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"REALLY BRATS?! THE ENTIRE CITY OF SORGUR?!" Makarov yelled to no one in particular as he read yet another complaint from the Counsel. "We just regained our reputation as strongest in Fiore, do we really have to regain our reputation as most reckless too? Ugh…" Makarov groaned, and heard a loud bang (which signaled that yet another part of the Guild had been destroyed, probably by Natsu).

"Aw… Come on, we just bought this Guild Back using the money from the Grand Magic Games…"

Master Makarov sighed and once again stared gloomily at the giant stack of papers on his desk.

Suddenly, a golden envelope with a red seal caught his eye. It didn't look like any of the other complaints from the Magic Counsel, Makarov wondered what it could be.

"For the Master of Fairy Tail, From the King of Fiore" Makarov read.

"Oh no, please don't tell me we're in trouble not only with the Magic counsel but with the King too!" Makarov prayed as he carefully opened the shimmering envelope.

Mr. Makarov,

After you guild's victory in the Grand Magic Games, citizens all over Fiore have been anxiously waiting for more appearances from your Guild. Here in Crocus, Fairy Tail merchandise is selling out so fast, we now have several factories solely dedicated to producing t-shirts and figurines. But, the goal of this letter is not to congratulate you on merchandise sales. The Grand Magic Games committee has a proposition for you. We would like your guild to participate in special games, consisting only of your guild.

"What?" Makarov thought. He glanced back down and continued reading.

We would like to host a game called the Grand Couples Games, a competition where couples from your guild will compete in various Games.

"This sounds fun," Makarov muttered, smiling broadly at the thought of pairing his brats up.

There really is no "purpose" for these Games except entertainment. But as a reward for your guild, you will be given 30 million Jewel if you choose to participate.

" 30 MILLION JEWEL! OF COURSE WE'RE GOING!" Makarov yelled. He nearly dropped the letter in excitement, but after a couple minutes, finally calmed down enough to continue reading.

The winning pair will also be given the prize of being king and queen of Fiore for a day (with restrictions of course). The rest of the contestants will also be allowed to stay in the castle and use all of our facilities (which involve indoor pools, buffets, spas, ect.). If your guild is interested, send back a letter with the names of six couples from your guild. There is one requirement for the couples that are allowed to enter. For entertainment reasons, please make sure each couple consists of at least one person who participated in this year's Grand Magic Games. If you are interested, a train will arrive to take the participants (and other Guild members who wish to watch) to Crocus two weeks from the day you receive this letter. Just like the Grand Magic Games, the Grand Couple Games will be held in the Domus Flau. If you are interested, we will send a second letter with more specific information. Have a nice day!

Nice day… This was going to be an awesome day for Makarov.

Watch out Crocus, Fairy Tail is coming back!

Next Chapter might take me a while… Sorry DX