Chapter 12

Shadow's POV

I was so happy to see Tom. Yet as soon as I saw him I began to become really worried and not knowing what to do. We hugged and he tried to reassure me but I knew something bad was going to happen.

"We need to get out of here." He said. At that moment we heard a series of loud noises coming from upstairs. There must be a third floor here. I got up and walked to the door. No sign of a way to open it. Tom came up behind me; he had no idea what to do or how to get out. It was down to me. I felt around the outline of the door.

"What are you doing S?" he said. He sounded really confused.

"I'm finding a weak point in the door to find a way to open it." If he wasn't confused before he is now. I smiled slightly at my own joke. Tom noticed me smiling and decided to tease me. He pretended to help me before grabbing me by my waist and pulling me away from the door.

"I'm gonna find a weak point before you!" He said in a childish voice. I went back over to the door and slid in front of him.

"Not if I find it first!" Tom started to smile. I really missed that smile. I finally found a weak spot in the door.

"Great, what now?" He asked.

"I haven't told you everything about me Tom. There was only one secret I kept from you." At this point I kicked the weak spot on the door and it fell. Tom stood there in shock.

"Wicked!" He said. I turned and smiled at him. We walked through the corridor trying to find the stairs.

We walked for about 5 minutes before getting to a staircase. We walked up the stairs to the third floor. The series of noises continued. We followed them to the room on the third floor. We opened the door to find two chairs and nothing else in the room. I got out my phone as a light. We walked over to the chairs to find two young men, both in their twenties, tied to the chairs. One had short blonde-ish hair and the other had short, curly, brown hair. I looked other at Tom, he was in shock. He knew them. It took me 10 seconds to realise who they were. We quickly untied them and they removed the cloths in their mouths.

Tom's POV

I couldn't believe my eyes! I lost contact with them two days ago. I didn't think anything of it.

"Dougie, Danny! My GOD! I thought you were in America for your holidays still." I really couldn't believe they were here.

"No, we got back two days ago but before I could call you we were kidnapped and brought here." Dougie said.

"So you're the famous Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones. Tom hasn't stopped talking about you since forever." Shadow said. Dougie started to blush slightly while Danny just laughed.

"Oh, this is Shadow Frost, my girlfriend." I said. Dougie and Danny both looked at me. I knew exactly what they were thinking: Nice one mate! Like I needed them to tell me that. Danny stood up and shook Shadow's hand while Dougie bowed to her. She blushed slightly and giggled at Dougie.

"We better get moving the kidnappers will know something is wrong by now." Danny said. We all nodded at him and went back out through the door and down the stairs. We reached the room where harry and Nikki were in but the kidnappers knew we had escaped. How are we going to get to Harry and Nikki and get out safely?