Prompts: Hurt, hold, Oh Merlin, midnight, "Why does this always happen to me?",fairy lights, pridefully, just my luck, sneer, "Don't worry my dear," zinnias and 'Different Kind of Knigh' t by Christian Kane.

Word Count: 188

Run, little Cissy, run, because they'll catch you and eat you and brand you and that pretty blonde head will fall so softly, sweetheart-

"Oh, Merlin!"

Two arms wrap around her, the heat blinding in the aftermath of her nightmare. Christmas fairy lights hover around the courtyard, and the brightness hurts. But the arms hold her, tight, safe.

"Just my luck." She crosses her arms. "Why does this always happen to me?"

"Don't worry, my dear," James sneers above her. "I'll save you from the big, bad monsters under your bed."

Narcissa falls backwards into the zinnias.

When James picks her up, he spins her, again, into his arms, humming something softly, the fairy lights mocking her from behind his shoulder. They start a slow waltz.

"Didn't know you could dance, Potter," she murmurs pridefully. The midnight sky laughs at her.

"You go believing in your Lancelot; well it's all in vain," James tells her, serenely, as if quoting something. "Maybe I'm a different kind of knight."

"I think chivalry's dead." Narcissa lets him dip her, her blonde hair brushing against the stone.

"Maybe your fairytales are lies."