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Allen's eyes widened in shock. What was this all about? Had Mamushi knocked out all those people in the other room? Why?

Bon was experiencing another kind of shock. Of all the people he had suspected Mamushi was pretty low on the list. So she had been the traitor. For real? And know she was going to steal the second eye of the Impure King for her old teacher.

"So it was you after all," the man said while looking at Mamushi, his staff held in his left hand and resting on his shoulder. "Hah, caught ya red handed doing some pretty suspicious stuff, haven't I? I may not really like you but I always thought you had the Myou Dha's interest at heart more than anyone else. So why?"

Mamushi remained silent. She wasn't even looking at him, only kept a steady gaze at the floor. Like that held her secret for her reasoning.

"Say something!" the man yelled.

Mamushi was only silent for a short moment before she started speaking. "... In order to bring the Myou Dha to it's senses. The real traitor is Suguro Tatsuma" Bon's eyes grew larger while his iris and pupil turned smaller. His shock was great but he had suspected this hadn't he? His father was the traitor. "... and the head of the japanese branch Mephisto Pheles."

"Me-Mephisto? What the hell are you sayin'?"

"Eight years ago shortly after I enrolled in the exorcist cram school, one of the teachers Toudou spoke his mind and shared something with me," she began explaining. "Mephisto had the Left Eye of the Impure King in his possession and a Right Eye is supposed to exists though no one know anything about it. At that time a seed of doubt took root in my heart. The Myou Dha who defeated the Impure King knew nothing about this Left Eye, why was it kept from us? Toudou had been suspecting Mephisto for a long time and wanted to expose his misdeeds, thus I decided to help him."

The man gnashed his teeth together as a grim look took over his face, but he didn't interrupt her explanation.

Is this really enough evidence to try and convict someone? Allen thought.

"Mephisto, the Impure King, Suguro Tatsuma, I've thoroughly investigated them over the years," Mamushi continued. "Although I wasn't able to gather any concrete evidence against them, I did find out some incriminating information. Mephisto Pheles has let the son of Satan live and has raised him in absolute secrecy that is what I've discovered, Juzo."

Shit, Allen thought. She knew about Rin? Did she know it was him? Hopefully not as she didn't mention his name.

"What did you say?" Juzo exclaimed.

"Furthermore, in order of that son of Satan to live, he had to use our Myou Dah's sect honzon."

Mamushi changed position, standing with her legs more far apart and her arms crossed over her front while making some kind of sign with her hands. Allen didn't really know what it meant.

"Wha-" Juzo said, completely mind blown of what he just found out. But he didn't want to believe it. For it to be such a thing. Bon was completely mind blown too. The honzon, the demon slaying sword Kurikara, was what was used to enable Satan's son's life? "What proof do you have?!"

"... How could I have any proof of that right now?" Mamushi asked as if Juzo was stupid. "But some day things will come to light."

Mamushi began to chant and Allen watched with grossed out captivation as her fingers started to meld into one limb and as living snakes appeared, still attached to her arms.

"I can no longer trust the higher ups!" Mamushi declared as Juzo began to cold sweat in horror of what was transpiring. Toudou will seal the Right Eye and the Left Eye in a safer place than the Shinbu."

"Stop this Mamushi!" Juzo yelled as he raised his staff to defend himself. Mamushi's snakes had now disembodied themselves from her arms and were tense for attack. "Don't do such reckless things on your own! At least state your stand in front of everyone!"

"Hmph, the higher ups are all people who suspect nothing of Tatsuma," Mamishi scoffed as she held one of her snakes back with a hand to its head. "Who sold Myou Dah into the True Cross Order, and who still consider him their leader! Even my father! And the Shima family is the worst of them all! In the end everyone'd just laugh at me and say, "Calm down, you're thinking too much" as if we have time to be idling about this!"

Bon was stiff in his hiding spot, she did have a point. Allen watched the scene before them unfold with worry. This was not going good. Allen poked at Bon's arm. "We should do something," he whispered.

"I don't need ya'll on my side. Everything I did," Mamushi said as she unleashed her snake. "WAS FOR THE MYOU DHA!"

"You're serious about this Mamushi?!" Juzo yelled as he charged past the fast approaching snake with his staff raised for attack. "In that case, as your childhood friend, I'll do ya a favor and see you to the next life!"

"Stop it! Mamushi! Juzo!" Bon yelled as he raised to stand from his hiding place. Allen quickly followed. "There's no need for you to fight!"

The ground began to shake and both Allen and Bon grabbed onto the railing to remain standing. Mamishi and Juzo looked a bit confused and looked around.

"What the hell is going on?!" Bon yelled.

Juzo who had looked up when taking in his surroundings saw the great cracking in the ceiling and how something gooey slowly dripped down from the center.

"The ceiling it's- it's rotting?!" Juzo said.

A great crumbling noise was heard and then the ceiling crumbled to pieces and fell down upon them. Most of it hit the bridge Mamushi and Juzo stood on. Mamushi was protected by one of her snakes as the other had slithered around the pedestal to protect it from crumbling too. Juzo who was on the outer circle of it didn't get hit so badly, only a few small rocks. Bon and Allen got away completely unscathed. For a moment it was to hard to see in the dust cloud of the destroyed ceiling and the first thing they noticed was voices.

"Mamushi!" Juzo yelled.

"Hey there," another, unknown voice answered. "Long time no see, Shima-kun."

The dust settled. Allen watched as the form of a man became clearer and clearer. He was middle aged, with glasses, a coat and dark pants. His hair was black with a white streak at one side, like his age decided to only show in that particular place.

"Toudou...!" Juzo said before he started yelling. "You sly fox! What are yu planning, deceiving Mamushi like that!"

"A sly fox you say?" Toudou laughed. Allen clenched his fists. "No, all I'm doing now is backing Houjou-kun up."

"Exactly," Mamushi agreed as she received a beautiful glass bottle from one of her snakes. It was round at the bottom with a small neck and inside something black floated. "Toudou is not involved."

"Mamushi," Juzo said as Mamushi began uncorking the bottle. "You've been completely deceived by Toudou! Don't you get it?"

The bottle opened with a pop.

Allen thought it would be alright anyway, as the opening was far too small for the black eye to fit through but that didn't seem to be a problem at all. The eye immediately surged towards the opening with the speed of a captive bird seeing the chance of freedom.

"Stop it!" Allen yelled. A few exorcists ran from the previous room out to them. How they knew what was going on Allen didn't know.

"Mamushi... What are you doing..." Juzo said. "Give it to me!" The eye escaped the bottle with another pop. Mamushi held it in her hand delicately. "STOP IT!"

"The ones being deceived," Mamushi said as she placed the eye in front of her right eye. "Are you!"

Then to Allen's astonishment she disappeared.

"She disappeared!" one of the newly appeared exorcists said.

"Toudou too?!" Juzo said. "What's going on?!"

"You can't mean that Mamushi-san betrayed us," another newly added exorcist exclaimed.

"Silence!" Bon yelled just as he spotted his father. He quickly walked over and grabbed his shoulder in a firm grip. "Long time no see pops!"

"Whaa! Ryuuji!" Tatsuma said nervously and turned towards his son. "I-it's been a while, huh... Quite a fine cock's comb you have there..."

"Where are you going?" Bon asked, the grip on his father's shoulder never faltered just like his determination to get an answer out of him.

"Ahhhh... I'd love to stay and talk all day with you, but I've got to chase after Mamushi or she'll... So could you let me go?"

"Chase after Mamushi...?" Bon stated. "From the very beginning, Mamushi's betrayal, us being in this state. Every damn thing, is your fault!"

"Eh, Bon," Allen said calmly as he walked forward and gripped lightly at the arm that held Tatsuma. "Calm down a bit."

Bon completely ignored him and more and more exorcists welled in as the first one's on spot began shouting things to each other.

"To think Mamushi was the traitor!"

"Where the hell did they go?!"

"They removed the eye from the magic bottle, we won't be able to track it so easily."

"Calm down everyone!" a heavily injured man called out. "Regain your composure!"

"Oh! Branch chief!" someone called back.

"What happened?" Allen heard Rin's voice in the crowd.

"Mmm... Things are getting more and more fishy now," Shura replied.

"This is your fault," Bon repeated.

"Ryuuji," Tatsuma said calmly.

"Pops, is what Mamushi said, about you betraying us true?!"

"Of- of course not," Tatsuma replied.

"In that case," Bon said loudly so everyone could hear. "With everyone here present as witnesses, right now, tell us the truth!"

"The truth..." Tatsuma repeated. "That's a secret. A secret I can't even share with you my son."

Bon's face started to completely blank off from his dad. He couldn't believe that his dad still refused to be honest. He slowly let his grip on his father loosen and let his arm fall to his side.

"... I really wish I could just bring it with me to my grave if I could, you know?" Tatsuma continued, a bit flustered about the attention they were getting.

"What are you talking about, in a situation like this?" Bon said disbelievingly.

"Anyway, this isn't the time for that!" Tatsuma said. "We must chase after Mamushi. Ryuuji, be good an listen to what your mom and teachers have to say, okay?"

"Don't you be acting all fatherly!" Bon yelled angrily.

"Ryuuji..." Tatsuma said softly.

"Bon!" Allen scolded.

"If you're just brushing this off without saying anything," Bon continued with repressed anger. "I'll never acknowledge you as my father! Not till the day I die!"

Allen got angry at that. How could Bon do that?! He should be happy that he has a father who care for him, even if he doesn't always shove it, and even if the care is very subtle. But Allen knew that Bon wouldn't listen to him at the time.

Rin on the other hand had a different opinion on that.

"... Now I must go," Tatsuma said composedly. "... Please pardon me."

Rin grabbed a part of Tatsuma's clothing, by the shoulder. "Hold it," he said.

"Okumura?" Bon said surprised.

"Why are you walking away?!" Rin yelled. "Aren't you Suguro's dad?!"

"Rin-kun," Tatsuma said. Dumfounded.

Rin turned towards Bon. "And Suguro you bastard!" Rin said and punched Bon in the face with such force that he flew back a couple meters. A small blue flame had not gone unnoticed by Allen and he would scold him very much about that. After this was over.

"Rin!" Allen yelled. "The hell are you doing?" He hurried over to Bon to see how much injury his face had.

"Did something, flash just now...?" someone stated uncertainly.

Oh, Rin was so gonna get it.

"... What the," Bon said as he spat out a bit of blood.

"I don't know the details, but I'll say this because I know you're gonna regret it later if I don't. Listen to me! Apologize to your dad! Do it while you still can!"

"This has nothing to do with you!" Bon yelled in rage as he stood from the ground. "Shut the hell up!"

"Don't cut off your father so nonchalantly!" Rin yelled back in equal favor.

"I don't wanna be told that by you!"

"Now, now, let's shake hands and make up, okay?" Tatsuma said.

"You can just go wherever the hell you like," Bon yelled at his father. "Don't you dare come back!"

Rin stared shocked at Bon, not believing that he actually went that far. He looked down.

"And I actually thought you were a pretty cool guy," Rin said repressing the rage he felt. "How bloody wrong I was!"

"Ehehehe," Allen laughed nervously as he hastily walked forward and grabbed Rin's arm and tried dragging him away with him. "Rin, let's get outta here. NOW."

Rin was far too angry to let it go but by Allen's stern and definitely very angry tone he decided it would be in his best interests to follow the white haired teen for now. So he let himself be dragged away by the smaller boy through the sea of people and up through the elevator.

"That was very bad of you," Allen said when they finally reached the outside.

Rin frowned and gnawed at his cheek. "How? Suguro should have apologized."

"I didn't specifically mean that," Allen stated. "Your temper got the best of you. If you continued you would've been exposed."

Rin just stared blankly at him.

"Blue flames ringing a bell?" Allen said.


And that was when the light-bulb lit. Allen face-palmed. "Yes, 'oh'," he said. "You're in a very delicate position. It would be very bad if they found out, trust me. I know from experience."

Rin stared at him blankly once again.

"What?" Allen asked nervously when he couldn't take the stare anymore.

"What kind of experience do you have with being a demon?" Rin asked. "No one could have believed you were a demon."

"You're not a demon," Allen said firmly. "And I do have experience of being suspected as a demon, or the devil's minion and spy." Rin raised two skeptic eyebrows at him. "Many did suspect me of this. That's why you should listen to me."

Rin gazed at him suspiciously. "I don't believe you," he said.

"Fine, don't!" Allen said exasperated and lifted his arms to the sky in a gesture to show his feeling. "At least do as I say. Think of Yukio!"

"I wonder how Yukio is handling the thief," Rin said as he gazed at something else unseeingly. Allen was completely astonished with Rin's short attention span. Not to mention that the thief had been present during the stealing of the Right Eye, but when Allen thought a bit closer on it, Rin hadn't been present at that time.

"They must have missed him," Allen explained. "I saw the thief during the stealing of the Right Eye."

"Oh man," Rin said. "Yukio will be in a bad mood."

"I guess so," Allen chuckled.

"So, what happens now?" Rin asked as he gazed towards the sky. What would they do about the Eyes? Chase after them? They had no idea of where they could have gone off to.

"They are probably discussing it right now," Allen answered. "Not that I think that we will do anything. They will keep us here at the house."

"What?! How do you know?!" Rin said outraged.

"It's fairly obvious," Allen responded with a raised eyebrow. This is a high scale dangerous thing two people have stolen, which one of them is a traitor and from the Order itself. Letting beginners in on this is not something anyone would agree to."

"Damnit," Rin muttered to himself.


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