Nikki Silver

Shadow Frost

Chapter 1

Shadow's POV

I have always liked mcfly, especially Tom. Yet I never would have guessed that I was going to meet him.

My sister from another mother and best friend, Nikki Silver, lived with me in London, Harrow and not known by Nikki where Tom was born. The real reason that I wanted a house there.

I woke up and turned to find Tom lying next to me, sleeping. I drew in close to his face to kiss him when I hit reality, damn. I sat up in my bed, it was a dream, I knew it was too good to be true. I got up and walked towards my door when I heard Nikki screaming my name.


I opened my door, "what is it? Its 2 am! Cant it wait?"

"NO! You have to come and see this!" she practically dragged me to the window in the living room


"look!" she pointed out an electric blue cooper S mini

"and?" Nikki gave me a shocked yet excited look

"that's tom McFLY's car!" she started jumping up and down.

She didn't even notice two HOT boys getting out of the car. They looked concerned about something, but what? They were saying something, I really wish I was able to hear them. I turned to look at Nikki, she was still jumping up and down. I went to switch the light on and as I did there was a smashing sound.

"Damn, the bulbs blown!" I shouted. "I'll go and get another."

I walked into the kitchen and into the pantry. It was so dark in there, I could hardly see the spare bulbs. I walked back into the living room with the step ladders we had. I grabbed my IPod and switched onto my Beatles playlist. I started to mime the lyrics to "she loves you" while I climbed up the ladders new bulb in one hand and holding the ladder. There was a knock at the door.

"Can you get the door Nikki?"

"No probs" she walked over to the door

I took out the old bulb, it was smashed alright. I was about to put the new one it when all of a sudden I heard a scream. I turned round to see Tom and Harry McFLY standing at our door!

I turned back to put the new bulb in but didn't realise that Nikki had turned the electrics back on to see her way to the door. I put the bulb into place and felt a horrible tingling in my fingers, then it became stronger a pain. It became more and more intense and I felt something that I had never felt beforeā€¦ I lost my grip on the ladders and fell backwards! My eyelids suddenly became very heavy so I closed my eyes.

Tom's POV

I saw that girl trying to change a bulb while Harry and Nikki went to have a look at my mini. I turned to see how they were doing when I heard a smash of glass on the floor. I turned quickly to see the girl falling backwards! I ran to catch her, thank god I was successful. I looked at her face, was she dead? I checked her pulse, phew she had one. I carried her to the sofa, she was so pretty, I noticed her hand, it was bleeding, quite badly too. I ran to their kitchen and found a first aid kit. I grabbed some bandages and plasters and scurried back to her. I wrapped the bandage around her hand as best I could and sealed it with a plaster.

Shadow's POV

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the most gorgeous person I have ever seen. He looked at me, yet he looked really worried.

"Are you ok?" he asked

"Yeah, what happened?"

"You got electrocuted and fell"

"You-caught-me?" I asked feeling a lot of pain in my hand.

"yeah, Im Tom by the way."

"Shadow, you're really cute."

He laughed "thanks, I guess."

I stood up slowly feeling really dizzy, I think it was just the shock of the fall though.

"Do you want some help?" he asked

"no, Im fine thanks tho-" I felt my muscles go dead, I fell AGAIN! Thank god Tom was there, he caught me again.

"You better stay down here, in less you want me to carry you up" he laughed

"No thanks" I said

He walked into the kitchen and returned with a glass of water.

"drink this it'll make you feel better"


Then I felt my eyelids go heavy again and I fell asleep.