"Jaime, wait."

He had an ice castle going, about a fifth of the way there. The drawbridge was done and he had just started on the first of the towers when he felt the unexpected warmth of palms on his hips. He mustered up what he thought was a stern voice in attempt to scold the boy.


"What?" The boy laughed, still keeping his hold. "Cold hands?"

"Very funny."

He tried to shake the boy off with a jerk but found himself held still. Jaime had gotten stronger over the years, taller too. They stood at almost eye level now, making for more intense snowball fights and almost impossible games of keep-away. The changes must have been gradual for Jaime, but seemed sudden to Jack as they met weeks, even months at a time. Birthdays, growth spurts, skinned knees- the events littered the empty days between snowfalls.

"What? Afraid someone'll see?"

"Might be a little weird, y'know? Your neighbors come outside to see you floating? Jaime Bennett, fabulous flying boy."

His breath hitched as he felt the boy lean forward, pressing his chest against his own back. Jaime was laughing, he could feel it in his sides.

"Almost as weird as the ice castle built by no one."

Jaime's breath was hot on his ear and he while he wasn't entirely put off, he was painfully aware of Jaime's intention.

"Up." He said once, moving to straighten up.

The boy obliged, but not without reluctance. He eased back with both hands firm to Jack's torso, raking the fabric with his nails until he was finally vertical.

"Looks like I got a tower up before you did." He teased.

Jack stood, raising a brow first to Jaime and then to the still unfinished castle with its lone half constructed tower.
"What are you talking about?" He murmured, more to himself.

Jaime broke into a full on grin and shrugged, sticking both hands into his pockets.