Author's Note: Here is a new story from me. It's been quite some time since I've written a story so I'm hoping this one will go well :)

Summary: Harry is an auror and Draco is a healer. Harry is hit by the Sectumsempra spell and since Draco became an expert at a young age, he's the only one who can fix him. However, Harry's leg is not healing very well and once he goes home, he's going to need some help. Before leaving the hospital, he writes a Bucket List of what he wants to do in life. Some things on the list make sense, but when Draco reads the last one, he becomes quite confused. Also, the person who hit Harry with the spell is still out there. This will eventually be a Harry/Draco pairing of course and there is brief mention of Ginny/Harry and of course Ron and Hermione. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Cutting Curse

There comes a time in every person's life that they ask themselves, am I truly doing what I want to do in life? Could I be doing more? Is there something that I've always wanted to do, but was too afraid to do it? Most often, people ask themselves those questions when they are midway through their life or they are sick and not given much more time to live. Sometimes it's when death is knocking at your door a lot sooner than it should be.


"Where is he?" Ron demanded as he ran towards the back of a compound that the aurors had just taken control of after a hard battle. He was running faster than he had ever run in his life. He had heard from one of the criminals that Harry had been hit with a cutting curse and was dying. The criminal had cackled at the end which sent shivers running through Ron. He rounded the house, two other aurors behind him and three others coming around on the other side.

"Weasley!" one of the other aurors screamed from the opposite side of him. He looked over and saw them motioning for him. He changed direction quickly and rushed over. The three aurors were kneeling next to something on the ground when he got there. He looked down to see Harry lying there, eyes closed and pale as death. Blood was seeping from his leg.

"He's been hit in the leg with a cutting curse. I think it cut an artery or something. I don't know how he managed it, but he got a tourniquet in place before passing out so maybe it's not so bad?" one of them said.

Ron stared for just a moment and then pulled off his robe, pressing it to the wound. "We need to get him out of here and fast. You three head back to help the others. You two, help me get him stable enough to apparate. He has only minutes, if that," he ordered. They got him as stabilized as possible and then quickly apparated to St. Mungos. He was rushed in and soon tended to and Ron was sent to wait in the waiting area while the other two aurors left to go assist at the compound.

Ron heard nothing for several hours. He had paced, sat, stood, prayed to Merlin, and everything in between. Hermione had tried to check in on Harry several times, but they wouldn't tell her anything. She said that didn't necessarily mean anything, but the look on her face and her mannerisms told a different story. Harry was in trouble and Ron was unwilling to admit that he very well could die.

Finally, just shy of four in the morning, a healer walked out into the waiting area looking haggard. He stopped and took a seat across from Ron and Hermione and looked up at them gravely. "I'm sorry that we've been unable to give you an update until now. Mr. Potter lost a lot of blood, a lot, but we were able to repair the artery and the cut. He is getting blood replenishing potions right now and is under a strong sedative," he explained.

Ron and Hermione nodded. "Why did it take so long?" she questioned.

The healer sighed and shook his head. "We couldn't get the cut to stay sealed. Fortunately, Healer Malfoy was here and was able to apply a simple dittany combination with some other healing ointment as well as knowing the countercurse to the spell and it stayed closed long enough to mend it. We wouldn't have been able to stop the bleeding without his help," he answered.

Ron and Hermione turned to each other, a look of gratefulness on their faces. "Thank you. When can we see him?" Ron asked.

"You can go in and see him now, but he won't be awake for some time, at least a day or so. He's lucky to be alive, that's for sure." The healer stood and nodded to them both before he left them.

They both stood as well and headed towards Harry's room. Harry was not alone when they got there. Draco Malfoy was there, checking his potion lines. He looked thoughtful as he glanced down at Harry. Ron and Hermione stopped in the doorway and he looked up. They stared at each other for several moments before anyone spoke.

"I would hug you Malfoy if it wouldn't be so weird," Ron told him sincerely. Draco smiled slightly at this.

Hermione shook her head and rounded the bed and threw her arms around Draco quickly. Draco didn't have a chance to react other than a quick brush of his fingers as Hermione stepped back. "Sorry, I just…. Thank you, Malfoy," she said as she retreated to the other side again, taking up Harry's hand in her own. She cringed slightly at the feel of his hands, they were extremely cold.

Draco caught her expression. "His hands will be cold for some time. All his warmth is circulating around his organs to mend anything that could have happened to them with his blood loss. As for thanking me, it's my job to heal," he stated.

Hermione looked up at him. "Yes, but you and Harry have never got along. You could have easily said there was nothing that could be done," she said.

Draco frowned and looked over at Harry. "I'd rather not be responsible for his death. Speaking from experience, the dittany combination and countercurse were the only way to fix him. If I hadn't been here, he would have died, but again, I'm just doing my job. I will let you two sit with him. I will keep a close eye on him to make sure the potion combination is working. We'll know more once he wakes up," Draco told them and then he quickly left the room.

He stood against the wall outside Harry's room and took a deep breath, closing his eyes. He felt his hands shaking as the last of his adrenaline left him. It had taken far too long to correct what the healers had tried to do and it had been a very tense several minutes as he tried to mend him. He couldn't possibly begin to explain how scared he was at the possibility that Harry Potter could have died. It reminded him too much of the last battle with Voldemort and how he felt then about Harry dying and he really didn't like him back then, not that he liked him now, but he respected him more and what he did. He shook his head and started walking away, feeling bone tired. He vaguely heard a sob and turned to see Ginny Weasley rushing into Harry's room. He rolled his eyes and quickened his steps.