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Chapter 5: Floo Hop

A couple of hours later, Ron walked into Harry's room with a bag in one hand and papers in the other. "Alright, mate, I'm breaking you out of here!" Ron announced as he set the bag down on Harry's bed and handed him his papers.

Harry looked down at them and frowned slightly. He thought that Draco would be taking him home. Maybe he changed his mind? He thought. He sighed and started filling in what he needed to fill in and caught notes from Draco. They didn't mention anything about him staying with him. He shook his head slightly and brought his legs over the side of the bed. Ron handed him his shirt and took his hospital gown off and pulled his shirt on over his head. He already had some lounge pants on and he slipped on his trainers.

"Oh, I almost forgot, here's this," Ron said as he pulled something from his pocket, tapped it once with his wand, and it turned into a cane. He handed it to Harry. "It's temporary. I think you'll be getting a better one later on, but it was all I could get on short notice. Malfoy owled me to let me know that you were being released today. He said he is going to stay with you for a little while?" Ron commented, forming a question at the end.

Harry suppressed his smile. "Yeah, he will be. Ginny came in set on taking care of me," Ron rolled his eyes, "but Malfoy said that he would be staying with me which of course made Ginny mad. Then she left and Malfoy said he'd see who was available and I asked him why he couldn't and so he said he'd think about it. I guess he decided to…" Harry trailed off.

"Well, I think that will make Mione and I feel better even if it is Malfoy," Ron said with a smile.

"Yeah, it will be interesting. Ready?" Harry replied.

Ron nodded. He walked over and helped Harry up. Harry hobbled to the door and was relieved to see a wheelchair. He sat in it gratefully and Ron pushed him towards the desk to turn in his paperwork. Everything was in order and they started for the floo network. Once they entered the room, Ron and Harry were met with several reporters. Both their eyes widened and they froze where they were, their exit blocked.

"Mr. Potter! Mr. Potter!" they all yelled.

"Bloody hell," Ron muttered.

One busty blond moved to the front and knelt in front of Harry. He tried not to cringe. "Mr. Potter, is it true that you may never walk again?" she questioned.

Harry glanced back at Ron who shrugged. "Um, I can walk now, just not as easily as someone who did not take a cutting curse to the leg," Harry replied in a flat tone.

"Is it true that you and Ms. Weasley are no longer an item?" she asked.

Harry lifted an eyebrow, immediately knowing who leaked that he was leaving. He narrowed his gaze at the woman and he could hear Ron cursing his sister behind him. "That's old news. We haven't been together for months and I am much happier. I am still very close to the Weasley family regardless that she and I are no longer together. Now if that is all, I'd really like to get back home," Harry replied in a steady voice.

"One more question, Mr. Potter," a man asked from the back of the group. The rest of the reporters turned as the man stepped forward. Harry had not seen this man before. "Were you aware that the aurors have yet to catch the person who injured you?"

Harry tried not to show a reaction. It mostly worked. "I have not been kept informed of the operation due to my healing. I know we will catch them," Harry replied calmly although his stomach was rolling over and over knowing that the person was still out there and had the possibility to continue what horrible things they were doing.

The reporter frowned at him and then Ron spoke up. "The auror department is working around the clock following leads to capture the person who injured Harry. We will not stop until they are caught and prosecuted. Now if you'll excuse us," he stated as he pushed Harry through the crowd and to the floos. Harry stood up from the wheel chair and walked into the floo with Ron steadying him. Harry glanced back at the reporters who had already dispersed except for the man who asked the last question. Harry stared at him for a moment before he threw down floo powder and Ron called out their destination.

They were going to floo hop for a bit just so no one could follow them as easily. After three stops, they finally made it to Grimmauld Place. Harry was already exhausted and he settled into a chair at the dining table and sighed. Kreacher came into the kitchen looking like he had been a nervous wreck.

"Oh, Master Harry, are yous alright?" he asked as he started to pull his cupboards open and pull out the makings of tea.

"I'm okay, Kreacher. Thank you," Harry muttered.

Kreacher nodded, but knew that Harry wasn't entirely okay. He knew his master well.

"Harry, I didn't want to make you worry while you were recovering. We thought it best that you didn't know what was going on. We actually had an auror standing guard at your room at all times in case they showed up again. That curse was no accident. It was meant to kill you," Ron explained.

Harry looked up at him. "I understand, Ron. I've been trying to remember what the guy looked like because I'm positive it was a man, but I can't remember yet. I'm sure you guys are doing your best. As long as where I am is kept a secret, I'm not worried. Which means Ginny cannot know that I am back here. She clearly can't keep her damn mouth shut. If you and Hermione come here to visit, I want you to hop like we did today. This place is extremely warded and I keep my floo closed to anyone, but those that are allowed, but you never know. I will be pants in a fight right now," Harry replied.

"And you're sure that Malfoy could fight if it comes to that?" Ron asked.

"Of course, I can Weasley. I'm not incompetent," Draco said as the flames turned green and his disembodied head was in the fire.

Ron whipped around and looked down at Draco who still looked quite smug even distorted in green flames. Harry looked past Ron down at him, his reaction less startled.

"I hope you're calling on a private floo connection," Ron said to him, his voice shaking slightly.

Draco nodded in the flames. "My office has a private floo and my door is locked. Now, Potter, I will be there in about an hour. I apologize that I couldn't take you home today. Weasley left your address with me which I promptly burned and committed the address to memory. I will floo hop to your place and I hope that once I get there you inform me on why I have to do so much work just to get there," he replied, his tone snarky.

Ron bristled at this, but Harry just chuckled seeing classic Draco shine through. "See you in a bit, Malfoy," Harry commented. Draco nodded once and broke the connection.