The war against the Millenium Earl is over. The Black Order won successfully but with many losses. The rest of the exorcist died of old age. The Akuma are all gone now. A lot of them died during the battle and the rest Allen has hunted down and killed. But recently, he has been seeing small black things flying around. And yes, Allen is still around, even now, after almost 160 years. Why? The Noah in him keeps him alive and forever walking.

That's why he for the time being is in Japan. Actually, lost in Japan. He was in Tokyo, one of the biggest cities in the world and as he was directionally challenged got himself lost. Allen had passed the same road seven times already. A frustrated sigh left him as he saw the same small Christian church for the eight time.

I'll wait outside and see if someone can give me directions, he thought and sat down against the brick wall. Leaning his back on it with his legs up so he could rest his head on his knees. He let out yet another sigh. Why did he always manage to get lost?

He sat there for almost two hours when a pair of footsteps came closer. He snapped his head up and watched as an old man in priest clothes walked closer to him. Allen hastily stood up and dusted himself of as to look more representable.

The priest stopped and glanced at him. He had first thought the kid was old like himself because of the stark white hair he had, but now he could see that the small kid couldn't be older than fourteen.

"Hey kid", the priest said. "Is there something you want?"

"I'm lost", Allen said sheepishly. "I'm trying to find somewhere to sleep and eat."

The priest chuckled. "I am Father Shiro Fujimoto. I'll let you stay here for as long as you want. Why are you looking for a place to stay?"

"Eh... well you see..." Allen stuttered. "I ran away from home?" It sounded more like a question than a statement. He could almost have slapped himself. He knew how to lie, he had done it more times than he could count over the last 160 years. But for some reason he didn't want to stoop himself so low as to lie to a priest. One of Gods men.

Father Fujimoto raised an eyebrow. "Ran away? Why?"

"I don't want to talk about it", was Allen's brilliant answer.

Father Fujimoto nodded as if in understanding. "Well! Let's go in kid!"

Allen almost smirked at the irony. He was, for sure, older than the priest. He followed Father Fujimoto to the living quarters in the church. There where a few priest shuffling about, doing small chores and chatting all over the place.

"Listen up!" Father Fujimoto yelled loudly. Everyone stopped and turned towards him. "Rin, Yukio! Come here!"

More shuffling in one of the corridors and someone grumbled incoherently. Soon two teenagers showed up in the room. One had dark blue hair and eyes, his stance relaxed and sloppy, not at all like himself who stood straight. The other boy's stance were more timid and shy and he had brown hair and blue eyes, like the other. He guessed they must be brothers.

"What do you want old geezer?" the dark-haired one yawned, stretching his arms above his head.

Father Fujimoto presented them to Allen, the dark-haired one was Rin and the brown-haired one was Yukio. He then presented the priests one at a time.

"Everyone, we will have a new addition here for awhile, his name is... What is your name, kid?" Father Fujimoto turned to him.

"I'm Allen Walker. It's nice to meet you!" he declared and bowed like he knew was the custom here.

"You don't need to bow Allen!" Father Fujimoto laughed. "Rin, Yukio, why don't you show somewhere he can sleep?"

With that all of the priests left, leaving the teenagers for themselves.

"Sooo... Allen huh?" Rin said. "What's with the hair? How old are you?"

"I'm fifteen", Allen answered. He was that old when he stopped aging. When the Fourteenth appeared. "And my hair is natural. How old are you?"

"We're both fifteen too!" Rin said, his eyes alight. "We're twins you see. I'm the oldest!"

"Nii-san", Yukio sighed. "He is the oldest but he acts like the youngest."

"Hey! Don't say that to your older brother!" Rin exclaimed and took Yukio in a head-lock rubbing his head with his fist.

"Is Father Fujimoto your father?" Allen asked curiously.

"We're adopted", Yukio explained. "He knew our mother so he took us in when she died."

"Oh, I'm sorry", Allen said softly not daring to look them in the eye.

"Hey, it's okay", Rin said. "She died at childbirth, we never knew her."

"By the way", Yukio began, adjusting his glasses. "Why are you even here?"

"I'm sorry", Allen said once again. "I can leave if you..."

"I didn't mean it like that", Yukio interrupted softly. "Where is your family?"

"They're not here anymore", Allen said and thought of Mana his first family and then of the Black Order, the large family that died many years ago.

"Your whole family is dead?" Rin asked. Pity in his eyes.

"Yeah", Allen said softly, sadly.

Rin coughed and said, "We'll show you your room now. You will be living in the same room as us."

Allen nodded. He needed to be careful. He would have to wear gloves to bed.

The room wasn't very big but they could manage. Allen sat down in a chair as his bed wasn't there yet.

"You have a weird tattoo", Rin said suddenly, eyeing the upside-down pentacle on Allen's face.

"Nii-san!" Yukio scolded.

"It's not a tattoo. It's a scar", Allen half-lied. Well, he couldn't say it was a curse, could he?

"That's one weird scar, how'd you get it?" Rin asked, very curious.

"I don't want to talk about it", Allen said uncomfortably.

They talked a lot for the next days. About everything and nothing. It was a feeling Allen hadn't felt in a long time. He thought of the Okumura brothers as his friends. On the eight day after his appearance at the church Father Fujimoto made Rin go to a job interview. With Yukio gone doing some packing for the new school, Allen asked Father Fujimoto and Rin if he could follow as moral support. Father Fujimoto laughed loudly and said it was okay for him if it was okay for Rin. Rin agreed and soon they were off.

At the grocery store Rin got to try out, and Allen as moral support decided to help Rin at work for the day. It ended in a catastrophe. Allen hadn't been there to see it and Rin didn't want to talk about it but he had gotten fired.

"Why can't I be good at anything?"Rin said angrily and kicked a rock.

"You remind me a little of someone I knew", Allen said. "She was really klutzy and therefore didn't succeed in any job she got. She got fired loads of times."

"Thanks", Rin snorted.

"Let me get to the point. Yes she did get fired a lot of times but in the end she found the job that was perfect for her, and I believe you will too." Allen smiled.

Rin smiled back and looked down at the short boy. Allen was such an innocent person. More innocent you would believe a fifteen year old to be. Rin thought of him as a little brother. Well... younger than his other little brother, maybe by a few years. Sometimes Rin thought Allen had the innocence of a six-year-old.

"Alright!" Rin exclaimed and pumped his fist in the air. "Let's do this!"

Allen gave a brighter smile, lightning up his innocent face. Rin hung his arm around the shorter's shoulder and ruffled his white hair.

"Hey! It's Okumura!" a voice was heard from an alley. "We need to talk to you!"

Allen turned and saw four teenagers glaring at Rin. He didn't like them. There was something hostile about them. Like they just wanted a fight.

"You?" Rin growled. He remembered them. They were shooting pigeons in a park. He had stopped them and it ended in a fight.

"Rin, let's go", Allen tried to reason. "It's getting dark soon."

"Oh, is the kid afraid? We don't have anything against you we just want to talk to Okumura", the leader of the group said. The one with bleached hair.

"Allen, you can wait here if you want", Rin said soothingly. "They just want to talk."

"I'll come with you."

Walking into the alley so they could talk without screaming at each other they stopped in front of the small group.

"So, how much do you want?"

"What?" Rin said confused.

"How much do you want for not telling? You see, my family is quite rich and I will get accepted into True Cross Academy. How much do you want for keeping quite?"

"Same as my brother huh? I don't want anything and I won't tell so bye", Rin said, turned around and started walking with Allen following him.

"Come on! I don't want a reputation and you need money right? You're so poor you couldn't even get into a school. And your brother got a scholarship. He's just eating from others' plates."

Rin turned around so fast that Allen didn't even have time to react. Rin punched the guy in the face. "You can insult me all you want but don't insult my brother!" he yelled.

The guy gave out a creepy laugh and his followers tackled Rin to the ground. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", the guy said. "Isn't it?" He took a metal bar that had been laying in burning coal.

"Rin!" Allen yelled.

"Don't com near, Allen!" Rin yelled back. He didn't want the small boy to be hurt because oh him.

The leader laughed hysterically. "Now, where should I burn you? Your nose? Your mouth? Maybe your eyes?"

Rin could see the glowing iron getting closer to his face. Shit the guy's fucking serious, he thought.

"It's enough, Shiratori. If you go any further...", one of the followers said.

"Shut up!" Shiratori yelled and kicked the guy. "Take care of his friend!"

He heard Allen's footsteps getting closer to his location. No, no, no, no, Rin thought. Don't come closer! They'll hurt you too!

"Oh! Is he coming to the rescue?!" Shiratori laughed. His face crazy. His face changed, getting more demonic. His ears pointed, his teeth sharp, he grew horns and sharp nails and these weird black things in the sky – he had begun seeing them recently – swarmed around him.

Suddenly Rin heard a loud, pained cry coming from Allen. In fear and anger Rin released his hidden power, the blue flames, that even Rin didn't knew about. The followers let out a frightened cry and ran away, leaving only their leader Shiratori behind.

Rin turned around to Allen to see him on his knees, clutching his eye in pain.

"Rin! Run away!" Allen screamed. Allen saw the demon inside Shiratori. It was as frightening as the Akuma souls but the demon, a real demon, not a weapon, was inside and the real Shiratori was fighting for release inside his own body. The real Shiratori gave out painful cries while fighting it. It was more frightening than any Akuma soul he'd seen.

"And leave you here? As if!" Rin yelled. At the moment Rin had forgot about the blue flames on his body, he wanted to get to Allen to see how hurt he was. But the demon kicked Rin in his stomach so he gasped for air on his knees.

"I knew it! These blue flames! Satan's offspring!" Shiratori turned to Allen. "And God's most beloved child. What are you doing together?"

Allen and Rin turned to each other. Allen in chock of the news of Rin being Satan's son and Rin in chock of practically everything the demon had said.

Shiratori began walking towards Allen who was still on his knees and clutching his eye in pain. "Maybe I should get rid of this kid first?"

"Mischief is in their hearts", Father Fujimoto's voice could be heard in the opening of the alley. "Give them according to their deeds, and according to their wickedness of their endeavors give them after the work of their hands, render to them their desert. Smite them and let them not rise again." During his chant had Father Fujimoto walked towards them.

Shiratori grew angry. "You're an exorcist?!"

A-an exorcist? Allen thought. He didn't think there was any left.

"Blessed be the Lord", smirked Father Fujimoto.

Shiratori got up and moved towards Father Fujimoto. "I shall seal that mouth so you cannot speak your curses!"

"You have heard my curse", Father Fujimoto said calmly. Shiratori attacked but Fujimoto dodged it. "The Lord is my strength." He grabbed the demons hand and swung him until he landed harshly on the ground. "And my shield." He made a sign with his fingers. "Thou shall perish!"

The demon inside Shiratori fled from his mouth to the air and his body fell limp to the ground. His demonic appearance gone and replaced by the natural human form. Allen gave out a sigh of relief, the demon was gone and Shiratori was now in control of the body, though unconscious.

Rin had calmed down and his flames wasn't visible anymore. "Father?" Rin said dumbly. Everything was just a chock.

"Are you okay?" Father Fujimoto asked.

"Y-yeah", Rin said. "I think Allen is hurt but what about him?" Rin pointed at the unconscious Shiratori.

"The demon has left him, he's alright."


"Yes, you can see them to right?" Father Fujimoto held out a hand towards one of the small, black flying things. "The Coal Tar gather in dark places and around evil humans. You see, this world consists of two dimensions that face each other like mirrors. One is our material world, Assiah and the other is the nothingness of demons, Gehenna. These two worlds are separate and they're not supposed to interact at all. But they posses material here and interact with them." Fujimoto looked seriously at Rin and Allen. "Stand", he said to Rin. "This incident has revealed the truth about you. There will be those who wish to hunt you down. You must hide before that."

"Wait a sec, I don't get it!" Rin interrupted. "Demons? What are they? What am I?"

"You are not human", Father Fujimoto declared.

Rin's eyes got huge in fear and shock, his face white.

"You are the child of a demon born from a human."

Rin stood up as did Allen and they looked at Father Fujimoto.

"So Rin is really Satan's son?" Allen asked.

Father Fujimoto nodded and looked a little curiously at Allen. "Are you God's most beloved child?"

"Many have called me that. Are you really an exorcist?"

"Yes, I am."

"What does your Innocence do?"

"My what?" Father Fujimoto said confused.

"Maybe you call it something else? You weapon against the demons, what is it?" Allen couldn't help but be curious.

"We don't have time for this let's get out of here", Father Fujimoto said as demons began to appear all over the place. "We have to get home before it turns dark. Follow me!"

The priest began to run back to the church. If it only was me and Rin we could have been able too run over the rooftops but with Allen here that's not possible. I couldn't let God's most beloved child die, Shiro thought. "Come on now!" Allen was keeping up pretty easily. And Rin ran numbly behind him. It must have been a terrible shock for the kid.

A lot of demons were after them and once again Allen's eye reacted, searching for the demons. Father Fujimoto gasped at the eye. A cogwheel of some sort turned. And now he could see the upside-down pentacle on his forehead. "That eye", Shiro said. "You're cursed."

Allen only nodded. "I can see a demon's soul."

Shiro's eyes widened in shock. And believe me when I say that Shiro was rarely shocked.

They dashed inside the church. Father Fujimoto started yelling commands to all the priests. About security but Allen didn't get what it was. At least all the demons holding themselves outside the gates. Father Fujimoto showed them down a staircase that led into a room. The priest opened a drawer with a golden key and took out a katana.

"This is the Demon-Slaying Blade, called Kurikara", Shiro said and gave it to Rin. "It's a legendary sword passed down since ancient times. Your demonic powers are in this sword, sealed in its scabbard. You must keep it with you at all times, even when you are sleeping. Never give it to someone else. Never draw it, you will never be human again."

"What about Yukio? Is he...?"

"You are fraternal twins. He didn't get the gene."

"Take this cell phone. It has one number inside it and he's a old friend of mine. I need you to call him after you know all the demons are gone." He bent down to Rin's ear and whispered, "I also want you to protect Allen. I believe he is God's most beloved child." Straightening up he looked at them. "I want you to stay here boys. Do not come out before you know it's safe."

"Wait old geezer! Did everyone know about it? Why did you keep such an important thing a secret? What the hell are you doing? You can't order me around! You are not even my father!" Rin yelled. He know he shouldn't have said it, and he'd always regret it. He did think of the old geezer as his father but he knew when Shiro said to stay there that Shiro himself would go out and fight the demons. And he didn't want that.

Shiro on the other hand got angry and slapped Rin in the face. Both looked shocked at each other and Shiro whispered, "Oh no. What have I done?"

Suddenly Father Fujimoto let out a choked scream and he began to cough up blood.

"Father Fujimoto!" Allen yelled and ran over to him but the priest pushed him roughly away. "Don't get close", he warned, then with a whole different voice that seemed to echo inside Father Fujimoto's body he said, "Finally I have this body."

The most frightening laugh Allen had ever heard came from Father Fujimoto's mouth. Allen's eye reacted fast and he could see Satan. The real demon Satan. It was more frightening than every Akuma souls he had ever seen put together. Allen screamed loudly as his eye couldn't really take in the frightening scene. He could see Father Fujimoto struggling inside. His pentacle began to bleed, the sight and the pain to much.

Rin was to shocked to say anything at all. Blue flames? Old geezer? Why was Allen screaming in pain?

"Father?" was all Rin in the end could let out.

Shiro let out a cackle. "Yes! It's your dear father! He has come to get you!"

Rin was shaking in anger, even in his shock understanding that this person was Satan. "Give me back my father!"

"Fucking child! You're my son!" The possessed priest grabbed Rin by his collar and dragged him up the stairs all the while Rin screamed at him to let go.

"Rin!" Allen called from below. Standing on his shaky legs he ran up the stairs only to fall again at the sudden pain. But he knew he needed to continue if he wanted to save Rin. The Sword of Exorcism. If he only could...

Meanwhile Satan opened the Gehenna Gate throwing Rin inside it. "Soon we will be home!" Satan cackled.

Rin could feel himself sinking, the demons trying to pull him down. All the while Satan was laughing – if you even could call it a laugh – at his futile attempts to get away.

"Help me!" he screamed. His fear was overwhelming.

"Rin!" he could hear Allen behind Satan screaming his name in fear.

The old geezer told him to protect Allen. God's most beloved child. Was this the end? Wouldn't he even be able to fulfill the old geezers last wish?

Rin heard a strange noise coming from Allen. Rin struggled against the mass of demons to see Allen holding a big-ass sword in his hands. Where'd he get it from? But Allen could barely stand up and he was bleeding profusely from his forehead. He looked at Allen's thin but lean arms, there was no way he would be able to lift that sword, more less swing it at someone.

"Happy birthday!" Satan screeched.

"He's... not... your... son", could be heard coming out of Father Fujimoto's mouth and this time it was actually Father Fujimoto.

He grabbed his necklace a pendant with a sharp metal stick on it. He held it above his chest. "No! Wait Father Fujimoto!" Allen yelled from behind, trying to heave himself up with his sword. But the priest pushed the pendant in his chest.

Rin let out a gasp in shock and pain. Did the geezer just do what he think he did?

"He's my son! And you'll give him back!" Father Fujimoto's voice said.

"You filthy exorcist!" Satan said before the flames disappeared and Father Fujimoto's body fell inside the Gehenna Gate.

"N-no!" Allen screamed.

Rin couldn't say anything. The geezer had just died before his very eyes. Killing himself for his sake. It sounded so wrong. A few sounds escaped him. But it wasn't words, maybe the beginning of a pained scream.

"Taking your own life, what a worldly priest you are! But it's too late. The Gehenna Gate won't let go of anything!" Satan said as the demons pulled him down.

Rin made his way over to Shiro. Pushing away the demons that wanted to pull him down. "Old geezer! Get a hold of yourself!" He grabbed Shiro's head but Rin saw that his life was about to disappear. "Damn it!" He screamed as loudly as he could, his voice broke.

Allen fused his sword/arm together with his shoulder and try to stand up to go help Rin but the blood loss had made him dizzy and he toppled over. Allen cried. Father Fujimoto just died. He had been so kind and Allen hadn't saved him. Now Rin was also about to die right in front of him and his damn legs wouldn't let him stand up!

"Rin!" Allen cried. Trying to drag himself over.

Rin grabbed the Katana that had fell inside the Gehenna Gate too. "The Demon-Slaying Blade!" he whispered. And determination was shown in his eyes.

Allen seeing this tried to get Rin to stop. "Stop, Rin! Father Fujimoto said not to unsheet it! If you draw it you will..."

But Allen was ignored. Rin pulled himself up a little with the help of the katana. "Old geezer." He had suddenly remembered the moment from earlier today, when he hadn't been able to do his own tie and the old geezer had made fun of him but helped him with the tie. He had chuckled and said, "If you're such a man then go out there and show it to me!"

"I haven't shown you anything yet! Don't die on me old man!" he yelled and drew out the sword.

Allen stared a little shocked at the blue light that shone from the katana. Before the flames engulfed the Gate. Allen saw that Rin was once again consumed in flames but his appearance was a little different. He had much more pointed ears like an elf and his teeth were sharp. Rin raised the elegant sword in the air and slashed it into the Gate. The blue flames grew stronger and bigger and it consumed the Gate in its light. It was soon destroyed.

Rin sheeted his sword and looked down at the old man with a sob in his throat. The priest was full of blood that had been dripping from his eyes and mouth, there was also the wound on his chest where the pendant still sat.

Rin sat down and leaned against the katana. "Daddy", he cried. At his words Allen also began to cry, well cry more than before but he stayed where he was. He figured that Rin wanted a moment for himself.

"Nii-san?" a soft voice was heard from the door. It was Yukio. He saw Rin's crouching and crying form and his father was laying there full of blood. Hurriedly he ran over to his father. Fear washing over him. Yukio sat down beside his father feeling for his pulse, it was gone. Nothing. The great priest Father Fujimoto was dead. He let a few tears fall. His father...

He turned to Rin who sat crying on the floor. Yukio could also hear another set of sobs. From Allen also laying a bit away one the floor with blood dripping from his forehead. He could see its splatters leading to the altar where the hidden stairway had been. The poor boy, Yukio thought. He must be scared to death. He made his way over to the crying boy.

"Allen?" Yukio's soft voice said. "Where are you hurt?"

Allen looked up at Yukio with tears flowing down his innocent face. "M-my forehead", he answered.

Yukio brushed away a few snow-white strands for better inspection. It was only a small cut where his pentacle was. Actually the cut was over the pentacle. Allen did say it was a scar. Yukio frowned.

"Does it hurt anywhere else?"

Allen shook his head no. Yukio looked over the splattered blood on the floor clearly showing where Allen had stood and dragged himself. How could so much blood come out of such a small cut?

"Can you stand up Allen?" Yukio asked, taking his arm to help him get up. The boy swayed once standing and Yukio grabbed tighter to his arm so he wouldn't fall.

"I'm only I little dizzy", Allen explained and then whispered. "How is Rin?"

Yukio looked a little shocked. Wasn't it Rin who had hurt him? Why would he wonder how he is? "He is over there crying", he replied.

"I'm so sorry", Allen whispered.

"It's not your fault, Allen", Yukio said with a small smile.

Allen just cried a little more. It was such a long time ago he had friends. And he had let them down. He could have saved him.

He saw Rin abruptly stand up and made his way towards them. "Allen? Are you hurt?"

"I'm f-fine Rin", Allen said still crying softly. He could see Rin's tears still flowing down his cheeks. "How are you Rin?"

Rin looked over to Father Fujimoto's body. "Grieving."

"I'm sorry", Allen said again. "I couldn't help you."

"It's nothing to worry about Allen", Rin said softly and patted his head. It felt good. It was such a long time since that happened. Someone barely touched him anymore.

"I'm sorry", Allen said again.

There were only a few people at Father Fujimoto's funeral. Allen didn't know any of them outside of the church priests and of course the Okumura brothers. Everyone cried a lot. Even him. He had only known Father Fujimoto for eight days but he was such a kind man. He took him in when sat outside the church, waiting for someone to give him some directions. He had grew fond of him.

"Rin?" he said softly. "I'm going to help Yukio move some stuff for school, do you want to come with us?"

Rin shook his head. "I want to stay here a little longer", he said and looked down at the grave.

Allen nodded and followed Yukio, leaving Rin to mourn in peace.

Rin gave out a loud sigh. He and Allen had agreed not to say anything to Yukio, so he wouldn't get involved. He and Allen had gotten closer after the incident but Rin still didn't really know much about God's beloved child. Many had called him that? And his whole family was dead? Where did that strange sword come from? And where did it go? What about the scar over his eye? Who would make a scar like that? Some kind of serial cutter?

He felt for the phone inside his pocket. Father's friend. He should call him. He picked up the phone, looked through the contact list and dialed the only number in it.

Music could be heard a few feet away from him just as he pressed the green phone to call. And it was obviously a ring tone.

Looking up he saw the strangest man he'd ever set eyes upon. He had purple hair, a large hat and very strange clothes in pink. He held the ringing phone in his hand.

"Rin Okumura?"

He nodded and at least twenty men appeared around him pointing guns at him.

"Oi! What's this about?"

"You are the son of Satan. We need the execute you."

"Who are you?" Rin asked.

"I am sir Mephisto Pheles, principal at True Cross Academy."

"You were father's friend right? Are you an exorcist too?"

"You could say that."

"Then teach me! Teach me how to be an exorcist!"

Mephisto's eyes grew wide and he let out a loud laugh. "Son of Satan an exorcist? I like it!" His expression changed dramatically and he snapped his fingers. "Put down your weapons!"

"But sir!" one protested.

"I will stand for the consequences, so put them down!"

They did reluctantly and shuffled away.

"Well then why don't we get you into my school now, hmm?"

"Your school?"

"Yes, it's an exorcist school."

His eyes widened. "Then Yukio..."

"It's a cram school for a few people."

"Oh." Rin suddenly remembered Allen who Shiro had said he must protect. He was God's favorite child after all. "Could Allen also come? Father took him in and he said I must protect him."

"Shiro, huh? Then I guess it's okay!"