'll go help you find it." Ichigo was pulling on his pants, but left his shirt off. "It's a bit early to go to bed anyway."

"Sure." Hajime said, pleased. He liked just being around the teen and it was always good to have a second set of eyes.

Sometimes, things could be hard to find.