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Ginny appears in this one and well I'm not really portraying her in the best light in this story so if you're sensitive don't read that part lol.

Chapter 2: What Happened?

The next day, Harry was still out, but was starting to stir. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were in his room during that time. Draco had only come in a couple of times, when Ginny wasn't in there. Several other people had come to check in on Harry as well. Today was no different and if Draco had enough foresight, he wouldn't have walked into the room without checking for Ginny. She was in there and he was about to turn right back around and leave, when Hermione stopped him.

"Oh, Healer Malfoy, he's starting to wake," she called to him, a smile on her face. Ginny looked up and narrowed her eyes at him. He looked away, not wanting to start something. He walked over and checked Harry's potion lines and reached out with his wand. A pale hand shot out and smacked his hand away. Draco looked over at Ginny in shock and his expression was mirrored by Ron and Hermione as well.

"Ginny, stop. He's just doing his job," Ron scolded.

She glared over at Draco, but allowed him to continue. He tried not to roll his eyes at her. Draco reached out and took Harry's hand in his own. It had warmed up considerably since the last time he had taken his hand. He felt Harry squeeze his hand and he looked up with a startled expression to see hazy green eyes staring back at him. He smiled slightly and squeezed back before letting go and stepping back.

"Oh, Harry, baby I'm here," Ginny cooed as she basically pushed Draco out of the way. Draco staggered back, trying very, very hard not to shove her back. He took a few deep breaths, Hermione watching him the entire time unbeknownst to him. Draco walked towards the door, but stopped near Ron, his back to the room, allowing Ron to be the only one to hear him.

"I'll come back in a little bit to check on him. Please have your sister gone so I can adequately check him over," Draco told him in a controlled voice.

Ron didn't seem to bristle at his request, but merely nodded. Draco nodded once and left the room.

Ron turned his focus back on Harry. "How you feeling, mate?" he asked.

Harry looked around the room and then at them. "A little confused. What is Ginny doing here?" he questioned as he glanced at her. He was trying to remove his hand from hers, but she was gripping it tightly.

"Oh, Harry, I was so worried. I wouldn't be anywhere else," she told him.

He looked at her peculiarly. "Um, my mind is a bit fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure you told me that you didn't have time for me anymore and you wanted to see other people," he rasped out.

Hermione held some water to his lips and he drank greedily at it. Ginny's cheeks colored and she glanced over at Ron. He was scowling at her.

Harry and Ginny had broken up months before and Harry hadn't seen nor talked to her in as long. He wasn't too concerned about that. He was actually happier not being with her and Ron and Hermione knew that.

"Well, I wasn't really thinking, now was I?" she responded a bit testily. Harry rolled his eyes at her and looked over at Ron and Hermione for help.

"Um, Ginny, let's go floo your parents. I think that Ron and Harry need to talk about what happened," Hermione suggested. She stood up and came around to usher Ginny out the door. Ginny frowned at Harry, but followed Hermione anyway. Harry shot Hermione a grateful look. He closed his eyes once they left and sighed. He shifted painfully and looked over at Ron.

"Tell me what happened," he requested, wincing when he tried to move his injured leg. Ron stepped forward to steady his leg and shook his head. Harry groaned and closed his eyes.

"Let me find Malfoy first," Ron said. Harry looked slightly confused, but vaguely remembered seeing him when he first woke up. He was pretty sure he was holding his hand before. He flexed his fingers as he remembered.

Ron returned shortly after, Draco in tow. Ron nodded to him before he left to guard the door. Draco turned to look at Harry. Harry saw a glimpse of relief in his eyes, but it was soon replaced with professionalism. Draco checked Harry's lines as Harry studied him. Finally, Draco addressed him.

"You're lucky, Potter," he told him as he sat down in Ginny's vacated seat.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Well, whatever mission you were on, someone there knew Sectumsempra and they cast it on you. They nicked an artery and cut your leg pretty bad. I'm not sure you'll ever have full use of your leg again. The healers tried everything they could think of to repair it and when they had exhausted all their options, they called me in and I was able to fix it. Kind of strange to be on the other side of that spell," Draco explained.

Harry frowned and looked away thoughtfully. "I would have died otherwise, wouldn't I?"

Draco nodded. "Yes, you would have. You didn't though and that's what matters. How is the pain in your leg?"

Harry moved his leg slightly and winced, tears coming to his eyes. Draco looked down at him in concern. He moved the blanket and looked at his leg. It was healing fine and shouldn't be causing Harry too much pain, but the fact that it was, was disconcerting for Draco.

"Everything appears to be healing fine. It is possible that some nerves are firing more and it's causing the pain. Let me see if I can brew a better pain potion, to help settle those nerves. I'll be back," he said as he started for the door.

"Malfoy, wait," Harry called out. Draco turned to look at him expectantly. "I was really going to die?" Draco nodded. Harry looked away for a moment, tears in his eyes, biting his lip. He wasn't sure why it bothered him so much. He had prepared for death when confronting Voldemort, but this was different. He had been caught off guard this time and he was pretty sure that he didn't want to die just yet. He had far too much to do. "Thank you. You didn't have to…."

"As I told your friends, it's my job. I didn't want your death on my conscience. Do you need anything else?" he cut Harry off. He seemed to be wanting out of his room sooner rather than later.

Harry frowned. "Um, could you get me some parchment and a quill?" he asked.

Draco looked at him in confusion. "Yeah, I can do that. I'll be back," he replied. He nodded once and left the room. Harry lay back in his bed, throwing an arm over his eyes. He felt tears coming to his eyes as he realized just how close he had come to dying. He reached down and touched his leg, cringing at the touch. He agreed with Malfoy, surprisingly, this kind of pain wasn't normal. Magic was supposed to fix these types of ailments, not make them worse.

He heard the door open, but he didn't look up to see who had come in. He didn't want them to see him crying. He heard papers rustling next to him and then someone shifting their weight and sighing before he heard their footsteps leaving the room. He let out a sob as the door shut. He moved his arm and glanced over at the table next to him and saw the items he asked Draco for. He sighed and reached carefully for him, unwilling to aggravate his leg. Luckily, he was able to get them and he started writing away.