Opening his eyes in a snap, Sesshomaru blinked and looked around himself. His mind span with sudden power and feelings he had long since forgotten. He looked down at his hand and could tell he was strong and powerful once more. He grinned to himself and ran off into the forest at the peak of his skill, jumping over trees and rocks, terrifying the animals in his way. He huffed as he stood by the edge of a vast lake, kneeling to take a drink, looking at the forest around him.

As he finished his drink and wiped his mouth, something caught his eye and looked up across the lake to see a figure standing on the other bank. She smiled at him and gave a little wave.

The demon smiled as he nodded to her across the lake and began to walk around the water to her side. His Rin moved to sit on a rock near her and watched as he came over to her, her eyes glued to him.

As Sesshomaru thought over the things he would show her, a figure stepped out from the trees and stood in his path. The demon stopped in his step and growled. "What are you doing here wizard!" He lifted his hand as he prepared to fight. "You are dead!"

The old man with a long white beard gave him a toothy grin before lifting his staff towards the demon. He said nothing but the staff began to glow until a blast of cold white magic left it, heading for the demon but he jumped away and kept his distance before it could do any damage. Furious that the wizard still plagued him, Sesshomaru lashed out with an attack of his own but as his claws cut into the wizard, he shifted out of existence only to reappear behind him, letting out another blast of magic.

The fight carried on the same way with Sesshomaru jumping to avoid the blasts and trying to get back at him but every time he got close, the wizard vanished and reappeared somewhere else. "Stop mocking me, you fool!"

Finally the wizard lowered his staff. "You have not changed demon. Why shouldn't I kill you?"

Sesshomaru growled at him but then the words sank in and he turned to see Rin, still sat where she had been, smiling at him. He took a step towards her but a blast near his foot stopped him. "I am your opponent! Stand and fight."

"No." He said, taking another step towards Rin.

The wizard laughed. "Ah, I see. Well then…." He turned his staff towards Rin and let out another blast of magic that sped across the water and struck her in the chest.

She screamed and fell where she was while Sesshomaru yelled her name and ran over to her but was stopped by another blast. "Stand and fight demon!"

Growling, Sesshomaru ran for him. "How dare you harm her!" He looked over to Rin as he saw her move and sit slowly up from where she'd fallen.

Relieved, he began once more to walk over to her but the wizard appeared before him, blocking his path once more. "I am your opponent. Stand and fight."

He stared at the creature for a moment then sighed. "No." He said, walking forward, stepping through the wizard to walk towards Rin. "Some things are not worth fighting."

The wizard frowned as he stepped over to the woman, kneeling to help her up and embrace her. "You would give up fighting me… for her? You would choose her? Over your vengeance?"

"I would choose her over my life." He whispered to the woman in his arms, closing his eyes as the two of them embraced.

"Then so be it." The wizard said as he lifted his staff and shot Sesshomaru in the back.


The demon gasped loud and sharp as he felt a wave crash over him and opened his eyes to find himself back in the forest with Rin asleep in his arms. He smiled at her, reaching out and stroking her cheek with the back of his hand. She groaned and shifted to open her eyes, looking at him with a smile. "Morning."

The demon smiled back. "Good morning."

But his smile vanished as he realised what he had just said and looked up at the sky. Blue. Pushing himself up, he stared at his hands and saw them as they had been. Human. Fingers and nails and thumbs. Carefully he lifted his hand up to his face and ran his hand over his skin.

Then he turned to look at the woman lying beside him, curling herself up in his tail. He grinned before leaning over and began nibbling on her ear. "Rin."

"Yes my lord?"

"Rin, look at me."

She did, blinking in her sleepy haze. "Yes?"

"Rin… its past dawn… and look at me."

She took a few blinks to realise what she was seeing then smiled, reaching up to touch his face. He closed his eyes at her touch and leant into her hand. "You're… you're still…."

The demon smiled as he opened his eyes. "I'm free. The curse… it's lifted."

The princess laughed as she leapt up into his arms and kissed him. She could feel him smile and chuckle at her eagerness but held her equally as tight, biting at her lips in his haste, claws digging a little into her skin as he did.

Finishing his kiss, he pushed her back and pulled her up to her feet. "Follow me." He said, still holding her hand as he pulled her away from the hill they had spent the night.

Rin staggered a little to keep up but he just lifted her up into his arms and carried her. Nearly flying, he carried her in his arms, running thought the forest to the far other side and climbing up another, far greater mountain until they were almost equal with the clouds. Placed her gently on the ground, Rin gasped in amazement as she looked down the forest and over the two countries on either side. She laughed a little but then the clouds came to obscure the view and she looked to the man at her side. "Where… where are we?"

The demon turned to her and grabbed her face in both hands as he pressed his lips to her. "Home." He whispered as they parted and lifted her up into the clouds.


Over the years since the princess of Palervale had disappeared , people who got lost in the ancient forest would sometimes remerge with talk of a large female dog with brown eyes and midnight black fur who would speak to them and ask questions of Ostview and Palervale while leading the lost to the path before heading back alone.

The dog never told her name but was very softly spoken and kind, leading anyone who got lost back to the path or across the forest. Eventually, talk of this creature met the adopted Prince of Palervale who one day went deep into the forest alone, calling out a name.

For three days he searched across the forest, calling out the name to try and find this dog. On the third day, as the sun began to set; he saw them. Two great dogs, one as silver as the moon while the other as black as the night. They stood just across from him, stone still and silent, staring at him.

Recognising the silver one, Kohaku worked out who the black one was, taking a step towards her. She turned a little more to face him and smiled but before he could get too close, she turned the other way and ran off with the silver one.

"No! Wait! Rin!" He yelled, running after them but stopped as he stood on the rock they had been on. Lying there on the rock was a long beautiful white feather. He stared at it as he picked it up and sighed. "I understand Rin." He whispered, closing his hand around it. "Be happy."

He sighed, holding it tighter and turned to leave the forest while just further away, a woman in a long silver dress peered around a tree too look at him. "Goodbye Kohaku." She sighed.

"Rin." Called the lord as he changed to his human side behind her. "What's wrong?"

Rin let out a sigh before wrapping her arms around him. "Nothing."

"Then let's go home, the little ones will be hungry."

She nodded and changed her form to a dog, running swiftly though the forest back to the mountain top and up into the palace hiding in the clouds.

"Mommy!" Three hungry voices called.

The End


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