Episode Guide

1. Lamony and the Laker Girls

The gang is forced to deal with the aftermath of confessions and impulse moves when the show is saved.

2. And the Nominees Are...

Excitement, a little friendly competition, and confusion are all in the air at the SPAs when Kim and Jeremy are up against each other for an award, and Rebecca shows up on Steve Sisko's arm.

3. General Benjamin Bradley

Casey deals with Charlie's first crush, prompting him to evaluate his own romantic situation. With Rebecca back in his life, Dan is cautiously optimistic, certain that he may be jinxed at any moment. Meanwhile, the papers are finalized, the sale of CSC to Quo Vadumus is official, and the crew braces itself for changes under the new regime.

4. The B Roll

The sale of CSC to QVV brings about change, drama, and the threat of a lawsuit. A conversation between Dan and Casey caught on a hot mic draws the ire of a quick-tempered football player, Dana wonders if Richard is flirting with her, and the gang adjusts to their new network with a confusing drinking game.