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The Heart's Desire

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(Bella's POV)

I sat in my bedroom, sitting on my window sill and staring out the window, deep in thought about the on goings in my life. My name is Isabella Maria Volturi and I am the crowned Princess of the East. By 'East' I mean the Eastern side of the world.

There are two ruling families of the vampire race. The family rules over the east, which covers Europe, Asia and Africa. There are three brothers that rule. Aro, Caius, and my father Marcus. Aro is mated to Sulpicia and they have a son together named Riley. He is the oldest of us royal children. Caius is mated to Athenodora and have two sons named Charles and Alistair. Charles is the only one of us that has a mate. Her name is Makenna. Since we do not crown anyone without royal birth, she is only introduced as his mate. My father Marcus is mated my Mother Document and I am their daughter, the only crowned Princess.

The West consists of North and South America, along with Australia. The family that rules are named the Cullen's. They are different from most vampires, because they feed on animals. Carlisle Cullen is the King and he is mated to a woman named Esme. Unfortunately, Carlisle found her near death and had to change her immediately, so they couldn't have any children of their own so they ended up adopting three children.

Two of them were created, except for their oldest. Jasper is the oldest at 23, Emmett is the middle child at 21, and Edward is the youngest at 17. Edward is mated to a seer named Alice, and Emmett to a woman named Rosalie. Jasper is the only one who is not yet mated. I haven't had the chance to meet him yet, because he was always away whenever our families would visit.

Jasper is the most feared vampire known to our kind. He is the head of the Western army and is known to our world as Ares, The God of War. He was the one responsible for ending the Southern Wars. He was in the wars for 80 years and became second in command to a viper of a woman named Maria. She created him when he was a Major in the American Civil War.

Together, they conquered all of the Southern Warlords and when there was no one left, he planned to kill her so he could escape her. Unfortunately, she caught win and ran before he could execute her. He called the royal army and they situated all of the newborns, teaching them wheat it meant to be a vampire along with the rules of our world. Carlisle grew fond of him and took him in as their son and heir to the throne.

In our world, female vampires of high standing keep their virginity and only give it to their mates. Males don't have to, but once they find their intended, must remain loyal. Not that they would want to be unfaithful. A soul mates bond is the strongest most unbreakable bond. I happen to low a lot about the types of bonds from my father, who has the gift of seeing those bonds.

Being separated from your mate over a certain distance creates a dull throbbing in your chest, or so I've heard. They mark each other with a bite to the left side of your neck and fill their mates with their mating venom, changing their scent in the slightest to smell of their mate. Males are always dominant over the females and extremely protective. If ones mate dies, the other is not usually far behind.

It was discovered about 500 years ago that vampires can create children. If the male vampire mates with a human, a baby is born a hybrid. They are what is called a Dhampir. They age faster than humans and stop at age of 21. I am a Dhampir, along with my cousins. Dhampirs can bear children and chose to become a full vampire. The change only takes half the amount of time than changing com a human. But once the female is a full vampire, the ability to have children is forfeited.

I sighed, hearing Jane coming to my door. The Cullen's were expected to be spending the month with us to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the Genocidal War. It was a war between us and the Children of the Moon. They were trying to terminate our species as we were them. The War took place over 1,000 years ago and to celebrate our victory, every twenty five years, we have 30 days of coming together, having mock battles, games, and parties. The first day of the celebration was tomorrow and it was our turn to host the events.

"Excuse me, your highness?" Jane asked knocking on my door.

Jane was a member of the Volturi guard and could cause you immense pain just by looking at you. Her twin brother was the opposite and could cut off all of your senses. Me? I am what is known as a shield and as powerful one sat that. Shields are very rare and there has only been two known in our existence. Johan, who had a physical shield, but was killed during the Genocidal War.

Renata, who is Uncle Aro's personal guard, but protects my father and Uncle Caius when she has to. Her shield is a bit different. If you went to attack him, you would suddenly find yourself going in the other direction and forgetting why you were going the other way to begin with. The only glitch with her shield was that she had to touch the person she is shielding for it to work.

Now my shield is something different than both of them. I can shield anyone within my senses mentally and physically. I can also use it as a weapon by cutting their limbs clean off, or trapping someone and constricting them inside until it gets so tight that they disappear into ash. I can also mold my shield so I can move people and objects, including fire and water. Lastly, if I use my mental shield and cover someone with a gift, I can use their gift as my own for as long as they are covered. I don't really like to use it too much though, unless I am in battle. I love to participate in the mock fights and training. I sometimes even accompany the guard on missions.

"Come in." I sighed, standing up in my long gown that I detested wearing. I was quite the tomboy and hated dressing up.

She entered the room and bowed her head in respect.

"Yes, Jane?" I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled sympathetically. "Your father and Uncles request your presence in the throne room. The Cullen's and their army have arrived."

I groaned, not looking forward to the celebration. I hated that I had to dress up for all of the activities, aside from when I fight in the games.

"Alright, let's go." I said walking out of the door with Jane trailing respectfully behind me.

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