"Artemis! Get into the house now!" called my Father from the street.

Myself, being seven obeyed him and headed into the house quickly, locking the door and stared outside the window at my Father.

He was a protector. I thought he was a super hero. He fought unusual crimes, helped people, and just was the most upbeat person I had ever seen.

I watched quietly at the window, trying to be hidden but kept an eye on him as I was scared. For him. It was really dangerous this time and he actually told me he might not come back.

~ I had broken down crying and he wrapped his arms tightly around me in a hug, whispering calming words into my ear as I soon fell asleep. The next day I went to him with my hands together and he crouched down to my height.

I handed him a golden locket with a picture of us in it, "Please come back." I mumbled, close to tears yet again.

He closed his hands around the locket, looking up at me and nodded, "I will."

I just stood there, wiping away a tear or two, "Promise?" I asked in a cracked voice.

He nodded, hugging me tightly as he put the locket on, "Promise." he said in the same cracked voice.

I wanted this moment to last forever, but we were interrupted by screams outside. He let go quickly, grabbing a few things and that brings me back to sitting at the window. ~

He got all the Fearlings off the street then disappeared down the road as he headed to the jail. It was a special jail, to hold creatures, mythical ones.

That was the last time I saw him. I remember being grabbed by someone. Dark, gloomy aura. It scared me but I kept quiet. It took me away just as I heard my father's voice telling them to let go. I didn't see him, but his voice made me start to cry as it faded away, meaning I was never coming back.

It was someone who had controlled the Fearlings. He kept me there for eleven years before releasing me. By that time I had lost my happy and bubbly personality. It was replaced with Fear and Sadness.

I came back to my home, where I last heard Father, but it was torn down and in ashes. I walked through the rubble to see if anything had been saved, or if I had anything to find my father with. But nothing. Absolute nothing.

I looked up and backed away as I saw a Fearling, but it was different. It was in the shape of a horse this time, and it had someone riding it.

Just those... those piercing yellow eyes stopped me from running. They were on each horse, about a dozen of them, and the man riding them.

Those eyes were mine. Just like mine. And my father... But the man looked nothing like my father. Dark spiked hair curved to the back, long thin build and a greyish black cloak around him. He had a sneer on his face and danger in his eyes as the horse galloped towards me. By that point I started running, keeping my eyes on him. I got a few strange looks as I passed neighbors that were unscathed. I asked if they saw the horses or the man and they shook their heads befuddled.

I was about to head into the forest, trying to get some protection around me but it was too late. One of the Fearlings covered me and I fell into a deep sleep. Long, horrible nightmares awaited me. Though they were real. My only fear was my father disappearing like what had happened about seven years ago. Though a character I had just met today kept popping up in the nightmare, but it made me relax a bit.

He looked kind and thoughtful as he approached me. He crouched down to my height, and set the golden locket, that I had given my father earlier, in my open hands. He then stood up, now having a pained expression on and disappeared. That*s when I woke up. I looked around, noticing people were crowded around me, not helping me, but just staring. Some kids hid behind their mothers, others had glares on their faces. I looked so confused and for an eighteen year old I started crying my eyes, staying where I was.

Everyone, not wanting to bother me just left. But there was this one little boy who stayed. He didn*t look scared, nor angered. He just looked curious.

"Are you alright?" he asks, approaching me and held a hand out to help me up.

I took his hand hesitantly, but thankfully as I stood up. I was at least two feet taller than him, but very disoriented as I looked around worriedly, "Did you see him?" I asked, hoping he did but pretty sure he didn't.

The boy surprised me as he answered, "Yes."

I stared at him a bit surprised, but smiled a bit. The whole scene from when I was seven to now, where all the people were staring at me came flashing through my head. I decided to ask, "Why was everyone staring at me, but not helping me?"

The boy looked over at his friend's house where a few of his friends were playing, but looked more like they were watching us, "The other kids. They saw him too, and he had your eyes. Which freaked everyone out so they told their parents not to help you." he looked back at me, a tooth missing as he smiled, "I'm Jamie by the way."

I smiled, nodding to him, "Thank you, and I'm Artemis."

He waved by as he ran to his friend's house to play with them. I watched for a moment before looking up. The sky was darkening, dark clouds, rain maybe. Then I noticed the figure again. The Fearlings weren't with him this time, but he was making figures with his hands, sand appearing out of them. I started crying again as I saw he made a figure of two people. A little girl roughly seven and her father. The father put something around his neck; a golden locket.

The scene disappeared and he held out his hand, palm up and there lies a golden locket. I stared in disbelief, still trying to wipe away all the tears. Suddenly, three of the Fearlings surrounded me. I was about the scream and run the noticed they weren't attacking. I looked back up to where the figure was, but he had disappeared. Looking back at the horses, I felt safe, comforted almost as I put my hand out to pet them.

Living a while with them, I got used to them. I had dyed my hair black and styled it into spikes that curved backwards. I wore variations of black, white, grey, purple, and blue most of the time instead of my usually colorful outfits.

Only people who believed, could see the horses. Believe in the Boogeyman, who was my father now. The Fearlings had consumed him, making him this way and there was no going back now. I just had to accept the fact I'd never see my real father again, and that I was a changed person during those eleven years captive.