Hey guys, not so long time no see. Here's the first chapter of my newest fic. It's going to have a lot of pairings. Creek (of corse), Bunny and Style are all the ones in the first chapter, there will be more added in later chapters like Gregstophe, Tyde and in the next chapter you'll get some Dip. Nothing big going on in the first two chapters. Anyways I hope you like it because it took a hell of a long time to write.


Craig, Kenny, Butters and I were standing in Craig's kitchen, we decided to go to his house after school. Well me and Craig had and Kenny stalked us, Butters following behind like a lost puppy. Craig and I would always go to his house after school and hang out, besides isn't that what all best friends do? Actually we're not best friends, he's my best friend but Clyde is his best friend.. I don't have many friends but Craig is really popular, despite him wanting everyone to leave him alone. Sometimes I'd hang out with him when Clyde and Token were there but I just didn't feel like Clyde or Token liked me much. Not that they weren't nice to me, they were but I think they felt that I was trying to steal Craig all for myself.. I kind of was I guess, I know that's selfish though and I'd never force him to only be with me. Oh god this totally makes us sound like a couple doesn't it? Jesus, why would I think this stuff. I mean I like Craig, I've always liked Craig but we're defiantly not a couple. Gah, I totally forgot what I was talking about!


"GAH! Y-yes?"

"You're zoning out, dude" Craig patted me head, like I was a dog or something. I wasn't going to complain though.

"S-sorry, w-what were we t-talking about?"

"Kenny was just talking about some chick and I didn't want to suffer alone," He chuckled, that's when I noticed Butters had left to sit in the living room. He didn't like it when people talked about sex and stuff, especially Kenny. Butters has liked Kenny just as long as I've liked Craig, I know this because Butters is my second best friend (right after Craig). We are the only people who know each others secrets and we know the other would never tell. Wow that sounds super girly.

"GAH! I d-don't wanna talk a-about g-girls!" I haven't came out and told anyone I'm gay, well besides Butters, but I'm pretty sure it's obvious I don't like girls.

Kenny laughed, "Just because you and Tucker are gonna have butt babies doesn't mean chicks are icky Tweek," this wasn't an accusation or anything, that's just how Kenny is. It's normal is basically what I'm trying to say.


"Dude don't traumatize Tweek, how'd you like it if I told Butters he was gonna have your butt babies?" He flipped him off. Oh if only they knew how willing we both were to do what they were saying.

"I'd punch you in the face, you know Butters is innocent."

"Tweek is innocent too, not to the same extent but pretty damn close, now say you're sorry douche," I love it when Craig defends me like this, protecting me. However I'm not as innocent as he thinks, I mean I haven't done anything obviously but I know a lot of shit. A LOT.

"Whatever, Tweek I'm sorry that you have to have Tuckers butt babies," Craig face palmed and I burst into laughter.

"S-sorry Craig, it w-wasn't f-funny," I was still laughing a little and he sighed.

"It's fine," he ruffled my hair, "are we done talking about this? can we let Butters back in now?"

Kenny and I nodded and Craig went to fetch him. When Craig had gone Kenny gave me a look I didn't exactly understand and smiled. He's so strange sometim- all the time.

Craig brought Butters back and it was as if everything was a little tense in the room.

"Gee fellas, how do y'all think you did on the math test?" Math was the only class we all had together because we all collectively suck at math or in Craig's case just don't give a crap.

"I b-bombed it," I frowned, math and me didn't go hand in hand.

"I think i did a'ight," Kenny said as he got food from Craig's fridge, no one would stop him though. We knew his situation.

"I did fine," That's Craig's way of saying he passed it but he wasn't going to brag, he liked us to think that he really was on the same intellectual level as us. "what about you Butters?"

"Hamburgers, I think I failed it, my mom's gonna ground me when she sees it," Butters frowned.

"Then just don't show her," Kenny suggested.

"That'll just get me into even more trouble," Butters sighed. "What time is it?"

Craig looked over to the clock on the stove, "Five thirty, what time do you have to be home?"

"Six, I think I better start going now then." It doesn't take very long to get anywhere in South Park, but Butters always prepared in case there was like a traffic jam in the side walk or something.

"I'll walk you home," Kenny said with his mouth full, ew.

"Okay," Butters smiled and waited patiently for Kenny to get done eating and pick up his school stuff that had been previously thrown across the room from when we were doing homework.

After they had left Craig went into the living room and threw himself onto the couch, "I'm exhausted, I may never get off this couch," I sat on the floor next to the edge of the couch his head was on.

"GAH! B-but you have t-to go to school, a-and people w-will miss you an-"

"I'm not literally going to stay here forever, Tweek."

"O-oh.." He rolled over and gave me a smile, I smiled back. We just stayed like that for a while and I gradually got the urge for coffee so I headed off to the kitchen. I started up the coffee pot and grabbed a mug from the cabinet. To me being at Craig's house and being at my house are pretty much the same, except the underpants gnomes don't go to Craig's house.

I felt two arm wrap around my waist and I blushed, "Are you making some for me too?" Craig rested his chin on my shoulder. This wasn't unusual, Craig gets really touchy feely when he's tired sometimes. Nothing sexual, just cuddly and junk.

"Mhmm," I said grabbing another mug from the cabinet. It was nice to have Craig all to myself like this, especially when he's in his cuddly mood.

I poured us both a cup of coffee and headed off to his room, him following me. It reminded me of how Butters always follows Kenny. I waited for him to open the door since both of my hands were full, when in his room, I placed his mug on the night stand and just chugged mine like it was nothing. When I was done with my coffee I looked around to see Craig taking Stripe out of his cage. I placed my empty mug next to his full one and sat on his bed.

He walked over and sat next to me, "what time do you have to be home?"

"M-my parents are working l-late t-tonight, they wouldn't n-notice if I was t-there or not. So w-whenever," It was only Thursday so I couldn't completely spend the night but I could stay as late as Craig would allow.

Craig laid down and placed Stripe next to him on the pillow, he grabbed my hips and tried to pull me closer, "Lay downnnn!" He whined like a little kid, I smiled and complied after a little thought. "Closerrrrr!" I got closer, but not as close as he wanted so he just pulled me the rest of the way. "Wanna take a nap?" He said as he spooned me.

"I don't really have a c-choice, d-do I?" I yawned.

"Nope," with that we both fell asleep.


"Well, gosh, thanks for walking me home Ken," I smiled as we stood at my porch.

"No problem'o Buttercup," he returned my smile and my tummy was filled with tiny butterflies.

"Wanna hang out a bit?" I asked, opening the front door the slightest bit.

"Sure thing, thought you'd never ask," he ruffled my hair and we walked inside and up to my room. My parent's didn't seem to be home. That's a good thing because I'm really no suppose to have anyone over after school and my parents aren't too fond of Kenny.

"Well, what'a you wanna do then?" I motioned my arm throughout the room, as if he hadn't been here thousands of times. My room was nice and clean, with rainbows and clouds and Hello Kitty everywhere. It probably looked like a room for a little girl, but I liked it.

"Video games?" He was asking what ones I still had, my parents take away all the ones with swearing, drugs or really anything that could be considered a bad influence.

"I still have Sonic Unleashed, Kirby's epic yarn, and Pokemon Battle Revolution," Kenny looked confused.

"I thought you had a Mario game, your parents took that away too?" I nodded, "what's bad about Mario?"

"They said it's bad because it will encourage me to do shrooms." Kenny shook his head.

"Your parents are crazy." He sat on my bed and held my Hello Kitty plushie on his lap.

"I know," I sat down next to him, frowning slightly.

He ruffled my hair and kissed to top of my head, making me blush and my heart beat a mile a minute. "Don't worry, they can't do this forever. You'll be eighteen next year, you can move out and never have to see them again."

"I don't have anywhere to go though, and no money to go anywhere, they wont let me get a job, Ken, I'll be stuck here," a tear left my eye.

"Now don't think like that, you're sounding like Tweek rambling off one of his conspiracy theories. If you have no where to go then I'll just have to take you with me." I smiled.

"Where would we go?"

"Wherever you want Buttercup."

"Florida?" He laughed and nodded.

"Yepp, and I'll find us a nice big house were we can stay forever and you can play whatever video games you like," I know this is just dreaming. Kenny can't afford to take care of me and him, he only just got his part time job at burger king a couple months ago and he ends up using all of his pay check to take care of his family.

"You're the best person I've ever met, Ken," I say without thinking.

He smiles, "you bring the good out of me, Buttercup," he's called me that since I can remember and still every time he says it I feel special. Kyle is Kyle, Stan is Stan, Eric is Cartman but I'm not Butters, I'm not Leopold, I'm Buttercup.

I was about to speak but Kenny put his finger to his lips, signaling me to be quite. Then I realized why, the garage door had just opened. That means my parent's are home, oh hamburgers. "I guess I'll be going then," I nodded sadly, "I'll text you later okay?"

"My parent's blocked your number again," I said and Kenny sighed.

"I'll go to Kyle's house and use his phone then," he kissed my head again.

"Leopold, come help your poor old mother with groceries!" Kenny walked over to the window, opened it and said goodbye before descending down a tree adjacent to my window. Almost as soon as he left my mother burst into my room, "Leopold, can't you hear?"

"Uh, yes ma'am," I said.

"Come help me with groceries than," and so I did.

My mom said that she wouldn't ground me this time if I cleaned out my room and my closet. I pulled out old boxes I haven't looked at in ages. One full of dinosaur toys, I can get rid of that. One had a couple remote control cars in it, I kept two but got rid of the rest. That would give Kenny and me something to do when my parents eventually just take all my video games away. Then I found a box containing something I hadn't seen since elementary school, my professor chaos costume. It seemed back then that we were all trying to play heroes and villains, the only one who actually did anything really hero like was Mysterion. He was so cool, I couldn't help but look up to him. I sighed as I tossed my old persona into the trash.

When I was finally done with that I grabbed my cell and noticed I had 4 texts and 2 missed calls. "Hey Buttercup, It's Kenny"-Kyle Broflovski (Kenny, 2 hours ago), "Buttercup, you there?" -Kyle(Kenny, 1 hour, 40 minutes ago), "Butters, are you okay?" -Kyle (Kenny, 1 hour ago), "Butters, Why aren't you answering your phone?" -Kyle (Kenny, 10 minutes ago). As soon as I had finished reading the last text I got a new one, "Buttercup, I'm worrying. Do I need to come over there?" -Kyle (Kenny).

"No, I'm fine, I'm sorry I had to clean out my old stuff so I wouldn't get grounded again" -Butters

"Oh thank god, I was scared! I thought your parent's went insane and locked you in the basement or something" -Kyle (Kenny)

"Nope, sorry again, everything's fine :)" -Butters

"Stop saying sorry, it's okay. Find anything interesting?" -Kyle (Kenny)

I thought about the Professor Chaos costume and contemplated telling him about that, eventually deciding against it.

"Well, I found some remote control cars we could play with, threw out most of what I found though" -Butters

"Cool, hey Kyle's kicking me out so he and Stan can be kissy kissy, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Buttercup!" -Kyle (Kenny)

"Okay, Bye Ken, See ya!" -Butters

I lay down and stare at the wall, a few minutes later my phone gets another text, "Whoa, whoa, Me And Stan Are Not Being "Kissy Kissy" :P" -Kyle

I giggled and yawned, looking at the time. It's already nine o'clock. I get in my pajamas and I take a one way train to sleepy town.


I finally shoo'ed Kenny out the door, right at Stan was walking up my driveway. "Hey dude."

"Hey, you wanna play video games, or watch a movie?" I stood in the door way holding up 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' and 'The Notebook'.

"Obviously I cannot pass up an opportunity to watch a film such as 'The Notebook'," he laughed.

"Good, I'll put it in then," I said running off to the living room.

"Wait, Kyle, I was just kidding! Please don't make me watch it!" We did though, and he cried. Stan's secretly a sucker for chick flicks, you'd never be able to tell because of his jock exterior.

By the time the movie was over it was almost midnight. "You tired Stan?" I asked, resting my head on his chest. We had been cuddling on the couch, as we have done many times. Whoever said best friends can't be touchy feely obviously never had one and died alone.

"Yeah, sleep?" I can tell he's really tired because his speech was slurred and his answer was slow. He was going to fall asleep any second. I stood up and grabbed his hand trying to pull him up.

"Come on Stan, you can't sleep on the couch." In all reality he could but I prefer to snuggle when I sleep so I need my snuggle buddy. He groaned and got up, I lead him to my room and when we got to my bed he just fell down. I turned off the light and cuddled up next to him, placing his arm on my back and my head in the crook of his neck. He lifted his leg to lay intertwined with mine. when we were both comfortable we said good night and fell asleep. I don't care if all the other guys think we're gay or shit, Stan's my super best friend and that's all.

"I love you, Kyle," Stan mumbled.

"What?!" but he didn't hear me, he had fallen asleep. He probably wouldn't even remember saying that.

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