A/N: I kind of enjoy this chapter :) It's rather sweet and fluffy with a bit of action, of the sexual kind hahaha. Anyway, a side note, I talk about Orca whales in this chapter and I did look it up and there is a resident pod around England. I've probably placed them somewhere they don't usually go to, but at least they are around there. I've been fascinated with them for years and I've seen pics of people in kayaks with Orca whales popping up next to them and I just feel a panic attack coming along when I see that lol. Also, I figured that since Harry went to Muggle school, he would have learned about them. Enjoy!

Chapter 19: Flying High

"It's in Cornwall. It's a beautiful place," Harry said.

Draco looked at him with slight confusion, but nodded. Harry held onto his arm as he shouted out their destination. They felt the familiar feeling of apparition and soon they landed at their destination with the sound of waves crashing against the shore. It was a surprisingly beautiful day with calm winds. Harry was smiling happily, his eyes closed as he inhaled the sea air.

Draco smiled as he looked at him. The sun shone in a certain way against his face that caused him to feel that familiar flutter in his stomach. He looked around and saw a small house in the distance. "Do you know who lives here?" he asked.

Harry turned his head and looked over at the small house. "Bill and Fleur Weasley," he replied.

Draco felt his stomach drop. He knew what had happened to Bill Weasley when Fenrir Greyback had gotten in during sixth year because of him. He shuddered. Harry reached out and squeezed his arm and shook his head. "Are they here?" Draco asked in a quiet voice.

Harry shook his head. "No, they are spending some time with Fleur's family in France. They aren't due back for a couple of more weeks. I come here often whether they are home or not. I find this place to be very calming, plus, Dobby is buried here," Harry said.

"My father was so furious when you helped him get freedom," Draco commented.

Harry chuckled. "One way to best your father," he said as he winked at Draco.

Once again, Draco felt those familiar butterflies. "Well, Dobby was better off being free. I'm sorry my aunt killed him," Draco replied.

Harry shrugged. "You didn't throw the knife."

Draco stepped forward and pulled Harry into a brief hug. He stepped back after a moment. "Are you ready to fly?" he asked.

Harry glanced down at his broom and nodded. Draco grinned and mounted the broom. Harry carefully settled in behind him and wrapped his arms tightly around his waist. He rested his head on his shoulder and then lifted his head slightly to kiss the back of his neck. Draco smiled and felt his cheeks warm and he brought his hand up to one of Harry's and squeezed it.

Without warning, Draco kicked off the ground and they went soaring straight up. Harry gasped and tightened his grip around his waist. He rested his head against Draco's back and prayed to Merlin that Draco could handle having them both on the broom.

He started off easily, flying over the land and not doing anything too crazy. Harry felt exhilarated at the feeling and he started to relax some. Draco noticed and instantly dropped into a barrel roll. Harry screamed out in both fear and excitement and his grip tightened. Draco swooped down towards the ground and then shot back up, laughing in pure joy. It made Harry's heart beat rapidly, Draco's laugh, not the moves and he could feel himself slipping further into him. He knew it wouldn't be long before he had completely fallen in love with him.

Draco slowed as they headed towards the water. He went down towards the water at a steady drop. He could see clouds of water or something going up into the air and he wondered what they were so he started towards them. Harry looked past his shoulder and saw the same thing. He, of course, had learned about whales in Muggle school, but had never seen one up close. As they drew closer, Harry could see a few large dorsal fins sticking out of the water that were definitely taller than him, probably as tall as Draco. He held on a bit more tightly to Draco as they drew closer.

"What are those?" Draco asked as they hovered about 15 feet above them. At this point they were just surfacing and blowing water out of their blow holes. Harry counted at least 10, with 4 being males with the giant dorsal fin.

"They are called Orca or Killer Whales," Harry replied.

He heard an audible gulp from Draco. "Killer whales?" he asked, his voice trembling. The broom started to drift up a bit more and Harry had to chuckle at him.

"They haven't been known to kill humans on purpose. They prefer fish, dolphins, porpoises, other whales, and seals. They are pretty cool animals and actually not a whale at all, but a part of the dolphin family," Harry replied.

"How do you know so much about them? I've never even heard of them," Draco replied.

"Well, you wouldn't. We only learn about magical creatures in Wizarding school. I learned about them in Muggle school. Remember, I was raised in a Muggle home until I went to Hogwarts. There are a lot of fascinating creatures that are part of the Muggle world as well," Harry explained.

The broom started moving downward again as the pod started to move off. Draco felt safer knowing that they weren't so close anymore. That was until he watched in horror as one of the Orcas launched themselves out of the water, twisted to the side and landed with a huge splash only a mere 15 feet in front of them. Draco screamed and reared the broom to go up. Luckily for Harry, he saw it coming and was able to hold on to him as they flew up into the air at a high rate of speed and didn't fall off and into the water. He started to laugh and soon, Draco realized how crazy he was acting and slowed down and then came to a stop several feet above the whales.

"I will be happy if I never experience that again," Draco stated, his voice shaking.

Harry laughed and shook his head. "That was the coolest thing ever. I've always wanted to see one of those close up."

"You are nuts," Draco stated. Harry laughed again which made Draco slap his hand in scolding. It didn't really help much as Harry was still laughing. Draco growled and turned the broom back towards shore. Harry glanced down and saw the pod continue moving on. He smiled.

Draco landed them carefully onto land and they both stepped off. Draco dropped the broom and glared over at Harry. "You are mean," he stated as he turned his nose upward and crossed his arms.

Harry laughed and shook his head. He stepped towards him, closing the distance between them. Draco was still looking away from him. "And you, are adorable," Harry whispered as he reached up and cupped Draco's face in his hands. Draco instantly melted at his touch and turned to look at him, the annoyance leaving his eyes. His heart was melting just looking down at Harry. Harry pulled his face towards him and pressed their lips together.

It was sweet and soft. Draco felt like putty in Harry's gentle caress. He flicked his wrist, conjuring up a blanket on the ground. They were still within the Shell Cottage's wards, but not at the same place they were dropped off at.

Draco broke the kiss and started to move down to the blanket. Harry stared at him as he settled on the blanket, his knees bent and his elbows supporting him. For some reason, maybe it was the look on his face, or the position he was in, or how relaxed he looked, but Harry felt his heart hammering and his stomach fluttering and his cock hardening at the sight.

He settled in between his knees and leaned forward, capturing his lips in a kiss once again. This time there was more need and desire in the kiss. Draco slid backwards, pulling Harry with him and soon their hardening members were touching and their kisses were becoming more passionate. Their heads were turning left and right, tongues lashing, breaths quickening. Draco's hands started to roam underneath Harry's shirt and down to his arse. He gripped it in his hands, pushing Harry into him. Harry moaned against him.

Draco switched their positions and broke their kiss for a moment. Harry was lying on his back with Draco leaning on his elbow above him, one knee bent and the other out straight. Draco stared down at him with this look in his eyes that made Harry's heart pound more than it already was. Draco reached up and brushed his fingers across Harry's forehead, his finger moving gently across his lightning bolt scar. His gaze returned to Harry's clouded green eyes.

"I always knew you were a good looking guy, but looking at you now, through different eyes, I can see that you are a truly handsome man. Today could have been much worse, Harry, and I'm afraid for what lies ahead, but I need to tell you this because I have never felt this way about anyone. I love you, Harry, probably a lot longer than we've been seeing each other," Draco whispered. His cheeks colored at his confession. He knew that he loved Harry. There was no denying it. He wasn't confusing it with lust. He loved him.

Harry smiled and leaned up to kiss him passionately. He broke the kiss after a moment and looked into his warm, gray eyes. "I love you too, Draco," he replied. Draco grinned and pressed his lips to Harry's again. He settled over him once again and moved against him. The waves crashed behind them and the wind whistled through the grass that surrounded them. This had turned out to be a wonderful afternoon and he was so grateful that he was able to spend it with Harry.