A/N: I've been working on this story for about nine months now, so I guess it's time to birth this baby. I am awed by all the terrific writers of Chuck and Sarah fan fiction who write a chapter, post it, and then go back to the computer and write the next. I can't seem to get the hang of that and end up writing the entire story, editing it several times, and then slowly start posting.

I am nowhere nearly as accomplished a writer as most on here, but I am enjoying trying to add to the lore of our favorite tv show and it's amazing characters. I hope, as you read this, you will overlook whatever errors and lack of writing skills you notice, and just look for the pure enjoyment I get in doing this. I have no great moral intent, nor did I delve deeply into the characters psyches'. It is meant merely as a romantic adventure tale.

Chuck vs The Bright Light was my first story and was intended as catharsis for my disappointment in the end of the show, both the cancellation, and the pain of leaving Sarah without her memories. Therefore, it is my Season 6, Episode 1. You don't necessarily have to read CvBright Light before reading this one, but it will fill in a few holes along the way.

When I began thinking this story through, I thought it would be another 8-10 chapter work like my previous two. But it has taken on a life of it's own. I will post it all as one story but have, in my own mind divided it into two parts, thus giving us Season 6, Episodes 2 and 3. It is all written but only the first half is edited. Maybe, if anyone reviews it and makes suggestions, the second half will undergo a rewrite. Who knows? I've already thrown out a twist at the very end in order to just bring it to an end. So we shall see what the fanfic Gods bring me.

Some of the places this story visits are real and some are made up. It really doesn't add much to explore which are which. Italics indicate thoughts by a particular character. The time bounces around for awhile so watch out for that. Anytime it indicates a previous time (i.e. one month earlier), that is taken from the most recent "The Present" indicator. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it. Either way, please review.

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Chuck vs The Missing Spies

Season 6, Episode 2

Here are some thing you may need to know or have just forgotten.

After Chuck found her on the beach and told her their story, Sarah left and returned to the CIA. Chuck, completely despondent, was involved in a near fatal car accident. Sarah's memories slowly returned as she visited her Mom, retrained for the CIA, and worked with her Dad again. She was gradually realizing Chuck was her true home when Morgan called her about Chuck's accident, and she rushed back to Burbank. As he moved closer and closer to the Bright Light of death, Sarah desperately called him back. Despite his physical injuries and her memory gaps, they reconnected in love.

Chapter 1

1. January 24, 2013 The Present Carmichael Industries

Casey and Verbanski were missing. There was no doubt something had gone wrong on their mission to Swinbitia, in east central Africa. They had been gone twenty days on, a mission that should have only taken seven to ten. More upsetting: they had not checked in since day fourteen. Verbanski Corp headquarters had not heard from them; Carmichael Industries had not heard from them; General Beckman had not heard from them; the UN had not heard from them. This was not good and all concerned were worried.

"Chuck, are you sure you have searched all the possible contacts?" Sarah's voice showed the stress they were all feeling.

"Yes, Sarah, I've checked them all multiple times!" Chuck, too, was irritated and frustrated. "I'm sorry, babe. I didn't mean to snap at you."

"Honey ... it's me. I haven't been this worried in a long time." Sarah moved over to Chuck's desk and gently laid her hands on his shoulders. He reached up with his right hand to touch her left hand. Together, they shared a moment of tenderness.

"I need a break. How about we get some lunch?"

"Sounds good. Chuck, I know we need to continue monitoring the situation, but let's forward the information to our phones and take the afternoon off. Between your therapy, my still incomplete memories, and now John and Gertrude missing, we haven't had much time to be a couple. Let's indulge ourselves a little."

"Great. Let me grab my cane and tell Morgan we are leaving for the day. Meet you at the elevator."

A couple minutes later, hand in hand, and with smiles on both their faces, Chuck and Sarah left the Carmichael Industries offices for lunch and some well deserved R & R.

2. December 28, 2013 One month earlier Verbanski Corp (LA offices)

Verbanski Corp had been hired to escort three members of a United Nations fact finding team to Swinbitia, a small Africa nation born of the many wars in that part of the world. The usual suspicions and rumors of inhumane treatment of refugees had to be verified or refuted by the UN. When the Under-under-undersecretary of African Affairs at the UN had called to inquire of their availability, one of the terms was that Gertrude Verbanski personally lead the escort team. That would be no problem, she assured him.

General Beckman called Gertrude the following morning. "Ms. Verbanski, I understand you have been hired to escort an UN delegation to Swinbitia. I would like to talk to you about the possibility of a piggyback assignment for the CIA/NSA."

"That's pretty unusual General. Don't you have plenty of operatives?"

"As you well know, we lost our two best recently, in John Casey and Sarah Walker … Bartowski. We do have agents; but not with the expertise of those two … or you yourself. We need to keep this off the books but you will be paid well. I assume you will be using Colonel Casey on this mission?"

"Of course. I know that's one of the reasons you have called Verbanski Corp. So, let's hear your mission and proposal."

The two women spent about an hour looking at the mission and how to proceed before Gertrude agreed they could make this work, and General Beckman agreed to VCorp's fees.

3. January 24, 2013 The Present LA Boardwalk

Chuck and Sarah decided to go to the Boardwalk for lunch and a relaxing afternoon. There were plenty of good eateries and they could sit outside where the sun and sea would be a relaxing diversion. Part of Chuck's therapy for his leg was to walk so this also offered an opportunity for them to get in his workout while enjoying the scenery and, of course, each other's company. Others in the restaurant, or out walking, were drawn by their laughter, stunning good looks, and obvious love. They brought smiles to all who saw them.

The Boardwalk was about a mile up the coast from 'their beach', one of the most important places in Chuck and Sarah's life together. Much of the foundation of their relationship was built upon their times at the beach. Three times it had brought them together in times of stress and pain.

After their 'first date', over five years ago, Chuck had completely freaked out and went to his favorite quiet place ... this beach ... where he sat all night long, completely lost, and without a clue how his life would .. or even could … continue. Sarah had followed and watched from a distance, all night, before joining him just after sun up. For the first time, she asked him to trust her and he knew there was something special about this woman.

A year ago Sarah's life was completely shattered and she left Chuck because she didn't know what else to do. The memories of the previous five years were gone, yet she knew, at least in her mind, there was more to this man ... this family ... this life ... than she could just throw away. Not knowing why, or even how she got there, Sarah ended up in the same spot on the same beach. Sitting there, she felt completely lost, wondering what to do next.

Chuck, at Morgan's urging, had sought her out. His heart told him she would be in this place and found her just before sundown. He joined her, as she had once joined him, and asked her to now trust him. After listening to their story and sharing their first magical kiss ... that didn't really work ... Sarah left, knowing there was something special about this place, and more importantly, something special about this man. But, still, she left him.

A convoluted chain of events brought them back together once again and then, for the third time, Sarah brought Chuck back to this place, this time at midday. They were both still seriously wounded: he was still in a wheelchair and she still had too many holes in her memories. But Sarah asked him to once again trust her ... and to love her ... and to stay with her … forever and ever. The past wasn't complete by any means but their life together was no longer a mystery to her. Chuck enthusiastically agreed, adding, as he had at their wedding, that he would prove it to her every day for the rest of their lives.

They shared their 'second magical kiss' then. It still wasn't Morgan's magical kiss that would restore all her memories instantly. But it was the magical kiss of two people completely and honestly in love with each other and who wanted to spend the rest of their lives together … trusting … and protecting … and loving. Together they reaffirmed just how special they were to each other.

Now, as they rebuilt their life together, they came to the beach often. They saw the ocean, in all it's vastness, as a symbol of their lives together and their love for one another. Some days they would walk, on others they would sit; sometimes talking, sometimes in silence. But in every way, they were together. Rarely were they ever out of physical contact with each other either: they walked hand in hand with their fingers interlaced, or Chuck would put his arm around her shoulders and Sarah draped hers around his waist. When they would stop, they would embrace and exchange small kisses. People everywhere noticed them: the beauty of this couple, so intensely in love, was completely beguiling.

On this day, Chuck did not feel up to walking in the sand so they casually walked along the Boardwalk, out over the water, enjoying the sun, watching the birds swooping around after food. They did not discuss their problem at work but it was constantly in the back of their minds. About three in the afternoon Chuck took Sarah in his arms and kissed her gently. "Baby, let's go home. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long, long day."

"I'm with you, Chuck ... wherever ... whenever … you go." And they walked back to their car, as always, hand in hand.

4. October 29, 2013 Three months earlier Echo Park

It had not been hard for Casey to find Verbanski after he left Castle that day back in February. She had made it clear, when she left for Dresden, that she wanted him to be with her. She knew Team Bartowski was breaking up due to the tragedy with Agent Walker and began leaving him clues to find her. Their reunion at Verbanski Corp headquarters in Prague was warm and genuine. Soon, the former NSA agent, Colonel John Casey, was Gertrude Verbanski's lead agent and constant companion. She also insisted he move in with her immediately.

They spent time at each of the VCorp headquarters in Prague, Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, depending on what contracts they were working on at the time. Verbanski had also learned to enjoy whatever city they were visiting, something Casey found disconcerting at first, but was beginning to appreciate. Despite her efforts, Casey did not allow any PDA at any time. He still couldn't believe, or understand, how open Walker had become over the years with Bartowski. But in the privacy of their apartment or hotel room, he proved to be an exciting lover. He never used the words but Verbanski knew just how he felt about her by his actions.

Most of their jobs were security details: bodyguards for this dignitary, security for that business, state-of-the-art security system installations for businesses and governments alike. There were also assignments from the US Government, primarily through General Diane Beckman. Often, security and technical assistance contracts were subcontracted to Carmichael Industries. CI, in turn, would send 'boots on the ground' work to VCorp. All parties involved were pleased to be working together. It gave Chuck and Sarah a chance to see Casey and for Casey to see Alex … and Morgan. They were all pleased, especially Sarah, to bring Gertrude into their circle of associates, as well as a new friend.

Sarah had been a loner for most of her years with the CIA. Her associates, from her recruiter, Graham, through her handler, Ryker, and Bryce, to Chuck and Casey, had always been men. Carina and Zondra, from her CAT Squad days, were still friends but, with their own jobs, weren't around much. Otherwise she had no female friends. She had had a great relationship with Ellie, but it was long distance now, both by distance and the events of a year ago. Sarah's insecurities, stemming from those terrible days when she threatened Ellie and tried to kill Chuck, kept her at a distance. Being a Bartowski, Ellie reassured her that all was forgiven, but it was difficult for Sarah to relax and let the incident pass. She was also building a good friendship with Alex but couldn't share her work as a spy like she could with Carina or Zondra. So Gertrude was fast becoming her go-to gal when there were doubts or problems that were spy related. Gertrude had the highest regard for Sarah's spy craft and was now proud to count her as a friend.

Several times since Casey had joined Verbanski Corp, they had called Sarah to join them on a job. Sarah had dropped a hint, while at the hospital with Chuck, that she would be open to working with them at some point. However, the first couple of times they asked, she declined, explaining that she didn't want to leave Chuck while he was still recovering from his accident.

It was Chuck that answered the phone, because Sarah was out shopping, when Casey called this time. "Hey, Casey! It's been a while."

"Hello, Bartowski. How's the recovery coming along?"

"Doing lots better. We've gotten rid of the wheelchair and minivan. Now I only have to use a cane if I'm going to be doing a lot of walking or there are stairs involved."

"And how's Walker?"

"Things are great. She's really starting to fill in a lot of details. She still works out hard as well, and I think she's really starting to miss the action."

"That happens, let me tell you. Actually, that's why I'm calling. We have a small job and would like her to join us on it. No traveling involved as it's in LA, but it will mean a couple of overnight stakeouts and possibly a little interaction with the marks. You think you can separate yourselves long enough for her to join us?"

"Casey, I think that's a wonderful idea, but you will have to ask her yourself. She's pretty possessive of our time together right now."

"I know that and I'm glad I caught you while she's away. We've called a couple of times before and she flat turned us down.

"Wh-wh-whoa? You've asked before and she turned you down? I'm sorry, Casey, she didn't tell me."

"I think she's scared to leave you. Maybe you can talk to her?"

"Now that really scares me. I'm not sure if I'm more afraid of her going back out into the field, or of her going all ninja spy girl on me if I bring it up."

"Ungh." Chuck could tell that was Casey's chuckle grunt. He and Morgan had made an extensive catalog of Casey's grunting and had it down to a science. Length, volume, pitch, and lip curl all had to be accounted for when interpreting them. Chuck could still hear a lot of the old Casey in their conversation but he could also hear just how relaxed his old NSA handler had become. I'll bet he even goes to the bathroom now without his gun, Chuck thought with a chuckle.

"Tell you what, Casey: I'll talk to her. And if I survive, I'll make sure she calls you back. If you don't hear from her, start watching for my obituary. And, I can't promise you she will agree. That's the best I can do."

"Fair enough. Glad you're doing better and that her memories are coming back. I've been spoiled by working with the two best spies in the world. See you." Chuck was taken aback by that last statement but the abrupt end to the phone call showed him the old Casey was still lurking nearby.

5. January 5, 2013 Three weeks earlier Crowne Plaza Nbora Hotel, Swinbitia

The Verbanski Corp Gulfstream touched down at the Nbora Airport in southern Swinbitia just after noon, local time. Verbanski had insisted she transport the UN officials in her own jet. This way she and her team would have all their own equipment already pre-packed and would have complete control of the UN team's movements from the very beginning.

Two, specially designed, black SUV's had been shipped in in advance for transporting the seven people, three UN officials, Verbanski, Casey and two more Verbanski Corp operatives, to the Crowne Plaza Nbora Hotel. Once they settled in, Verbanski gathered them all in her suite for the initial briefing. The lead UN official was Anselmo Giordano, a former Italian ambassador to Kenya and Somalia. He would be contacting the local constabulary to set up the visitations that were to begin the following afternoon. The other two UN officials were Ambassador Giordano's assistant, Senor Rafael Montez and Dr. Julian Alverez, a United Nations liaison with Doctors Without Borders. The rest of the day was used to overcome the jet lag and get their bodies acclimated to the local cuisine.

The next morning Verbanski called the team together: "Okay gentlemen, let's get started." She was an intimidating women and used that to her advantage when in meetings with powerful men. This was especially necessary when the men were from societies or cultures that did not recognize women as equals.

Ambassador Giordano was an accomplished and worldly man, but definitely old school: he bristled with indignation as Gertrude opened the meeting. "While I appreciate Ms. Verbanski's expertise in security, I do not understand why she is leading this meeting. I have not spent a lifetime as a diplomat to be lectured by a policewomen."

"Ambassador, we are not here to discuss politics or the fate of the peoples we are here to inspect. We are here, now, to plan our travels through the country to the camps. For this we need the expertise of Ms. Verbanski and her security team." Senor Montez was attempting to play peacemaker between these two powerful personalities. The Ambassador gave him a sour look but waved his hand at Verbanski to continue, while turning to sit facing away from her.

Casey had also started to stand when the Ambassador was saying his piece. He had already taken a dislike to the Ambassador so he was ready for a fight. Casey's imposing presence was not necessary for Gertrude to successfully complete this mission but they had worked out a system that let him add an additional male presence when needed. Hopefully, the ambassador got the message, in no uncertain terms, that he needed to pay attention, because these experts may be what would save all their lives.

"Alright, we will need to work closely with the locals…." The meeting went on for two hours and, in the end, everyone involved was confident in the plan. Now if the locals would just cooperate.