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A Demon's Sweet Tooth

Act 2

"Oh yeah! Bring on the beach-hunks!" Panty exclaimed as she jumped out of their car. Having gone against her gut-feeling, Stocking had ended up following her sister to the beach; surely, the weather was lovely and perfect, and the day was far from over. But the Goth couldn't help but to feel that something would happen - she didn't know what, how, or when, but something would definitely happen. And it would definitely involve the love-crazed demonette.

Regardless, the angelic sisters walked out o the open beach; there was a decent amount of people out, not too many but not too few. They easily managed to find a good spot to lay out their towels with a mixture of sun and easily accessible shade.

"Oh, what to do first? Should I flirt with the coastguard? Or maybe hook up with the local bachelors of the beach? Maybe sneak into the guys´ changing booths~"

"Do what you will, as long as its nowhere near me." Stocking answered. "I'll happily stay here, resting in the shade." Stocking said with a grin, licking on a lollipop. The blonde angel responded with a flipped finger, to which both laughed with added name-calling until they were joined by a another pair of laughter that was shockingly familiar. Turning their heads to the source of the mischievous laughter, a black limousine that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere had appeared, with Scanty getting out of the front seat.

"Pray tell, do you always have such fun being so vulgar to each other? I guess feebleminded toilet-angels such as you can only get that far with humour."

"The fuck do you want this time? This beach isn't owned by you as far as I know, so fuck off!" Panty growled at the green-haired demon. Scanty let out a mocking laughter at the angel duo, her green hair waving with the wind. "Of course not, we don't need more than one; but my dear sister insisted that we visited this one."

The gothic angel shivered. Of course Kneesocks would be here if Scanty was. She knew she had to get away, until the situation here had calmed down; while Panty and Scanty threw insults around in a verbal catfight, Stocking slowly inched away, bit by bit until she could run off to her hearts content. She wanted the demons to either drive away or relocate to another part of the beach where she wasn't in a line of sight for the unwanted suitor, I.e. Kneesocks.

When the still arguing Panty and Scanty was merely small dots, Stocking felt she was in a safe distance; she leant against one of the changing booths walls, sighing in relief over her supposed victory of avoidance. Surely Kneesocks would look for her, but if they left Panty alone and went somewhere else, she would probably be safe because of the distance between them. Surely the demons wouldn't want to settle down anywhere near them, unless the glasses-wearing one would try something.

´It doesn't appear that Scanty knows of her sister's … quirks. Lets hope she doesn't try and lead her on. I just cant stand her! I'm not even interested in girls damn it! Alright, take a deep breath Stocking… just stay out of the way for a little while, and surely they should've left…´

Ignoring the sound of the door being opened, thinking nothing more of it than as any ordinary person needing to change, Stocking didn't even notice the pair of crimson arms that slowly crept up from behind. Sneakily wrapping themselves around her waist, they suddenly pulled her inside the booth with a fierce burst of strength, now trapping the angel inside with the one-horned demon.

"Aw, Stocking-chan, why the sour face?"

"KYAH! W-what-! G-get off me!"

"Oh no, why would I let you go so soon? I know you're just going to run for it…" Her hold over the angel was strong; she held Stocking tightly around one wrist, pulling it backwards towards herself while the other arm pulled the angel back via the waist. Stocking struggled and squirmed, attempting to punch the demon with her free hand, but the demon kept her still with ease, licking her ear teasingly. "Besides, now that I finally have you this close to me… how could I let this chance go to waste?"

"Huh? What chance, you fucking-"

"This." Kneesocks said calmly, but with a husky voice. She let go of her hold over the angel, only to resume her hold by grabbing Stocking's breasts roughly, kneading them. "Oh these are just to die for! And your swimsuit… Oh hell you look good in it!"

"Ah! S-stop it…! Ngh…!" The angel whimpered and moaned, feeling her strength leave her at a rapid pace; she wanted to break free, she knew she could do it, but as the demon kept groping her body, she felt it betray her bit by bit. She wasn't as sexually active as her sister, leaving her body more sensitive and vulnerable to advances of sexual nature. And the demon's assault was well-experienced, the way it kneaded her breasts in a certain motion, occasionally pinching her nipples between the scarlet fingertips. It sent pleasurable miniature jolts through Stocking's body, further betraying what the angel actually wanted.

"No…! Stop it… Ah! Mmh…!"

"Do you actually want me to? Your body is a lot more honest than you, so I'll rather listen to what it has to say… And you know what? Its yearning for more!"

The demon kept fondling the angel, massaging the soft mounds of flesh while the gothic angel moaned and shivered under her touch. Kneesocks couldn't help but to smirk triumphantly as she saw the pleasant-covered face of her love-object. "See? You want more… Be honest with your mouth as well, would you? Tell me…"

"No..! I wont… Mm~ Just.. Let me… g-go…! Ah!"

"You're not very convincing…"

"Tch..! To hell with you…. F-fucking… Ah! W-whorebag..!"

"Oh yes…!" Kneesocks almost giggled. "Give me more of that attitude of yours… Reject me, reject the rules… It makes it all so much more fun…!"

The angel felt the spark of agitation flame up within her at that point. Her mind and body may have been in a disagreement, but her mind took charge of her body for just a moment, obeying her; with a last burst of strength, the angel elbowed the demon in her gut, releasing her from the lecherous grasp. She kicked open the door, feeling the warm sand beneath her feet as she ran for dear life, fearing to even look back to see if she was being followed.

She could soon see her sister and Scanty still continuing with her catfight; it had progressed to them pulling each others hair, occasionally scratching each others faces in a fit of rage. Why it didn't occurred for them to use their weapons, she didn't know, but Stocking had no intention of staying to find out. She quickly grabbed her stuff, before proceeding to run to their car SeeThrough, hell-bent on getting away from it all. She was confused, defiled, and angered by Kneesocks´ persistency to the point that she wasn't sure of anything anymore.

"Oi Stocking! What the hell are you- Don't leave me here! What's wrong with you! Oi!" Panty yelled, torn between fighting with Scanty and keeping an eye on Stocking, who slowly disappeared from her sight. The green-haired demon snickered at the scene. "Well well, looks like your sister is the smart one. You angels should know better than to try and oppose us demon- Huh? Kneesocks-san, what are you doing?!"

"Sorry sister, but I have important business to finish!" The glasses-clad demonette said, quickly getting into their limousine and driving away, effectively leaving her own sister to the so-called battle in a similar manner as Stocking. The remaining angel-demon duo stared in bewilderment and mild anger as the two cars now had left the area, completely oblivious to what the reasons behind their respective sisters´ departure.



Back at the Church and the safety of her room, Stocking screamed into her pillow. A scream of agitated anger, a release of her confused emotions and feelings that was in a chaotic disagreement.

´Why her of all people?! Of all the people on this sweet-covered world, why did it have to be her to have such a crush on me?! Of course it felt good damn it! Fuck you! A female demon, damn it! I don't WANT it to be you! Fuck! Motherfucking… Father fucker!´

Her anger slowly fading, the angel could feel a void; an emptiness that she didn't know she had. She was free from Kneesocks for the time being, but it almost felt, dared she think it, lonely. As if the demon had forced open a place inside Stocking's heart, and lingered there for what could've been an eternity or just a few seconds, and now that she had disappeared, it was an empty, shallow hole that needed to be filled.

She didn't want to think of what it meant, she didn't want to consider the dreading possibilities that was now swarming around her as she started to realize more and more of what was happening; her body hadn't been betraying her, it had been she who had betrayed her body.

Your body is a lot more honest than you.

´Tch… Fucking bitch… What do you know…´

She looked up from her wrinkled pillow. Her reddened eyes stared softly at the wall in front of her, feeling her anger subsiding as she slowly got up, sitting on her dark sheets.

´This got to be a fucking joke, right? There is just no way that… No…´ "…Fuck."

Stocking got off the bed, walking towards her desk; grabbing a nearby pen and paper, the angel sat down and began to write. What was occurring in her mind baffled even herself, but she knew she had to, and wanted to test something. She would most likely regret it.

"Fuck my life."



"Looks like she disappeared on me…" Kneesocks said to herself. After having lost Stocking out of sight during her wild car-chase, the demon had spent several minutes of simply driving around, hoping to catch the glint of the pink car, but to no avail. It had left her annoyed and depressed, to the point that she just sat on the hood of the car, sighing in her over-dramatic loneliness.

"But I guess it would be a tad bit sad if it was over so quickly…" She said with a newfound grin. "After all, the hunt is most fun~" A silent snicker escaped her lips as she daydreamed of the endless possibilities that she had once Stocking was within her grasp again; The thought of feeling the angel up, rendering her near powerless with just the weapon of touching was getting the demon all giddy with excitement.

"Mind telling me what's so funny?"

Kneesocks jerked her head upwards in response to the sudden, but familiar voice. Her eyes feasted on the sight of the gothic angel just standing a few feet away from herself, and her lips curling into a hungry smile. "Well well, I didn't expect you to just show up so willingly… At least not so early~"

"Don't get the wrong idea." Stocking replied. "I'm here to test something for myself."

"Oh? And pray tell, what would that be then?"

Stocking walked up to the demon, holding a piece of paper in her hand. With each step she took, the demon's smile grew wider, as if she would pounce her at any second. The angel braced herself however, still walking on until she was close enough to hand over the paper; quickly withdrawing her hand as the scarlet fingers attempted to trail across hers. "Just read what's on there and follow the instructions. You should read it carefully and do what it says, for your own good." Stocking turned around and walked away, leaving her demonic suitor alone once again.

After staring at the short skirt for a few seconds, Kneesocks turned her attention to the small sheet of paper she had received; unfolding it, she read it over to see what her object of affection wanted with this.

Poor little demon

To only moving so fast

A step is to go

Quizzically, the demon read it through a few more times; she got the reference of her sending haikus to Stocking, but she couldn't comprehend what she was meaning with this one. She shrugged it off for now and kept reading the rest of the text.

What I'm about to ask you is for my sake only. But if you truly see me as something more than just a way to find sexual relief, AND if you play your cards right, you might benefit from this as well.

"What is the meaning of this…?" She eyed the rest of the contents of the paper, smirking to herself as she read on. "Oh, I see… Aren't you a picky one, Stocking-chan? No matter, I can easily comply with these."



The sun slowly going down the horizon, basking the city in its reddish colour. A wonderful view which Stocking got to enjoy from where she was sitting; a window seat in her favourite café. She stared at the sun with a smile, humming happily to herself as she seemed to wait. Having already ordered a cup of tea for herself, she carefully sipped a little of it as she staring outside until she heard the door being opened.

"I hope this will suit your tastes, Stocking-chan."

Glancing at the company that had just arrived, Stocking could feel the corners of her lips pull into a smile as she did. Kneesocks, in a calm composure, stood before her clad in a black gothic Lolita inspired shirt that featured lace ruffles down the front with a pointed collar, and a black/red gothic skirt and matching knee-socks, ending with a pair of black Mary-Jane gothic shoes.

"It does, and I have to admit that it suits you as well. Please, sit down."

"Why thank you. Heh, I would've never thought that you would be… reasonable, regarding this."

"I could say the same for you. Seriously, are you a perverted old man or something? Sexually harassing me from time to time."

"Oh now you're just over-thinking stuff again. I am merely expressing my love for you in a more… unorthodox way, but my reasons remain honest and sincere."

Stocking threw a mild glare towards the demon. "Kneesocks…!"

"I know, I know." She replied. "I promise I will be on my best behaviour. And.." Her crimson fingers slowly and delicately locked together with Stocking's. "I guess I owe you an apology. For the .. trouble, I've caused you. I guess I went way too overboard, but you, you little minx, drive me so crazy, its nearly psychotic! Alas… What I'm saying is that… I'm sorry."

"Kneesocks…" Stocking was at a loss for words. The demon had actually apologized, and been honest about it to boot. The cute, light blush that now adorned her face was evidence enough, and it caused the angel to let out a giggle at the unusual, but cute quirk. "You're red as a beetroot, Kneesocks."

"I..! Uhm… I b-blush easily…"

"Yet I have barely seen you blush during this whole ordeal." The angel giggled. "Now then, we should get you a menu, so we can eat. I'm hungry…"

"Don't you need one?"

"I know the menu from memory." Stocking said with a giggle, while Kneesocks stared at her in bafflement for a second or two, surprised at the angel's memory. "That's… Impressive, I suppose. But to save time, I'll let you order. I don't care which."

"Suit yourself."

"So.. Stocking-chan… If I "play my cards right", as you delicately put it … Do I honestly have a chance?"

The gothic angel grinned slightly at the demon sitting across from her, playing with a few strands of her purple/violet hair. "Who knows. It all depends on you." Kneesocks returned the grin tenfold. "Then I'll definitely be on my best behaviour.."

"You better be." Stocking said, reaching over the small table. Before Kneesocks could understand what was about to happened, Stocking had planted her lips against her cheek, kissing it gently before sitting down again. "Otherwise it will be your loss." She finished with a small, but noticeably sly smile over Kneesocks´ expression. The demon trailed her fingers over the spot, slowly bringing the tips to her mouth, licking them sensually with a sly smile of her own.

"Its sweet…"

The End