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The Heart's Desire

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Chapter 9:

(Victoria's POV: Heading back to the Cotton Gin)

As I ran back to the Cotton Gin where James had the princess, I thought about how I would get rid of the little trouble maker. As soon as she was dead, then I would be able to keep my mate with me and then Tanya could have her mate while Irina would be able to deal with the little princess since it was her fault that Laurent was killed.

Running up to the cotton gin I froze smelling the scents of Jasper and Edward. Snarling I rushed into the building and ran into the room where James had her. I fell to the floor as soon as I found the pile of ashes with James scent.

"James..." I whimpered as I took a hand full of his ashes. "So, they did find you." I gritted my teeth as I tried to calm myself, holding the handful of ashes to my chest where my dead heart was, closing my eyes.

"That little bitch will pay for what she has done." I hissed, snapping open my blackened eyes. I could smell that James had bitten Isabella, because I had scented her blood in the air. "I'm sorry that I wasn't here to help you, baby."

I stood as I looked at the ash in my hand. I dropped it to the floor and snarled as I rushed out the door and headed back to the house. I needed to speak to Irina and ask her what is happening at the castle. As I ran back home I tried to sooth the ache in my chest that started about two hours after I left. It was the only reason that I went back because I needed to see that something had happened. It didn't take me as long to reach the house because of my anger. I found that I ran faster if I was upset.

Irina was standing outside with a grave look on her face. Her arms were open and I knew she had just talked to Tanya.

I ran into her arms and buried my face in her shoulder. She was the only one I have left that understood, other than Tanya, but she was only in it for Jasper.

I whimpered as Irina pulled me into the house as her eyes kept glancing around the woods that surrounded the house. Her hands were rubbing up and down my arms in a soothing manner, however, all I knew was that my mate was dead and I could no longer see his face.

Suddenly, my anger snapped and I went rigid. Irina slowly unwrapped her arms and slowly moved in front of me with a frown on her face.

"Victoria?" She whispered as she held her hand out palm up. "Please, come with me, you need a shower and then we can talk about what happened." She offered me a sad smile.

I clenched my eyes and fist at my side as I pushed the anger down and revenge that I wanted to get from that Bitch of a Princess. When they opened Irina smiled sweetly and I knew that they were bright red. I took her hand and let her lead me up the stairs and into the bathroom. I smiled and shook my head not wanting to talk. Irina understood as she nodded backing out of the bathroom leaving me to my thoughts. I clenched my teeth and started undressing needing some warmth in my skin since for the first time in a long time I was cold.

(Irina's POV: In the Bedroom, Waiting)

I set some clothes out for Victoria and sighed. I knew what she was feeling because I felt it too. My heart was gone and a hole was punched through my rock hard chest. I felt my world shatter when I called Tanya and she told me that Laurent had been killed, and the last time I talked to her I found out that James had been killed and the princess was back in her room safe and sound, however she wasn't waking up and the Prince was not feeding from the blood being delivered, but feeding it all to Isabella.

I just shook my head as I heard Victoria get into the shower and started to dry sob. That was the one thing I hated about being full vampire we could no longer cry. When the shower shut off a few seconds later I knew that she had used her vampire speed to hurry through the shower.

Victoria ran out and then went back into the bathroom to change. I didn't understand the reason but I knew that somethings were hard to stop even if you were a vampire. Sometimes our modesty came through but other times we couldn't care less.

When she reemerge I smiled as she walked over and sat down in front of me on the bed. I could tell that she was thinking by the look in her bright red eyes. I thought they went lovely with her hair. I wished mine did that however it wasn't the case. I was a blonde with more golden then red. I mentally shrugged. Father hated when we feed from humans, it was as if Carlisle was our coven leader instead of Eleazar.

"We need to get Jasper away from that little skank, Isabella." Victoria's eyes came up and locked with mine. They were darkening quickly from anger. "If he is away from her, then I can get close with your help and we will end her miserable existence." She finished with a sneer. "If that doesn't work, then we can always call for back up."

I thought for a moment. "Tanya would make a perfect candidate to snag the Major's attention, don't you think?" I smirked knowing she would jump at the chance to seduce Prince Jasper.

Victoria smiled widely. "That might just work." She looked at the clock. "When should we call Tanya to begin our little plot?"

"The sooner the better." I told her. "From what I was told earlier, Princess Isabella is unconscious and hasn't woken yet."

Victoria grinned evilly as she grabbed the phone and dialed Tanya's number. It didn't take long before she answered.

"Hello?" Tanya's voice sounded rather as though she was rather upset.

"It's your sister, Vickie." Victoria told her using her nick name in order not to alert anyone around her. "We would like you to get the Major out of the bed room with Isabella."

There was movement. "What should I do?" I heard that she was pouting. "He is hold up in the same room and wont come out even to feed. When they do send food up there for him he gives it to her."

"Then tell him that he must drink it some where else." Victoria snarled. "I don't care what you have to do just get him out of the room." She hissed hanging up on Tanya.

(3rd Person POV: Back at the Castle in Isabella's room)

The Major was still pacing at the end of Isabella's bed and she still had not waken up. The only one that dared to enter was Marcus because he may be the only one that could take the Major and win, of course Marcus along the other brothers were far older than Jasper.

When the door opened, the Major didn't stop pacing, because the others knew that if they came into the room then it would be over. Isabella had not woken up thus he would not feed. The further he starved himself, the more uncontrollable he became and the longer Isabella was unconscious, the more agitated the Major became, bringing his beast closer and closer to the surface.

The Major did stop, however, a suddenly, scent he did not want anywhere near his mate blew across his nose. It was of lilac's and roses.

Snarling, he spun around to see Tanya standing there with a tray of two glasses and a bottle of blood, most likely.

"What are you doing in here? No one is allowed to enter!" He snapped trying to keep the demon from completely escaping. Ares was not something that should be let loose unless his mate was there to calm him and bring him back to his sanity. Back when he was in the South with Maria, he would desecrate villages before his beast finally calmed, causing him to wake - who knows how long later - to mountains of bodies of bloody corpses and fires filled with rising purple smoke and no recollection of how it happened. Thankfully, he hasn't made an appearance since he left the South.

Tanya scoffed as she ignored him and sauntered sexily over and set the tray down. "I know you didn't mean me." She looked seductively over her shoulder. "Now, if you don't want to do anything here, in case she wakes up, then by all means, we can go to my room or even yours." She looked back down at the glasses and starting to fill them each.

She slipped some odorless vampire aphrodisiac into a glass that would be the Major's. Tanya then smirked as she popped the bottle and poured the liquor and blood mixture then took both glasses and swirled them both around the edge before she turned, sauntering back over to where the Major was frozen to not from lust, but anger. Yet, Tanya thought it was the formal not the later.

"I know you are thirsty, Major." She purred batting her eyes.

The Major, however, was trying his best not to kill her, so he sniffed the air which was the wrong thing to do, because he was rather thirsty. The scent of the blood in the air called to him , but he knew that his mate needed it more than him.

The Major snarled as he slapped the glasses right out of Tanya's hand.

"I don't care what you say, yer not allowed in here!" The Major stalked closer to Tanya. "Now, ya get yer ass outta here or I'll make ya." His eyes were narrowed and almost completely black. There was only a thin line of white left.

Tanya, however, didn't take the hint and walked up to taking off her robe. "Come now, Major." She purred. "I know you want me just like I want you." Her hands were trailing up his chest then down his arms but when her hand reached his belt they were grabbed and Tanya was thrown across the room.

The Major was about to lunge when the bedroom busted open and Marcus, Edward and Peter came running in with Emmett, Felix, Diego, Caius and Aro behind him along with Rosalie, Charlotte and Alice. The girls ran to Isabella's side to protect her while the men tried to talk to him.

Peter walked about and fell to his knees. "Major, ya need ta calm down sir." He could see that the Major was losing it and fast. If he knew anything he needed for Isabella to wake up.

"Get out of my way, Captain." He hissed finally losing what little thoughts he had left as.

Peter swore as he jumped over and grabbed Rosalie and Charlotte while Edward grabbed Alice and threw the girls out of the room. Emmett and Peter along with Edward, Diego and Felix were the only ones that stayed, because they needed to try and get Tanya before Ares did something that Jasper would regret when he came back into control and they needed their strongest members to restrain the lethal vampire. Marcus and the other brothers needed to make sure that their wives were alright. Edward was to get Tanya while Peter kept him busy while he was in the other three's grasp.

"We need to get him next to Bella and hope her scent will calm him enough to see reason!" Edward rushed out, cutting his eyes to the others. Peter, Diego, Felix and Emmett nodded once as they struggled to move the bucking and roaring God of War over to the other side of the room.

Ares was snarling and snapping trying to get over to Tanya and kill her while defending his mate, trying to get close enough to her to protect. Every time Edward made a move towards Tanya, he lashed out trying to take a chunk out of him . He did snag Peter and nearly ripped Emmett's arm off, however, Edward was slightly faster, even if Ares was out and being restrained.

"Open the door and get ready for a fight." Edward yelled as he dashed forward and then jumped over Ares as he headed towards Tanya, who was on the floor, missing enough limbs to move about.

Peter rushed to open the door while Emmett, Diego and Felix adjusted themselves and wrapped their arms around Ares more securely, locking their hands together.

"Hurry up!" Emmett yelled as he tried to restrain Ares as Diego and Felix gasped every time he bucked, hitting one or more of them at one point or another.

Edward didn't waste anytime as he scooped Tanya up and then flew out the door. Peter blocked the exit, however it was too late and Ares got free, turning on the three and grasping the closest, who happened to be Emmett and threw him away from him, causing him to slam against the reenforced wall. Peter started cussing as he rushed over in front of the disoriented Emmett, taking up a defensive position along with Diego and Felix.

However while they were all busy, they didn't pay attention to the young woman lying on the bed that was slowly coming to due to her mate's distress.

Just as Ares was about to lunge at his next opponent, Isabella's eyes fluttered and she whimpered as she tried to pry open her eyes.

"Jasper..." His name was a ghost of a whisper so soft that he had barely heard it, but when he did, he froze at his mate's voice, then spun and went right toward her, jumping onto the bed with her pulling her into his arms as he faced the others in a protective crouch and roared.

Edward used that moment to come back in and help Peter, Diego and Felix get the overly large Emmett out of the room. They all knew that Isabella would be the only one that could bring him back from the beast that he had once again become.


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