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(3 Months Later)

Pepper groaned as she was awoken for the third time that night. She looked at the clock hoping that she would still be able to get some rest after this. She groaned once again when she realized that she would only get about two hours of sleep before they woke up for good.

She moved to sit up, but a hand kept her where she was. She looked over, not expecting Tony to be awake. "Tony?"

He didn't really answer, instead he sat up himself and leaned over the bed so she was under the covers. "Get some rest, I've got it this time."

Pepper swore her heart skipped a beat or two. If it didn't feel as if her heart would jump out of her chest, she might have responded before he was out of the room. So instead, she smiled and rolled onto her side, and went back to bed.

As expected, Mabel never really gave the new parents a break. She came over as much as she possible could. On the exception of giving them long breaks in return for them letter her return. Rhodey had actually said that she worried that the two would kick her out sooner or later.

Virgil actually took a leave off of work to babysit, even though Pepper already quit her own job. (Long ago) Howard visited every time he had an open lunch and they actually called for Roberta to come and help them.

And this day happened to be one of those lucky days where no one decided to pop in on them. Which could both be a good thing, and a bad thing. Good thing, because they got some privacy with their two new babies and to themselves. But, bad thing because that meant Pepper didn't get to take a nap. Especially when Tony had long days at work.

But today, he had the day off.

As of that moment, Pepper carrying around Serenity as Leo napped, hoping her baby girl would get tired as well. She was humming a sweet tune she heard Roberta humming just the other day.

"She sleeping?" Tony semi-whispered as he walked into the room.

Pepper shook her head. "No, even with how much Leo was crying last night, she still slept through all of that."

"She sure loves to sleep." Tony commented looking down at his daughter.

"Yeah, when Leo's awake." Pepper retorted. "Otherwise she hates sleeping."

Tony put his arms around his wife and daughter. "I'm sure she'll take her nap when she's ready to."

Pepper gave her husband a quick kiss before kissing the top of her daughters head. Serenity giggled and shoved her hand into her mouth. Though, Pepper didn't get to enjoy the moment.

Leo woke up.

"So, how's everything?" Rhodey asked sitting down on their couch.

Pepper sighed and sat on the other side of the couch. "Tiring, but good."

"Where's Tony?" Rhodey asked, "And the babies?"

Pepper smiled warmly. "Napping!" She sang quietly.

"All of them?"

"Yeah," Pepper said nodding happily. "I swear Tony is magical. Serenity would not nap! She was so stubborn and she wouldn't nap! Until the other night, Tony sat down with them both on his lap and they both fell right asleep. Serenity included!"

"Yeah, well they are Tony's children." Rhodey pointed out.

Pepper giggled brightly and grabbed a camera that was on a desk nearby. She turned it on to show him some pictures.

"See? That was the first night Tony got them both to nap." Pepper said.

It was a picture of Tony laying down, his head thrown back, passed out. Laying against his chest, was Leo and Serenity who were in his arms. They too were passed out, hugging their blankets.

Rhodey chuckled. Pepper went onto a few more pictures similar to the first until she hit later pictures of the new family.

Some were of Leo and Serenity in their room, rolling around on a blanket, since they couldn't really sit up yet. Some were just of the nursery. Lots of them had Mabel in them with the twins. Lots and lots were of family with the twins.

Pepper smiled happily. "I love my family!"

"I can see that." Rhodey replied.

"Oh, where's Mabel and Theo?"

"Mabel passed out in the car and Theo's at his grandparents' house."

Pepper laughed. "I was worried, because if she was awake, she'd be here with you."

"Yep," Rhodey smiled. "That's my wife."

(2 Months Later)

"Pepper!" Tony called out, eying his son. "Can you come here for a second?"

Pepper walked in, holding a wooden cooking spoon. "What, I'm trying to cook dinner."

Tony gestured to their son. "What is he doing?"

Pepper blinked and looked over at their son, Leo. At first she wasn't really sure what Tony was bugged about. All he was doing was sitting in the corner. It wasn't until she remembered the first time their son did this that she realized what he was doing.

She burst out laughing. She didn't really respond, instead she just walked out of the room. Still laughing.

This worried Tony. "Wait, what? What is he doing?" Pepper hadn't stopped laughing yet. "Pepper! What is he doing!?" … "Pepper?"

When she finally stopped, she was in the kitchen again. "It's your turn to change his diaper!"

Tony paled and looked at his son, who was now crawling away from his camp spot in the corner. Giggling.

Tony narrowed his eyes. "I'm on to you."

"Tony it's a miracle!" Pepper whispered as her husband walked into the door.

"What is it?" He asked looking around for the babies.

Pepper hugged and kissed him. "They're both asleep!"

There was a pause.

Then cries.

Pepper's face dropped. "Correction, they were both asleep."

As of August 9th, Cynthia Jane Rhodes was born. She was the dark haired, dark eyed, daughter of James and Mabel Rhodes. Cynthia was a chunky baby, who weight almost 2 lbs. more that her brother. Luckily, he was born a bit too light.

Theo was more than happy to welcome her into the family. He even offered to give her his bed. After all he was learning how to talk.

Pepper was there as she was the first time when Theo was born. She was the third one to carry her. Tony was next. Mainly because grandparents' on Mabel's side, were unable to come right away. Tony and Pepper weren't able to stay long, but just long enough to see the happy family welcome their second baby into the world.

Tony and Pepper's house was home full of babies. Literally. There was Leo, Serenity, Theo, and Cynthia. Not to mention the two three year olds that were there since Mabel was babysitting their neighbor's kids.

Luckily Roberta and Virgil were also there to help. Though, of course Virgil mainly focused on Leo and Serenity.

Mabel was nursing her infant baby, Cynthia. "Theo is the sweetest!"

Rhodey nodded as well as he sent of Theo who had ruined his diaper he still wore.

Pepper held a sleepy pair of twins in her arms while Tony was off keeping the two three year olds happy in the nursery. "Why's that?"

"He's always offering up his bed, nook, or bottle for her when she's upset!" Mabel said happily. "He even helps tuck her in!"

Pepper 'awed'. "That's so cute!"

Mabel smiled, hardly containing her squeal. "I know!"

Rhodey stood up when he heard screaming from the nursery. "I'm going to go help Tony with the two, they can be quite rough when they haven't napped."

Pepper laid down next to her husband after she finally put the twins down to sleep. She rolled over, so she was pressed up against him. She wrapped her arm around her sleepy husband.

"I love you." She whispered into his ear.

He chuckled, his eyes shut. "I love you too."

She braced herself on her elbow, so she could look down at him. "Tony, do you think we'll be good parents?"

Tony's eyes opened and he looked at her for a moment. "Pep, what makes you think otherwise?"

"I don't know…" Pepper mumbled as she laid her head on his chest.

"Pep, no matter what you think, we'll be great parents." Tony assured his wife. "Leo and Serenity will turn out great, don't you even worry about it."

"Thanks Tony," Pepper said snuggling closer. "I just needed to hear that."

Tony held her close to him and kissed the top of her head. She smiled and closed her eyes.

"Night, Tony." She whispered.

He kissed her head again. "Night Pep."

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