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Anyways, there is something that I wanna clarify. Maya appears in the 3rd season of Suite Life on Deck (pity she didn't come sooner), which is their senior year - AKA 12th grade. One should be 16-turning-17 in 12th grade, but I made Maya 15-turning-16 because I have a hunch that she's smart enough to skip a grade. I dunno.

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Zack was lying spread-eagled on his bed, completely unwilling and unable to wipe the incredibly stupid grin off his face.

I've got Maya!

Sure, the notion that Maya was something to get was totally sexist, but he had to admit that it was his first time that a girl had caught his attention and actually kept it.

Maya had captured his attention on the first day that she came. Well, actually the second day – Secretary's Day was an obvious exception. But seriously – a given day to miss class – how cool was that?

Still, if it meant seeing Maya for an extra day, he would gladly trade off.

And then came the rejection. Apparently, he had a large, well-known reputation as a player. Really? Him? Zack was a bit offended. A couple hundred girls for a casual two-week fling each – hardly!

So he stole Cody's six-month plan in desperation to win her over and threw a Mulch Festival for Maya.

Oops. Big mistake.

Evidently, New York didn't have much hay, or corn. Maya certainly didn't like bobbing for corn. He rubbed his left foot absentmindedly. That stomp had hurt for a long while.

Zack smirked as he remembered London's shoe submarine incident. It wasn't memorable because he almost drowned, no, it was because that within their last minutes of oxygen, Maya had confessed her feelings for him. Now that was sweet.

Of course, she blatantly denied it after they were rescued, saying that the "lack of oxygen was affecting her brain". And, of course, Zack didn't believe it for a single second.

Finally, the party. Oh, that was wonderful. Maya was turning sixteen and Sean Kingston was on board – a great opportunity! And Sean Kingston had immediately fallen for London – bonus! The icing on the cake? Maya loved Sean Kingston's songs.


Zack tricked the guy into paying for a party that he thought was for London, but really was for Maya. Sure, the singer and London (and Moseby – long story) found out eventually, but Maya was happy, and that was all that mattered.

And the best part? He reviewed all the details in his mind, sighing in happiness.

Look, Maya – I know you're probably mad at me right now.

I'm not mad.

You're not?
No! No guy's ever gone to this much trouble for my birthday before.

Well, then, you've been hanging out with the wrong guys. Maya, you're a great girl, and you deserve the best.

Which is exactly what I have

For a split second at the time, Zack had no idea what she meant, until she leaned in and kissed him.

Sure, it wasn't more than just a small kiss. But god, she was an amazing kisser. The way her beautiful eyelashes fluttered slowly shut, her soft lips, her smell of vanilla and honey and roses and who knows what else. . .

He fell asleep, still grinning.

Maya was leaning against the side rail of the Sky Deck, looking at the stars, a smile lighting up her face that she couldn't wipe off for the entire afternoon. Zack Martin was her boyfriend!

Okay, maybe not officially, but at least they were dating now.

She sighed in happiness as memories came flooding back to her, the first one being some weeks ago. At the time, she was just another girl, the new girl, at Seven Seas High, who wanted to attend school and took a job to pay for it.

The first time she came to class, she was understandably nervous, but everyone warmed up to her quickly. Maya got many compliments on the first day.

Oh, Maya, is it? You're very pretty. . . ~Ms. Tutweiler

Hey, you're really smart! ~Cody

Dude, you've got a great singing voice! ~Marcus

No one's beat me before at Ninja Slayer 2! ~Woody

You're just as strong as my Uncle Clem! ~Bailey

She's got more fashion sense than anyone on this stupid boat! ~London

Maya let a small laugh escape her lips as she remembered the last comment, courtesy of London Tipton. A pair of dark blue jeans, new sneakers, and a purple shirt? She hated fashion – a New York tomboy, hello?

That day, there was one empty seat in the classroom, and she wondered who it was, until the next day, during the afternoon, she met Zack.

To make a long story short, that boy was cute. Cody was nice and all, but Zack was just hot.

Maya came up to him and asked him for a couple drinks for the customers, reeling off a very impressive list, to which he replied by casually brushing his blond hair out of his eyes oh-so-gorgeously, flashing her a hundred-watt smile, cracking a small joke, and then started flirting with her.


Zack did ask her out a couple of days later, but she learned of him being a player. If your boyfriend hit on random girls all the time, how would you make sure he wouldn't cheat on you?

So she declined for a while. Then came the shoe submarine. Maya honestly thought that they were going to die, so she confessed that she liked them. It was perfectly understandable, and, of course, Zack was overjoyed.

And sure, when they all ended up surviving, she hurriedly denied it again.

Then came Maya's 16th birthday. She was delighted by the party – Maya was completely amazed that Zack would do such a sweet thing for her.

Zack looked genuinely sorry and hurt when Maya found out that the party was completely messed up. Maya couldn't bear the sad look on his face. She reassured him that she wasn't mad, which seemed to console him a bit, but not entirely.

So she took him by the shoulders and kissed him, ever so gently. Maya laughed slightly when she remembered that he had buttercream frosting (her favorite) over his lips.

His ocean-blue eyes widened for a second, then closed again and he kissed her back, but only for half a second before she pulled away reluctantly.

Maya was a little rueful that she didn't kiss him longer, but she didn't want a full make-out session on the Sky Deck with so many people around. Which was quite a shame. Why?

Because he was such an amazing kisser. She swore she just wanted to place her hands on his shoulders, drawing him closer. . .

She sighed wistfully. Wishful thinking.

Maya was so lost in thought that she didn't even hear Mr. Moseby's footsteps behind her. She didn't even notice the excessive throat-clearing that he made to get her attention.

Finally, he tapped her shoulder impatiently and she jumped, startled.

"Maya, it's almost curfew," he said, trying to make himself sound stern, but still failing.

"What? Oh - right," Maya said, still distracted.

Mr. Moseby sighed and turned her to face him. "Maya?"


"I said - Maya! Maya! Maya Elizabeth Bennett!" Mr. Moseby half-growled.

"Sorry!" Maya quickly apologized. "I was just thinking. . ." she trailed off.

"Well, I can see that," he muttered, taking his mug and taking a small sip of water. "Maya, is there something that you want to tell me?" He took another, larger gulp.

She fiddled with her shirt, then looked up and gave him a hesitant smile. "Zack and I are dating!"

And Maya witnessed a genuine spit-take, courtesy of Mr. Moseby.

Thanks to the fact that she was a hardened New York girl, she was just able to dodge in time, and the spray of water narrowly missed her.

Mr. Moseby was hacking and coughing, taking deep breaths and gulping in huge lungfuls of air. Maya was just going to offer to help when he straightened up, wheezing a bit.

"Well," he said finally. "I am, ah, happy for you too, and I'm quite. . ." he struggled with the words, "glad that you can keep a hooligan like him in check."

"Well, what's not to like about Zack?" she said, a bit defensively. "He's-"

"Don't take it the wrong way, Maya," Mr. Moseby said quickly. "I meant that I have high expectations for you. You're a smart, pretty girl with a lot of potential and I hope that Zack will learn from you a bit."

With that, Maya cracked a small smile. "Thanks, Moseby."

"You're certainly welcome, Maya," Mr. Moseby said, returning the grin. When he saw that the sixteen-year-old girl had no intention of leaving, he shook his head slightly. "Maya, I trust that you know where your own cabin is?"


"Oh, for Pete's sake. . ." he grumbled, then shook her shoulders, snapping her out of her daze. "Good night, Maya," he said deliberately, gesturing toward the cabins.

Maya smiled softly and walked back to her cabin, then, on impulse, skipped back to her cabin in a ridiculously girly fashion.

Yes, Mr. Moseby. It is a good night.

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