Prompts: "Excuse me?", eye rolls, dreaming, rainbow, crystal ball.

Word Count: 265

Narcissa laughs whimsically, her eyes bright as she spins in the centre of the Great Hall. It's like a crystal ball; full of rainbows and fog. Full of the future. Full of daydreams, tea leaves and tarot cards. She sighs, her eyes alight with promises, her hands twitching with starlight.

Her crystal ball is showing a future she's sure she can enjoy.

James rolls his eyes at the rainbow of colour (azure, emerald, amber, scarlet) that moves restlessly, chattering away, observing the new students with pointed fingers and pointed glares.

Naturally, James glares back.

"Black, Narcissa!"

The Great Hall descends into silence. Narcissa dreams about frogs and princes, mirrors and curses and crystal balls, and until a rough hand on her back pushes her forward, she doesn't register her name being called. She turns around, and hazel eyes roll at her.

"Go on, Black," the boy whispers harshly, and he pushes her forward again. Gently, Narcissa glides her way to the stool.

There is a minute of restless silence.


"Excuse me?"

"Potter, James!"

James smirks to himself; two Blacks have been sent to Gryffindor. The odd, insane boy named Sirius, and the distant princess named Narcissist, or something equally ridiculous.

He struts up to the stool, confident in his fate; he's never truly believed in his mother's palm readings or crystal balls, but he knows where his destiny lies; amongst red and maroon, crimson and ruby. James Potter belongs in Gryffindor.

(Just as Narcissa once belonged in Slytherin.)


"Excuse me?"

The thing is, with crystal balls; they don't always show the whole picture.